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  1. The year is 2014 and It has been nearly 1000 years since the death of Satan and God and the great war had ended. The Angels and Demons have left heaven and hell to seek out their chosen partners and their kin. The Angels have fought long and hard to preserve what is right and pure in this world and have fought even harder to preserve the blood lines of their partners. The Demons have fought just as hard but unlike the Angels as one could expect to destroy earth and to trap all of the mortal souls in the deepest and darkest pits of hell so they can torture them for as long as they wish however they wish to. Both sides have lost numbers greatly what were once many are now only five. Five Angels. Five humans. Ten Mortals. Throughout the years the three sides have been scattered across the globe and have nearly been forgotten. The last time even two Angels/Demons came together was almost a hundred years ago. But somehow the Angels and Demons have arrived back in the same country where the final battle of good versus evil will ensue.

    Micheal Hawke
    Micheal Hawke leader of the angels has served his blood line faithfully for the last two centuries. Never questioning. Never resting. He has always remained alert and ready to act at any time. His crystal was a bright blue to match the sky light golden sparkles spun and danced inside the crystal like the stars in the night sky. Micheal's most recent owner had just died protecting his little sister even if she didn't exactly know it. Micheal felt extremely guilty for what had happened to his recent partner. He blamed himself if he had been fast enough he could have saved him but he hadn't been. Now Micheal was the guardian of the younger sister that his partner had died to save. Victoria a bright and independent young girl who cared a lot about others even if she was a bit on the shy side. He saw a lot of potential in her and knew that if given the right guidance she could be a great help to finally putting the Demons away for good and locking in peace for the Angels and the rest of humanity. They had not yet become partners. He hadn't yet revealed himself to her. He wasn't sure how she would take the news of how her brother really died and he wasn't sure how she would react to that. For now he just waited in his crystal for the right moment.

    Natsu Shigami
    Natsu Shigami..murderer, killer, soul destroyer, Demon. Leader of the Demons Natsu was cold and merciless he would destroy anyone that got in the way of his plans and who would try to harm the one human he had been able to stand who had been as blood thirsty and deadly as he was had been Kimi Reid. The girl had interested him greatly. She was ruthless and nonhesitant. Probably the only human he could actually stand to some degree unlike the others. The ones before her always questioned him, questioned his goals, hesitated when it came to the kill. Not Kimi. In fact she had been so faithful in his power and her servitude towards him that he had turned her into a demon and promised her the throne as his demonic queen. After turning her she had taken the name Kysindra and her personality had been somewhat altered along with her appearance. She continued to serve him faithfully however she was extremely prone to emotional outbursts now as she still struggled to get her emotions under control. This he hoped wouldn't prove to be a problem in the future. He had only recently turned her and they were still in the mansion she had owned as a human. Since she was no longer a human there were certain tasks she could no longer do for him and he needed to find someone new to do those tasks for him and she would need to do the same. Natsu needed to bolster his numbers and strengthen his forces if he was ever going to finally take over the world and destroy Micheal and his blasted angel followers. He paced around the room in thought before he finally shook his head and sent a mental message to his Kysindra "Kysindra..come to me we need to talk about something very important"

    Jason McCloud
    Jason had been walking through the park that day as he did every day around this time. It was just a routine he had created for himself as he tried to avoid thinking about his parents. Often he would stop to play a game with the little kids or watch over them if their parents asked him to. He didn't mind he was glad to help them and in the back of his mind he hoped for kids of his own one day. However he also didn't want kids. Because to have them that would involve getting close to someone, falling in love and risk losing them too. He didn't want to feel that pain any more. He stopped when he saw a young boy crying in the middle of the park. "Must be lost.." he said to himself. He walked over to the boy and knelt down beside him and gave him a kind smile "hey there lost? can't find your parents?" The boy looked at him and shook his head. Jason smiled a bit and then gently picked the boy up and put him on his shoulders "Can you see them now?" The boy looked around and then nodded and started pointing "over there? alright lets go" Jason carefully set the boy back down and walked with him over to his parents. Once they were in sight the boy ran to his parents and hugged them tightly. Jason smiled at the scene and then turned and walked away. "he'll be ok now..he's back with his parents.."

    Alex Mercer
    Alex was a thug to put it simply. And he wasn't afraid to admit that. He did what he had to do to survive and get the things he wanted. and he wanted nothing more then power. He thought humans were stupid the way they ran around killing each other to get what they wanted. If someone were to look at him they would think "but that's how he is. Why does he look at others differently?" That was because he wanted more then to just survive. He wanted to rule. He believed that if he could get the power to do so he could easily straighten out the people of this world. That's what his father believed and he believed in the same. If only his father hadn't died they might have been able to come up with some kind of plan to make their dream reality. Alex let out a soft sigh and looked down at the crystal he held in his hands. It had belonged to his father and he had taken it everywhere with him. He didn't understand what was so special about it but after his father had died he was drawn to it. He knew that he had to take it for himself. Why? he didn't know. He just followed his instincts and so far his instincts had kept him alive. "..what is so important about this crystal? what secrets and powers does it hold?."
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  2. Victoria
    Victoria sat on her bed, her back against the headboard and her blankets over her lap. She held the crystal in her hands, still not knowing why it had been so special to her brother. She stared at it, as if thinking that staring hard enough would bring her brother back. "What were you doing?" she asked the crystal, as if it was her brother. "You were always careful, what happened.. I don't understand" she said to it with a shake of her head. "I wish you were here, i need you." tears formed in her eyes and one slid down her cheek. She wiped it away with the back of her hand and leaned her head back against her headboard. Things had been hard since her brother died and he was always the one she had talked to, now it was just the crystal. The only thing she had left of him. She sighed deeply and examined the crystal a bit. It was really a beautiful thing, though a mystery to her. She sunk down into her blankets, laying her head on her pillows. She held the crystal against her chest and wished for her brother. She tried and tried to sleep but just couldn't do it, instead she tried to make herself more comfortable and set the crystal in front of her where she could see it. Thoughts of her brother clouded her mind, keeping her awake.
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  3. Bunny Le Blanc

    Bunny stirred from her sleep when suddenly she felt a slight twinge in her stone-cold, frozen heart. "Human?" she whispered, looking around the area. "No.. must have been my imagination. Its too early to have someone from that bloodline~" she giggled and returned herself to sleep.

    Its been a millennia since the fight of good and evil and Bunny was living happily inside her crystal doing things she find amusing. Being an immortal, she finds it quite boring to just wait for someone from the bloodline too just show up. So to occupy her time, she toys with humans.

    Pinch. Pinch. Pinch.

    "ugh! what the hell?!" she muttered under her breath, annoyed at the twinging in her heart. "I said it's too early" she shouted to herself, clutching her heart.

    Pinch. Pinch. Pinch. Pinch. Pinch.

    "Fine! I'll go." she stated furiously and went out of the crystal, lading at the boy in a very awkward position. She was on top of him while he's under her, much more like she was riding him.

    She wasn't particularly excited to meet her human. After all, it's just a human; a pathetic creature that breathes and dies within the simplest reasons. She leaned over and looked at his face analyzing his features, her face a mere inches away from him "A boy" she murmured. She gazed in his eyes. She can see his pain, his suffering and she can see how dirty his soul is, making her shiver in delight. Licking her lips, she leaned away from him and stood up, smirking "Interesting~"

    Alice Chambers

    She's been sitting on the park for hours now, watching the people come and go when suddenly, a cry can be heard. She went over a couple, that looks like they lost a child. "Excuse me, can you tell me what happened?" she asked, her voice warm and full of concern. Before the parents could even reply to her question, a boy was accompanying a child running towards them.

    Alice watched the boy return the child from its parents making her smile. "Such a kind young man" she whispered and bowed her head to the parents, following the boy. "Wait.." she called out "I..I uhm.." Alice had no idea why she called him. She can feel a strong presence, a pure soul inside of him. Perhaps that's why she called him? Perhaps.

    "Uhm.. I'm Alice." she introduced, smiling brightly at him. Him. She thought He's the one I'm choosing.
  4. Teagan
    Teagan sat by a tombstone in a graveyard.Stil dressed in his black suit,he didn't dare to move.What was he going to do now?The newly carved,clean grey tombstone read:
    In loving memory of
    Sora Pascal

    He questioned himself again:What was he going to do now?He carefully got up and looked at the stone,"Well,I suppose I should get going now..."he said softly gently putting his hand on the stone,"I hope you are happier where you are."he slowly turned to leave.He was on his own now.His parents abandoned both him and his brother when they were young,they didn't even attend the funeral.What parents they are.He just resorted to walk home,seeing how everyone left and he left his car at home.He shoved his hands into his pocket and recounted the incident.It was a freak accident,people assumed that he didn't look both ways before crossing the road.Teagan didn't believe it.His brother always believed and said that there was a guardian angel watching over them when mom and dad left.Sure,a parental figure would say that to a child to tell them that no matter what,someone will be there.What a guardian angel they were to let his brother die and leave him alone in the world.Selfish?Maybe,but not without reason.
    Mihail was lounging around.He wasn't really in the moving mood,then again,he never really was while he waited for a new crystal owner.Well,if he was given an order to do something,he would do it,but on his off time he was busy...lounging.He usually occupied his time,messing with his ice or wings.What was this new partner going to be like?This excited him,but to the point where everything else was boring.
    Dalimil,the party all-night kind of person was doing what he did best,party.His best friend was throwing a nice pool party at his estate.Having friends in high places was nice,especially when you fit into that crowd like a puzzle piece.Well,for Dalimil,it was more like a puzzle,except he really didn't fit.He didn't make a habit of rubbing his money into people's faces.He was more caring than that.He brushed his red hair out of his face as he watched the crowd.Sometimes he would join in the fun.Mess around with his friends and do cannon balls into the pool.And sometimes he would chill next to pool,having his ear chatted off by either his friends or the girls.
  5. Grace sat in her crystal, a bit bored. She had met Damliml about two weeks ago and she was still getting used to having a partner. She knew not to come out unless Damliml said so, because it would be bad if someone saw her. But after spending her whole life out in the open, it was odd being couped up. Using their link Grace spoke to Damliml.

    "Damliml, I'm bored. When can I come out?"
  6. Micheal
    Micheal could hear Victoria's pain ringing through his ears as she stared at the crystal and wondered about why her brother had died. He couldn't take it any more he needed to tell her what had really happened and show her that her brother died a hero not in an accident. He closed his eyes and focused his energy outward. The crystal began glowing extremely bright and in a quick flash like lightning and in a shower of pure white feathers Micheal appeared behind Victoria standing on the opposite side of her bed. He looked down at her and swallowed hard and then spoke softly to her "I'm sorry Victoria..your brother was a good man..."

    Jason stopped when he heard someone talking to him. He turned and looked softly into the eyes of one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen in his life. He blushed slightly and then quickly shook his head. "no...find out what she wants and then move on..don't get attached.." He gives her a small smile that was clearly forced and then cleared his throat a bit "uh...Jason...can I help you miss Alice?"

    Alex winces as all of a sudden he felt someone crushing him beneath them. He opened his eyes to stare into the face of a girl who just appeared out of no where. "what the hell is going on?" He thought to himself. He quickly stood up and dusted himself off and then shot her a dark look and then crossed his arms. He sized her up quickly and frowned a bit. Clearly something is going on. Something strange. Because girls don't just appear out of no where and land on top of people like that. He glanced down at the crystal and then looked back at her "who the hell are you? and where in the hell did you come from?"
  7. Kathy was in her personal office looking over the latest business deal she made. Her father didn't quite like the company she made the deal with, but with a few choice words and she'll be in the clear. Sitting on her desk was the crystal her mother gave her, shining dimmly in the light. Kathy's mother had told her that this crystal would protect her and would help her with her goals.

    "What in the hell can a crystal do for me? Tho I must say it looks beautiful, so its not a complete waste."

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  8. Alice

    Alice saw the blush in his face, her smile getting wider. How pure and adorable this boy is she thought to herself. "No need for formalities, Alice will do" she said with such a soft voice that its almost angelic "Pleasure to meet you Jason. Uhm, I just wanted to give you this as a reward"

    She offered him a blue crystal, the crystal that can contain her once the deal is made. Of course she can't straight up tell him what it really is and what she really are but she decided that he's the one she'll protect and the one that could protect her.

    "Also, why do you force your smile? You shouldn't hide your true feelings under a mask" Alice advised, putting a soft hand in his cheek and caressed it comfortingly "So much pain you've gone through, so much loneliness yet your heart stays pure" she mumbled unconsciously staring deep into his eyes

    A bird flapped its wings and took flight, breaking the trance she was in and quickly retracted her hand "Oh, I'm sorry" she quickly apologized bowing her head "Please take the crystal, its my simple thanks to you for saving the kid from harm." she smiled warmly once again.


    "Who am I?" she asked smiling lightly at the boy. "I go by many names, but you may call me...Bunny" she introduced "and for where I came from, you already said it~" she said, giggling

    She stretched her arms and walked around the place. Oh how she missed being outside the crystal. Of course she can come and go whenever she wants but there's just something about going outside and straight up talk to someone idiotic. She just loved to toy with humans.

    She then walked towards a sofa, sat down and crossed her legs "and you must be my protector. Hmm..doesn't look too promising" she teased, checking him out "But you will do, it's not like I have a choice anyway."
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  9. Jason
    Jason slightly flinched from her touch but didn't stop her from caressing his cheek like she did. When she pulled her hand back and apologized he shook his head choosing to just ignore the first part about masking his emotions "..its ok.." He then looked down at the crystal and then looked back up at her "I don't see why you want me to take it..I don't need a reward for doing something any noble person should thanks but no thanks it looks valuable and I don't want to take something like that from you. I really appreciate the offer though." With that he turns and starts walking away again.

    Alex frowns and stares at the girl. What the hell kind of a name was Bunny? it sounded like some kind of stripper name for crying out loud. He crosses his arms and stares her down. Not only was she in his home all of a sudden but now she was sitting on his sofa like she owned the place. That irritated him more then anything. And what did she say? he had already said where she was from? the only place he said was hell and that was stupid because that would mean she was a demon or a devil or..something. Yeah this girl was definitely off her rocker. "Ok look "Bunny" I don't know who the hell you are or why your in my home nor do I know what the hell your talking about all I know is that unless your here for a good reason or to give me something I want you out"
  10. Dalimil
    Also was getting used to this whole idea of a girl being in the crystal that he wore around his neck.He yawned and replied to her on their little communication channel,"Meh,this party is getting boring.Plus I'm constantly getting annoyed right now.Let me head out and you could come out on our way home.Sound like a deal?"He asked her.Still,strange to have a girl on call.Not in that way,but just to have one around you,kind of having to protect you.He wished to ask her questions,but everything would work out in the end,right?
  11. Grace gave a happy squeal at the promise to streach her legs. She thought about all the games they could play before bed.

    "Can we play at the park? Or maybe play a board game! But you have to tell me how because I never played. And we can eat too burgers! Yay!" Grace rambled on in her excitement.
  12. Bunny
    "Relax baby carrot, no need to get your shoots in a twist" Bunny giggled and stood up from the sofa "Are you sure your father didn't tell you about me?" she asked, her arms folded and her eyes staring at him. After a couple of minutes her eyes suddenly held shock and surprise, her proud and stoic form suddenly soften. "He didn't tell you anything...did he" she stated, her voice suddenly full of sadness.

    She walked over to him, her eyes soft yet wary. She hesitated to touch him for a moment but decided to grab his shoulders, her hands warm and gentle. "But..I..h-how?" she asked, looking straight into his eyes "w-why can't you remember?" she asked once again, her voice full of pain and loneliness.

    Her hands slumped on her sides as she walked away from him."Why didn't he tell you? why should he..? he should have told you that.." She looked out of the window, afraid that he'll see her expression "I-I'm.." she stuttered and took a deep breath, gathering all the courage she needs. Her shoulders started to shake, as she hugged herself "I'm your mother."

    The place had gone quiet and the only she can hear is her breathing. Cannot contain her emotions anymore, she laughed. Hard. "HAHAHAHA!!!" she laughed falling over and holding her stomach, her sides starting to ache. She cannot breath from laughter as tears of joy slid down her cheeks " should have seen your face! hahaha!" and she laughed even more.


    "Eh?" Alice asked confused, but immediately smiled after hearing his reasons and started to walk away. "He really is a pure heart" she said to herself and clutched the crystal close to her heart. "I've finally decided. I will protect him, even if he can't protect me" she vowed and with that she disappeared into thin air, transforming herself as a white cat and slowly stalking the boy without him knowing.​
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  13. Jason
    Jason continued in his way making his way up to a large mansion that he had inherited from his family when they died. He had a feeling something or someone was following him but he didn't quite care. He made his way up to the door and let himself in. "I'm home.." he called out to the empty halls as he heard his voice echo throughout the building. Sighing he made his way to the living room and collapsed onto the sofa and closed his eyes tightly as he fought back the feelings of loneliness inside him.

    Alex growled in annoyance at her joke and clenched his fists tightly. How dare she do that?! How dare she insult him?! And his mother?! He waisted no time in grabbing her and pushing her hard against the wall a knife that he had hidden in his pocket pressed tightly against her throat. He growled low in his throat as he glared into her eyes with hatred and malice "I don't know who you are..and I don't give a one insults my mother by saying they are her. My mother might have been a whore but she had a heart of gold. She didn't deserve death. She didn't deserve what she got from my father. A bullet in the brain before he was gunned down himself"
  14. Bunny

    Bunny rolled her eyes as she was pinned on the wall with a knife on her neck. "Aww~ baby carrot is mad~" she teased and patted his head "Now, now. No need to get angry and tell me your family history. Baby carrots gets puréed when they're mad~" she cooed, smiling at him.

    She wanted to tease him even more. Oh humans, how interesting their emotions are she thought to herself. She loved how intense his anger is. She can almost feel his pain, his hatred, causing her to smile even more.

    "Baby carrots aren't allowed to use knives! They might cut themselves" Bunny said while focusing her energy to the knife, melting it and molding it until it became tiny droplets of iron. "There! Now baby carrot is safe!!" she exclaimed and hugged the boy in front of him, nuzzling her cheeks to his.

    After she felt like the boy calmed down, she let him go and smiled brightly at him, almost blinding him from too much brightness "I like how gullible and stupid you are baby carrot. You've gained one answer from me. Ask away! ask anything you want and I'll give you an answer"


    Alice followed Jason through every alley and street he walked by until he made his way to a large mansion. "Woah" Alice meowed in amazement. It was so big and regal looking!

    She saw him made his way up to the door and quickly slipped her way in, hearing him declare that he's home. Silence filled the whole manor which took Alice by surprise. He lived all by himself? she asked, looking around the hallways He must get pretty lonely

    She can feel how gloomy and lonely the place is, how sad and depressing the atmosphere. She went over to the boy; he was already in the living room and in the sofa, his eyes closed.

    She watched his figure and cannot help but took pity of him. She meowed slightly, hoping that she'll gain his attention. She hopped into his stomach and sat there, her blue eyes shining and looking at him "You've gone through a lot. Been hurt and left alone but that all ends today. I'll protect you from everything. I promise" she whispered, and laid herself on his stomach, purring and curling herself into a ball.

    "I'll be your guardian angel, no matter what"
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  15. Victoria
    The crystal began to glow as she lay there, watching it. She narrowed her eyes at it "What the.." Before she could even finish her sentence, the crystal grew brighter then flashed brightly and a shower of feathers along with someone appeared by her bed. She let out a short scream and jumped to a sitting position, looking at Micheal. In a panicked tone she began to stammer "How... Who, Did you just.." she pointed toward the crystal, indicating that she was asking if he had just come out of it. She narrowed her eyes at him when he spoke. "You knew my brother?" she asked him skeptically. Her heart was racing from being startled and she took a deep breath to attempt calming herself.

    Rori had given up on figuring out the crystal a long time ago, her hopes of discovering why her mother said it was so special. She still held onto it though, mostly just because her mother had given it to her. She came home from work late that night, wishing her mother was there so she could complain and be given a pat on the back for working so hard. It was the simple things like that, that she missed the most. She locked herself in her room, sat at her computer desk and looked at pictures of her and her mother. The crystal, sitting on her night stand, caught her eye and she pick it up. She looked at it intently, moving it around in her hands. "What is so important about you?" she asked it. "Why are you so important that you are what my mother gave me on her death bed?" she huffed at the crystal then set it down on her desk, eyes narrowed in frustration "You're just a stupid rock!" she yelled at it. She knew it was more than that, even if she didn't know why, but it made her angry. She started searching for answers once again, typing anything and everything she could thing of in her search engine. "I will figure you out."
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  16. Micheal
    Micheal looked down as she asked the question he knew she would ask. He looked up at her and gave her a small nod before he softly replied "yes...I did come out of the crystal...and yes I did know your brother..he was a good man..and he didn't die in an accident like you think he did...he died trying to protect you and the entire world..I know this is going to be a lot to take in so I understand if you don't believe me." He lets out a slow breath "My name is Micheal. I'm an angel. and not just any angel I'm also what you would consider God himself in a way. Although I'm not actually THE God. I'm his successor"

    Jason gave a slight jump when he felt something jump up onto his stomach. He opened his eyes to look at a white cat and he frowned slightly before he shook his head. He gently reached up and stroked the cats fur as he whispered to it "..where did you come from little one?..I'm guessing you snuck in somehow." He sighs again and lays his head back down and stares at the ceiling. "..I bet you don't have a family either..I wonder where they are..I hope they're alive and well and your just separated from them.."

    Alex stared in awe as his knife turned into liquid metal and he looked at her in shock. When she suddenly hugged him he tensed up in her hug and glared at her from the corner of his eyes. She was treating him like a little kid!! and what was with calling him a baby carrot!? God he didn't know this women but she was seriously pissing him off already. He continued to glare at her even when she smiled at him. He shook his head and walked away and sat down on the sofa and glared at her from across the room "one answer huh?..fine..what are you doing here in my home? or to better word it what do you want from me?"

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  17. Mihail
    Mihail listened to the girl name Rori.How did he know that?Her mother was a sweet lady.He missed her just as much as Rori.To him,who never had a mother figure in his life,she was like his mother.He prayed she was in a better place,hopefully up in heaven.He chuckled at her frustration a little.Maybe just a bit longer before he popped out.He wanted to watch her,just a bit longer.
    Dalimil chuckled to himself.For an angel,she was rather cute.He finally said his goodbyes and was a decent distance away from the house.He looked around then sighed,"Ok come out.What would you like to do?We can go get something to eat if you want."He offered.
  18. Grace
    No sooner had the words left Dalimil mouth, Grace's crystal started to shine. When Grace emerged she was surrounded by flower petals, she gave a big stretch from her legs to her wings. When she turned to Dalimil, Grace had hidden her wings from view.

    "Thank you! Can we get tofu burgers?" Grace went to stand with her partner and held his hand. She didn't know her way around and didn't want to get lost.

    "Um Dalimil, can I go to a party too? They look really fun and I think I could learn more about humans that way. Please?" Grace gave a big, pleading smile toward Dalimil hoping he say yes.

  19. |Ren| @Lunita Nesta
    It was a rainy day, one of those which just inspires either a good, long sleep or a lovely book and a cup of steamy cocoa. For everyone else, maybe. Not for Ren Stride though. Her long golden silky hair were fluttering around as she put on her suit. She was to go with her father to a meeting in order to decide weather to buy an entire factory or not. She thought it was useless and, as she put on the tie, she looked inside a mirror. Who was she? A puppet in her father's game? Sure. Was she ready to shoulder what her father had in stock for her? Sure. She put on her heels and got out. A maid was already waiting for her outside the door. It had been 3 months since her brother, Ioria, died from an illness (or so the doctors said) and she, who was brought up to take his place if and when something like that occurred, readily accepted. Better than living in that living Hell that was the isolation her father gave her. "This way ma'am" said the maid showing her to the car. She never was the 'wanted child' she was just useful in her way, she had taken all the lessons her brother had and maybe more, to be able to act as his shadow. Ren would have done whatever she could to aid the Stride family. She was taught that and that was the only living way she knew. Once at the car, the chaffeaur opened the dor and she got inside. "Good day, father" he smiled an empty smile "Good, day, Ioria" he never called her name. Never. And Ren's goal was tomake him aknowledge her existence.


    The black angel wasn't inside her crystal, as often happened in that period. After her partner had passed away, she decided to leave for a while in search of Great Sinners, to clear her mind. It had been her fault he passed away, her fault and no one else's. She wasn't strong enough, she wasn't fast enough. "You'll be judged in Hell" she said in a whisper to a corpse falling on the ground. Leah took her tessen out of him and got out from the window. A footage of a 6 year old girl was shown on a tv as some rhum laid on a table near there. The angel, opened her big black wings and disappeared in the rain and settled on getting home. Where her partner's son was dealing with the mess he got into. She had granted him the armor unconciously, reacting to his emotions but it was nothing more that a cat. She had then ran out the crystal and went on a little hunt. Once home Leah sat on the outer sill, waiting for him to realize what he got across.
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  20. Dalimil
    Dalimil looked at the angel.It was still strange for him to see her every time.He was brought back to the present and held her hand.It was a little childish,to him,but he didn't mind.He started to walk with her,"Tofu burgers?Ok sure if that is what you want."he said gently and with a soft smile in return.He then though about her request,"Well,the thing is,sometimes my friends get really rowdy.Sometime they even have things they shouldn't,but if you promise to stay by my side and listen to me,then sure.It's just a touch and go kind of thing..."His friends were notorious for having loud parties.That party was quiet because his friend's parents were home.​
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