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    The earth, and even the base where the angels live are constantly under attack, with short moments of rest in between. The angels' jobs are to protect the gateway, ultimately protecting the earth. Of course that doesn't always go as easily as planned.

    At the angel's base that is located at the gates between earth and the spiritual realm chaos is never far away. Attack after attack are sent against the gate to flood the earth with all that is evil. But even outside of the attacks chaos is never far from them. Then again, what do you expect when you put a lot of people in an area and add special abilities in the mix.

    This particular afternoon was just a day after the last attack. The angels up in the watchtowers had notified there might be a new wave ahead, but when it would strike, they weren't certain.
    Outside of the main base there were still a few random creatures that still roamed about, but those on their own were rarely considered worth the effort to send a whole army at.

    Knowing this Celestine walked on pins and needles, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice if she heard the alarm sound. During the last wave she had broken one of her main limiters, the one located at the base of her wings, so she now had to head over to the goldsmith.
    "Mortimer, I'm in need of your help." She said as she entered his shop. It was empty now, save for one stocky guy with arms twice the size of his wings. Puny little things they were, he never got a rank, but on the other hand, it was his blessing as well. Larger wings would only have taken him away from his greatest talent, which was making the finest golden limiters the spiritual world had to offer.
    "Heard you coming a mile away child, got just the things you need." Celestine's large amount of jewelry made her chime more than the bells at Christmas. "Broke a ring again?"
    Celestine shook her head. "Nope. Wing base this time."
    He nodded and got right to work.

    Down in the eastern side of the camp the young woman clad like a roman lady walked. She walked nearly silently, her wrap draped over her head. Though she was a Master, she rarely participated in the fighting. This last time was no different. She was always present at the fighting, watching from the sidelines, and flew those who needed it the most back to the infirmary.
    It's not that she couldn't fight, but there were always those needed to keep an eye out for the wounded. Those that partook in the healing wouldn't have time to go out and collect the damaged angels, so others shuttled that task.
    "Oracle! When will the next attack happen?" A young angel who had reached just three inches short in beating his fellow element to the novice stage asked out of the blue, bringing Elegacy back from her thoughts.
    "I am no fortuneteller, ill or good. Do not ask of this again." She said with a sharp tone. Being called an oracle was one thing, but rookies tended to want to believe that meant fortuneteller, which irked her even more.
    She quickly passed him and continued on till she came across one of the more familiar faces she had seen over the past time.
    "How do you fare?" She asked as she came closer. (Whoever wants to react)
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  2. [​IMG]

    "Odd little thing..." The small metal item gleamed with radiance in the angels hand. Jessabell hadn't the slightest clue what it could be, nor where it came from. It was small, about the size of a hummingbirds body, it had a metal casing, scratched, tattered and overall beaten up. The item intrigued her, more so then anything she had ever randomly come across before. The young angel had been in a field not to long ago. She had chosen to find a quite place, one where she could be with her thoughts and silence; to take a well deserved rest.
    She had in fact, intended to get a little shut eye before being awoken by the alert. Which she knew, eventually, would happen. What was the problem with a little sleep though? Jessabell pondered, walking aimlessly down the street. She was definitely an angel that stood out, not that many others didn't; she just had her 'tell tale signs'. She was tall, quite tall in fact, standing at the height of 6'3'. Her hair was long, black and layered, resting down to the small of her back, and always whipping around into her face thanks to the wind. She was slender but muscular, with a death punch to boot.
    She squinted her eyes in curiosity. What in the world is this thing? And why was it sitting behind a bush? Spinning the item thrice in her fingers, she sighed in defeat squeezing the small object into a balled up fist. She trailed along, completely oblivious to her surrounds before a familiar voice echoed through her ears. "How do you fare?"

    Jessabell looked up, and was greeted with the face of a comrade. "Oh Elegancy__" She paused as the image of the strange little object came into her mind again, perhaps... "I am at a loss if I am to be honest, I've come across a rather strange item and I cannot seem to figure out just what it is." She pushed her hand forward into Elegancy's view, opening her fist to reveal the small metal object that was perplexing the angel. "Maybe you know what it is, if you do, I would be very grateful. It has been on my mind since I found it and I would love to know what it is."
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  3. "Death," it was twirling, spinning around and around until the white horse beneath Death was a simple blur, "Good thing words have several different meanings." Zyph was studying at the moment, the deck of gold tarot cards fanned out in front of her so every picture, letter, and symbol was exposed to her eyes. She was on the streets at the moment--waiting and watching until the alarm sounded and Zyph would be called into action. But are the cards in my favor today? Her eyes locked onto a fellow angel, completely engrossed in an object between her fingers. Jessabell. Zyph wondered what she held and why her face was so scrunched in that perplexing manner. Of course, after waves and waves of attacks some angels lost their limiters and seals in battle, but the trinkets were never found. Zy wouldn't be surprised if another angel found them and mistook them for trash. "The High Priestess. What are you doing right here?" She picked up the thick card and brushed off any debris that had blow upon it's painted surface. Her eyes twinkled and then her features faltered and she simply slid the card back into it's place.

    Sufelos took a deep breath. The fresh air coming in through his lungs, pressing his diaphragm, and then pushing out. He was relaxed and pretty much exhausted from the last wave of Chaos, but his body was still sizzling with the adrenaline that the battle left behind. He was prepared for the next wave--even though the other angels couldn't really tell. He wiggled in his hammock, the one that swung idly between two trees in his backyard, and them he decided it was good to walk around as well. He swung his feet over the hammock and stretched his colorful wings until a few refreshing cracks could be heard. "Ah, perfect..." Sully relished in the cool daytime air and stood upright, too quickly though, too quickly, "Whoa..." He held his head and ran a hand through his short hair until he was sure he wouldn't fall flat on his face. Time to stretch. His feet carried him out his backyard and into the streets, continuing the journey down, down, until he was right beside his friend, Zyph. He was about to speak with her, but noticed how indebted she was to her cards. He's a patient man. He could wait.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Ari was at ease. Today, was one of those days that could manage to put even a cat in water at ease. The wind was blowing a warm current through, and Ari had taken the time to find a wonderful spot on top of a nearby market building. A quaint little area always filled with life. He had found himself nose deep in his book by high-noon, listening to the hustle and bustle bellow of different angels, and even occasionally peaking over the side of the roof to watch some.
    He shifted his weight so that his long, slender legs were dangling over the edge of the older building. Quite a funny site from bellow, since he had seen his sister do it many times when he was younger. Such a beautiful day...

    Ari pulled his face away from the middle of his book, his interest dawning somewhere else. Books were great, but not as great as people; at least in Ariel's opinion. He slowly leaned over the edge, unfurling his wings slowly behind his back and using them as a source for shade. Clearly, his memory wasn't serving him well as tiny droplets of water began to fall from his wings and onto the awning bellow; and lone behold it, a small table. Occupied by Zyph and Sully...oops. Ari strategically swung himself over the edge of the building, landing square on his two feet before turning to face the intriguing woman and oddly casual man. He stepped forward, bowing slightly, book underneath his arm and looking to Zyph for forgiveness. "Apologies Zy" he scratched his head with a sheepish grin, "I don't think I'll ever have the patience to deal with these blasted things..." Ari shuffled slightly on his feet, laughing internally; soon to become a plentiful exterior laugh, and smiled Zy's way, as well as Sullys'.
  5. "DIE ALREADY!" Keeyln screamed at one of the weaker chaos beasts. She'd been fighting one of the creatures left over from yesterday's battle for ten minutes now, without being able to kill it. Her hits weren't strong enough to do much damage, and she kept missing the creature due to her growing frustration. Keelyn flung several glowing fire balls towards the creature, and by some great luck one of them hit the creature right in the eye. Blinded, the creature stood still, giving Keelyn the opportunity to finish it off at last. "Take that, sucker!" Keelyn taunted, slicing what seemed to be the creatures throat with a scorching axe. The beast fell limp to the floor, making Keelyn beam in delight.

    Adwin had been overlooking the entire performance, trying to give out tips where necessary. There were a lot necessary. "Well done Kay," Adwin congratulated with enthusiasm, despite knowing that the great luck had been a breeze controlled by him, "Why don't you take a brief rest, then you can try attacking another one." Keelyn groaned at this suggestion. They'd practicing fighting small chaos creatures all day long, without relent. She knew her father was just trying to teach her how to fight properly, but it was so boring. "Come on, can't I have a proper break now?" Keelyn begged, with puppy-dog eyes, "Please daddy, you know you love me." Adwin exhaled, knowing that his daughter was just putting on an act to get her way. Unfortunately he also knew that it always worked on him. "Of course darling," Adwin replied, "I have to get a new limiter sorted out anyway." As soon as he'd said 'course', Keelyn had been running off. "Thanks my old man!" Keelyn called out over her shoulder. She sprinted towards the nearest cafe, where she sat down, and hurriedly ordered a latte. A warm breeze ran through her hair, and Keelyn took the opportunity to finally relax and enjoy the lovely day.

    Meanwhile Adwin was making his way to the goldsmith's. He swung open the door, bellowing "Good afternoon, Mortimer." Then Adwin caught sight of Celestine, and quickly added, "Hello to you too, Miss Celestine." Adwin strolled towards the middle of the room, trying to remember which of his limiters needed replacing.
  6. Looking at what the grand master held in her hand Elegacy lifted the drape slightly away from her face. Silently she observed it for a while, then shook her head.
    "Of its origin I am afraid I can not tell you in detail. Or who it belonged to." She let the drape flow back to its place it held before and looked up to meet the grander's face.
    "It appears to be a casing for something else, perhaps intended as an outer shell to a delicate limiter." It wouldn't be the first limiter to have a protective metal casing around it. Some of the seals just were too fragile to have exposed constantly. Silently she looked away towards the grand gardens. "That is all I can provide you." That was all she really knew about this object.
    "Come, won't you walk with me." Elegacy said, calmly making her way over to the magnificent patch of green that had been under the care of many earthen angels since the dawn of time.

    When the doors barged open Celestine looked over to see who was entering the workshop.
    "I'll be with ya in a moment!" The man's voice called in return of Adwin's entry.
    "Adwin, good afternoon." Celestine replied with a smile. She turned to face him, and as she did the ornaments hanging around her legs jingled and chimed like usual. "Broke something as well I presume?" She moved her shoulder, revealing a crack over the gold that covered her wing base. "Seriously, these things break way too easily." She complained.
    "But how are you and your daughter doing?" followed right after with a smile.
  7. Adwin heard the familiar tinkling sound of Celestine's various ornaments. Personally Adwin preferred silent decorations, but he had to admit the clinking sound suited her well, and without it Celestine just wouldn't completely be Celestine. As she turned her shoulder, Adwin saw a broken limiter on her wing base reveal itself. It had quite a nasty fracture, backing up her complaint about how easily they broke.

    Adwin looked back up to Celestine's smiling face, and replied, "Yes, I a broke a couple of limiters in the last battle, although I've forgotten which ones exactly." Adwin sighed, knowing that it was his age affecting his memory. Many angels didn't even make it to 40 years old, so by angel standards he was getting on a bit. But he felt like he had plenty of life left in him, so he wasn't going to let the thought of nearing death get him down. "We're doing great, thank-you," Adwin continued, "I've been trying to do some training with her however it doesn't seem to be her thing. She's been working hard though, so she's just gone running off to relax for a while. How about you then? How's life been treating you?"

    As he spoke he fidgeted a bit. It was a warm day, and it was even hotter in the goldsmith's. He wanted to flap his wings to cool himself down, or create a gust, but neither were good ideas inside the cramped room.
  8. Zy was so engrossed in her cards that the few droplets that covered the Fool's face had surprised her for a few moments. She blinked, picking up the card and wiping the water away upon her shirt. Her head turned to look up into the sky, but the water angel met her halfway instead and stood in front of her. "Oh..." It took a moment for her to register Ariel and then she giggled, "All is forgiven dear. I got these things waterproofed long ago because of this lug." She nodded towards Sully and suppressed a laugh as he gave her the look.

    He was a Grand Master water elemental, but that didn't mean Zyph didn't respect him. She was only playing in the end though. "Oh, relax. I am only yanking your wing Sully." She played with a feather upon Sullys' bright wings and then directed her attention back to Ariel, a polite smiling covering her face, "I think it just keeps you in tune with your element. It also makes your wings look quite glossy." Her lips pulled into a smirk as she placed the Fool back in his desired spot.

    She was now too into her cards to be social. Sully sighed, nodding his chin in Ariel's direction, "What are you reading? Anything of interest?" He tried to turn his head to look at the title, but was unable to make out the letters. The young angel always carried such good books and once or twice Sully has borrowed one of great thickness. Which reminded him! He needed to return on of Ariel's smaller novels. The Grand Master had actually finished a few weeks ago, but had kept it to read the ending a few more times in his hammock. "Remind me to return that mystery book I borrowed awhile ago Ari... I keep forgetting it." He scratched his head and gave the boy a leisure smile.
  9. Keelyn chugged down her latte as soon as it came, letting the liquid burn her throat. After throwing some change on the table to pay for her drink, Keelyn was soon up and out of the cafe again. She wanted to unwind, but here was not the place.

    Outside, Keelyn sized up a nearby building, then threw herself at it. She had scaled it in under a minute, giving her the perfect view of all areas within a kilometre. She settled down into a corner, scanning the streets for somebody to prank. There was Elagacy and Jessabell, but there was no way that Keelyn was going to mess with Jessabell again. Another possibility was Zyph, Sully, and Ariel, although considering two of them were the Master and Grand Master of Water, they'd probably dampen anything Keelyn sent their way. Keelyn concluded she'd have to wait a while before an opportunity presented itself. Her body slackened, getting comfortable in the confined space.
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  10. *Ian's main theme plays*

    "Well that's about it!" On the west side of the compound, Ian was busy at work in his home creating an alchemy lab on the outside of his home with some materials "borrowed" from Vassar. The young angel ran around his setup making sure everything was right. "Hmm..." he thought, "The transmutation circle's a little sloppy but that should be fine." he picks up Vassar's notes and turns to the page describing how to turn sword steel into fire enhanced steel. "Ok steel on the top circle, 30 grams of phosphorus, and 30 grams of sulfur..." Ian places the items in the order read but ends up spilling some in the middle. He shrugs, thinking that it wont affect anything. "Ok, now magic!" He puts his hand over the circle and starts to channel his shadow magic to it. The circle glows a pale blue and the items start to come to the middle, along with the spilled items. "And Vassar said i was horrible at alchemy."

    Meanwhile in his home, Vassar reads a grimoire of magic he wrote himself. While flipping thru pages, a loud explosion was heard on the side of his home. "Oh my..." he dreadfully sighed as he slowly rose from his chair. The arrived to the scene of the explosion so see that a large chunk of his lab space was now gone and a large hole took its place. Vassar looks thru the hole to see Ian standing in his yard holding one of his grimoires with one hand and scratching his head with the other.

    "Oy, Vassar" Ian said cheerfully.

    "For the love of all that is holy, stop destroying my house", Vassar yelled as he climbs thru the hole and walks to Ian.

    "I thought i was able to stabalize it. It looked like it was working"

    "I watched you grow to be a man, bestowed upon you the basics of Alchemy, and yet, you were able to destroy may lab as if it were target practice"

    "That was a pretty good shot," Ian said proudly as he smiled at him.

    "That isn't..." Vassar cut his words short. He looked around seeing some other angels that came to the scene. "Just fix my lab and return the equipment..." He takes a large sigh as he walks away.

    "Yes sir", Ian childishly shouted.

    *Ian's theme ends*
  11. When Celestine was younger she had tried her hardest to walk in such a way that the jewelry wouldn't make a single sound, like a cat trying to avoid their bell from giving away their location. Unfortunately due to the ridiculously rapidly fast growing wings and power, even the silent limiters ran out very fast. She learned to live with it though, made peace with it and all that. Okay, yes she wished she could go around as silently as most of the others, and how she dreamed of days where she could just rip every single one of these metallic pieces off of her, but everyone kept warning her that she was more likely to kill herself in the process than get a chance to slip by unheard.

    Just her luck. Oh well. "I'm guessing Mortimer would know which ones in a heartbeat." She said. Sure enough, one look and Mortimer knew exactly which of his handiwork had come undone.
    "Adwin, good fellow. Great to see you again. How's Keelyn, is she planning on getting a new limiter any time soon? Fire angels have a weakness after all." The man laughed. He always meant well, and intended most of what he said as lighthearted jokes even if they held a grain of truth. "No offense Celestine."
    "None taken."
    "Turn around child, I've got to get this fixed on to you. Then I'll get right to those trinkets of yours." He said to Adwin while Celestine turned around.
    A few clicks and shoves later the old broken wing jewel was gone, and replaced by a brand spanking new one. "All set."
    Celestine carefully moved her wing, creating a little chime like that of a tiny bell. Ah, just the way she was used to.
    "Thanks! I really owe you one." She said and looked at Adwin. Before she could even state that she was going to go, Mortimer was already bringing the small trinkets for Adwin. "I'm going to head out." With that she stepped out of the hot workshop. With how warm it was there it sometimes felt near impossible to think, even by her standards.
    "No problems dearie, and here you go, these ought to fit you just right." He handed them to the other Grand Master.
  12. [​IMG]

    Ariel had watched the quick conversation between the two angels before him with a smile on his face. He had forgotten for a moment that he wasn't the only one who had to deal with the constant torment of getting everything wet with his wings. "I'm sure that Sully has been in my same position before, right?" Ari gave a knowing, sarcastic smile towards the higher ranked of angels. He smiled, beaming at the kind compliment Zy had given him, "Oh thank you love! They've always been a plain annoyance to me, but I'm glad someone see's something pretty in these blasted things.." He ruffled his wings, closing them tightly against his back. Ari unfolded his arm to reveal the book underneath it, he shuffled it around in his hands a couple of times before handing it over to Sully for inspection. "Actually, currently, I am very caught up in this one..." He offered the book out to Sully "The White Woman, quite a mysterious book, it's very captivating if you can get a couple hours of peace and quiet." He laughed softly, watching the other man before remember that he had lent him a book quite a bit back. "Oh right, see...I was looking for that the other day, there's my memory again, failing as always." His eyes beamed a bright golden honey colour, "No worries Sull, you can bring it back whenever you're ready. I'm just glad I remember where it is now." He smiled and before long started laughing at himself for totally butchering the nickname of his superior and friend.


    She carefully watched as Elegancy took a look at the small metal ball in her hand. Such a curious little item. It seemed that Jessabell was much more enthralled in this little item then then she lead on. "A casing you say? That seems more probable then half the ideas I had running around in my head." She offered a smile before closing her fist; once more, around the small metal object. Her feet matched pace with the other angel, accompanying her for the walk. She could see they were headed for the gardens, one of Jessabells more favorite places to relax when time allowed. "I've always had the idea, that maybe one day; if any peace ever finds it's way to heavens gates; ranked angels would be granted the peace and time to garden, wouldn't that be lovely?" Jessabell twirled the item around in her hand, molding the solid metal out of need to move her body in some way. The question was more of a desire then anything, Jessabell had always desired enough peace and quiet to sit down for longer then an hour. "You can just smell the crisp scents of those beautiful lilacs.." She stopped in her steps for a moment, admiring the garden before the two. "Has everything been well for you lately? I've heard tell that there are quiet a few personal mishaps going on with other angels; I had hopped this bad luck had yet to reach you." She offered; as to close Jessabell would ever get, of a smile before continuing to walk through the gardens, admiring the quaint simplicity of the base they all called home.
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  13. Celestine's trinkets gave a soft jingle as she floated out of the door into the sunlight. "See you later, Celestine!" Adwin quickly called out as she left the building. For Adwin it was pleasing to see that she was still in good health after yesterday's battle. But after giving his farewells, Adwin turned back to Mortimer to get to the task at hand.

    In Mortimer's left hand was a thin, plain armlet, with three spirals at the clasp. In Mortimer's right hand was a 'winglet'- a piece of jewelry similar to a ring, but it instead it attatched to the top edge of your wing. After checking each arm, Adwin discovered he was missing one of five armlets on his left arm. Due to their firm grip they rarely clattered against each other, leaving Adwin silent as the night. Although they did leave some nasty red marks on his arm. Adwin carefully fastened the new armlet on, feeling his power become pushed back a little more. Even after all these years it was still an odd feeling, which sent a shiver down Adwin's spine, even in this weather. Next up was the winglet, which wouldn't be so easy. "Try not to hit me this time," Mortimer teased, referring to last time when Adwin needed a new winglet, where he had knocked Mortimer over due to an itchy wing. Thankfully this time the winglet was attached without trouble.

    "Many thanks, Mortimer," Adwin expressed, trying to turn his head back to look at the winglets on his wing. "You're welcome mate," Mortimer replied, heartily laughing at Adwin's failed attempts to look over his own feathery shoulder, "But you still need to check your anklets and all that." While Adwin bent over to check that he had five of each variety of limiter on both legs- Adwin always had his limiters in sets of five- he inquired, "Do you think I should bring Keelyn for new limiters then? I mean, I know how...wild... the fire elementals can be, and I don't want anything bad to happen to my little Kay. But her magic just doesn't seem strong enough to do any harm, to herself or anybody else." Adwin stood up, nodding his head to say there were none missing. "Why don't you just bring her in for a checkup?" Mortimer suggested, "There's no harm in that. Well, unless it's you of course." The two men chuckled for a moment, recalling the many accidents Adwin had caused, most involving his bulky wings.

    "I'll stop by with her soon then," Adwin concluded, walking towards the door, "I'll see you later. And thanks again for the new limiters!" Mortimer returned the gratitudes as Adwin left the goldsmith's. Once outside, Adwin could feel the sun's heat bearing down on him. Adwin had always been more susceptible to heat than most people, despite his cold element. While Adwin could create a breeze to cool himself, there was a much simpler method. Without any shame at all, Adwin tugged off his shirt, maneuvering it off his wings. Once off, Adwin tied his shirt around his waist leaving his chest bare to the elements.

    Concurrently, Kayleen had been watching surrounding events from the roof top. She spotted Celestine leaving the goldsmith's, who seemed to be dazzled by the sun. Kayleen decided that Celestine was the perfect target to prank today. So Kayleen began formulating plan that would allow her to escape quietly to avoid getting into trouble. Until Adwin stepped outside about a minute later. And took his shirt off. Which Kayleen observed in dismay. She'd told her father a million times before how embarrassing it was for her father to strip off his shirt in public, yet he continued to do it. "GET THAT THING BACK RIGHT ON NOW!" Kayleen howled from the rooftop, throwing subtly right out of the metaphorical window.
  14. Zyph giggled, "Oh many, many times dear. He is the whole reason why I waterproofed these cards. He was constantly ruining my decks." The brunette hit Sully's arm and he shook his head, the assault barely effecting him. She then flipped a few cards over, turning two so they faced the opposite way of the others. Her voice was calm and chirpy today. "I find pretty in all the elements. Besides, such manifestation in your wings is quite interesting. Wouldn't it be something if a fire type's wings did the same thing?" She shook her head, the image completely intriguing to her working mind.

    "The White Woman heh?" Sully took the book careful and proceeded to turn the pages in curiosity. It was thick and if Ari enjoyed it so much then it must be splendid! He would have to borrow this one as well. "I will return the novel I already possess after the next battle. I'll be hungry by then so I'll have to head home anyway," Sully handed the book back, laughing a bit at the shortened version of his already short nickname, "I forgot all about it as well A, though it was captivating."

    Across the way Zy could see Adwin, a Grand Master of Air, completely bare suddenly. One second he's out of the goldsmith and then the other he was stripping in the courtyard. She stifled a laugh and then hear the shouts of a young woman on one of the higher buildings. It seemed Adwin's daughter wasn't to pleased to see him so exposed. Zy smirked and watched the conversation in front of her instead.
  15. [​IMG]

    Ari gently closed his hands around the book once Sully had the moment to look through it. "The White Woman is one of my all time favorite mystery books. I think this is my 9th time reading it...and the ending still gets me." He smiled Sully's way, laughing out loud that the name butchering had been used in return, and loving it. Ari had always been free spirited and fun, never harsh, never rude, but easy going and a good person to have for company. This hair is getting unimaginably long... Ari ran a thin hand through his tatted fire-engine red hair, ruffling it around on his scalp attempting to give it some sort of volume before giving up entirely and setting his hand back down. "Zy, have those cards been giving you insane ideas?! Could you imagine if any fire angel, even unranked ones, walked around with burning wings? We wouldn't have a town anymore." He mused the possibility a couple of times in his head, scared of the mere thought. He looked over to Sully once more, "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've always had a bad habit with read the very last sentence before reading the book itself." He berated himself for being so silly, but internally he knew he'd never change. "So Z, what do the cards have in store for Ari today?" He giggled whole-heatedly before sitting down in front of the Earth Angel, smiling a bright flirtatious and sheepish smile.
  16. Adwin looked up to his daughter shouting at him from the top of a building. "Hey Keelyn," he called back to her, "Are you sure you should be up there? It doesn't look particularly safe..."
    "Never mind that!" Keelyn yelled, "What matters is that you can't keep taking your shirt off in public."
    "Sorry, I can't hear you darling," boomed Adwin, "One sec', I'll help you down." Keelyn widened her eyes realizing what her father intended to do. "No, no, no, NO!" Keelyn protested, "Don't you dare!' But it was no use. Adwin produced a mighty wind, which took hold of Keelyn, lifting her into the air. Despite Keelyn's kicking about, Adwin carefully controlled the wind so that Keelyn floated down onto the ground next to him.

    "Now, what was it you wanted darling?" Adwin queried, apparently oblivious to Keelyn's death stare. "Put. Your. Top. On. Now," Keelyn fumed.
    "But it's boiling today Kay, Adwin argued, "Anyway, what's wrong with exposing my chest a bit?" Adwin struck a pose to make his point, hands on hip and all. Which was the tipping for Kayleen.

    Aiming at a nearby acer tree, Keelyn roared in vexation, then set the tree ablaze. The tree was soobnreduced to ash, consumed by the mini inferno Keelyn had created. "I'm not related to you!" Keelyn exclaimed, stomping off.
    "I love you too!" Adwin cried out, as his daughter stormed away. "Definitely time for some new limiters," Adwin thought, glancing at the ash remainders of what had been a beautiful acer tree.
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  17. Silently Elegacy nodded as Jessabell when she spoke of how nice it would be if there was an actual peace. "True peace will not be found unless great sacrifices are made." She replied, being as vague and way off the logical path as usual. As the Grand Master stopped in her tracks the Light angel stopped as well a step further up, turning back to look at the woman. A soft smile played at the corners of her lips, her face soft and warm before she spoke. "Life gives none for me to complain about." Elegacy replied honest. She didn't have much to complain about. She didn't want much to complain about. Though it was true that the misinformation that young angels sometimes had irked her slightly. She didn't quite follow Jessabell's point about the bad luck, but she wasn't going to point out that she hadn't caught what she meant.
    "What is it that keeps your mind from resting Grand Master Jessabell Dane." She asked as she continued along side of the shadow angel.

    Outside Celestine had been absentminded, thinking of maybe going to train. Or get something to eat first. Yes, that probably was a better idea. Celestine always went to the cafeteria, diner, or whatever she happened to walk by. Not just because it was just as easy, but because with Celestine's cooking skills she was more likely to kill herself.
    Of course she suddenly was brought out of her train of thought when out of nowhere a shout came about keeping that thing on. What thing? She searched for the source of the shout, and sure enough, there was a particular fire angel sitting way up high, and remarks like that from that girl only meant one thing. Turning around Celestine's assumptions were confirmed. Adwin had indeed taken off his shirt, again.
    With a laugh Celestine facepalmed and shook her head. "I'm going to have to agree with your daughter." She called out to him in a joking tone. "Wouldn't want a horde of awestruck girls fawning over you." She stuck out her tongue and ruffled her feathers. What was it with him and going about shirtless? Not that she opposed to the view, because there definitely were worse things to see, but she could understand Kay's perspective. Shaking her head amused again Celestine turned and headed towards the diner.
  18. [​IMG]

    Jessabell's eery coloured eyes became downturn after only being asked a simple question. She was confused. Internally, she wasn't sure what was happening anymore. And she was getting tired and worried for the people around her, and even herself; regardless of the fact that she could care less if her life ended in the next second or in a few hundred years. She wasn't invincible, no angel was...not even the ancients. She sighed to herself, peaking her oceanic blue eyes back up at the glowing angel in front of her. "I.." She halted in her words, unsure if now was the proper time to confide in someone else. Jessabell had always been the secretive kind of girl, even as a child and younger woman; she would never lead others astray with lies, but she would never reveal true thoughts or motives. She had grown to find quite a liking in Elegancy; she was a caring, soft hearted angel who's only concerns seemed to be that of everyone else around her. Jessabell had always internally pleaded with herself that she could one day be like that, one day care for others around her instead of aimlessly kill whatever needed to be gone; without so much as the blink of an eye. "My mind hasn't been all that strong lately; controlling wise. I find it difficult to keep my powers back, regardless of the situation." Not the complete truth, but not a lie either. Jessabell shuffled her leg, causing the massive amounts of coins, stones and other trinkets to make noise. She reached a hand up to her ear, and softly ran her pointer finger over the large golden crucifix earring she always had in her single ear -the right one-. Lost in her own though, she slowly maneuvered her hand down to her wrist to check her bound bracelet, also containing a crucifix. She never walked around without this band, and tended to lace it in between the black fabric of her left arm. Both earring and bracelet her stronger limiters. She sighed to herself once more just before her ears picked up a faint screaming noise in the distance. Not one of need, but more so frustration. She turned herself from Elegancy's gaze only to notice a tiny figure on the top of some unidentifiable roofs. It was Keelyn, no surprise there.
  19. Walking around the base was a male with ash brown hair. He wore a dark long sleeve v necked shirt that was a dark navy blue almost black color and simple black jeans, yet his large white wings which were tainted in black looking like black splatters covered most of his body appearing to be more like a cloak. The male stayed quiet as other winged beings like him looked at him in surprise. His name was Lucian 'Klaus' Evans, master of the shadows yet not the 'grand master' of the shadows. An Anatolian shepherd followed behind him, a perfect posture of head up and tail curved up and he looked around.

    The male stopped and leaned his back on the wall. His arms were out of his wings that still looked like a cloak around him from a gap he made and a white flemish rabbit can be seen in his hands. The dog was a new pet he now owns since today however the rabbit was his main and first pet. Of all things for a muscular looking guy who looked like an asshole, a rabbit. Not a dog, not a snake, not a pet spider.... A rabbit as a first choice. He kissed the rabbits nose. Lucian figured since he didn't have a job to do he can just sit back and relax, so he took advantage of the free time slowly.
  20. Adwin glanced around, realizing that he and his daughter had managed to gain a fair bit of attention. Thankfully, nobody seemed to be very annoyed by the noise Adwin and Keelyn had created, in fact most people seemed to be amused by the dispute. Celestine even teased, "I'm going to have to agree with your daughter. Wouldn't want a horde of awestruck girls fawning over you," sticking her tongue out afterwards. As Celestine walked away shaking her head, Adwin replied mockingly, "You think I could earn a horde of awestruck girls? I'm touched." Smiling, Adwin walked into some nearby shade, which happened to be close by to Ariel, Zyph, and Sully. "It would seem the general consensus is that I should put my shirt back on..." Adwin sighed to himself, tugging his shirt back on now that he was in the shade.

    Elsewhere, Keelyn was kicking about on the streets. Her rage was passing away, but now she felt bored instead. It was too hot a day to be doing any exercise, which is what Keelyn normally did when she was bored- in Keelyn's opinion it was too hot to be doing anything at all. So Keelyn ambled towards a verge of grass, and flopped straight onto it, butt first. She landed with a soft thud, then layed back, shielding her eyes from the sun. "Why can't fire angels control the sun?" Keelyn wondered, "It's made of fire, so why not? We could make it less damn scorching."
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