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  1. Yesterday, Watch_Dogs came out. Except for the Wii U, of course. Take a guess at what I got Watch_Dogs preordered for.

    I am in agonizing pain, but hopefully it'll be in sometime next month. I highly doubt it will be, though.

    Guys, when do you think it'll come out for Wii U, and if you have it already, I really don't mind spoilers (Others might so use a spoiler code of course) so tell me how the story is!
  2. Can't really give you a guess as to the release date. However, it'll be worth the wait; I got it through Steam and it's fairly well done and you'll be more than satisfied when you do get it on the Wii-U.
  3. I love how it's a structed GTA, and yes I know, one of the reasons so many people love GTA is the fact that it's unstructured. Problem with the current version of the game is that it's not very serious...? I love how Watch Dogs adds meaning to the people you're hurting/helping, and makes you thinking about stealing money from someone who is in therapy versus someone who is a convicted rapist.
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  4. Currently I'm like a quarter of the way done overall with the game and I'm loving it. I enjoy just walking around and stealing money and ease dropping on texts and phone conversations of the AI. There are some glitches I have experienced so far, but nothing to bad. Again I am loving it :3
  5. A friend at school got the Collector's Edition and I offered to buy the neckscarf from him. He's thinking about it.
  6. I would love to have the neckscarf. I love scarfs lol :3
  7. That article is from May 6th, homie. I mean, it looks pretty valid, but it seems pretty cool that they're having a more subject focused team working on it.
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