Angels & Demons, Vampires & Lycans (Seeking a male demon and lycan)

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  1. Modern Fantasy They were mates, a forbidden love that only one was certain would transcend beyond their contrasting natures. She was a creature of light, an angel sent to Earth to protect the innocent from the fiery tortures of hell. He was a demon, bent on corrupting and tarnishing every soul he crossed paths with. They crossed paths one day, lust reigning the day as he watched her fight off his brothers in defense of a village. He came up with a plan, a wicked plan meant to destroy her light and send her to the darkest pits of hell.

    From that day on he seduced her, playing on the kindness of her heart, and whispering words of redemption into her ear. He would become good, denounce his loyalty to the underworld if she would be his mate. For months she refused, the wall she wrapped around her heart for him soon chipping away as he continued to pursue her. Against the wishes of her kin and her creator she finally caved in, unable to deny the love she felt for him any longer.

    For a while he strung her along, making her fall head over heels in love with him until she could hardly resist even the smallest smile sent her way. But his love was cruel, and hers was blind. Soon she was forced to turn her eyes and ears away from his many betrayals, and ignore the hurtful things he said and did to her. Throughout it all she loved him, convincing herself that he simply needed to be taught another way to show his love for her.

    Then one night, in a rage when he could not anger her, he killed her. He assumed that deep down in her heart there was hatred for him, and her soul would be cast into hell for betraying her creator. What hnye did not know was that every cruel act had been forgiven, and even as she lie with her life fading away, in a pool of her own blood, the angel still loved him until her last breath.

    He expected a hero’s welcome when he returned to hell, praise for corrupting and damning a pure soul that was required to love. What he found was ridicule, resentment, and humiliation once he discovered his plan had failed. Rather than be rewarded with a better place in hell, he was banished to Earth for eternity for failing. It was during his centuries among the mortals that he realized his mistake. His mate had been his chance for salvation, an opportunity for him to earn himself a place in the heavens. With that knowledge he began to hunt for her, hoping that he could restore her love for him and find a way to be allowed in heaven for eternity.

    What he wasn’t aware of was the fact that the angel no longer remembered him. As her soul returned to Heaven, it was decided to erase her memories of him, leaving her completely unaware that she had ever loved the demon. Soon she was turned into a demon hunter, an angel tasked with eliminating any demon she crossed paths with. She quickly rose up the ranks, becoming one of the best hunters in the heavens, and gradually forming her own small army to combat the corruption of humans.

    Now in the present, the angel has been returned to Earth to stop what is believed to be the war to end all wars on Earth. The two cross paths, resulting in a fight started by the angel. As the fight progresses though, she realizes that not only can she not hurt him, but she cannot kill him no matter how much she tries. Frustrated, she flees in search for answers, leaving the demon to once again pursue her and convince her of her connection to him.

    As the title states, I'm looking for someone to play a male demon. Character wise, they will need to be extremely dominant since the angel is not exactly a pushover. However, as a player I ask for someone who's willing to contribute to the story without trying to take control of it.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]I write long posts! [/BCOLOR] I highlighted that because people tend to freak out when they see my replies. This is advanced writing after all. I like well thought out posts with some meat to them. They don't have to be a billion paragraphs long, but if you're character is simply standing there saying something all the time, I will lose interest fast. If you don't like reading long posts, than I'm probably not the best partner for you.

    No love at first sight! There really is no love between the two characters. The demon lusts after the angel, and wants to use her, but he is not in love with her. Eventually she may fall in love with him, but it will be a long and drawn out process.

    Smut is okay, but it's not the focus of the story. Yes, it will happen, but like with the love thing I'd prefer it to be a long and drawn out process to get to that point. Kind of like Stargate, all the way to season ten and Sam and Jack still never hopped into bed! Okay, maybe not that bad, but there will be no hanky panky stuff within the first few posts. Tension is the goal, and if you're not okay with that, than I'm also not your girl.

    My reply times are sketchy at the moment. Some days I'm keen on replying, and other times I want to sit around and use my free time to do other things. I can try to get a reply once every other day, but all I can truly promise is at least once a week. I'm looking for someone who's about the same.

    Please, no anime pictures! No offense to them, but they just feel weird to me. o.O

    On a side note, I'd like to add a few things because I've heard from lots of people that I'm a bit intimidating. (I'm really a sweetheart, I swear! Unless you get me on a bad day.) I don't ask for my partners to meet my length of writing. I'm not going to cuss you out or insult you if you're posting is smaller than mine. All I really want is something to work with, and I will be perfectly happy with that. I don't nag about grammar mistakes, because I know I make quite a few from time to time. I'm currently writing on my tablet, and the keyboard that I have for it is extremely sensitive, so if you see mistakes that's usually why. All Iy want from partners is someone who will let me know if they're getting bored, or want to add something major to the story that they want my opinion on. I'm fairly good at letting people know when my muse has flown south for the week, and when I can't reply due to real life, and would ask for the same in return.

    Now, if I haven't scared you off with my huge wall of text and you're interested, drop me a line on here, or send me a nudge in PMs. :)
  2. Modern Fantasy (Warning, not going with traditional lore, but it will NOT be anything like fucking Twilight!)

    The rumors of the various first vampire have never been verified. All that is known for certain is that each member of the Royal family is a direct descendent of him, and that only the females of the Royal family can give birth. The vampire population spread as the children of the Royal family turned humans, often times entire cities at a time. As the years passed and the world grew larger, the vampires hid away in the shadows, but were never truly happy there. They wanted to take control of the world, to treat humans like the livestock they were, to breed them simply for the purpose of creating more food. Not all of the vampires felt that way of course, but the majority of them did.

    The lycans arose shortly after the vampires, a lycan child born in 1 out of every 10 normal human families. These children were kept hidden away from the rest of the world, until eventually they flocked together to form their own society outside the bounds of humanity. That did not mean that they forgot their human brothers and sisters. No, they lycan became the sentinels for the humans, protecting them from a distance. It was for this reason the two worlds clashed, the vampires indiscriminate slaughter forced the lycan to turn their focus on the threat the other race had become.

    The war between the two races lasted for centuries, coming to a head in the 19th century, shortly before humanity began the technological era. The lycans, on the verge of losing the war devised a plan to end it for good by cutting off the leadership of the vampires. The great Lycan general in charge of the ambush led his men into the vampire castle during the daytime hours, slaughtering every male and female vampire with a stake to the heart, and burning rays of sunlight. The king and queen were among the dead, the Queen being the only vampire in existence to have full control over the vampire race through her shared blood with each and every one ever turned. The lyans believed their task was finished, but what they did not know until they happened across a tiny coffin, was that there was one surviving vampire royal left.

    The princess was a mere six months old when her parents were killed, the general who had slaughtered them unable to find the heart to kill the tiny vampire female. Instead he scooped up her tiny coffin and returned her to the lycan safehold, presenting her to his king. The king was outraged at first, until the general pointed out the advantage they now had to over the vampires. They could raise the infant, teach her to respect humanity and show her that she did not need to kill in order to survive. The king was reluctant to agree, but eventually decided that the general was right. However, since it was the general’s idea, he would be the one to raise the female vampire as his own ward.

    And so it was that the queen of vampires was raised among lycan, sheltered away from her kind until the time she was frozen in her immortality. The general raised her, treated her like his own pup, feeding her the blood of his kills and showing her that she did not need to survive off human blood alone. The vampire grew to be a timid and sweet woman, full of compassion and empathy without a mean bone in her body, but blissfully unaware that not only was she living with the lycan who killed her family, but that she was the one true ruler of the entire vampire race.

    Skip to present time and the vampire is now locked into her immortality, the mind of a century old creature trapped in the body of a twenty year old woman. Things have changed, not only for her, but for the general as well. Since her hundredth birthday, the beast inside of him has been growling and snarling to be unleashed on the full moon, each time eager to reach the one it has claimed as his mate. The general is horrified that his beast has chosen the female he had raised, disgusted with himself that it would consider the girl he considered a daughter as its mate. Each month goes by he hides himself from her, finding it harder and harder to fight the urge to mate her. To make matters worse, the king has decided that it is now time for the queen to be returned to her kind, hoping to restore peace.

    During the queen’s absence, the vampires have grown restless. A divide has formed between those who live in the old ways, and those who wish to coexist with the humans. The factions are now at odds, and at the brink of war, one that threatens not only humanity, but the lycan as well. It is the king’s hope that the return of the queen will prevent this from happening, that she will teach her kin to live in the same manner in which she was raised.

    The general, however, cannot let go of his ward just yet. The thought of sending her away puts his beast in an uncontrollable outrage. Now he is faced with a dilemma. To follow through with the wishes of his beast, take her as his mate and return with her to her kin, or let her go to find her own life and place among her people.
  3. T__T Your ideas are both awesome. I just don't think that I would do extremely well with either of them... But I thought I'd just let you know that I think they sound really great. :)
  4. No problem :) Good luck on your search.