Angels vs Demons: The Battle for Earth

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  1. Choose your side. Train hard. Battle for your friends and loved ones. Avenge your allies. Will you become the strongest of your regiment?
    This is a roleplay of the strongest. A tale of war and blood. Tears will be shed. Lives will be lost. But you decide wether you turn back and become mortal or fight for what you believe in: good, or evil.
    Welcome to the Battle for Earth.

    There are three dimensions of time and space. Humans themselves have no ability to jump between dimensions until death falls upon them. Religion is an important part of many humans' lives, and it has been proven that many will sacrifice themselves for their faith.
    Unfortunately, many of the major human religions are not cannon, and their practices prove pointless as they slave for fictional gods and goddesses. O, the things they would do just to know the truth. Alas, very few humans know that the truth will not come until death comes, but they continue their struggle to discover the meaning of life and death, of good of evil, and of the Lord and His enemy, Satan.
    Would you like to know the truth? Don't worry, I am no liar, nor am I just some stupid human with a fake "religion". I know what happens after death, and I know why people both suffer and rejoice life on Earth. Take it from me.
    There are countless lives in the universe, more than the number of stars that can be seen by the human eye from the North Pole on a dark winter's night. Only a third of total souls wander the face of the Earth as mortals.
    The human brain understands the meaning of "forever". Scientists and young students alike know that the universe of the Mortal Dimension, Katar (as we immortal souls call it), has no end and no beginning. It simply goes on forever. But they cannot comprehend its meaning. The concept of forever is too complex for any mortal human or animal to understand.
    However, there are two dimensions besides Katar. There is no possible way to describe where it is in relation to the Mortal universe, but they are there. And the souls that inhabit these dimensions know how to jump between them as they please. The other two dimensions are called Heaven and Hell.
    Katar is where Earth is located. Earth is known as the human region because it is inhabited by living things created by God (I will explain this "God" character soon enough,from the point of view of a demon). Plants are born in the form of seeds, which travel from the womb of the parent to the soil, where they grow until environment changes cause them to die. Animals are born, as well. Their instinct directs them to do what they must to survive, learning new behaviors along the way. Humans are the most complex of these animals. You, of course, already know what humans are like because you were once one of them. I will spare you the time spent listening to me explain these things that you already know.
    There is also Heaven, the Angel dimension, ruled by God. Humans interpret God as a man, even though he has no gender. He has no body, with no reproductive organs. He is not a man, but angels, demons, and humans alike still refer to him as a male, which, for some reason, was depicted as the dominant sex. I'm sure Christ would have been crucified sooner had he referred to his created as a mother rather than a father, had he existed. Anyway, God lived since the beginning of time. Actually, there was no beginning of time. Time and God have existed forever. God, unlike Angels, demons, or mortals, has no physical form and is instead a collection of pure energy, spirit, and knowledge. He created Katar, but in the process, used up an excessive amount of spiritual energy. He could not create another dimension ever again. Unfortunately for him, there was already a third dimension: Hell. We will get to that soon enough.
    Angels thrive happily in heaven. They are all friends with each other and never argue. They are selfless and pure and wish only for the well-being of other souls. Angels grow in spiritual strength as they bring good into the universe. Some Angels, the stronger ones, live in Katar in the form of guardian angels who bring good to Earth and the things that live there. However, neither God nor any angel has the ability to take away bad things from the Earth, and many humans are in denial that this is true.
    Finally, there is Hell, the demon dimension, ruled by Satan. Unlike God, Satan has a physical form, just like angels and demons. He can feel pain and his appearance is, well, difficult to describe except for the obvious fact that he is ugly. Hell is inhabited by demons. They reek of evil and selfishness and only desire to see pain and suffering. This, my friends, is why Earth is both such a lovely and yet such a horrible, awful place. Demons are the exact opposite of angels. They travel to Katar so they can bring mischief and suffering.
    God sends His angels down to Earth where they are born and take the form of a living being. The weakest of heart are made into plants, while the strongest are made into humans. Their memory of being an angel is destroyed but will be restored when death comes and the soul leaves the body to live life in Heafen.
    However, the demon realm, Hell, ruled by the great and powerful Satan, has gained strength. While plants remain pure, all angelic souls that are to be made into a human or an animal will be partially taken over by a demon, which will infect their actions, thoughts and wishes with selfishness and cruelty. It is up to the angelic soul within each human being to kill the demons within them by abolishing their sins.
    Despite the selfish and unkind acts of every human being, God still loves them for who they are, and Satan hates them. Satan will do whatever it takes to make all living things, especially humans, suffer life on Earth.
    Ever wonder what happens when an angel falls? They are sent down to Earth to live as a human being against their will. What happens when a demon falls? Nobody knows for sure, but their physical forms decay and their souls are brought... Somewhere else. The exact same thing happens to angels, but we know what happens to their lives as they are taken from their angelic forms. Rumor has it that whenever a demon falls, however, they are forcibly brought to the secret fourth dimension: the world of the Unknown. Strange things happen after the death of a demon. For one thing, every time a demon dies, another one that has been killed long ago mysteriously returns in their last-seen form, with no memory of their experiance of life after death.
    (Just to make something clear: when mortals die, they always go to Heaven and the demons within them return to Hell. No exceptions, ever.)

    The tims for war is upon us. The Angels are fed up with the demons staining the purity of their human hearts and are ready to fight for their mortal lives. The Demons, being selfish as they are, want to steal the mortals from the Angels and rule the angelic mortal souls in darkness and despair.

    Choosing your side:
    All players must choose between angel or demon. If they die, they may return to the roleplay, but must restart as either a new angel straight from Katar or a demon that was forced out of the human heart it possessed. Unless you create a new character, you may not transition between angel or demon. Choose wisely.
    Once you have decided, create your character by replying to this thread. Group roleplays will be created when enough characters from each side have been created.
    Characters must include:
    Rank (scale of 1-100, one being the strongest)
    Angel or demon

    There are no rules, except that each Roleplayer must play fair. No power playing. Gore is allowed, well, encouraged! but keep the sexual details to a minimum. Have fun!
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  2. Why no humans? They were created and gifted not only their own world which the lord created for them but also the greatest gift of all which no angel or demon seem to never fully possess. Free will.
  3. This is based off of my own personal religious beliefs. I highly doubt there would actually be a war between Angels and Demons, but eh. Roleplay. ^.^ my point is that humans wouldn't really get involved in this sort of thing, since they're completely ignorant towards the situation.
  4. If you say so. My belief is more along the lines that humanity is greater than any divinity through philosophy and self attained morality which is far more complicated than just a few set rules. In the context of judaian Christianity, a human will always have the potential to be far greater than any angel and far more malicious than any demon due to our free will. Fate is forged, not set etc etc.

    Anyways, didn't come here to spiel about my personal belief nor to go into such discussion.

    Good luck with this but Black and White morality is not what I like the engage in.
  5. That's totally understandable. ^.^ I have my own beliefs and I'm not part of a specific religion, and I'd like to keep it that way. Follow your own path. I won't stop you. :)
  6. If you are still doing this roleplay, I would love to make a form for it. However, I simply wanted to know if you preferred anime pictures or real pictures for the characters?

    Also, I love that you added your own details to this. Especially since there is no such thing as 'Satan', as the 'Ruler/King' of Hell is Lucifer, who was an Angel who fell and was banished.
  7. Thanks! You could totally be a part of this. I wish more people would join, though. Oh, well. I don't care what you use for your pictures. Do whatever you want ^.^
  8. Just create a disclaimer that this is not related to any existing religion and that this purely consists out of a fantasy in your head. That should clarify the thought and idea behind it.
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