Angels vs Demons vs Humans

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  1. (So I was thinking about making an rp about Angels, Demons, and humans clashing out at eachother. No character controling or god modding, no invincibility, no power play. Other than that have fun.

    (Oh, one more thing. If you are going to join this role play you need to fill out this character forum.

    Age:(15+ please.)
    Orientation: (Sexuality)
    Species: (Angel,Demon,Human) )

    Name: Safe Haven (Nick name: Haven)
    age: 17 years (Immortal)
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Species: Dark Angel

    Haven walked through the city. She had to watch her surroundings. A demon could pop out of no where, or worse. A group of humans might try to kill her. She watched her surroundings very closely. Her senses heightened when she felt the presence of another being following her. She carefully looked back trying not to draw attention to her. She saw a human soldier following her in a military jeep. She then began running.
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  2. Name: Valley savior (People call him valley or savior)
    Age:32 (immortal)
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  3. (You may go ahead and join in. This is also the rp thread.)
  4. Name:Cayden
    Race: Human
    Orientation: Asexual
    Cayden chased down the angel. It was his duty to take out all non human personal so he made sure to do his job. The angel was fast and it was difficult for him to keep up but he wasn't going to let her escape.

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  5. (I hope it's okay if I join if not I can delete my character)
    Age: 16 (Immortal)
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight
    Species: Demon

    Zazriel was waling through the city. 'Gezz I hope no one sees me....' She didn't want to be spotted by any humans or an angel. She keep within the shadows as best she could. She knew that begin out like this was risky but she need something to do she had grown bored so she had decided to roam the streets. She heard someone near seem to begin running as though someone was chasing her. 'Have I been spotted.' She tilted her head a little to get a look at what or who might have spotted her. She saw before her an angel and a human. 'Great....' She decided to run and once she found a chance maybe hid before continuing on her way.
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  6. (Yes you may join Raven.)

    Haven turned around and pulled out a throwing knife. Then she floated into the air and threw the knife at the soldier.
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  7. Zazriel heard something seem to fly towards the soldier. She glanced back. 'Good I might not have to worry about the two of them.' She looked back to where she was running and noticed she almost was going to run into a wall. She stopped just in time. 'Opps I need to keep watching where I'm going and how close I am to things.'
  8. Valley sat on top of a brick building, He watched as Hunters walked on the roads, He despised Humans, He thought that those puny insects don't deserve this treatment, He grinds his teeth in despise, He decided to do what he must and flew down to the road behind the men, His eyes narrow as he waited for the humans to notice, One of the men feel someone behind him and look behind him seeing the angel, the man yells and the other two hunters look back, they were dressed in brown and black camouflage,"Is that a-a" The second man says as he stutters scared "Angel!" The last man says as they run away "Stay away or else" The other two men run as the first man stays "We won't" The man says "Now go!" The man runs away
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    Haven noticed the other angel. "Who are you!" She shouted at the other angel. "I'm Safe Haven!" She shouted and threw another knife at the soldiers.
  12. Zazriel heard the two angles from where she still stood. 'Great two angles and a human...What should I do?' She looked to see where she might should head next. 'I could fly... But if they haven't seen me yet then that will ruin everything. My cover would be blown for sure.' She turned to see the group hoping to hid her wings. And she hoped the shadows would hid her eyes and any other demonic features. She decided that this might be best and she would watch to see what opportunity might present itself.
  13. Safe Haven noticed a suspicions looking being. She decided to follow her.
  14. Zariel noticed that she had drawn the attention of the angel she first saw. 'Great now I really got to get out of her where to go?' She glanced around looking for something that might not give away what she was. 'Ah there.' She moved as fast as she could into the shadows of an alley way she had saw near by. 'Maybe I can loose her? If only she was a friend not a foe. then maybe... she's an angel... not a demon... but still maybe...' Zariel wasn't sure if it was out of curiosity or just her evil essence but she stopped. And waited to see if the girl had followed.
  15. Haven noticed the girl go into an ally way. She began to walk in but noticed she stopped and Haven stopped.
  16. Zariel noticed that when she had stopped so did the girl. She tilt her head a bit. Now realizing that it was curiosity. 'What should I say? Anything or just watch and think?' She hesitated but decided to ask a simple innocent seeming question. "Why have you decided to follow me?" She knew this would revile that she knew or suspected such all along.
  17. A couple more seconds and she sensed that this girl was a demon. She gave an evil smile. And made a blood curling laugh. And then calmed down. "I'm not going to hurt you." She said in a normal voice. "I'm a Dark Angel. My real enemy are the humans." She said.
  18. The solider originally went for his gun but noticed he was surrounded and didn't want to riak getting into trouble and fighting more than he had to. So he laid some cover fire and decided to run for the hills. He swore he would be back for the angels as he left. And it wasn't something they took lightly.
  19. Zariel gave a smile and relaxed a little. 'Ah so a fallen angel.' She walked a little closer to the girl so that they weren't as far apart. "So we have a common enemy then." Zariel smriked. "I'm glad to hear it." 'Maybe we could be friends...'
  20. Haven smiled. "I guess we do." She said. She studied the Demon and gave another evil smile. "I guess you can call me a fallen angel." She said. "But I'm more like a Hell's Angel, Part angel part Demon." She said.