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    I haven't been active and joining the story because I thought that my ideas would never ever work out. Much to my surprise, this came to life. And I thought it was going to be, what, nothing at first, but here it is. I told myself that roleplaying wasn't for me and I have carelessly left this alone (maybe I didn't close it or you found it interesting or something) for almost a month. How stupid of me to think this, no?

    Anyway that's all for my gratitude and for you to understand my reasons of not being able to join you whatsoever. I plan to, soon, and I hope you still like the story as it is right now :)


    I am Pizza, a Berdoan with no wings, who was frozen for a long time in the corner in the plaza in fear of all the things in mind (how pathetic for a kid who's looking to survive). Weapon's a crowbar, in the first part. Silver hair, brown eyes, looking just like my picture right here (and I've obtained a sword from a dead angel, which is on my back). No wings yet, sadly.
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  2. im joining XD
    hi im Grimm with a G. Im a demon but half angel i have to chose whit side im on. soon becuse my times is coming. i love singing and damceing i play chess as well i can be dipessing at times. my hair is sliver. my eye is blue but my left eye is sliver but i keep it under a patch my weapon at the moment is my left eye becuse i can see a haed with that eye and when im at home or around a chess bored tht would be my waepon on controling the game. so ya thats me. oh andim 10 bye byehave a good night sleep
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  3. Jack was an Angel. Jack had looked everything like a human except for his skin had imperfections that looked like glow in the dark tattoos. The imperfections were thin silver lines that glowed. His hair was a light brown and his eyes were a sapphire blue. He often wore a leather trench coat with a hood and he always wore his sheathe. The sheathe had been given to him as a child, it fit any sword and kept the sword in prime condition.

    He met and saved this girl named Claudia, soon after he sworn an oath and he became this little girl's guardian angel. This had given him powers, he could detect where she was at any time, he would always be slightly more courageous when she was in danger, and the more she was hurt or in pain ( Emotionally or physically. ) The cleverer, quicker to judge and stronger he became. He was also one of the fastest flyers he knew and he knew a lot of Angels. Finally he owned a sheathe that had been given to him as a child. The sheathe had been given to him as a child, it fit any sword and kept the sword in prime condition. Jack protects Claudia with a simple sword and his body. The sword was embroided with silver and cold iron lettering. Other than that the sword held no real ability that any other sword wouldn't. It was sharp, durable and heavy.

    He was considered a coward and indeed at times he would get severe panic attacks. He wouldn't harm a soul without a good reason, he tends to quick to conclusions and skittish to a fault. He was also scared of the dark, his skin glowed but it didn't give off enough light to push away the darkness. ( If you think so far he may be a little OP don't worry his weaknesses will be ramped up to compensate. )

    As for Claudia she was a normal eight year old girl until one day she played a game with an Imp. This Imp had won the short game and the Imp won his reward, to take her place as a human child and send Claudia off 800 years into the future. She was from Albion, born and raised under the London Bridges and alleyways. Her family lived on the street and they made their living.

    However the Imp left her with a curse. This curse however had a positive and negative side. The positive was that it gave her a small affinity with magic. She was able to decipher the key info from a sentence or book with ease but if she put in the cognitive effort she could tell if someone was lying or even slightly warp their thoughts. Her intellect was boosted to that of a geniuses, she would be able to outsmart Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates if she put her mind to it.

    But in the end the curse wasn't a good thing. Even with the small gain her life would still be tormented. She occasionally would pass out, other times she would lose her sanity for a short moment, she would get temporary amnesia and sometimes the Imp would control her mind and make her do Evil.

    When she had been found by Jack she had been hiding for a few hours. She still wore her stolen medieval slightly fashionable clothing. She carried a small dagger by her side even though she wouldn't be able to use it due to her lack of strength and she kept her hair in a braid. She was short, brunette and blue eyed. And if you stared into her eyes you could see Albion, London, the bridges, the city all of it. You would also see something dark, a lost soul, an inhibited soul, you could see the Imp.


    Any questions or concerns please post them below and I will be happy to reply.

    Thanks Iwaro for starting a cool RP.
  4. You're welcome! :) Glad you're enjoying it so far :)
  5. Was my Bio a little long? I got obsessed with it half way through and decided to deck it.

    Also, we need a plot to this RP, what is going down, why is everyone fighting and why now? Should there be something we are trying to obtain?

    We need more people to post more often and talk in the OCC.
  6. No, I liked your post. Describes so much about you and stuff. :)

    Well, basically, there are some "angels" that rained down from the skies some time back before the story began, claiming that they're from Heaven. But as we can all see, that isn't the case. So I guess you could call them demons while we are the "real angels" fighting them for the sake of survival. They reminded me of zombies so the first part of the RP seems to be such.

    Good of you to think of a way to stop them, I mean, we can't be fighting forever. How about finding the source of their spawning whatsoever?
  7. Yeah I like that, the Angels finally managed to track down the source of the Demons and they sent an expedition team to go shut it down and they broke open the seal causing a bunch of Demons to freak out and rise to attack which provoked the Angels to counter attack and there is this huge battle going down.
  8. tere truly called fallen angels theyaee not angels but there not demons too they of annihthm i t is called «looking at a girl ho reads about angels and demons and after the book call 'hush hush' should read it if you love angels started stuidi a angles and demons »