Angel's War

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  1. God is dead. Humanity killed him, by corrupting and twisting his image to suit their own desire for money and power over other humans. At the same time, Lucifer has grown strong, feasting on the huge quantity of inbound souls arriving from the human world, and he grows close to breaking the chains that bind him. In Heaven, the angels grow restless. Many of them have no idea what to do with their leader dead, and many more are too young to have experienced the first Angel War and vastly underestimate the enemy that will inevitably strike at their gates. Seraphim have begun to fight among themselves - with no deity left, ultimate power falls to whoever is the Archangel, and the Angel Lords are all competing for that position.

    In Hell, the demon armies are mustering their power. For too long has the might of Lucifer's empire laid in ruins waiting for a time to strike. Scouts have already been sent into the Mortal Realm to mark their lord's new territory, scouts that have adapted to their task so well that even the Ophanim have a hard time finding them. However, demons are unpredictable and if they are left with so much prey so close they can easily go on a rampage. This has alerted the Humans and the other inhabitants of the Mortal Plane, who are preparing for war against an enemy they know nothing about.

    With the current conflicts in Heaven, the Angels are no where near organised enough to be able to prevent the demons from obliterating the Mortal Realm, something that would mean the deaths of every inhabitant of the other realms too, an event that some people are eager to avoid.

    The Council. A group of neutral-aligned people of all sentient races who traditionally governed the conflict between the four realms. After the Angels claimed full power, the council was disbanded, however with no absolute deity left alive and only one entity capable of claiming that title, it was quickly reformed, not even waiting for all it's members to arrive before beginning it's task.

    The Council is only able to maintain balance because of one weapon that they alone can activate. A weapon with the potential to destroy every universe, every dimension. The Seals of the Apocalypse. There are 7 seals in total, each more powerful than the last. The first four seals release the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Conquest, War, Famine and Death. The 5th seal collects a vast amount of power to the weapon, sacrificing the souls of every religious person in every plane of existence. The 6th seal causes earthquakes and natural disasters powerful enough to split planets into pieces. The 7th uses the gathered energy to erase the existence of everything that ever was, including the creator of the weapons. The first 3 seals are the only ones that have ever been broken. For the first time in history, the 4th seal has been broken, releasing the most powerful Horseman upon the world.


    Types of races:

    Angels (open)

    Cherubim (open)

    The weakest of angels. They form the majority of Heaven's citizens and soldiers, and are pretty much just humans with wings and access to Angelic technology and magic. Any dead soul of a mortal race that enters heaven will first become a Cherubim. Cherubim can evolve into Nephilim and Ophanim, through military achievement and scholarly achievement respectively.


    Seraphim (open)

    The strongest of angels, also known as the Angel Lords. Seraphim rule over a dominion of Cherubim and work much like the Lords of medieval England. They have a much greater ability to control Angelic technology and magic than Cherubim do, however can only be created through direct ancestry. No human can become a Seraphim. Seraphim can have multiple sets of wings, depending on ancestry. Seraphim each represent a different Aspect of Angelic Magic and are most efficient in that aspect, but can wield the other aspects too.


    Ophanim (open)

    Ophanim are often considered Angelic Magicians. They are a sort of mid-level angel, stronger than Cherubim but weaker than Seraphim. They can wield the same potential power as a Seraphim, but it is much more channeled into defensive shields, long range artillery fire and their unique ability to perceive everything. They can all equip the Wheels, which are used mainly to block attacks and see into the near future.


    Nephilim (open)

    Nephilim are the warrior equivelant of an Ophanim. Much like the Knights from English systems, they are employed by a Seraphim and rule over a smaller section of that Seraphim's domain. They often serve as the personal elite of the Seraphim. Many Nephilim become mercenaries and sellswords, since they are powerful enough to win a fight alone, but not powerful enough to rule without the aid of a Seraphim.

    The Archangel is more of an object than a set person. It takes on the form of a golden spear, 8 foot tall, that bestows huge power upon the wielder, who gains the same title as the object. Traditionally, the Archangel's role was to act on the behalf of God if he was occupied doing something else.

    If an Angel's wings are removed, the Angel will become significantly weaker as their ability to wield Angelic magic is cut off.

    Demons (open)

    Rephaim (open)

    Rephaim are weak and fragile, and possess no free-will due to possessing no soul. Despite this, they are very useful. A Rephaim is the corpse of a dead enemy, raised by the power of a demon as an undead soldier. A single corpse can be made into 4 Rephaim, making them incredibly useful in the late battle for overwhelming exhausted enemies. They can also be used in the early battle as a meat shield to break the enemy charge. Corpses can not be prevented from rising except by destroying the creature raising them.


    Gargoyles (open)

    Gargoyles are peculiar creatures. They were originally the magical construct of a demon prince, however he accidentally gave them the ability to reproduce. Gargoyles are relatively weak offensively, but they have a thick stony carapace and can freeze themselves in time as a statue, allowing them to hide from the view of even Ophanim. They can take on pretty much any shape, but are rarely bigger than a car.


    Fallen Angels (open)

    Fallen Angels are the corrupted forms of Angels. They are essentially the same as their Heavenly counterparts, but they wield dark magic rather than Angelic magic. Only Cherubim, Nephilim and Ophanim can become fallen. Seraphim will be eaten if they fall, since their will is too strong to break. Fallen Cherubim can still evolve into Fallen Nephilim/Ophanim. A fallen Angel's wings will change to black feathers instead of white, though that is the only visual way to tell them apart. Fallen Angels suffer from the same issue as Angels involving the removal of wings.

    Bael Princes (open)

    Essentially the demonic equivalent of Seraphims. They can only be created through ancestry, and each represents an aspect of Demonic Magic. Most lesser demons are loyal to only their Bael Prince, so conflicts between Hellish Dominions can result in large losses. Lesser demons only obey Lucifer out of fear. Bael Princes can take on many forms, but all have the ability to appear human if they want to. While in the mortal realm, Bael Prince natural forms consume a lot of energy so can only be sustained for short periods of time.

    Golgarim (open)

    Golgarim are horrendously powerful beasts. They are the last remaining form of Titan, and can grow to be the size of a skyscraper. Golgarim have little free-thought and work only to achieve their set objective. Unlike a Bael Prince, a Golgarim's form is permanent and consumes no energy to maintain. They cannot have human forms, however, and cannot wield magic. Their hides are as tough as a gargoyle's, though this is due to having hundreds of layers of skin, rather than a stony carapace.

    Unaffiliated (open)

    Unaffiliated races work for no one and live in either the mortal plane or the Deadlands, the fourth plane.

    Humans (open)

    I'm pretty sure you all know what a human is. Humans can learn to wield either Angelic or Demonic magic, though will never master it unless they become an Angel or Demon. Humans may not naturally possess magic, but they do have militaries that can hold their own for a considerable length of time due to sheer firepower.

    Raseim (open)

    Raseim are the natives of the Deadlands. When a soul of any race dies, it is sent to the Deadlands and becomes a Raseim. Raseim are very detached and have little concern for past alliances. They view the undead life much as a game, and while they do possess power, they very rarely use it for anything beyond entertainment. The only thing that concerns them is the Seventh Seal, but they know it'll only ever be used as a last resort. Raseim can change their forms at will and hold few prejudices based on their past lives. It is not uncommon for a soul that died a demon to take on the form of an angel in the Deadlands, just because they can.


    This RP will focus on the adventures of a group of powerful warriors gathered by the Council to find a way to end the war without needing to use the 5th, 6th or 7th seals. Motivations are not questioned as time is something they do not have.

    It is possible to play the role of one of the 4 horsemen. If you wish to play one of these roles I ask that you PM me an example of your writing skills for assessment, since I don't want too many incredibly OP characters.

    Make sure you read the Characters of other players before you make your own. Not only does it improve game balance, it also gives an opportunity to think about character relationships earlier on. I'll insert all the accepted characters at the bottom of this post for convenience.

    Character Sheet: (Max 1 character per person for now.)

    (If applicable. For example, the Bael Prince Asmodeus is more commonly referred to as Lust.)
    Age: (For reference, life expectancy of a Seraphim is 250 years. Seraphim and Bael Princes have the largest life expectancy.)
    Gender: (I'd like to avoid a harem-like situation (with there being 1 person of one gender and 7 of the other) if possible, but I'm not too bothered if one occurs.)
    (description or non-real-life image only)

    Abilities: (Both non-magical and, if applicable, magical. Don't worry about being OP, if you are, I'll just raise the power of the enemies. If your abilities would be completely out of place and/or gamebreaking though, I will have to ask you to re-do them.)
    Personality: (Remember that Angels and Demons are incredibly prone to having superiority complexes, especially if they're one of the kinds that have experience ruling over people)
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  3. This is open for signups. Hence the blank character sheet at the bottom :D Thanks for showing interest. It'd be great if you could somehow help spread the word too.
  4. I'll see what I can do about it *smiles*
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    Title: The Whisperer
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Unknown
    Race: Raseim

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  6. ((WIP))

    Name: Diyanna
    (Not sure right now)
    Age: 94 years old
    Gender: Female
    Race: Nephilim


    Abilities: (Both non-magical and, if applicable, magical. Don't worry about being OP, if you are, I'll just raise the power of the enemies. If your abilities would be completely out of place and/or gamebreaking though, I will have to ask you to re-do them.)
    Personality: (Remember that Angels and Demons are incredibly prone to having superiority complexes, especially if they're one of the kinds that have experience ruling over people)
  7. Oh, just gonna point out that a title isn't necessary. You'd only have one if you had a lot of reputation - IE a powerful seraphim or an infamous Raseim.