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  1. The basics

    At the gateway between the earth and the spiritual world is a base. An almost military like base where angels fight to protect the earth. The angels govern over elements, each angel being part of one of the 6 types. There also are various ranks, depending on the size of the wings. Basically a military facility with winged people and magic.

    More detail

    The earth, and even the base where the angels live are constantly under attack, with short moments of rest in between. The angels' jobs are to protect the gateway, ultimately protecting the earth. Of course that doesn't always go as easily as planned.
    All angels here are born here. They are born as babies, lived here at the gate and will die, just like a normal human, only then with wings and powers. (So no one was first a human that died. Everyone is born an angel to angel parents)

    There are 6 (six) powers, elements. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Light, Shadow. The parents' element determines the element of the child. If a child is born from a mixed lineage the newborn will only poses one of the two elements, not both. (Example, fire+air=air, or fire)

    The way the ranking is made up is very simple. The larger the wingspan, the higher the rank. As an angel grows up their wingspan extends. Some stay fairly small, most are average, and never gaining a rank, but for some cases their wings finally stop growing when they are the broadest of all.
    There are five ranks for each element.
    Novice, Senior, Veteran, Master, Grand Master.
    All except for one rank can simple be reached by having a larger wingspan than the previous person. The only one that is different is that of the
    Grand Master. To become a Grand Master the wingspan has to exceed 7 meters. (The average is 6)
    It only happens rarely that someone reaches that length. It is so rare even that this is the second time in history that all 6 Grand Masters exist at the same time, the last time being in the time of the

    Oh, and the wings can have any color or gradient you want, though white of course is common.

    The Ancients, as mentioned a moment ago, were the original angels. From them all other angels came forth, as well as the greatest force of evil. Everyone has been taught about them in history lessons.

    Most angels wear limiters of one kind or another, mostly to just lightly suppress their powers during normal days, for safety reasons, but sometimes more extreme measures need to be taken. They can be removed when need be, but some do break then. If that happens, just visit the gold smith(NPC), and it'll be good as new.

    Everyone lives at the base, so it's likely your characters would know the others, especially those of the same rank or element.
    There can only be one of each rank per element, so max of 6 masters, 6 novices, etc. the ranks only make a difference during a military situation, when they have to defend the gate.
    No claiming of multiple of the same rank by the same player to keep things diverse.
    Multiple characters are allowed (just not of the same rank)

    (Dibs on Grand Master of Fire and Master of Light of we do this)

    Any questions?
    Or elaborations needed? A history lesson (about the Ancients, how this world came to be)? Or layout of the perimeter?
    So, is anyone interested?
  2. I'm interested! I may have a character in mind, too....yay!
  3. Yay! Happy to see you interested in this :)
    Is there anything you might want clarification or elaboration on?
  4. I don't think so. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants anyway xD
  5. Haha lol I guess I can understand that
  6. This sounds, really, really, fun x3
    Count me in!

    {{Dibs on Water Master and/or Shadow Grand Master :O! Pretty please x3}}
    Couple of quick questions:

    1.How does a novice angel grow from a novice and expand their wings without sounding or rp'ing like an attention wh*re :o?
    2. What exactly are we protecting the earth and base from :O This GREAT EVIL sounds super intriguing. Hence why I totally want to play the shadow master x3

    SUPER EXCITEDDD :O! Sounds so fun <3

    Oh also! I'll take a quick history lesson so I can create a better character :3
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  7. Alright, first things first, yes sure, go right ahead and claim those two :)

    As for how a novice would grow into the next level (I take it that's your question?) It's by simply growing longer wings. Once a wingspan exceeds someone else's, you(the character) gains that position.Example

    Angel A has a 5meter wingspan, Angel B has a 5.1meter wingspan.
    Angel A is a Novice, Angel B is a Senior.Angel A's wings are still growing, so they pass a length of 5.2meter at some point, making their wingspan larger than Angel B's.
    Angel A becomes the Senior, Angel B is now the Novice.

    Not sure if that's what your question meant however. If you mean like having an angel grow from a lower level to a higher level during the actual roleplay, it's possible, but you'd have to (temporarily) claim two spots because it would be kind of mean to have someone make a Master only to be thrown off their spot some time later without their consent. Does that make sense?

    The earth is under constant attack. We here would basically call them evil spirits. They're intent on throwing chaos into the mix and live off of the negative effects.
    If a dark creature like that were to pass by the gate and into the earth, well... bad stuff happens. So the angels try to prevent that from happening. It unfortunately doesn't always work, and occasional creatures do slip through (creating earth's wars, weird religions that require human sacrifices, economic imbalance, etc.)

    I'll write up a post in a moment about the entire history explaining that a bit further. That's kinda the gist of it.
  8. Yeah :D That's what I was asking, makes more sense now.
    YAY! I'M SO HAPPY NOW hehe, I was freaking out for a second; earlier, thinking those spots would be taken, but I'm so glad they weren't.

    Just to clarify, once you have chosen your angels rank, that is it? Right? Just making sure I've got that straight ^.^

    Very cool plot line, I'm curious to know how you came up with it :O

    Looking forward to it! :D!
  9. History Lesson

    I mentioned the Ancients in my opening post.
    They are the first angels that ever existed and the origin of all other angels.
    Light and Shadow were the first two and they were mates. Together they created their first two 'children', the Ancients of Fire and Chaos. (yes, a seventh element, no this one can not be played)
    Chaos very quickly spun out of control, and became the origin of all evil forces that are attacking the base, earth, and everything else.
    Their other creation, Fire, wasn't very stable either. It had tendencies towards insanity. (This means, the stronger the fire angels, the more prone they are to becoming insane, or have their power spiraling out of control and potentially killing themselves in the process, which is why there has rarely ever been a Grand Master of Fire since the dawn of time)
    Learning from their errors, Light and Shadow created more balanced out elements, Earth, Water, and Air.

    Together they lived, breathed, multiplied. And so did Chaos.
    After a while Chaos became so strong and obsessed with destruction, that the only way to stop him was to seal him away.
    And so they did. The Ancients died in the process, becoming part of the layers of the seal holding Chaos under control.
    They gladly gave their life, in order to bring peace, but the offspring of Chaos lived.

    The offspring that roams the spirit world aren't strong normally (They multiply like crazy... and attack in huge numbers at once)
    However, as of late the forces of Chaos have become stronger. No one is quite certain why, they just know it is so.
    What they do not realize is that the children of Chaos have slowly been chipping away at the seal, in the hopes of releasing more of their Ancient's power.

    Back at the Gate, the Angels decided the Earth needed to be protected, so they built a fortress there, their society. For most of the time it was just routine, not a lot of variation, just a lot of
    repetitive defend/attack-rest-defend/attack-rest patterns over and over.
    The Gate can not be closed. It has to remain open at all times because severing the Spirit world from Earth would have a
    disastrous effect on the lives on Earth.
    Any Chaos creature that managed to get through the gate doesn't get followed though. Simply because tracking a spirit on Earth is near impossible.
    (like trying to find a needle in a haystack without a magnet)

    All of the RP will take place on the Base, or well, in the foreseeable future at least. The Base is kind of like an entire city. There's the training fields, a cafeteria, restaurants, apartments, library, various entertainment outlets, a goldsmith's workshop, clothing shops, supermarkets (in case you want to make your own food instead), orphanage, green house, and probably a lot more, but my brain fried trying to think of it all. Surrounding the compound is a wall with high look out towers to scan the perimeter.

    I was working on an image that would look like stained glass, depicting the creation of the Ancients, but I'll have to find it again, even though it's only half finished.
    As for how I got the idea, well, I once participated in a roleplay about angels that possessed elemental magic. But the base of the story was quite different, protecting artifacts and something else but I forgot most of that storyline. The elemental part stuck with me long after the RP died, so I spun my own creation story around it and built it up from there.

    And yes, once you figure out your rank, it is easier to remain that rank. Leveling up one is okay, if the spot is open, just going through all the ranks takes a lot of time as wings don't grow huge in one day ;)
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  10. That's it, I'm hooked. There's no turning back now!
    Sorry for all the questions by the way haha, I'm that kind of person who likes to know every little detail about something in order to make it better for others as well as myself.

    So since all the ancients have died, are there only one LIGHT and one SHADOW angel left? Or do they still reproduce? I was a little lost at that part seeing as they were the first? According to the history :)
    As for Chaos, I take it he's an NPC that you'll write a story for, right ^.^?

    Super excited now! (Not that I wasn't before, it's just multiplied hehe)
    Thanks for the history! ♥
  11. Light and Shadow both created angels as well, so there's plenty of every type of angel. Shadow and Light, being Ancients as well, gave their lives too with the sealing away.
    I for example will be playing a Master of Light, but there are other ranks to be filled too, (as well and NPC angels that never gained a rank)

    And yes, all of the chaos creatures are NPC's.

    It's perfectly justified to have tons of questions, it what defines finding the good ideas between the ones that are less appealing. And what is or isn't interesting varies per person. So I don't mind it at all, these questions might help another person on board :)
  12. Oooo okay so...okay X'D I think I've got the jyst of everything c:
    Have you made an official forum page for the RP yet or are you going to wait for a few more to show interest on this thread?
  13. Haven't started sign ups and stuff yet, but I might do that soon :) Probably some time tomorrow (Saturday)
  14. Honestly I'd be interested in this as well, it sounds really interesting :) One of my previous characters that didn't get much development from D&D already fits in well with this EXTREMELY well, and I'd love to claim the Water Veteran for him >:3
  15. wow that's awesome to hear :) I'm glad you're interested and might have a character that'd match :)
    And yes, the Veteran of Water is yours.

    Let's see, that's Veteran and Master of Water, Grand Master of Shadow, Grand Master of Fire, and Master of Light that's hit on reserved so far.
  16. Is it possible for one or more of the water elemental angels to specialize more in ice? :o
  17. I am sooooo in! 8D
    ((Dibs on Earth Master and Grand Master of Water))
  18. Hm... well essentially all water angels can manipulate water, ice, and steam (created by combining fire and water). An angel could have a preference as to what attacks they'd use, but it wouldn't be solely focussed on that sub-element.

    And sure, I can put those two on reserved for you as well :)

    Reserved so far:
    Veteran of Water
    Master of Water
    Grand Master of Water
    Master of Earth
    Grand Master of Fire
    Master of Light
    Grand Master of Shadow
  19. A bunch of new people :D Sweet!
    This is going to commence a lot more quickly then I had originally expected lol.

    Also Olissa, if you wanted help with set up or finding pictures and making banners please let me know!
    I'm that kind of person who enjoys wasting 7 hours of her life making a forum layout pretty @w@
  20. Well considering there hadn't really been any reactions save for one on the creation date (Tuesday), I'm guessing that having a bit of interaction here made a difference in people noticing it :) So thanks ^-^

    Well I'll first have to find my stained glass panel of the 'Creation Story' as it has elements that can be used in a banner and what not. But thanks for the offer :) I'll take you up on that if I need it!
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