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  1. a n d e l i n a
    In all of the millenia Andelina had lived, she had seen some pretty terrible things. Horrible divine acts, the smiting of sinners, the transformation from angel to demon. She had witnessed Lucifer fall and take the others with him. But none of that, none of the glorious, terrible things Andelina and Isaac had witnessed, could have prepared her for this. She had never been more terrified.

    High school. Andelina was wearing a knee-length white dress, very plain, with thin straps and lace on the hem. She wore white strappy heels and her golden blonde hair was hanging to her waist. She looked like a picture of innocence, which, in most respects, she was. She had been quite a minor angel, so she had never committed a terrifying divine act like smiting down an entire group of people. No, that was left to Michael. Her brother, on the other hand, looked like he was ready to join Lucifer at any moment. Isaac wore black skinny jeans, a black T-shirt under a leather jacket and, the strangest, black eyeliner, which Andelina suspected he had stolen from the makeup she had bought because she saw other girls wearing it.

    In the month before school had started, Andelina and Isaac had spent their time studying the human teenagers they saw at malls and parks. Since they had no idea how to act and seem normal, they had taken their references from the teens they saw around them. They had adopted American culture quite quickly; Andelina now knew how to dress with fashion sense and do her makeup better than half of the girls at school. Isaac could now ride a bike and drive a car, which was how they had arrived at school today. The angels had given them enough means to buy a house and a car and anything else they may have needed. How nice of them.

    Andelina clutched her schoolbag to her chest as a receptionist from the office walked her into her homeroom. The nice lady had given her her locker combination and timetable already. Andelina kept her eyes on the ground as the receptionist whispered to her teacher. She could feel the eyes of the other students on her, whispering, about her looks, mainly.

    "Welcome to Pine Hollows, Andelina," said the teacher. "Why don't you take a seat up next to Fakir, in the back?"

    Andelina nodded and looked to the back of the room where a boy sat, wearing a large black trench coat and a purple sweater. She quietly made her way to the seat and sat down next to the boy. She was nervous, and her body language showed it; rigid back, clasped hands, heavy breathing. She smiled nervously at the boy.
  2. Fakir:
    I stare at the new girl, trying my best to smile warmly, but I can already tell that I just look creepy. ...hello. I immediately go back to my drawing after greeting her, knowing she'll only become more alienated by me if I do anything else. Ugh, I really am a pathetic demon. Why couldn't I be more like my sister...? I continue sketching, drawing a picture of an Angel dressed in white.
    I smile a bit, looking down at the finished result. Before I can place it in my bag, the girl next to me grabs it. I know her, she's the leader of a group of annoying popular girls. Hey, creepy guy! Nice drawing, it would be a shame if- She tears my drawing to shreds. Whoops. She chuckles and throws the pieces at me. I grit my sharp teeth, but just sigh and go back to drawing, not bothering to try and fix the paper. I deserve this...I'm really a useless demon.
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  3. a n d e l i n a
    Andelina frowned as the pretty girl ripped up the boy's drawing. She picked up the pieces of paper from the table and floor, before looking up at the girl and asking, "Why did you do that?"

    The girl and her friends looked at Andelina incredulously, as if they could not believe that someone had just crossed their leader. Then, the girl who had ripped up the boy's drawing smiled. "Because he's a freak, of course. Have you ever tried cheerleading?"

    She changed the conversation topic like other people changed their clothes. Andelina did not know what cheerleading was, so she shook her head.

    "Well, tryouts are next week," said the girl, "so you should come." The girl then turned and walked away. Andelina stared after her, confused, before turning back to the boy and putting the neat pile of paper on his table.

    "I'm sorry about your drawing. It was very nice. I can fix it for you if you like?"
  4. Fakir:
    It's fine, they do that all the to just ignore it. I sigh, knowing that I've completely messed up my new drawing. Thank you for the concern, though. See you around, hopefully. I have chemistry next, so I'd better grab my books... I give a quick smile, hoping she doesn't find me too creepy, and I grab my satchel, placing my papers in it. I look at the clock; I have free period for 15 mins. I walk out of class, tossing the pieces of paper and the new drawing in the recycling, then heading upstairs. Knowing no one will be around, I duck into the music room and quietly hide under the piano. Idiot, you couldn't even stand up for yourself...and you ruined any chance of making a friend, while doing it. Way to go, demon. I curse myself in my head, and search for the knife I hid in the piano as I pull down my gloves. I stare at my scar-littered wrist in disgust, then continue my search. Where is my knife...? I know I left it here...
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  5. a n d e l i n a
    Andelina picked up her books and began to walk as soon as she saw all the other students doing it. She checked her timetable and found herself to be in Literature, which she had read the material for, so she made her way to that particular class. She found herself getting into the rhythm of school over the course of the day, which calmed her nerves. Maybe human life would not be as difficult as she had expected.

    Lunchtime came and Isaac sidled up next to her. "How did you go?" he asked her quietly.

    "Well," she replied. She had forgiven him for the sins he had committed that had caused them to fall. She figured that, as long as they were in this mess together, there was no point holding grudges against the one person she knew would always have her back. Andelina spotted Fakir, sitting in the back of the cafeteria, and made her way over to him with her lunch tray. Isaac followed.

    Andelina felt bad for what had happened in homeroom. She did not understand why this boy was being treated so unfairly. "Hello," she said kindly. "I'm Andelina, from homeroom, remember? This is my twin, Isaac. Do you mind if we sit here?"
  6. Fakir:
    Oh...yeah, I guess you could sit here, but just so you know, it's probably not a great idea to sit near me. It won't make a good impression on your first day. You're better off sitting with the cheerleaders or something... I tighten the ribbons around my wrist and sigh, poking the human food that I had bought. All of it was too salty for me to eat, so I don't know why I bothered, but if it helps me fit I'll never fit in. I guess by eating it, I'll be more approachable, but at the cost of passing thanks. I yawn, hoping they don't try to be nice and demolish their reputation.
  7. a n d e l i n a
    Andelina sat down across from the boy, and Isaac sat beside her. She did not care about reputations or the cheerleaders, whatever they were. She only cared about righting what had happened to the boy that morning. That was what she did. She was still an angel, after all, and angels wanted to help people.

    "I like your coat," Isaac said to Fakir. Andelina nodded in agreement as she tried to eat the weird-tasting cafeteria food. She did not like the texture of the dish they called mashed potatoes. The food in heaven had been much nicer.
  8. Fakir:
    I pulled my coat around myself subconsciously. Thank you...I quite like it as well, its nice and warm. I glance outside, realising that doesn't make any sense, since it's not cold out yet. Well, I'm going to spend the rest of lunch outside...goodbye. I quickly get up, feeling awkward, and begin to walk towards the garbage to throw out my uneaten food. I hear someone giggle and stick out their foot just inches before my own. I quickly dodge out of the way, walking to the can and dumping my food in it. Behind me, the girl from before speaks. Ugh, freak! You were meant to trip, not dodge out of the way like some creepy....I don't even know what. Why don't you take off your coat every once in a while, might make you less creepy! I hear her walk up behind me, and as she begins to place her hand on my shoulder, I freeze time momentarily. I turn around and sidestep to the left, then button my coat so that even if she manages to get her hands on it, she won't be able to take it off. I unfreeze time, and watch as she trips and smashes into the garbage can. No, I like my coat...thank you for your concern though. I walk out of the cafeteria and outside to the front of the school, and sit down at the stump of a tree, taking my crumbled drawing I had been working on and continuing to sketch.
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