Angels & Demons

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    Name - Ryker
    Age - Unknown
    Race - Demon

    Ryker stared down at the invitation in his hands and sneered. Pushing the iron gates open he made his way into the school. It was big and grand but he paid no attention to it, instead focused on going to the main office. Soon enough he found it and shoved a a kid that was standing at the front desk away. Slamming the invitation on to the table he looked at the old witch with narrowed eyes. "Schedule and dorm information, now." She tsked at him but quickly gave him what he wanted.

    His icy blue eyes glowed faintly as he looked through the papers. Apparently he had to share a dorm with someone, he would meet them later. Looking around he noticed that most of the students here were witches, wizards, vampires, werewolves, and a few angels. As of yet he hadn't seen any other demons. It wouldn't surprise him if he was the only one here, demons rarely left the underworld. Sighing he ran a pale hand through his whit hair before walking down the hall. Everyone seemed to move away from him slightly, many of them radiating fear. A smirk made its way on to his face at the sweet smell of fear, it was his favorite scent.
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    Name - Angel
    Age - Unknown, Seventeen for humans.
    Race - Angel
    Other - When he blushes, his wings turn a light shade of pink with a few splotches of scarlet red.

    Angel yawned quietly to himself and scratched his head slightly, walking through the gates of the huge school as his wings expanded in the breeze. He looked up at the sky and raised his eyebrow. It was rather dark for day time; maybe a storm was approaching? He hurried up through the arch and to the doorway. As he opened the door, he saw that a few of the other students had been frightened by the sight of a demon.

    "A-A d-demon is here?..." He stuttered to himself before he shook his head and approached the office. His stomach threatened to up churn all of his breakfast, but he would not allow that on his first day. Angel gathered up all of his papers, including dorm key, and scurried out of the office and down the main corridor. He took a turn to the left like the map he was given said. Looking up, he saw 'Boy's Dorm' and smiled to himself. "I'm finally at my new home for the next years..."
  3. He walked around the school grounds for awhile, just taking everything in. Ryker stood in the shadows and just watched everyone go by. The weather even seemed to be reacting to his presence, sky darker and looking as if a storm would happen any minute now. At the moment he had resigned himself to his human form. When he turned into his actual demon form the process was slightly disturbing and many found it hard to watch.

    Getting bored just watching people walking by he detached himself from the shadows. As he was moving away it seemed as if the shadows reached out for him, begging for him to come back. Heading towards the boys dorm he pushed the door open and looked around for his room. It didn't take him long to find his room. Hearing noise coming from inside he figured his roommate was already there. Swinging the door open he was about to walk in when he saw just who is new roommate was, an angel.
  4. Angel jolted away from the desk he was setting his stuff on and panted as he held his chest. "Y-You almost gave me a--" He froze mid-sentence as he realized who his room mate just so happened to be. The demon. "D-Don't h-hurt me..." He stuttered before he took a step back from the other, moving back until he was cornered. "I-I'll sleep s-somewhere else i-if you want!..."

    In the past, Angel never had many encounters with demons. Though word on the golden streets of heaven has it that demons are waiting for angels to become vulnerable, before they grab them and turn them into demons themselves. From hearing that story over and over again on cloud nine, he now grew a supreme fear of the underworld lurkers.
  5. Ryker raised an eyebrow at the angel but let a slow grin spread across his face, things just got interesting at this school. Stepping inside of the room he closed the door behind him. It was amusing how the angel's first reaction was to say 'don't hurt me', that plus the stutter. He couldn't help but laugh darkly at the angel. Stepping further into the room his eyes never left the angel, like a predator watching it's prey. He walked over to the angel until their bodies were pressed up against each other. Grabbing the others chin he forced him to look up at him. While standing in front of him Ryker realized how much taller he was than the angel. "No. You'll stay here." His voice was deep and like velvet as he spoke.
  6. Angel blushed faintly, his white wings turning a light shade of tickle me pink, and he looked at the other's eyes. "U-Um... I-I don't think I-I should..." A sudden sense of intimidation pounced on his body. He felt like an antelope about to be taken down by the ferocious king of the jungle. "Okay," He stammered before looking away from the other. The moonlight shined in through the window and reflected off of the boy's beautiful violet eyes. In all honesty, the boy was a very handsome... no that's not the word... adorable angel. He was the perfect mate for a male who was looking for that innocent boy to corrupt. Though of course, all of the angel suspected that Angel was rather homosexual. So they 'suggested' that he come to this school to learn more about other beings, when in reality they hoped he would meet a girl and change his sinful ways.
  7. Grinning down at the angel his sharp canines gleamed in the moonlight. "Good boy.~" Ryker raised a hand and patted the little angel on the head. Just looking at the innocent boy had the demon wanting to corrupt him. It was what he did as a demon. Corrupting angels, ruining and tainting innocence, it was what he was good at.

    His icy blue eyes glowed faintly as he stared down at the boy, just looking him over with hungry eyes. The grip on the angels chin never loosened forcing him to look the demon in the eyes. Ryker had the sudden urge to change into his more demonic form, to just take the angel right then and there. Pushing the feeling down he decided it would be more fun to toy with him first. He always loved a good game of cat and mouse. But from looking at the angel he could already tell how this game would turn out.
  8. Angel pulled away from the demon after gaining enough courage. His wings slowly faded back down to white and fluttered in the breeze that was drifting through the window. "Do you um... Know where the second bed is?... Th-They must have messed the system up or something b-because there's only one bed..." He stammered before crossing his arms and sitting down on the edge of that one bed.

    He looked out the window at the darkness. The sky seemed as cautious as he was and it seemed to be attacked by the demon of a lightning. Angel jumped at the resonating sound of thunder before his arms started to shake. He looked up at Ryker and whimpered. "I-I'm sc-scared of storms..." He whispered before a tear ran out of his eye and down his soft, pale cheek. "Y-You'll p-protect me f-from it right?..."
  9. Ryker raised an eyebrow and turned his head to see. Sure enough there was only one bed in the room. The grin on his face seemed to grow large as he stared down at the angel. He hadn't even done anything. Yet it seemed he would have the angel in his bed, even if it was just for sleeping.

    At seeing the others tear stained face looking up at him with those big innocent eyes, he had to stop himself from jumping the angel right now. Raising a pale finger he wiped away the tear. The nails on his fingers were more like sharp black claws and he had to be careful to not cut the angels face. "Oh you poor thing. Of course I'll....protect you."

    Getting on to the bed he sat more towards the center of the bed. Yanking his tight black shirt off he revealed his pale scar covered chest, but kept his jeans on. He was lean but still packed with muscle. Leaning back against the head board he motioned for the angel to come closer.
  10. Angel looked at Ryker and gulped, seeing as though the other had revealed his torso to him. "I-I don't th-think you should h-hold me..." He stuttered. "Seeing a-as w-we're both m-males..." He whispered. In despite of what he said, he moved towards the demon and curled up in his arms, hearing another loud crash of thunder. "I-It's s-so scary..." He whimpered before hiding his face in the other's chest. The bed that they were sitting on was made out of memory foam and had a red velvet blanket sprawled across it as a bed cover. The head board of the bed was made out of mahogany wood and had a cupid sitting on both sides. In all, the bed was rather fancy for a school dorm.
  11. He couldn't help but snicker as the other curled up into his arms. It was like the angel was asking for his innocence to be ripped away. Raising a hand Ryker gently petted the others head as he hide his face in his chest. "You really think I care that were both males. I'm a demon sinning is what I do best." With his other arm he had it wrapped around the angel. Holding him against his chest with no way of escaping.
  12. Angel's wings shaded into the light shade of pink again, but there were a few splotches of scarlet red this time. "I-I feel safer a-already..." He stated as he cuddled up to the other's scarred chest. "Are all demons this cold?..." He asked softly as he rubbed the other's chest, feeling how cold and isolated Ryker's skin was. Angel then rubbed his own arm and felt how warm it was in comparison. "That's weird..." He mumbled.
  13. Ryker stared with interest at the others wings. They had turned a light shade of pink with a few spots of scarlet red, way different then the white color it had been before. He wanted to laugh at the others statement of feeling safer in his arms. Instead he just let his amusement shin through his icy blue eyes. "No... That's just me. Most demons skin is so hot with a single touch you can burn yourself."

    Ryker never really looked like most demons. Other demons tended to have pitch black hair and red eyes. While he had white hair with black underneath the white. His eyes were an icy blue and his skin cold to the touch. Another thing was he tended to be slightly taller than the average demon. But what made him physically different than most demons made him all that more powerful.
  14. Angel smiled and gently nuzzled up to Ryker's chest, his eyelids slowly dropping down over his eyes as sleepiness overtook him. "N-Night..." He mumbled before slowly fading off to sleep in the demon's arms. The storm outside had progressed further and soon the power went out, causing the room to go completely pitch black. Though Angel remained asleep in Ryker's grip.
  15. Ryker stared down at the sleeping angel in his arms, he looked so innocent as he slept. When the power went out he could still see in the dark room. He actually enjoyed having the darkness surrounding him. In the pitch black room the only thing that could bee seen were his glowing eyes staring down at the sleeping angel. Occasionally a strike of lightening would light the room up, but only for a second. After awhile of just sitting in the bed he eventually fell asleep, holding the angel against his chest in a iron tight grip.
  16. Angel yawned softly and cuddled up close to the demon before his eyes fluttered open to a peaceful environment. The storm had passed, so the power was back on. The room was now lit up with the light, revealing the two bodies that were very close together on the bed. He looked up at Ryker and raised his eyebrow. "U-Um?... A-Are you a-awake?..." He asked, feeling the other's coldness where his shirt was coming up.
  17. Opening one eye Ryker stared at the angel for a second before sitting up fully. "Well, I am now." Slowly a grin spread across his face as he stared down at him. It was just so amusing to him that the other had crawled so willingly into his lap. As he thought about it he couldn't help the snicker that escaped from his lips.
  18. Angel pulled himself off of the other and fixed his shirt. "Um... W-What are you laughing at?..." He asked as he slowly stretched out his wings and yawned. Looking outside the window, he saw how peaceful the world seemed in comparison to the storm. It was like... heaven. But God's angels know that heaven is unimaginably perfect in every way. This lousy world would never compare. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Angel looked over at Ryker and waited for an answer to his previous question.
  19. As the angel turned away for just a second to look put the window he moved closer. His face was only about an inch away from the others. When the other turned around to see Ryker right there his grin only widened at his reaction. "Just the fact that you slept so peacefully and said you felt so safe in my arms. Yet last I checked I'm a demon and you are an angel."
  20. Jumping slightly from the shock of the demon being so closed to him, he nodded his head and looked down. "I-I w-was only s-safe in your a-arms because of th-the storm..." Angel moved a bit further away from the other and let out a slight "Hmph!..." He crossed his arms and ignored the fluttering feeling in his stomach that he got from looking at the other's grin. Though he wasn't sure if it was from fear of the other, or... something unspeakable. Something that would get him banished from Heaven for eternity. Something that Heaven has never EVER experienced in all of its history. An Angel falling in love with a demon.