Angels vs. Demons vs. humans vs. Halfings

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  1. The Earth has become a battleground. Angels and demons have always been at each other’s throats, but in the past century it has gotten far, far worse. Now they are literally at war, an all-out war at that. But as the Angels and demons fought, romance would occasionally blossom, leaving descendants, some half angel, half human, some half demon half human and even more rare, half angel half demon children. These children were of course, left on the earth to fend for themselves, sometimes they were never contacted by their actual parents again. One thing was for certain though, these abominations were looked upon as disgusting, angel and demons alike sought to kill any such Halflings on sight. Now these Halflings must band together, to survive the world being torn up around them, not only from the supernatural side, but also from the human side as well. Because not only are the demons and angels at war, but world war three has just started.

    Halfling Species: ( Angel/Human, Demon/Human, Angel/Demon [rare] )
    Brief history:
  2. Name: Sparrow
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Halfling Species: Angel/Demon

    Abilities: Power of Seduction and the ability to Read thoughts.

    Brief history: Sparrow is well aware of her background, Being a daughter of Demons and Angel brief love affair. Left with abusive foster mother and cold hearted foster at a young age she kept out of there way and minded her own business. After feeling from home after hearing her foster mother on the phone about selling her off to some guys she now works in a small book store hoping to no draw attention to herself and what she truly is. By using her power of seduction Sparrow is able to live in a small flat just above the book store
  3. An angel/demon roleplay? Sign me up!

    Name: Liex Ruiz
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Halfling Species: Half Demon/Half Human
    Appearance: Has black hair that is tied back in a ponytail with bangs framing his face, it reaches past his shoulders. Has one eye that is a deep brown and the other is a light blue. Stands at 5'10 and weighs 180, has a semi-athletic build. Has a slightly dark brown skin tone.Abilities: Control over fire
    Brief history: Grew up as the only child of a single parent. His mother was usually too busy to pay much attention to Liex so he grew up to be a slacker who enjoyed being alone. When he was told he was half demon at the age of 16 he took it pretty well. Yeah he was upset about it for a few days, but then he kind of just put up with it. After that his alone time was spent honing his fire control while still finding a way to slack off. Unfortunately, recently he was careless and was found out to be a half demon and was chased out, forcing him to move and try to find a new home.
  4. Name: Kyra

    Age: 20

    Gender: female

    Halfling Species: Demon/Human

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Abilities: Her shadow turns into a massive hell hound that listens only to her. Has an affinity for hell hounds in general. Some basic shadow magics, mostly illusionary in nature

    Brief history: AT one point in time, Kyra had wings, small ones to be sure, but they had been there. A demon found her and noticed them hiding beneath her tshirt and took offense. Now she has two massive scars on her shoulder blades. At the time she had been living with a lovely foster family, being abandoned by her human mother after the sight of her wings at six. When the demon tore out her wings, he also taught her a ‘lesson’ an killed the kind foster family, making her watch. This was when she found out what her shadow was. The demon was literally ripped to shreds for his transgressions. After this happened, she collapsed, bleeding and crying. Half a day later, this was how Nari the Ascended demon found her. She's been with the succubus ever since, looking for other halflings.
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  5. lol neat i like all of your guy's people ^_^
  6. Name: Jalen
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Halfling Species: Angel/Human
    Jalen's Picture (open)

    Abilities: Can fly, and can use the light around her to make weapons.
    Brief history: Jalen grew up with her human dad. When he noticed she had wings at the age of 4 he helped her hide them. Together they moved place to place to mke sure she was safe, as they went she would practice her magic learning that she could make weapons or orbs of light. As she got older it got harder and harder to hide her wings but they did it. When she was about 12 her dad told her that she was half angel. She wasn't shocked. Normal kids don't have wings. Last year, her father died from a heart attack. She now lives in alone in their house.
  7. 2 quick questions.
    When are we starting up and can we make a human character? Was thinking of making another one who's a human and a demon/angel hunter
  8. Yes you can and i was debating if anyone wanted two they cant be the pure angel or demon and im busy today but later tonight if i get the chance ill start it if not tomorrow should be the latest i just wanted to give people time to notice the thread and all that lol
  9. Sweet! I've been missing my other Angel/Demon rp! I'll totally be joining this one! =D

    Name: Raev
    Age: 118
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon
    Personality: Cynical, forceful, playfully cruel, sadomasochist. He loves toying with people, creating drama, hate, pain and lust between humans and angels, even some other demons. Mean isn’t a word that does him justice, he’s plain and simple an @$$.
    If he were to have a title of a deadly sin it would be gluttony, not because he is over weight—he actually has the build of a warrior, tall, lean, cut—but because he has an appetite for everything: angels, humans, even demons. He also harbors no respect for other demons, and especially not humans or angels.
    One trait he has that isn’t demonic at all is the fact he isn’t a poor sport. He loves games, mostly ones of life or death, but if he is beaten he feels intrigued and agitated.
    He has a weakness for necks and boobs.

    Physical appearance: [​IMG]
    In demonic form: He has smooth light mahogany skin, white bat-like wings and layered hair that falls to just above the middle of his back. His eyes are gold with a deep blue ring around the goat-like pupil.
    In human disguise – His skin is a cold, almond brown, his upper left body is adorned with a dark blue/black tattoo that represents his powers and he has skeletal wing tattoos on his back, however, his eyes remain the same, just with round pupils.

    History: Born of brimstone and the tortured souls of Asmodeus, Raev has made a name for himself in the world of demons, and not a good one for that matter. His lack of loyalty and hunger for his own has given him notoriety. He has actually been exiled from many cities in Hell. He is considered young to many.

    Ablities: He is a demon of fate. (more info coming soon!)

    If full demons aren't allowed, let me know and I'll change him up. ;3
  10. very cool so joining

    Name: Akihisa Mahoshi
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Halfling Species: Demon/Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Demon/Human form: [​IMG]
    Abilities: He has enhanced combatant skill, which means he is great at fighting and sword fighting and anything that includes fighting.
    Brief history: His history isn't that long, When he was born his mother died from giving birth and he was put up for adoption. He was in the orphanage for until he was 18, When he was 18 he was released into the world as a "adult" but thats the most dangerous place he had been at the age of 18. He was walking through the streets one day when he was back into a corner and was attacked for his money. His power flustered and he had turned into his form, which scared the living shit out of the people trying to mug him. Ever since then he has been laying low and working any job he can get...but at the time of need he is there to help no matter what. Even though he is a demon/human he has feelings.
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  11. oh btw im sorry i butchered that sentence um if anyone wants to be a bad guy/girl thats being a full demon or angel um unless you want to be a good demon or angel not trying to kill the haflings and all that youd be a "fallen" angel or demon so pretty much an outcast to everyone but the haflings. If that makes sense >.>
  12. Cool cool! :3 I have a feeling this is gonna be fun!
  13. mhmm lol i just need to wait on a friend on mine to give her my stuff to make my person since my computer doesnt have microsoft word >.< i had eveything lastnight but it didnt get saved lol
  14. Name: Nari
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Species: Succubus (demon)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Abilities: She’s a full on Succubus warrior. Seductive and deadly, her tail produces venom and she doesn't age and she heals at a rapid pace.
    Brief history: Nari was once a denizen of Hell. But after falling in love with a mortal, she was ascended. (Kind of like a Fallen Angel, but from the demon’s side.) In outrage, a group of her succubi sisters came to earth and slaughtered not only the man she had fallen in love with, but every last family member he had, including her own newly born son. After seeing the death of her half breed son, overcome with rage, Nari sent the heads of the murdering succubi back to hell with a promise. As long as she lived, she’d protect any Halfling she came across. At first she had decided on demons only, but after awhile, she included angels into her search. She searched years for the reclusive halfings. She finally ran across one bleeding from her back in park and sobbing her eyes out. This was how she met a 16 year old Kyra. The two have been together ever since, looking for other halfing children to form their own community.
  15. Hmm, we've got a lot more demons than angels. XD May I app a second character?
  16. sure i dont mind you can play as many as you want :) and yea i just noticed that lol
  17. Lol! :3 Sounds good! I shall then!
  18. lol alright ^_^
  19. ok im join on monday no sorry wenday if there is no one on the computer or if no one is on the computer on the weekends then sure i will post an CS i hate doing thous on my kobo it looks like poop and i cant uput my pics on
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