Angels, or Demons?

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  1. Pizza, short for Pizomero, was hiding in the plaza, away from the angels who were chasing him down with swords more deadly than the imagination could think of, and with wings to carry them swiftly around and for the kill. The angels lied. When they first came upon the earth, they were said to be "God-sent" and not the other way around. Pizza was pretty certain that God would not want people to be murdered for no apparent reason. But there they were, surrounding him, beautiful women who had only one goal: to kill the people in the town of Berdo, because the people of Berdo were the real angels. Yes, Berdoans had wings, too! And hearts as pure as... uh... doves?

    Sadly, Pizomero hasn't seen any sign of his wings sprouting out of his back or something yet, so he was running, hiding, slashing at the "angels" with a crowbar he found lying about. It was of no help at all, so there he was, feet sore, wounds bleeding, head aching, wishing he didn't have to go through all this anymore, wishing he'd die or something.

    But look, people are with him in the plaza, and they are fighting. He should fight, too!
  2. Raiden made his way through limbo trying to get to this prophecy. An angel, that hasn't sprouted his wings yet. This "kid" was supposed to be the one who could stop the war. He apparently just didn't know how to yet. Raiden was a Nephilim. Half demon half angel. He was one the unique ones. That's why it was his duty to make sure this kid reached his full potential just like he did those years ago. He noticed the kid in a corner. Of course he couldn't see him, because he was in limbo. He muttered a quick spell and he was immediately back in the real world. He looked at the boy. "Pizomero. Right?" he asked. He looked around and noticed he was now in a plaza...looked like the depths of hell in limbo...then again everything did now.

  3. A young woman stood in her house, staring out her window at the fight that was happening in the plaza. She was scared, but she couldn't stop staring. She was frozen in place. She had lived as a human all of her life, moved from town to town after events she never knew about that made the town people hate her, and she feared this was what she had done to every town. She feared she had summoned killing angels. It was believable to her, she had never felt normal anyway, but it still scared her. She could only stand and watch as people were slain by angels.

    An angel suddenly appeared at her window and her eyes grew wide. She backed up quickly, covering her eyes as the window shattered. A few small cuts appeared on her arms and she screamed and waited for her death. But she never even felt the touch of a sword. She shakily uncovered her eyes, freezing up when she saw two shadowy hands. She shivered and the hands floated over to her, one lightly tugging at her arm and then other gently pushing her from the back to the window. They then disappeared and she hopped out of the one-story window, quickly taking off running.

    Gumi was a demon that didn't know herself to be one.
    Innocent Gumi.jpg
  4. A large figure had his foot placed firmly on a squirming angels head, he wasn't to close to the plaza but he was close enough to be seen in action. His foot then pushing through the skull of the angel and mushing it into the floor, He laughed, His dark black wings spreading out as far as they could reaching a length of 40 ft. . He looks towards the plaza to hear a boy being pursued by the angel, he smirks, Taking off from his spot with one swoop of his black wings. Soaring at the plaza his body slamming into one of the angels converging on him, his large body bursting the angel away to the floor. He slid to a stop sensing a nephilim taking care of him, one of the angels shouted and said " GET OUT OF THE WAY SAMAEL! ". Samael was a blind fallen angel hence were he got the name " The blind god ". He stood there with a large blade in his hand and a smirk on his face, opening his mouth he said " I suggest you angels retreat...before you die by the hand of Samael " His armor was well fitting and a bit large, mixed in with the color of green and black. His blind fold black but his hair was a dark red which stretched down to his upper spine.
  5. Micah stood in the shadows of an alleyway, slighty shaking as he watched the carnage unfolding around him. He remembered last time he had seen these demons - slaughtering anyone they crossed paths with. But not this time, this time he swore he wouldn't hide away. He slowly unsheathed his short sword as he started sprinting towards a person fending the demons off, with his stomach in knots. 'Breathe', he reminded himself. 'Breathe.'
  6. Hope gathered all her courage to help anyone in need. She leapt off a building top and landed gracefully into the plaza just as a civilian was to be cut clean through. The girl blocked the angel's attack with a metal rod, then countered by knocking the angel's sword out of its hands. Quickly ushering the poor civilian off, Hope continued fighting against the angel with all her might.
    This girl was only sixteen. She had her long black hair with side-swept bangs and bright blue eyes. She had gray wings with black flecks folded tightly against her back, showing she was not a typical angel- Berdoan perhaps.

    Unfortunately, she had no real knowledge of fighting; she just went with what her heart said was right. And at the moment, her heart screamed to help out a nervous looking character in the distance.
    She acted accordingly, running over to the stranger she had not known yet to be Micah, and backed him up when a second angel came into the picture.

    "I have you!" She cried out as she knocked the angel back with surprising strength. She glanced back at Micah to see if he was doing well, hoping he didn't mind her company.
  7. An angel had rushed forward at the Samael rushing and roaring out with anger the angel charging him said " THEN I WILL SLAY YOU! " Samael chuckled and said " Vorsg Adna Tastax Commah Gono " (You are going to die ) He lifts his hand up and then in a flash the angel face was in Samael's hand. The ground around him crackled and shook as he caught the angel with amazing strength. He smiled and brought his foot forward and twisted himself, slamming the angels head into the ground cratering it letting it go. He stands up looking at the rest of them that had anger in there eye, he waved them on as if to challenge them. His black wings shuffling a bit as his armor was adjusted by his left hand, He awaited for the angels to probably jump him but he new he could handle it for now.
  8. Raiden turned around and noticed all the action going on inside and outside of the plaza. He shook his head. He still had no idea what side to join. If this prophecy was willing to fight he would probably have to join the angel's side. Being a nephilim was a hard life for him. He clenched his fists "wait here and don't make a sound." He rushed from that corner and got ready fight.
  9. Everyone considered Jack to be self centered, stupid, a coward, a honorless being but he was an Angel none the less. His breath was ragged as he broke through a door and slammed it shut behind him. He raised his sword hoping the Demons would pass by the old building near the plaza. They had seemed to so he slowly caught his breath and looked around. He yelped as a small girl walked out the shadows.

    "Are, are, are you going to help me? I'm I'm scared." The girl was no less than five years old, human, and little. She held onto her teddy bear trembling.

    Jack waved her over. "Come, I. I will try to keep you safe."

    "My Mom always said do not try." A tear fell from her eye. "Where's my Mom?"

    The Demons had heard the yelp and the two talking in the building, they screeched and flew over sniffing and snarling intently at the building.

    "Come here! Lets go find your Mommy!" Jack grabbed the girl and burst open the door knowing he could get the surprise on the demons and not have it be the other way.

    He slashed with his sword at one but it pounced away and yelled. The girl screamed and Jack lifted her onto his back and began flying away. Jack wasn't an adept fighter but he could sure as hell fly faster than anyone he knew. He was flying over the courtyard when an arrow sliced his leg and he began to fall down inside the courtyard. He landed and looked around, now he was scared. But he had to fight, to save him, his fellow Angels and the girl.
  10. Samael was not a bad person he fought for the good of others, and he was not going to let these angels harm this kid. He stood there fixing his blindfold so that it fit more comfortably to his face. He chuckled and just dodge and arrow that was sent towards his face, it swimmed by his head and landed into the post behind him. He continued to smile and said " Who is shooting arrows at me? come forth " No one obviously stepped forward since it was an archer who was probably not good in close quarter combat. But as he ended his sentence a quick sound of fluttering happened next to his right side, He ducked just dodging a angelic sword who slammed into the pole behind him too. The post behind him collapsed and Samael was already on the attack, He grabbed the angel by one of its wings and pulled him towards the ground. Slamming his body off the ground, his other hand already in the air wielding his sword came down onto the bounced angel. Cutting cleanly through him and his armor causing blood to spurt out of the in half angel body. He booted the body back at the other angels standing there allowing it to roll and come to a settle stop in front of one of the soldier angels. He spoke once more " I do not wish to spill angelic blood...please refrain from coming after this boy " He said as he rested his sword back onto the ground.
  11. As soon as Raiden stepped out into the open an arrow hit him in the shoulder. He dropped his head. "What's up with all the damn archers huh?" Raiden broke the arrow out of his shoulder. Of course the arrow itself still remained. That eventually popped out. It was steaming and decaying and was just dust once hit the ground. Raiden dodged a few more arrows before coming up to an angel archer. "I'm on your damn side! I'm one of the nephilims! But I'm on your side okay!" Raiden was unbelievably annoyed. He put down the archer. "You should tell the rest of your dumb archer friends too." Raiden kept walking looking for more allies.
  12. He pulled the arrow out of his leg and parried an attack from a demon and went stumbling back into Raiden. Jack slashed at the demon infront of him, managing to cut its chest sending it fleeting back, "Err. Sorry there." Jack took a few steps the other direction and took up a shield he found on the ground and then looked at the nearby Demons, none seemed to be coming this far into the Angels line of soldiers. Jack held his sword tightly and asked the girl if she was okay. She seemed fine.
    He then looked at Raiden. "Huh, are you a nephilim?" He seemed to study Raiden for a couple seconds. "Yes, you ought to be judging by - Err sorry, I'm being rude. I'm Jack." Raiden could see a Demon with a spear running up behind Jack and that Demon wasn't being attacked, the Demon was far enough away that someone could step in and save Jack.
  13. A translucent sword appeared above Raiden's head. With the flick of an index finger the demon behind Jack was impaled and sent flying back. "Yeah Nephilim, but nice to meet you Jack!" Raiden said with a welcoming smile. "We should probably move though. We're getting attacked left and right." Another arrow came flying Raiden's way and immediately Raiden took out his katana and deflected it. "I'M ON YOUR SIDE! FOR THE LAST TIME!" Raiden shook his head.
  14. Jack didn't hear the last part but was staring behind him and then towards Raiden. "T-Thank you. Yeah, lets move." He turned around and scanned the Demons and two demon arrows thunked into his shield. "Where should we go?"
  15. "Anywhere but here!" Raiden turned to the opposite direction and slashed a portal. He yanks his new found friend through the portal with him, and they immediately appear on the top of a nearby building. "Hell of a lot going on down there huh?"
  16. Gumi ran through the plaza, squeaking when she was stopped by an angel. One of the shadowy hands floating just behind her quickly changed into a gunblade, putting itself in her hand. She only looked at it for a second before pointing it at the angel and shooting several times, dark bullets coming from the strange gun. The angel fell to the ground and she continued her run, panting lightly and still holding the gunblade tightly with the fear of being attacked again. Two other shadow hands floated just behind her, sometimes lightly pushing her to go faster.
  17. "You don't say." Jack turned to the kid on his back. "Everything fine?"

    She nodded and Jack looked around for any signs of trouble, below there was a small sword fight, a little ways down the road there was a small girl running with a gun blade and the other way was out of here.

    "I, I think we should get out of here."
  18. Raiden looked at him puzzled. "Why exactly?"

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  19. "We shouldn't stay here. Theres nothing for us. We need to go find safe haven and maybe, maybe return after the battle to find survivors." Jack looked at the fighting. "There isn't much profit to fighting."
  20. Samael was in mid battle between two Angels who were fighting fiercely against him. He was smiling the whole time as his body was moving away from strikes and stabs at him, He put his arm up and just skimming a blade sending it to his right. As he did so the angel that sword had been moved came forward which Samael took to his advantage and caught his neck between his arm, putting him into a tight choke hold. The angel wings fluttering and his body kicking trying to get out of the hold of Samael " Adoian Qaa Coraxo Zol Gono Prge Ialpirgah ( Face your Judgement and die with Glory ) " he said with a smile on his face. Ripping the head off of the angel and letting its body and then head drop to the floor. But Samael wasn't ready because he had forgotten that he was fighting two angels at once, the other angel was already on the attack and Samael wasn't aware at the moment.