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  1. The basics

    At the gateway between the earth and the spiritual world is a base. An almost military like base where angels fight to protect the earth. The angels govern over elements, each angel being part of one of the 6 types. There also are various ranks, depending on the size of the wings. Basically a military facility with winged people and magic.

    More detail

    The earth, and even the base where the angels live are constantly under attack, with short moments of rest in between. The angels' jobs are to protect the gateway, ultimately protecting the earth. Of course that doesn't always go as easily as planned.
    All angels here are born here. They are born as babies, lived here at the gate and will die, just like a normal human, only then with wings and powers. (So no one was first a human that died. Everyone is born an angel to angel parents)

    There are 6 (six) powers, elements. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Light, Shadow. The parents' element determines the element of the child. If a child is born from a mixed lineage the newborn will only poses one of the two elements, not both. (Example, fire+air=air, or fire)

    The way the ranking is made up is very simple. The larger the wingspan, the higher the rank. As an angel grows up their wingspan extends. Some stay fairly small, most are average, and never gaining a rank, but for some cases their wings finally stop growing when they are the broadest of all.
    There are five ranks for each element.
    Novice, Senior, Veteran, Master, Grand Master.
    All except for one rank can simple be reached by having a larger wingspan than the previous person. The only one that is different is that of the
    Grand Master. To become a Grand Master the wingspan has to exceed 7 meters. (The average is 6)
    It only happens rarely that someone reaches that length. It is so rare even that this is the second time in history that all 6 Grand Masters exist at the same time, the last time being in the time of the

    Oh, and the wings can have any color or gradient you want, though white of course is common.
    Most angels wear limiters of one kind or another, mostly to just lightly suppress their powers during normal days, for safety reasons, but sometimes more extreme measures need to be taken. They can be removed when need be, but some do break then. If that happens, just visit the gold smith(NPC), and it'll be good as new.

    All of the RP will take place on the Base, or well, in the foreseeable future at least. The Base is kind of like an entire city. There's the training fields, a cafeteria, restaurants, apartments, library, various entertainment outlets, a goldsmith's workshop, clothing shops, supermarkets (in case you want to make your own food instead), orphanage, green house, and probably a lot more, but my brain fried trying to think of it all. Surrounding the compound is a wall with high look out towers to scan the perimeter.
    Everyone was born and raised here, so it's likely your characters would know the others, especially those of the same rank or element.

    History Lesson

    The Ancients, as mentioned a moment ago, were the original angels.
    They are the first angels that ever existed and the origin of all other angels.
    Light and Shadow were the first two and they were mates. Together they created their first two 'children', the Ancients of Fire and Chaos. (yes, a seventh element, no this one can not be played)
    Chaos very quickly spun out of control, and became the origin of all evil forces that are attacking the base, earth, and everything else.
    Their other creation, Fire, wasn't very stable either. It had tendencies towards insanity. (This means, the stronger the fire angels, the more prone they are to becoming insane, or have their power spiraling out of control and potentially killing themselves in the process, which is why there has rarely ever been a Grand Master of Fire since the dawn of time)
    Learning from their errors, Light and Shadow created more balanced out elements, Earth, Water, and Air.

    Together they lived, breathed, multiplied. And so did Chaos.
    After a while Chaos became so strong and obsessed with destruction, that the only way to stop him was to seal him away.
    And so they did. The Ancients died in the process, becoming part of the layers of the seal holding Chaos under control.
    They gladly gave their life, in order to bring peace, but the offspring of Chaos lived.
    The offspring that roams the spirit world aren't strong normally (They multiply like crazy... and attack in huge numbers at once)
    However, as of late the forces of Chaos have become stronger. No one is quite certain why, they just know it is so.
    What they do not realize is that the children of Chaos have slowly been chipping away at the seal, in the hopes of releasing more of their Ancient's power.

    Back at the Gate, the Angels decided the Earth needed to be protected, so they built a fortress there, their society. For most of the time it was just routine, not a lot of variation, just a lot of repetitive defend/attack-rest-defend/attack-rest patterns over and over.
    The Gate can not be closed. It has to remain open at all times because severing the Spirit world from Earth would have a disastrous effect on the lives on Earth.
    Any Chaos creature that managed to get through the gate doesn't get followed though. Simply because tracking a spirit on Earth is near impossible. (like trying to find a needle in a haystack without a magnet)
    Everyone here at the base has been taught about the Ancients, what they did, and essentially who and why they are in this never ending war.

    All of the RP will take place on the Base, or well, in the foreseeable future at least. The Base is kind of like an entire city. There's the training fields, a cafeteria, restaurants, apartments, library, various entertainment outlets, a goldsmith's workshop, clothing shops, supermarkets (in case you want to make your own food instead), orphanage, green house, and probably a lot more, but my brain fried trying to think of it all. Surrounding the compound is a wall with high look out towers to scan the perimeter.


    When participating in this Roleplay we (Olissa and Ali) ask of you to:
    -Follow the rules set forth by this forum.
    -Post more than one line. Even with the occasional writers’ block, try and give your fellow roleplayers more to work with than one or two lines.
    -If you’ve hit a severe writers’ block, or will be away for some time, mention it to us so we know why you might not be posting.
    -Be aware of your grammar, spelling and overall if your post makes sense. We do not expect perfection, but do expect you to catch most of the errors.
    -Do not barge into something, unless it actually makes sense to do so
    -Do not decide what will happen to another person’s character(s).
    -Do not make it impossible for your character(s) to get a beating or to make mistakes. Mistakes and mishaps are part of the fun of being alive. Even angels make mistakes after all.
    -Make sure to check if the rank and element you want aren't already taken. We will deal in a first come-first serve basis. We will place a rank and element on reserve for a while, but not indefinitely. So check back on occasion if you're still planning on keeping that rank and element so we know we haven't lost you.
    -Try to avoid vanishing for a long period of time without mentioning it here, in OOC, or via PM to either one of us, Olissa or Ali.
    -Not use unnecessary abbreviations, or txt-style writing. (eg: W8! Thnx.)
    -Please write in third person, and in past tense only.
    -Be aware that we, Olissa and Ali, hold the right to adjust any of the rules set forth for this roleplay.
    -Have fun. Yes, that's a rule now :P Dun like it? Well… then we might have an issue >.>' ;)
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  2. Character sheet:

    Character Name:
    (Anything is allowed, but keep in mind it's a battlefield, means people will not likely die of old age, and 70 year olds are not likely to still have a rank.)
    (Make sure to check if the one you want isn't already taken.)
    Theme Music:
    (Is there a song or melody that fits your character well.)
    Voice Actor: (What does the character’s voice sound like? Look up a video or a name of a person.)
    Other: (List anything here that doesn’t fit the above sections. Such as weapons they own, talents they have, specific downsides or maintenance issues)

    Grand Master
    Character Name: Celestine Nova
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Biography link
    - Olissa
    Veteran - Reserved - Vio
    Character Name: Keelyn Conrad
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Biography link
    - Cassette

    Grand Master
    Character Name: Sufelos "Sully" Warmon
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Biography link
    - EMajyyks - TEMPORARILY AFK
    Character Name: Ariel Cardova
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Biography link
    - Ali
    Character Name: Uriel Eldris
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Biography link
    - AWayToTheDawn
    Character Name: Luna Blade
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Biography link
    - Sora Blade

    Grand Master -
    Character Name: Lysander Gray
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Biography link
    - Vio
    Character Name: Zyph "Zy" Bouvu
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Biography link
    - EMajyyks - TEMPORARILY AFK

    Grand Master
    Character Name: Adwin Conrad
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Biography link
    - Cassette
    Character Name: Percy Anemoi
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Biography link

    Grand Master
    Character Name: Taimira ?
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Biography link
    - Raitoningu
    Character Name: Elegacy Anatola
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Biography link
    - Olissa
    Character Name: Vassar Richmond
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Biography link
    - Reyyof1

    Grand Master
    Character Name: Jessabell Dane
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Biography link
    - Ali
    Master -
    Character Name: Lucian 'Klaus' Evans
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Biography Link
    - Noceur
    Character Name: Ian Howick
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Biography link
    - Reyyof1
    Character Name: Chi Enepsigos
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    [URL=']Biography link[/URL]
    - Cry

    These elements/powers require two elements to be combined in order to work.
    It's based on the principle of one controls the power, the other supports it in one way or another to make the sub power possible.

    Some combinations have a secondary sub-power (This list is currently a work in progress, and might change a little bit over the course of time. Any ideas or input is welcomed)

    Water + Earth = Poison (controlled by Water)
    Water + Air = Weather (controlled by Air)
    Water + Fire = Steam (controlled by Water)
    Water + Light = Illusion (controlled by Light)
    Water + Shadow = Healing (controlled by Shadow)
    Earth + Air = Sand (controlled by Earth)
    Earth + Fire = Lightning (controlled by Fire) / Magma (controlled by Earth)
    Earth + Light = Plants (controlled by Earth)
    Earth + Shadow = Metal (controlled by Earth)
    Air + Fire = Energy (chi) (controlled by Fire)
    Air + Light = Sound (controlled by Air)
    Air + Shadow = Shield (controlled by Shadow)
    Fire + Light = Invisible fire (controlled by Fire)
    Fire + Shadow = Ash (controlled by Shadow)
    Light + Shadow = Night vision (controlled by Light)

    Most elements can be enhanced by another element, but this isn't considered a separate power due to it not being necessary that the other element is present.
    Such as Water can manipulate Ice on their own. But Fire can enhance that performance by removing more heat from a situation, letting the ice grow more rapidly.
    And Air can create cyclones where Water or other elements throw in their power to create a cyclone (water tornado?), or fire tornado for example.
    As too many options are available here I won't list them all. Unless someone doesn't mind figuring out all of the possibilities.
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  3. Character Name: Uriel Eldris (yes I know Uriel is the name of an archangel in some religions.. but it was his original name when I came up with him so it stuck :P )

    Gender: Male
    Element: Water
    Rank: Veteran
    Appearance: Uriel often wears a long dark blue colored robe. His eyes are a shade of blue that almost seems to be a purple color. He has long blond hair, extending most of the way down his back that has long light blue streaks throughout it. His wings are mostly white with slightly blue tints in some of the feathers.

    History: Being the son of a water elemental mother and fire elemental father, Uriel was mostly raised by his mother. His father had always seemed disappointed in him simply because he wasn't a fire elemental like him, so he didn't get much attention from him as he was growing up. He was trained under his mother, but learned to manipulate ice as he advanced through this training and continued to delve more into it. Rising through the ranks to that of a Veteran, he's made his mother proud, but still unable to please his father and has given up trying.

    Theme Music:
    After days of searching for theme music, I can't find anything that I can solidly connect with Uriel. Yet. If I find a song that fits I'll be sure to post it here. Hopefully after the RP starts he'll be abit more defined in my head and I can find something for him :D

    Voice Actor:
    This may take awhile to find.. But similar to theme music, I'll post it when I find someone that I think matches him!

    Uriel typically likes to use his powers to control Ice more than normally using water. He carries a longsword that seems to almost emanate cold. He often uses it as another way to channel his water-based magic in combat. He's extremely curious of the human world, and the people there, that he and all angels fight to protect constantly.
  4. The name's fine :P
    In a different RP I have a reborn greek goddess that bares the last name Thantus as a reference to Thanatos and another RP with a water nymph who's name was Naida Mesi which means Water Nymph (Naida) Water (Mesi). So I have no qualms with interesting choices of names.

    As is he's good. If there's a few more characters made I'll add him to the second post by his element and rank :)
  5. Thanks! :D I've still gotta come up with an actual character for the air novice o.o lol
  6. I figured out that for every element the other elements can probably assist in one way or another, but they aren't actual sub-powers. If that makes sense

    The sub elements as listed in the second post refer to abilities that require two different elements for it to work.
    But aside from that there are also instances where two elements can work together, enhancing a power.

    For example Water can create ice on their own. But a Fire angel would be able to extract heat (to a certain extent) allowing the ice to grow faster or become harder than the Water angel would be able to do on their own.
    Steam can not be created without the presence of Fire, so that's why that one is separate.

    And when combining Air and Water you can control the weather, without either one of the two it's simply not possible to do that. However an Air angel would be able to create a tornado, a Water angel could fuel it with water, creating a different type of cyclone. (or a fire angel would be able to add their fire to the tornado, stuff like that)

    So aside from the sub elements that require two elements, there's also the option to just work together to create something that isn't considered a separate power/element.

    I do hope that made sense… >.>'
  7. That did make sense and it sounds sooooooo cool!
  8. Well, as long as it made sense to someone I guess it's okay XD
  9. They're good :)
    Just so you know, if someone wants Veteran of Shadow, the sister will lose her position.

    Oh right, another way to gain a rank is if the predecessor dies. So if a veteran dies, the Senior following up behind that will now be the new Veteran. This ensures there will always be 4 (four) ranks filled. Grand Master as mentioned requires a minimum length, so that one is the only different one.

    (This also means once a Master has large enough wings to become a Grand Master, all other ranks get boosted up one, and the largest non ranked angel becomes the Novice. Also, it has not (and can not) happen that two angels of the same element both exceed the minimum length for Grand Master.)
  10. [​IMG]

    "My suggestion to you, would be to find a cliff
    and walk off it."

    N a m e

    Jessabell Dane

    "J" - A name given to her by her mother at a young age. It is commonly used to address the angel during casual conversation.

    "Dane" - A more formal reorganization of her surname, used to address her formally, or during battle.

    "Jess" - A thoroughly annoying name most people automatically assume she likes to be called.

    A g e
    28 years
    Born January 19th 1986
    Capricorn ♑

    G e n d e r
    Female ♀

    E l e m e n t

    R a n k
    Grand Master Of Shadows


    A p p e a r a n c e
    Beautiful & Alone

    Jessebell stands in the vicinity of a 6 foot range. Tall, well endowed and toned; she was gifted much from her mother. Her hair -though cut many times- hangs down to her lower back, lacquered in a dark coal shade. Bright blue eyes adorn her face, giving light to her kindred spirit and kind heart which have seemed to vanish over her years on the base. Much like her small petite, never coloured lips which always seem to part just near the center. Her fingers are most always manicured, but never with a new style; the same consistent single black ring finger nail adorned with 2 small crystals as she leaves the other 8 fingers blank. She tends to dress herself in darker cloths, never any colours, never any shine. She likes to wear bands around her arms and legs, mostly for the purpose of holding weapons, papers or other small items she can shove under the tightly bound fabric. Her right arms' band doubles as the use of a whip, one which she channels her own energy and elemental affinity through, to create a deadly weapon. She often has her hair down, drifting past her shoulders and covering her chest and back. Rarely can it be seen up in a pony tail. Her feet are always dressed with thick black, lace up combat boots. One's with many buckles, chains and laces attached to them; all limiters. Jessabell tends to wear quite a few earrings, one or two necklaces and a large crucifix chain that dangles around her left wrist, most of these items are her limiters, some however are just for the fun feeling of jewlery.


    P e r s o n a l i t y
    Strong & Cold ✙

    As a child, Jessabell had a kind and frail heart. One which always looked out for the well-being of others before itself. This caused her turmoil, years of emotional strife and heartbreak. As a young girl, she could often be found running up to other people, striking up conversations about anything that peaked the interest of her mind, and often being listened to with deep interest. She would spread smiles and love to the people around her. However, when she turned 6, her father had decided to initiate her into training, forcing her to practice so that she; one day, could fend off the chaos. His demanding ways, beatings and screaming at her failures, turned her heart bitter towards him and everyone around her, say for Jessabells mother. The woman always seemed to keep that single spark lit in the young angels heart. Until the day she committed suicide. That day, Jessabell turned from the world. She turned from any relationship she had ever had, and let herself drift away from the pain of emotions. She could feel nothing anymore. Not the sting of her fathers hand or words, not the soft breeze that rushed through the air...nothing. Most days, she is a silent girl, no more then a straight line can be seen on her lips as well as dark murky blue eyes which once shone with such bright blue promise. She is now detached, and alone, she now has nothing. When angry, Jessabell will automatically become very vulgar, no matter how hard she tries, she finds that venting frustration through words releases much of the pent up feelings she never shows inside of her, and allows her to breathe clearly for the time being. She will become friendly around people she knows, but she is definitely never the one to "strike up" conversation, let alone continue it. If she needs a question answered, she will get straight to the point and move on; not so much to be rude, but because she has cut emotional ties with herself and the world around her.


    H i s t o r y

    Why Father?
    "You are the reason I stayed strong, mom.."

    Show Spoiler
    Jessabell was born into an overbearing family of two well-known; retired, shadow angels whom set unrealistically high expectations of the young angel. Her father, recently deceased due to un-solved reasons, was never as easy going as her mother. Always pushing the young angel to her limits. Training her to understand her position in life, always teaching her the "good" and "bad" of the world and how to protect what all angels were meant to protect. Unfortunately, Jessabell disagreed with her father and his teachings, causing a tear of relationship between the two. Eventually they had drifted so far apart from each other, nothing but "hello's" and "goodbyes" were exchanged during training.
    Jessabells' mother on the other hand was always adamant in scolding the young angels father for taking it to hard on her. Often, screaming and thrashing could be heard behind the closed doors of her parents bedroom. She understood her mother was standing up for her, and was eternally grateful, however she knew her father would not stand for disobedience. Jessabells mother knew this all to well, yet still took the beatings given to her in place for her husbands rage towards Jessabell. Many years of this routine were exercised in her household, in some ways, Jessabell just wanted to see her father leave, she wanted him to go away and never return in the hopes she and her mother could live a peaceful life together, one where war and destinies weren't expected, but she knew this was an unrealistic dream, she was eventually going to grow up, and have to protect what all angels would protect, using her gift of shadows. It was every angels destiny, whether she wanted it or not, to protect the earth from the Ancients mistake.
    Seven years of screaming, belittling and forcing Jessabell to train and hone her skills were not in vein. The young angel had learned much. She was a skilled fighter, however, seeing her mother in emotional pain whenever the two trained together was harder to bare then a hit from her father; which she received often for "not paying attention" or "getting it wrong". It was one day after a training session that Jessabell was fed up with her father, she had gotten up the courage to tell him to 'shove it' as she walked out of the building to head home and visit her mother. Happy that she hadn't been followed by her demanding father, she took the time to take in the breeze of fresh air and the scenery around her. She had made it home sooner then expected to find a terrifying site, one which crushed the young angel harder then any blow, cut, gash, or fatal wound could. Her mother was on the floor, coated in a crimson liquid; shallow breaths falling from her lips and a small steely looking knife lay in her parted hand.
    Years after loosing her mother had hardened Jessabell to an un-caring stone of no emotion. She no longer even to reacted to her fathers screaming. The death of his beloved wife hadn't registered even a blip on the mans emotional radar. Jessabell had tried to reason this reaction in her head, was it because he didn't want to show weakness in front of his daughter? Or was it because he was just that uncaring and cruel. Jessabell had lost the only person in her life whom ever supported her and stood up for her, against her wretch of a father. She had found her father gone one day. Before her training was intended to start. Relieved she had returned to their home, for she had yet to understand what had happened. Days passed, weeks, months, and years; but the man never returned. Jessabell was alone. Alone in this world, a world that was darkening her originally kind and kindred heart. It was her, and her alone in this world. What else could she do? But what she had learned her whole life.
    The young angel trained hard; alone. She had no teacher, no nagging voice in her ear and no pain of slaps every time she screwed up. But it wasn't nice, it was lonely. She missed the torment her father pushed onto her. It had hardened her heart, given her reason to destroy anything in her path with no shred of emotion, it was what made Jessabell, Jessabell. Years passed after her fathers disappearance, but it always sat in the back of her mind, she wasn't just about to let him leave without explanation. Her mind had drifted to the possibility of murder, she knew her father had enemies; even of his own kind, but, he was rarely anywhere else then training Jessabell. On Jessabells 20th birthday she had decided it was time to move on, time to forget the woes of her old life, but keep what she had learned.
    She found herself at the entrance to the base head tower, one where angels were accepted or declined to be recruited into "heavens army" of sorts. At least that's what she liked to call it. At first, she was ridiculed, looked down upon as a little girl. She was cold and distant towards these insults, none of them mattered to her, regardless of the insults; her ability and wings told the generals what she couldn't verbally, and she was willingly taken in. All that matter was the possibility of her getting into this army, the one meant to protect Earth, and the one thing that would please her father. Deep down she had always wanted his approval, as a child; however, she couldn’t see that, so she shunned the old man whenever the chance arose. But with his dying absence from her life, she strived to please him, strived to show him everything he had done for her wasn't a waste.

    You think you've got what it takes?
    "I'll do this for him...I can finish that much…"

    Show Spoiler
    Unbeknownst to her, years of grueling work was awaiting the angel. She had though after her childhood abuse, torment and training she could have a break, she thought just waltzing in and asking to be part of the army was all she needed to do. Dead. Wrong. There were drills, and a lot of them, there were breaks, but not many of them; Jessabell looked back to the longest break she had ever had which was 3 hours of sleep. That to her now-a-days was a luxury, one she didn't get often. She had debated many times leaving, and even once; after a harsh night of punishment and screaming, taking her own life. But she had promised herself that she would never succumb to the perpetual torment these people bestowed upon her, which although the saying sounds nice; really didn't seem to be so.
    She had attempted many times to control the element coursing through her, all in vein sadly enough. Over the years of practice, she had developed some pretty lethal skills, but the most lethal skill of all was her element in itself, one which she could not control.
    Jessabell quickly learned that these abilities weren't things to be trifled with. It was a demanding element, one which she had a hard time controlling in her younger years, and one that she would most likely never fully control, one which always hit her back with 10 times the force she had outted it with. It reminded her...of...something, something which had long drifted from her mind. She had come across other angels training with her, however Jessabell had always kept her distance, not knowing for sure if she was ready to control or even use this magic around another. Constantly ridiculed by the officers of this base, she found herself pull away from the group training and even practice outing's. She would stay back, and beat on a training dummy, watching as her arms fluidly moved with grace yet ended with an earth shattering punch. She was grateful for the strength and dexterity, as well as flexibility all her fathers training had given her. Regardless of the alone time she spent, she did often venture out onto the "battlefield" to assist in slaughter of the Chaos. Her personal training had aided her well, her wings had grown to the beautiful length of 7 meters at this point, and it was only later that month when they had hit 8.6 meters; she was told of her new rank on the base and of what an "amazing feat" this was to have wings exceed 6 meters, if anything 7!
    The more she trained, the more she understood about the respect Shadow demanded from it's link. It was a harsh element, not forgiving and easily misused, it had given her a run for her money one day during practice. She had been outside under the blazing sun, sweating and beating the hell out of a worn down training dummy when something soft caressed her ear. She had swung around so suddenly to see what who or what was there and how hard she could punch them without killing them, only to be met with the openness of the training grounds. Confused out of her mind, she returned to punching the dummy, in the hopes to completely detach herself from everything around her. But that was when she felt it again, only this time, the soft touch was accompanied by a voice, one of very odd origin to her. It had no distinct male or female attributes and seemed to flow like water through her brain. There were many whispers and shouts, all dubbed out by the strong prominent voice speaking to her. The language was a tongue she had never heard before. Just as it came, it left, leaving Jessabell with a very insecure feeling. She could tell the element inside her was stirring, wanting to jump loose and unleash what it had on the closet target. She was more sure now, then ever before, harnessing this element wouldn't be possible, regardless of what she had tried and would eventually.

    Jessabell? What a dumb name.
    "There are days I wish I could rip his head off.."

    Show Spoiler
    Jessabell had been summoned to the general's office. She had debated ignoring the request for her presence, seeing as she had all the rights on this base to decline it, but a little humor was currently needed in her life. Jessabell was normally emotionless, it was the way she liked it, and it seemed to please those around her. They had heard of her childhood, and she was almost 100% sure none of them would have preferred her a as a grovelling mess of tears and sadness. It was best for her, and everyone around her. She had entered the office only to see the one person she had avoided since her admittance into the army. "No." Was her imminent answer, which was only answered with the stinkiest-stink eye the general could muster. She had given up at that point. No reason to argue when she knew she didn’t have the energy to win. Recently there had been talk about giving "Dane" a partner, Dane being her last name; so therefor, Dane being her. She hadn't wanted a partner, she didn't trust herself with a partner, and this man they had paired her up with seemed to be on the same wave length.
    Jay was his name. Come to think of it, Jessabell didn't know his last name, or know if he actually had one. He was a tall man, about 2 inches taller then Jessabell herself. She had hated him the minute she saw him, but her loathing grew stronger during a group exercise about four months back. She had been called to the front to demonstrate a blocking technique, used to deter anything coming towards you at a sprint. Her technique was almost flawless, say for the shiver that ran up her spine, causing her to fall to the floor and attempt to catch her breath. That dam element was always causing her difficulties. She knew she had looked weak in front of everyone, even though they knew of her rank and position, it hurt her ego to let her element get to her like that. On her knees, she saw Jay walk up to the front of the group and perfectly --absolutely perfectly-- demonstrate what Jessabell could have if she hadn't lost hold on the barrier keeping her element at bay. Fucking fire angels...such perfectionists.

    You're not alone
    "'re Jessabell, right?"
    "There are so many days I wish I wasn't…"

    Show Spoiler
    Jessabell had been asked to return to her bunk for the day. A rather bleak room, shared with another who had yet to join the army. She was happy about this, but the every doubting feeling of loneliness once again sunk into her skin, poisoning her mind. Drowning in her memories seemed to be the only escape from training and killing these days. Over the years, regardless of her emotional detachment, she had been one of the few to grow into her powers well, however on the inside, they still scared her more then she would happily admit. She had proven herself a force not to be reckoned with the day she made rank as Grand Master. Even Jay had backed off, which was a very nice feeling in her mind. She had proved herself to be fast, powerful, flexible, dexterous, and a pretty fair flyer if she did say so herself. Her wings had always been different from those around her...pure black, like the night. No coloured tips, not even a shred of white. A healthy (in her case) 5 hours of sleep left her refreshed. Jessabell did hold back in practice, quite a lot. Mostly because she never wanted to end up hurting anyone. Today was the woman's 28th birthday. She had no plans, no friends, and no need to celebrate. A knock on the door jolted her from her wallowing. She opened it to find a younger looking angel, bags slung over her back and a nervous but kind smile on her face. "'re Jessabell, right?" Jessabell stood there shell-shocked, she had never expected a room mate, however, she was lucky to get off scott free without one for such a long time. "There are so many days I wish I wasn't…" replied the annoyed angel. A couple of months had passed since her new room mate. This angel went by the name Estelle, she was sweet, kind, and different from the rest. It was soon that Jessabell found herself accepting and liking this girl. She was a good spirit, a nice person, and wonderful friend. Estelle was connected to fire, she had seemed to understand her element and know it's limits before testing herself at the base. Lucky her. Jessabell had been able to relate to the young angel, for she too--was afraid of her element. Fire being ferocious, alive and scary. Easy to loose control of and hard to understand. For once in her life, Jessabell didn't feel alone.


    O t h e r

    Find yourself another friend
    Due to Jessabells past, she as found detachment; a comforting friend. One that holds her when no one else will.
    It strengthens her in the way; she doesn't have to worry about hurting anyone she's connected to. It would be easy for Jessabell to look someone she didn't know in the eye, and run them through, no hesitation. Once she starts to
    develop feelings towards another, it's bound to roll
    down hill like a train off-rails.
    It's like a big, scary hug
    Jessabell has always found darkness to be a big part of her life. Regardless of being an angel, the friendly feeling
    has always decided to swallow her whole and keep her in it's binds for days on end, not wanting to relish the body she possesses. Quite often. rather then not, Jessabell will sit in a dark room, alone, and think on her past.
    Darkness also fuels her element. Shadows thrive in the dark,
    and in extension, so does she.

    Everything is easier without another
    Being alone is easier when you constantly feel like you're the only person who can hurt another. That is
    the feeling that Jessabell has, daily. She is worried for the few who have found their way into her decrepid heart. She scares herself, and her element scares her. Being alone gives Jessabell the room to think on her own, and
    not to develop close knit relationships with people. This way... she won't hurt
    the ones she cares for.

    The Night
    Stars don't deserve it's grace
    Jessabell has always found a kind heart -something she has not possessed for years- in the night. The dark colour never
    invaded her eyes like the day and never questioned her choices. She feels at home during night, more energetic, more alive, and more connected to her element then ever. Jessabell can be found doing everything from the dip of dusk to
    the rise of dawn, once the sun is out she retreats to her room
    unless needed outside for something

    Not what I expected
    Jessabell has been concerned with the future of
    her own health and everyone else around her. However, Shadows are strong; or so she has come to realize. They aid the angel in many endeavors, proving that they indeed did not pick the wrong person. In times of need Jessabell has accessed the raw ferocity and sheer terror of such
    a dark element. She had been heeding warning about the element
    throughout her life, but it always seems
    to aid her in the end.

    ♢ Weaknesses ♢


    It's almost like I'm a vampire...
    Sunlight isn't so much a weakness, rather then an annoyance towards Jessabell. Whenever the bright rays of sun peak out from
    behind the clouds, you can always find her running towards some form of shelter, whether it be an awning or just inside in general. Sunlight, though nice and warm tends to put a temporary block on Jessabells powers;
    shadows don't thrive well in the light.

    Some people are just crazy; bi-polar

    Emotions are for weak people. That has always been Jessabells' motto. They only slowed her down, so why would she need them?
    Happiness, Sadness, Fright, Anger, Embarrassment; not needed. But every person, whether human, angel, demon, or anything of the sort, feels emotions once in their life, and at un-expected, un-needed times. Emotions cause Jessabell to freeze up, and delve deep into her past.
    It is why she will always refrain from thinking to hard about her past, speaking to someone about her past, or feeling
    emotions 'on the outside' in general.

    The Past
    I wouldn't go there.
    Jessabells' past isn't one she likes to fondly remember. The only good times of her past were with her mother, however,
    her mothers life was cut short by a selfish decision. Jessabell cannot control emotions when they fall across her, so bringing up her past will unleash a whirl wind of pent up aggression and basic insanity. Any normal person would not want to be within a football
    fields vicinity of Jessabell when speaking to
    her about her past.

    Does this look easy?
    Jessabells element is a gift and a burden all in one. It helps her in times of need, yet frightens her to her
    very core when she does use it. The gift itself is powerful, there's no doubt there, however; it's more difficult to control then emotions of a teenage girl. Using her element creates a weak mental state for the
    angel, it drives her to madness often,
    yet offers her unyielding
    power in return.


    A b i l i t i e s

    Shadow Whip
    A very useful weapon in this angels case. Jessabell always has a thick whip wrapped around her upper right arm. She is able to infuse tendrils of shadow down the material object, enhancing it's strength, cutting power and speed. When used properly, it is quite a deadly weapon that could EASILY decapitate a victim at long, or even close range.

    To be able to hide is plain sight is a fun ability indeed. Jessabell has the ability and control to shroud herself in a cloak of shadows, turning very near invisible in dark places. This gives her the advantage during nighttime to easily sneak up behind her prey and end it once and for all.

    Streaming Darkness
    A technique called "streaming shadows" is basically what it sounds like. Jessabell has learned to manifest shadow as an element, into streams of the pure element itself. These "tendrils" can cause devastation even with a light blow. Easily used to snake through certain passages or break through the middle of a stone building, her ability to stream shadows is quite a handy ability indeed.

    Clouding is used when a distraction is needed. Jessabell can easily send out a ton of dark, thick shadows to cloud her enemies vision and disorient them from their current whereabouts. Quite a handy skill in escape or sneak attacks.

    This rare psionic ability allows a shadow angel to create, manipulate, and materialize shadows/darkness. Early forms of this power are simple, but extremely useful. Further abilities allow the person to become shadows themselves, swift and unseen. As Jessabell continued to hone her mental skills, she soon found that they could create dark matter.

    This ability is much more morbid then the rest, however in the end it gets the job done. Jessabell can send tendrils of shadow towards her enemies, and suffocate them with overwhelming thick shadows. This is where emotion would cloud the young angel, if she had any left.

    Another one of Jessabells favorites. This ability she developed on complete and total accident. She had lost control once, falling into the darkness of her element. She began screaming, freaking out and crying; unleashing years of emotions, only to find out that once she had stopped and calmed down, her body had created devastation to the building around her, she had released only a small bit of her power from herself and watched in horror and awe as she had destroyed something so grand in front of her. This ability takes a toll on the angel and can be used no more then twice during the vicinity of 5 hours, however, it is incredibly effective in clearing long ranges of enemies or perhaps...destroying a building.

    Years of grueling training; curtsey of Jessabells father, has hardened the young woman. Thanks to this painful yet effective treatment, she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to strength. When bored, she can be found punching it out on the training grounds.

    During her down time as a child, Jessabell practiced something earth called "gymnastics", which, as they observed, was girls and boys tumbling around, stretching their bodies and preforming amazing flips and twists in the air. Jessabell had been immediately attracted and had asked her mother to help her. Eventually -before her mothers departing- she had almost nearly mastered most aspects of "gymnastics".

    Hand to Hand combat
    Part of her fathers training was hand to hand combat. The way she was taught her lesson? Lots of punches, scratches and slaps. They hardened the angel, but broke her at the same time. Thanks to the abuse which she now understood was her father watching out for her future; she can easily take anyone on in a close up fist fight.

    Skilled with long range weapons
    Jessabell prefers long ranged weapons to short ranged ones. She finds comfort and more of an ease with being able to hit something from a further distance. Though, she can use up-close weapons, you will find her much more deadly from a distance.


    W e a p o n s

    10 Meters | Midnight Black | Serrated Edge

    ◖Small Daggers◗
    Titanium | Easily Concealable | Hook Handles

    Element Affinity | Dangerous | Uncontrollable


    W i n g s p a n
    8.6 Meters
    Midnight Black | Thick | Sharp


    M i s c .
    Jessabells Main Theme
    Cristofori's Dream

    ▣Why Father?▣
    Cocaine - Nomy
    I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

    ▣You think you've got what it takes?▣
    Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
    ▣You're not alone▣
    Painkiller - Three Days Grace
    Jessabells Voice
    Laura Bailey

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  11. Angels are born to an element, they don't grown an affinity towards one of the sides over time or have a glimmer of some other element gleaming in the past. One of her parents or both have to be a Shadow Angel.she would have had it, and be able to use it since birth. It's like being an African American. You don't just become one after a few years, you're born as one right from the get go. Now how you deal with that depends on the surroundings and the way you're raised. Makes sense?

    Also, minor major thingy, as her wings grow, she'll gain ranks, which give authority. Which means whether or not she, or the others of the Shadow element like it, she is their leader. That means both on and off the field people don't bark orders at her, she is in charge of what happens. If she however fails to take up that responsibility, the Master takes over as a back up (vice-president essentially)

    In terms of her abilities that you listed there are two things that can't be done.

    The appearance shifting is not part of what Shadow angels are capable of, as it leans towards Illusion, which is a combined art of water and light.
    While creating illusions of different appearances isn't part of her element, she would however be able to cover herself in shadows, making her essentially invisible in darker areas.

    The Wail is essentially Sound magic, which is a combined element as well. (Still debating on whether I should switch Sound and Shield around on the sub element list)
    That when she loses control over her emotions and she screams, letting her shadow power run rampant of course is a valiant force to be reckoned with, but it isn't a power of sound, it's a rampaging Shadow element. That in and of itself of course can be used if she hones it like she would have otherwise done with the wail.

    Over all I like her, a lot. Just those things don't quite match up with the basic line. And it may seem like a lot that I'm pointing out sorry about that, it's just you were very thorough in listing everything, which it makes me feel like I'm almost picking on you even though I definitely don't want to do that as I like the character.
    If you could somehow incorporate and/or adjust the things I just said, she would be a perfect match.
  12. Character Name: Taimira
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Element: Light
    Rank: Grandmaster
    (the wings are grand-master size)
    History: (
    majority of it to be revealed.)(I only want people to know enough for her to have a reputation)
    It was obvious that Taimira was going to be a grand master from a very young age. By 5, her wings were 33% bigger than most of her peers, and her talents equalled them. However, given that she had free will, she decided that she had much better things to do than to help with the protection of a realm she'd never even been to. As far as she knows, it's just a children's tale used to guide the morals of younglings. That doesn't mean that she doesn't participate in mindless massacres of chaos though. She is rebellious, and does her own thing as she likes. It is only on very rare occasions that she will actually cooperate with the rest of the angels. She also refuses to wear anything that would limit her abilities, and given her destructive nature, many lesser angels dread even stepping before her.
    Theme Music: (I know very little music. I suppose Midna's Theme might fit relatively well.)
    Voice Actor: uumm... i've never imagined a voice before. something like Cersei Lannister I think.

    The abilities Taimira is most potent in seem to reflect her personality, and despite her element, have the destructive nature of perhaps even chaos. She can bend light to her will, able to create false shadows, and given a set of mirrors, she could probably create the illusions found in an earthling "magician's" arsenal. While she is able to do such things, she still prefers the simplicity of incineration she makes using celestial energy. She can summon several things out of a substance known as "debtor's quartz", which is effectively crystallised light. Her sword is made of such.
    Natural Talents:
    Taimira is somewhat talented at the art of deceit, and in the rare occasions that she actually does something for a purpose higher than her own, it will be done so by manipulating others. She seems to be a master of swordplay, though she'd be much worse if she wasn't able to blind enemies with a flash of light first. She is rather artistic, and spends quite a lot of the short lengths of free time she gets sculpting.
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  13. Oh I definitely don't think you're picking on me silly <3 Actually I'm totally glad that you put the time in to read through it all and let me know what makes sense and doesn't c: I'll fix it up so it all makes sense ^.^ Glad you like her :D! Also quick question, every element has a different leader Grand Master; so if a Grand Master of another element was talking to say...a senior of Earth, is there automatic leadership there? Or do they have to be of the same element to listen to the other?
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  14. I'm always bad at creating detailed character sheets x.x Seeing everyone else's makes me just feel lazy x.x haha but I like your characters though @APerfectVice @Raitoningu and @EMajyyks !! :3
  15. @AWayToTheDawn Thank you! <3 I'm going to fix some of it later.
  16. I know how you feel (I'm just composing mine right now). It took me an entire bus journey (bus journeys being a great measure of time) to read @APerfectVice 's! It's wonderful, but scarily long.
  17. there.. think i've finished. Probably forgotten something though.
  18. I love seeing people's ideas that detailed though! But I can't do that on a character sheet :P I'm not the best at detailing things like that though :P
  19. @Cassette Ahahahah sorrryyy <3 I have a problem when it comes to detailing things. And stationary, you should see the amount of post-its I've got X'D
    Soo off topic x3 and ty :D!
    @AWayToTheDawn I bet you could go into detail if you wanted :o I was sitting at my laptop for 6 hours writing that so it's just time you need to sacrifice xD Lots and lots of time lol.
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