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  1. Two more days till payday. 3 hours until closing. Two more minutes until the microwave finished cooking up the burrito. The demon stared intently into the window of the machine. 1 month out here in human land and things didn't seem as bad as his brother had made it out to be. They seemed...nice enough, a little stupid sometimes but easier to be around than his former associates. "Wally? Could you stack the oranges for me? Kids knocked it over again." His stare remained fixated upon his lunch. To anyone else he looked like a stereotypical young european exchange student, tall, dark haired, brown eyes. Though if asked which country he'd be from, no one could answer exactly. "In a minute." The woman put her hands on her hips. He looked over his shoulder. The boss was not in a good mood today. Or yesterday for that matter. "Thirty seconds." Edna's brow furrowed. He hated it when they did that. It looked weird and wrinkly. "Oh okay okay, just don't give me that look."
  2. Izzy Ashby.png

    Across the street there was a secret investigation being held. One that no human would have any idea about. An angel in disguise was bagging products for her current customer. An angel that goes by the name Izzy Ashby. "That'll be $109.90 ma'am" The angel explained politely with a smile on her lips. Normally she wasn't one for smiling but right now she had a job to do, and she took it very seriously. Soon enough it was her break time so she went outside to get some fresh air. That was when her manager came over to her and asked if she'd run to the store across the street to deliver a letter to the management over yonder. Gladly she accepted the task even though it was cutting into her break. Being a human was really easy but the life wasn't too thrilling. Lucky for her she had a great night hobby. She took the letter and made her way to the place across the street. When she originally walked in she felt a little lost. Making her way to an employee she asked where the manager was. Once she got the info she needed she hunted down the manager just to give him that letter. With that she started to head out noticing there was an off feeling about this place so she'd need to keep an eye on this place. One of the employees locked eyes with her, she just smiled and continued on not even noticing if it was the same person or not. She didn't exactly have time to form relations with the locals.
  3. 'Wally' had been reluctantly stacking oranges into a small pyramid while his lunch was getting cold until she came in. He vaguely recognized the woman searching for Edna, the boss, from somewhere...didn't she work around here? Now that she was closer he very quickly picked up on the fact that she wasn't human. Most otherworldly people avoided this store for its high traffic of commoners. Some old instinct in the demon's gut told him that she was bad news. He squinted at her from across the store, suspiciously raising one of his pointed eyebrows at her. The demon could never leave anything alone for as long as he could remember, so naturally he had to go stick his nose where it shouldn't be and go talk to her. The desire to meddle was strong. Slowly making his way from aisle to aisle, stealthily moving in until he was within her earshot. He always, always knew when he was within earshot. Most of time. "Psssttt." Wally whispered from behind the yams. "Hey. I've seen you before." Wally's voice had a certain scratchiness to it. "Lady. Pppssstttt. Laaadddyyy~"
  4. She heard someone calling and felt as though it was directed at her. izzy looked around trying to figure out who the hell it was. Once she spotted him she raised an eyebrow. "yes, what is it?" All she had come here for was to drop something off. Though it was true this place was off, so she would shop here maybe to scout for any possible troublesome demons. She walked over to the man. "And my name isn't lady thank you, it's Izzy, Izzy Ashby. What's your name?" she asked in an attempt to be polite.
  5. "Izzy huh?" The demon smiled innocently, and it was convincing, for he was innocent at the moment, just stacking oranges. His vague accent however, was a little odd. "Wally." He had made a mental note already of her name, storing it away in the vast memory of names he knew, people, places, license plate numbers....He held out his hand in a friendly manner. "Haven't I seen you around here before? You like, a regular or something?"
  6. His innocent smile was contagious. "Can't say I am. I work across the street I had just come over to give the manager a letter. " she shook his hand with a delicate grip . "it's nice to meet you Wally. I have to get back to work but maybe we could talk again sometime." She tucked some of her punk hair behind her ear then pushed up her glasses where they needed to be.
  7. "Sure thing, Izzy." The smile grew a little bigger, showing off a few rather bright white teeth. "Come see me any time you want~" Wally placed a stick of gum in her hand. He knew something was off about her and suspected she may know something was off about him, but he kept up the act he had been honing in for the past few weeks lest he give himself away too soon. Here was a piece of something new, some action. A game. "We're having a sale on fruit starting tomorrow if you feel a mighty need for bananas."
  8. With a giggle she still noticed something off about this place but she was shaving a hard time placing it. The cute boy she was talking to suggested to come back if she wanted any fruit. "If I find myself low on fruit I'll be sure to. I hope you have a nice day. It was nice meeting you Wally." With that goodbye said she made her way back across the street to her job where she finished up the day after a few hours. When it was time for her to go home she changed into her street clothes then made her way out of the store to go back to her apartment.
  9. A fat pigeon fluttered by, starting to follow her along the roof tops and rain gutters, cooing softly. After a while a wild rat darted between trash cans, staring out from the darkness at her with beady eyes. The bird left after she made it back to her home. Wally did not go home however, he could never go home. So he went to the closest place he could. A dark corner in a dirty alley between old houses containing poor families surrounding their tvs with plastic forks and paper plates. Wally knew every crack in the wall here, talked to every weed growing in the sidewalk and listened to all the unwanted creatures whisper in the streets. Here he would wait until morning when he could go back to work, for no creature like he needed sleep.
  10. The pigeon and rat caught her attention. There was something wrong about the aura of these animals. Then it was clear they were assosiated with demons. With speed so intense it looked like it never happened she threw a poisoned needle at each of her targets then continued on her way like nothing happened. Now it was apparent that she had an encounter with a demon today, but she had seen the faces of so many, it could have been almost any one of them. There were a few faces she could cross off the list, but surely there were a few suspicious characters she had encountered today. When she got into the door she put down her purse then went into the kitchen to start dinner to make sure she kept her human form healthy. Once she finished eating she got a shower then went in to take a nap until dusk. When dusk came she woke up with her eyes glowing. "It's time to hunt"
  11. Wally's night was starting out with less excitement. He had been waiting at his corner in the darkness until nighttime began to fall. He hoped for good business today. Business being curses, hexes and revenge usually. His 'shop' contained an old torn blanket upon which ingredients for his wares sat, an array of dead things, random bits of trash and strange occult items. Those who knew of what he sold called his spot the Devil's Corner. Anything imaginable could be bought as long as a price of equal value was paid. Of course, that wasn't really true, he wasn't that powerful in his current state, but he let the humans continue to think that about him.
  12. A flash of light spread through out the entire apartment as Izzy changed her form into that which was her true one. Her wingspan was incredible, each wing as white as the purest light. Her outfit consisted of a tinted pink cloth that draped over her body while still being form fitting. She opened the window and took to the skies. Any human that saw her would mistake her for a large bird. Almost instantly she spotted a demon. Summoning her heavenly bow as the demon ran down an ally way she conjured an arrow of immense power. She shot her aim hitting her target with out fail. He dispersed into dust and she moved on searching for other targets. A few where scattered here and their none of them escaping her holy wrath. Then she found a group. This time she conjured several arrows to shoot each of them straight through the heart. She loved being at her full potential. For a moment she perched on the top of a building for a rest. She had slain many foes this night. Looking up to see the moon was merely a crescent which was probably why the count was so high tonight. Moon light gave visibility, the more darkness the more successful the demons are.
  13. At the Devil's Corner things were moving much more slowly. Wally was a patient creature though, which eventually paid off as a customer finally darted into the alley. Some young girl, high school maybe? She had torn tights and a dark oversized jacket. The girl approached him cautiously, she couldn't see him that well but they both knew he could see her. The demon watched as she fumbled with her backpack to present something covered in an old t-shirt. "This need help." Wally nodded. "Tell me what you desire~" His real voice was deeper, gravelly, his strange accent much thicker. "My-my uh, my boyfriend won't leave me alone. He follows me home every night and keeps leaving messages on my phone and I and-and I can't take it anymore." "You want him to go away." Wally said, voice softening a little. She nodded. "What have you brought for me~" The girl gingerly placed the bundle before him. "This was my first cat. I cared about him a lot, he was like my baby that's kinda like a first child right?" "It is enough." He gave her a dark red bottle. "Bury this in your front yard, he won't bother you anymore." The girl took the bottle, hands shaking, and thanked him quietly before leaving the alley in a hurry.
  14. A bad feeling coursed through her body telling her a deal had been made and it wasn't too far. It was just a few blocks down. With a magnificent flap of her wings she was lifted into the air and took off into the direction of trouble. She perched on the building looking down to find a devil's corner. She shot an arrow but the demon had spotted her and dodged the attack. He seemed almost familiar, so it might be a demon she encountered at work. He started to run and she started to chase, the game of cat and mouse taking place. He knew these streets well, but so did she. After shooting a few more arrow and missing she noticed they had detoured into a very slummy part of town. Making a dive she swooped down and tackled him head on not wanting to give him any chance of getting away. After quite a bit of struggle and rolling around she was on top with her legs straddling his hips and his arms pinned to the concrete. "Gotcha..." She looked at his face recognizing exactly who he was. "You...bastard!" She cracked him right across the face.
  15. It seemed kinda funny really, he had known something was wrong about her all along and as always, he was right. Wally felt terror and joy as he ran, laughing hysterically through the labyrinths of streets and alleyways. She could probably kill him in an instant and he knew that. The demon knew a lot of things. The game continued. Now here they were in the dark of night in the classic struggle of demon and angel. He had to admit it, he didn't mind being pinned under her, her sheer power was absolutely thrilling. The demon's skin was a dark orange, like that of rust, his hair was much thicker and wilder. "That...that was amazing...." Wally was breathless, yellow eyes wide, so excited he was shaking. His jagged toothed smile almost glowed in the low light. "You're fantastic Izzy. Just fantastic. I haven't had so much fucking fun since....since....I don't even know! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hit me again. Play the game" Whether he was scared out of his mind or happy or aroused was almost impossible to decipher from his face.
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