Angels or Demons?

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Which one do you like?

  1. Angels!

  2. Demons!

  3. I like them both!

  4. I don't like either of them...

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  1. Got inspired by Greenie and decided to ask the community after reading a few roleplays. As much as I see vampires and werewolves I also see a loot of angels and demons or some sort of variation of that, even if they have different names.

    Do you like angels or demons in roleplay? Or maybe both? Or neither?
    What do you like about them? What don't you like about them?
    Who is your favourite angel or demon, in movies or books or roleplays or games??
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  2. Yay I inspired someone! *blushes furiously*


    I'm actually not partial to either of those races, mostly because I dislike the way people play them.

    I do like playing around with youkai, however. Many of my characters are youkai.
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  3. You are my seeeenpai~

    Oh, I didn't think of that. I suppose youkai kinda go under demon... but Japanese? x - x
    Youkai lore is really interesting as well. I like playing youkai c:

    Especially the jurogomo and the kitsune hheeheh
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  4. Nekomata and kitsune are what I usually play. I have one neko-chan and hmm three kitsune :3
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  5. I actually love both. The rigidity in which an angel must comply with what is righteous and good regardless of what emotions may play in can be awesome to play. Like, this extreme of playing on the moral side to spread light and such through the world can be so difficult, and even if you find yourself slipping and the angel doubting there ways, you can come to an arc of them losing their angelic nature or even falling o.o its just a fun challenge that can contrast with how you see the world

    The same can be said with demons, the chaos bringers, double-edges sword dealmakers, manipulators and so forth. Its one thing to play a lolrandom character who so bad cuz he is, but when tou can craft a devious creature out to cause harm and trouble through nature, eapecially through subtle means it can be pretty great. And again, evens if they start to falter and become ruled by emotion, good emotions, it provides an interesting growth opportunity. Or potential twist when they screw that person over too.
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  6. Demons fascinate me more narrative speaking, but I like both. Frankly think their popularity as kinky sex icons is massively overrated and prefer the more growly gnarly manipulative murder-prone kind, but, to each their own.
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  7. I like them both - but mostly I love fallen angels.
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  8. I love demons. I play and tinker with a variety of demon characters ranging from simple tricksters to demigods. It's always fun to be the more evil based characters even when some demons are more annoying than evil.

    There's something about the lore of demons and their dark ways that could be used for evil or a sort of anti-hero good. They can never be truly good, at most they can be an anti-hero, and selfish in their ways of helping. But, I do see the problem with rp'ing as demons. Some make them overly powerful and tend to godmode them. I always try to find the perfect balance.

    Let's favorite type of demon are 1000 year demons (kumihos) and the evil demon spirits that frequent Latin America culture.
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  9. I'm not a huge fan of overly humanising angels or demons, because that is a detriment to the symbols they represent, leaving them as little more than pretty people with either a swan's or batwings. I do like to subvert their traits, such as love and order becoming obsessive and destructive qualities, versus chaos and selfishness being an insight to what could become true happiness. Because of this, however, I find angels and demons to be better fits for supporting characters as it allows them to remain more two-dimensional. Also this makes it more widely accepted to put "Has four faces and six wings." In the appearance box.
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  10. Demons, definitely demons.

    This is basically a Jedi or Sith sort of question.
    Do I prefer the side that's 'good' but so stereotypically isolated and upright they become one dimensional? Or do I prefer the side that at least harnesses the complexity of human emotion? Even if they do focus too heavily on the brooding/edgy side?

    That being said though, my real preference would be the person in the middle who explores all sides of emotion and morality, and doesn't simply stick themselves in one camp.
    In other words, your fallen angels/gray Jedi folk.
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  11. I always considered those as humans ^_^
  12. Kind of?

    Human's are full of bias though, they will often stick themselves into certain camps.
    I'm talking the kinds of individuals and/or divine beings that are fully concious of the grey and constantly explore it.
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  13. Oh. You're probably looking for mother nature then. As in, the literal manifestation of nature anthropomorphized into an entity which thinks and feels. It's almost always a true neutral entity that both protests absolute control (because it causes stagnation which kills life) and absolute malevolent chaos (because that causes widespread destruction that also kills life). Heck, a lot of "nature creatures" tend to fall into the true neutral category actually.
  14. If done properly, yes. Though I was reluctant to say that because often times worlds twist that into being your Druid tree hugger. They're neutral, right up until someone talks about cutting some tree's down.
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