Angels vs. Demons vs. Humans vs. Halfings

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  1. The Earth has become a battleground. Angels and demons have always been at each other’s throats, but in the past century it has gotten far, far worse. Now they are literally at war, an all-out war at that. But as the Angels and demons fought, romance would occasionally blossom, leaving descendants, some half angel, half human, some half demon half human and even more rare, half angel half demon children. These children were of course, left on the earth to fend for themselves, sometimes they were never contacted by their actual parents again. One thing was for certain though, these abominations were looked upon as disgusting, angel and demons alike sought to kill any such Halflings on sight. Now these Halflings must band together, to survive the world being torn up around them, not only from the supernatural side, but also from the human side as well. Because not only are the demons and angels at war, but world war three has just started.
  2. He was sitting there his hand running through his hair he let a long sigh escape his mouth before he was to move, He was walking the roads and had no clue what was going on. His head was banging with pain, He spoke to himself " Why does my head hurt so much? ugh.." He rubbed his temple and looked at the ground seeing a shadow of something with wings something that could be angelic. He smirked and said " No way " He began rushing towards the school and walked inside. He looked around wondering were everyone was at but he new it was time and he new that he would have to fight, fight for what is right...his survival and the survival of all like him.
  3. Kyra locked eyes with one of the angels and swallowed some. But her golden demon eyes stayed focused on the winged being.

    “Ry?” She called quietly. Her shadow began to tremble and move, looking almost jellow like before beastly purple eyes blinked from within it’s depths. Slowly, a great black beast seemed to pull itself from the depths of the girls shadow. The beast was huge, almost the size of a pony as it came out, its scales rattling (think of the hell hounds from Riddick for the scales concept). The hound had two long twin tails, each tipped in a stinger, much like a scorpions, and venom dripped from it’s saber like fangs. A low growl emitted from it’s throat as it stalked around the girl to stand in front of her protectively.

    Kyra licked her lips before she felt a shadow creep into her hand, she inhaled as she willed it into shape. A dark sword began to form in her grasp. It may only be an illusion, but the illusion would still hurt. The pain receptors would be tricked into thinking the flesh had actually been struck. She inhaled. Where was Nari at? She might be able to take one angel with just her and Ry, but if any others showed up she’d need the demons help. She glanced behind her to see the school. Odd how she had been cornered up front of a school yard. What, where angels purposefully picking battle grounds with innocent inhibitors now?
  4. Floating behind one of the many clouds Nari watched as the ambush was beginning poor Kyra all but shaking as she called out her shadow beast. She wasn't all that fond about being bait but the angels seemed to be more interested in them since they think the haflings are an abomination and are weaker, which isn't the case the shadow beast her friend calls upon was very impressive if i say so myself she thought as she got ready to strike the angel. she swooped down at a blurry speed reading her tail she dove down much like a bee would using her tail as a 'stinger' of sorts she stabbed the angel stabbing her tail clear through the neck barely missing his head. She pulled her tail back out along with some Angel flesh sticking to it as she flew out of reach and more closer to Kyra.
  5. Liex leaned against a tree on a hill that overlooked the school yard. He was in a light sleep, enjoying the shade and the cool breeze that swept over him. He cracked open an eye as he heard the faint sounds of fighting and rolled over onto his side. With bored eyes he looked down at the yard, an amused look came upon his face as he watched it.

    Reaching into his pocket, he took out a carton of cigarettes and popped one out and placed it on his lips. He held a finger out and lit it on fire, almost like a blowtorch, and used it to light his cig. He inhaled deeply and let out the grey smoke in a slow breath. "Well... this looks interesting. Better stay and watch." He said with a small smirk, he was a little bored anyways. This fight might entertain him enough, as long as he stayed out of it, of course.
  6. He saw an angel walk around the corner of the hallway, he was big bigger than he thought angels would be. But this guy this guy was like a monster, Akihisa smirked and said " You want some of this?...looks like i'll have to power up " His energies flew around him, That of a dark Hue of red and black. It covered him and spun in a whirlwind motion around him, His body and attire changing as he entered his demon/Human form. He held his hand out and a scythe had formed into his hand, He smirked and leaned forward as the Angel began to trump down the hallway with its sword crashing through the walls, He spun the scythe and said " Alright lets do this " His scythe collided with beast sword and caused it to force all its power down on Akihisa. He simply dodge quickly out of the way causing the sword to slam into the floor. He then spun around the beast body and sent a devastating blow of his scythe into the beast's side, It roared and flung him off of itself turning around. He landed on the floor skidding with a smirk " Wait until i tell my friends "
  7. Fate was a thing of passing belief, a notion for those desperate enough to hold onto it and bleed their hearts into it, and it was his tool for inception. A playground of endless possibilities is what earth had become, and it was all too splendid. As for what side was to win, he really couldn't less. It was the bloodshed he yearned for. The past thousand years he'd spent in the underworld, tormenting his own kind for the pure satisfaction of his hunger. Talk of halflings was what pulled his attention back to earth just when he thought he'd never regain his interest for the place.

    A splash of dark, thick, gooey blood hit against him, like being born from a wave, as he plummeted onto the broken earth. The stench of air, billow of trees and the nauseating sound of car horns filled every one of his senses. It had been a while, but the development of man brought no surprises. First, he would need foreplay, before dirtying his hands, and what better than using his aura to tempt humans into sin? He had no use for his demon appearance, so human it was. The tank-top left enough back exposed so his skeletal wing tattoos showed. His jacket slung over his arm as he filled the radius around him with subtle temptation; temptation to cheat, murder, steal. The more man seemed to grow in technology, the more corrupt they truly became. His lips pulled back over his teeth, curling, allowing the sensation of their deeds to stimulate him.
  8. Sit in a tree, kenji had nothing better todo. just watching human life pass by him was enough to entertain him for now but could soon change.
    He was a dreadful creation, half angel half demon.
    With a sigh kenji says to himself " How does that even happen? " how does two poler opposites achive love?
    Ill guess he'll never know...

    After awhile of thinking , Kenji gets startled by a demon joining this human world.

    With a sigh, kenji jumps down to greet the new guest from the afterlife.

    " So, yo whats up, why are you here in this 'magnificent' human world?" Kenji says sarcastically.
  9. He smirked as he spun the scythe in hand and said " Play times over...say good night " His energies fluttering and spiking as he takes off at the creature who is bleeding from its side, He jumps up and lands on the walls and leaps between them. He just glides over one of the beast's swung arms and sends his scythe around his body like and anchoring swing, and comes down right on the best's chest. My feet planted on the ground i pull forward and the scythe comes through clean, The large angel falls to the floor in two pieces. He spits on the floor and changes back to his human form. Saying " What a pain in the ass...what a pain in the ass... now i have to clean my scythe and...were the fuck is everybody god " He walks out the school kicking the doors open to see random chaos happening in the streets he sighs " People have finally lost it "
  10. The sudden greeting snatched his attention rapidly and he turned, without a moment's hesitation, finding the gaze of the conundrum in front of him. At first he thought he was looking at an angel, and then realized, with absolute intrigue, that is what a Halfling, but not of any human blood whatsoever. Lips curled over his teeth into a twisted smile. The word 'magnificent' was not one he'd use in good taste for earth. The aura of temptation and sin surrounded Raev like the scent of perfume.

    "Well, well, well," His voice washed over the halfy like velvet and poison, "I've only met one other like you, and that was very, very long ago... What brings you to this dump of a plane?"
  11. "well, nothing really, just surviving as long as i can out here" Kenji confirmed.

    "By the way, my name is kenji, you?" kenji asks the demon like creature.
  12. Selynn was walking around the school when she heard a commotion outside.She thought maybe she should go see,but thought better of it.The last thing she wanted was to see more violence.She continued searching through the halls until she found a small private room.She sat against a wall on her jacket,took out a pad and began drawing and humming to herself.

    The commotion continued to rage on."Wow...what a waste.."Selynn sighed and put some headphones on to block the sound.She wondered to herself would the violence ever end.She knew it wouldn't.There would never be peace.She knew life would never be sweet for them.
  13. Kyra shifted the shadow in her hand to turn it into a spear before she chucked it towards the angel, hitting it in the chest. it would hurt, but it wouldn't kill. Her illusions weren't strong enough to trick the mind into dying yet. She looked up at Nari. The demon hadn't aged a day since they'd met years ago.
    "Ry, take it out." She commanded quietly as the angel began to fall, The hound from Hell raced adn met the winged creature before he tore into him. Blood spewed,
  14. Surviving? Seemed as odd an answer to the demon, but he smirked as he stepped closer. The halfy's out going attitude was refreshing, but naive to say the least. Raev wasn't a kind demon and rather notorious for devouring anything, even his own kind. Of course, he was masked in his human form and perhaps this... Kenji, could not see through it. He shrugged, ever so slightly as he pocketed his hands.

    "Call me Raev," His boots skidded to a stop along the pavement, "Nor participating in this madness?"


    Illness was the only thing to be expected from the onslaught and destruction that filled the earth. He had done a great job at defending innocents, that was until recently. The world has fallen to bloodshed and disarray, and that brought a kind of sadness into his heart. His sword was on him as he fled to the commotion, but he planned not to use it. There was so much going on he was not sure where to begin. Azrael knew that knowing the other Halflings would be beneficial, but after what happened last time, it was hard to want to create an alliance. It was the humans he worried for and how their world would be torn apart.
  15. " well not really, i dont kill unless it threatans my life or others." Kenji says with confidence.

    As Kenji was talking, he decided to reveil his half demon half angel wings and swope up in the sky to scan the town around.
    After awhile of scaning, with a displeased grunt, kenji flyed down and alerted the newcomer of what he saw.

    "there some major fighting at a school nerby, i can sense it... ima go check it out, wanna come?" Kenji asks with a gleam in his eyes.
  16. The invitation surprised the demon, to say the least, but the shock did not show across his face; no, only his smirk remained with calculating eyes. The idea of young people bloodied and dying at the hands of the supernatural was all too much a treat--how could he refuse? Perhaps he could get a meal out of it? But Raev was not so easily enthralled. He kept his hands in his tight jean pockets and shrugged, "Only if you'll get a drink with me after, hmm?"

    It had been much too long since he'd tasted Boubon--one of the only great concoction by man.
  17. "hmm sure why not, its been awhile sense I've drinking anything besides cokes" Kenji said as he flew back into the air. " But lets hurry to the school, i sense that there are some good people getting hurt."

    With a flap of his giant wings, Kenji sets off towards the school.
  18. Smiling she applauded the girl and her shadow beast "Very nice." she told Kyra as she walked over closer to her "Now that we are done with that, Shall we continue to search for the haflings running around?" she asked waiting to see if she was ready as she looked around there surroundings, she decided they would head into the school to see if anyone was hiding there.
  19. Kyra nodded and ignored the sounds of crunching bones as Ry feasted on the angel's flesh. It served the jerk right in her opnion. She let her hands fall behind her back as she waited for the best to finish his snack, once again just staring at the succubus before her. She, of course, found the demoness highly attractive, but she also admitted it would be thirty levels of awkward to think of the woman in any romantic manner. She glanced over as Ry slid back towards her, letting his shivering scales brush against her as her hand went to stroke the giant beast behind the ears. he always came when she called.

    "Yea, lead the way." her voice had decreased in volume, going back to the soft tones she usually spoke with.
  20. He was still in the front of the school, He had his hand on the face of a demon that had gone rampant on him. He then rushed forward sending the head of the demon into the floor a harsh thudding noise emitted after it, The front of the school was a mesh of blood and body parts. His hands were stained and some blood was on his face, when he had left the school hallways and went outside he was confronted by a few demons so he had to change back to his Human/Demon form. His clawed hands of the metal seemed to pull bits of skin off the face of the demon, He spat on the ground as he heart the beating of wings he could only think one thing..more enemies.
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