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  1. Lets get started up in here!
  2. Aurora walked out of the abandoned building in this abandoned town that was very run down she had come here because she was being hunted by demons who wanted her angels grace. it was hidden in a small necklace she was given at birth. she hadn't trusted anyone since she watched demons kill her mother for her grace and her father was pure evil and hated Aurora wanting to steal her grace also. she walked out her swords in hand she wielded them with pride they had been her mothers. she saw several demons come out after her and their were 15 of them and they began to circle them and she knew she was in danger their were to many of them. she kneeled and clutched the necklace and her wings expanded and covered her and her demon tail appeared and tucked under her wings and then lastly her horns showed and also began to glow that of a pure glowing vampiric red. the demons started to slash at her wings and all over her. their blades dug deep.
  3. Cho and his brother Sho had gone a bit farther than normal out they had seen and faced many things together the twins. Cho however always acted slightly older. They were moving as if stalking prey for they were practicing hunting. Then Sho spotted something at the abandoned town or nearly abandoned in their option always joking with the other about what monsters or who might be living in them. Even animals that they could hunt for food or others like them. Cho looked seeing what his brother saw the two glanced at the other and began to sprint toward where it seemed demon's had gathered. Soon coming into view they saw someone who must be the one that the demon's were attacking why they were neither knew. Sho moved first tackling one of the demon's away. Cho having no choice but to follow.


    Jade had been living in the abandoned town for the past two weeks. Why well it just happened to be where she had found next on a rainy day. She heard something outside and looked to see what she froze seeing the many other creatures that appeared much like her. "Real Demon's" She whispered to herself. She never had came face to others but knew just like with humans she did not fit in. She wasn't sure why they were here but saw them seeming to be battling three people she simply went to a lower part of the building where she could easily walk outside but stayed a bit hidden. She made a small flame form in her hand and aimed for one of the monsters.


    Nightfang couldn't sleep and the sun was out he placed on his cloak another day. He sighed and simply stood looking outside of his new found home. He had left once more from his home just to get away and try to find himself. He sighed and heard something along with smelling blood he just wasn't alarmed for it smelled of demon's blood. "Must be some poor human" He commented then began to walk to see what it was perhaps an easy snack.
  4. Aurora collapsed the necklace rolling out of her hands and her wings disappeared her tail and horns showing and a demon laughed at sho and cho saying you want to save her good luck this angels grace is ours now. The demon bit down on her neck.
  5. Cho looked to Sho the two seeming to speak to each other by a simple glance. Cho jumped at the one who went for the girl's neck. While Sho went to protect his brother's back. Cho was now holding his ground on the demon's back his teeth in it's neck.


    Jade seeing the scene soon noticed something rolling it caught her eye for some reason and she didn't realize it was a necklace just noticed something seemed to draw her near she began to walk toward it not thinking about the demons around or others at the scene.


    Nightfang continued to walk growing closer he could now pick up a new smell of blood both fresh one a demon the other he wasn't sure at the moment because he guessed the demon's blood he smelled was blocking that of the other. He partly hoped it was a human.
  6. a demon grabbed the necklace and it began to turn black. aurora began to whimper almost her goldish red eyes began to turn black and more demon features appeared she screamed grabbed her swords and killed the demon and put the necklace back on and gasped it turned white again she put it under her shirt so it didnt show her bleeding got worse from the sword cuts. she screamed to the two boys get down or be extinquished by angels holy light. she yelled BY ANGLS PUREST HOLY LIGHT LL DEMONS WHO ATTACKED HERE TODAY BE PUNISHED AND BURN IN HELL!!!! The light consumed everything and burned all the demons to nothing.
  7. Jade watched feeling her movements to get the strangle sense of power was to slow. Quickly hearing the girl who had been attacked began to run back where she hide almost in hope that she was not included in that curse or spell or whatever it was. She then felt her foot on fire and gave a scream sharing she was there falling to the ground. "AH" She stated then she let her hand became more dragon like and tried to put the fire out. "Come on Come on. Go out" She stated.


    Sho and Cho watched then hearing the girl forced themselves as close to the earth as possible. They even had pressed their panther ears down to their heads.


    Nightfang paused where he was now able to see the sight he then simply did as the girl had told the two animal like creatures simply becoming a bat and layed low to the earth waiting for what ever she had planed was over.
  8. she collapsed to her knees and coughed up blood and said im sorry for the trouble those demons have been chasing me since i was born for my angels grace. she bowed and said Aurora halfling at your service. she then fell to the ground her angel wings shaking because she was gashed deep fromthe demons swords she said thank you for saving me.
  9. Not too far away from the abandoned town was a curious happening.

    A tall and wiry figure in a stark white cloak stepped lightly through the forest, so much so that it almost seemed to glide on some nonexistent breeze like an apparition. But no, this was no ghost. It was simply a graceful young man, for that was what Rosenix Dragon Kin was. A fit young man with all the beauty of the royal court's most sought after Ladies. Almond shaped eyes with long lashes and sparkling golden irises swept the foggy forest perhaps a bit nervously. He felt as though he were being stalked and it put him on edge, even if he was confident he could win the fight. Or at least escape unharmed.

    It was when he saw a bit of a light show in the near distance that Nix turned his attention away from the forest and instead peered through the fog with his dragon vision. There was a town, no more than ruins now, but it appeared that said town was no longer empty. How curious. He just had to take a closer look. It was common knowledge that lesser demons and bandits lurked in afterthoughts like this one and he would either walk away with gold or some useful arcane brewing ingredients. It was a win/win situation.

    On the outskirts of the town, the young Dragon Kin paused to check upon an item in his traveling pack - a sapphire blue egg swaddled in a cloth nest. It was heavy and made walking with it tiring, but he would continue to do so for reasons better left explained later. For now, Nix had come upon a strange sight. A woman was passed out, or nearly so, and there were several people watching her.

    "Well then." Rosenix's voice was like honey, smooth and sweet and sticking to your attention. It also held much amusement, his lips curling with a bit of a smirk. "Looks like someone couldn't quite handle a party with the demons," he quipped, lifting his hands up and tossing back his hood. "You there. Kitty ears. Does she need healing?" he inquired, jerking his chin at one of the twins, assuming they were this woman's friends.
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  10. Aurora yelled im fine they were after my grace! she then turned and slowly stood her eyes glowing red from the thirst she put her swords in their sheath then took off running out of the alley and flew through the air and landed a couple blocks away. she couldnt bite them those two had saved her life she raised her wrist saying its going to have to do since i could not capture a demon alive. she bent over her wrist and her fangs appeared and she bit down hard drinking slightly she would have to cover her wings until they healed on their own. she covered them with a small cape and put the hood up she said maybe im not supposed to trust anyone. She gasped then said my
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  11. Kevin sat in an office, his facial tentacles twitching nervously as he looked toward his mental councilor. "I don't know what's worth fighting for," he exclaimed, taking a deep breath as he continued to talk about his issues. "Or why I have to scream, but now I have some clarity to show you what I mean, I don't know how I got this way. I'll never be alright. So, I'm breaking the habit, I'm breaking the habit TONIGHT!" He exclaimed, taking the cigarette packet he had in the pocket of his black jeans, and tossed them into the trash can in the corner of the room. The light on the horizon was brighter yesterday, with shadows floating over, the scars begin to fade. We said it was forever, but then it slipped away, standing at the end of the final masquerade. This is the thought that passed through Kevin's mind as he walked from the councilors office and out into the city streets.

    "Who does that councilor think I am? I'm not stupid, And I'm not a robot, I'm not a monkey, I will not dance even if the beat's funky." Kevin exclaimed as his walking took him into the city centre, where it seemed a conglomeration of strange beings had come to party, one girl going far as to bite herself. Whether that be in sheer enjoyment or to prove her own reality in a false world. Kevin didn't care. Especially since there was a questionable fellow trying to throw his weight around and demand answers from everybody. "Hey buddy! You've got as much power to convince us as a bulging-eyed Dagon on a moonlit screech." Kevin exclaimed, wandering close to the questionably gendered, white haired male. "The hardest part of ending is starting again. Don't make me force the curtains on you, buddy boy. So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean, Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes, Give me reason to fill this hole, connect the space between, let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this new divide." Kevin waxed poetically, waiting for a response.
  12. The Egg

    Somewhere in the depths of Nix's backpack, there was an egg.

    Susceptible to the outside world, it listened... to everything

    Unfortunately much to it's chagrin, the creature inside of it mulled over humanity's existence and whether the hundreds of drooling women that wandered after it's master were blind or just lacking the mental capacity for understanding that none of them had a chance. Otherwise questioning it's master's capacity to portray affection... or in this case the lack of. Not to mention the screaming; there was a lot of it, everywhere and sometimes it just occurred in weird places like when Nix was going to sleep, for what sounded to be no reason at all. Followed swiftly by something along the lines of 'that was amazing' or some sad explanation about some strange lady's life and her master's wishes to sleep.

    There was also a lot of talking about things like food (the egg did not understand this concept but decided by human recommendation that it was a good thing. Whatever it was.... unless poison happened. Didn't know what that was either, not really!) however, ultimately decided that maybe it would like to try it. If not for frightening voices of insatiable wailing of children and preachers telling stories about the end of the world and of course dogs.

    The human world sounded like a weird place.

    Quietly tucked within it's little shell the creature lay in it's egg not wanting to come into the place where all creatures a like made it's master yell and get annoyed because they were being unnecessarily loud for his love. It was happy away from the hassle of swords, spears and magic for now.

    Far too comfy!

    "You there. Kitty ears. Does she need healing?"

    It's attention suddenly shifted to Nix's voice through the shell, healing? it thought to itself.

    What was healing and why was it necessary and what were kitty ears!
  13. Aurora backed away from the tentacle man her fangs showing but she didn't care she coughed and said my own blood didn't work this time damn the thirst is just getting worst. She held her throat and fell to her knees her dark red eyes starting to glow.
  14. Nightfang had secretly been following the girl he watched seem hurt not saying anything when she had fled the scene. He was silent and in the shadows but hearing her nodded. "It usually wouldn't." He replied his eyes seemed to glow in the shadows.


    The twins turned a bit confused where these people came from and shifted soon seeing she had left for the moment it seemed. "Um were not sure." Cho replied then looked to his brother. "And you don't go jumping into action making me have to follow like that again." He scowled.


    Jade hadn't seen those who joined the others she was still trying to put out the flame on her feet. "Ugg why won't you go out." She seemed to scream her voice sounding in pain a bit away from those who had just dealt with the full demons.
  15. Aurora says who is there she then looked at nightfang and says your a vampire to ack! she held her throat more. the burn was getting worse and worse by the second she hadnt fed in so long.
  16. He stepped more into the light. "You named it." He replied. He glanced and grinned. "I won't hurt you I was hoping for a dining human to feed off of. But I'll manage." Nightfang stated. "But you might not it seems." He then seemed a bit in thought. "What are you anyways?" Nightfang asked her suddenly sounding simply curious than a threat.
  17. she said you can bite me if you like apparently my blood is tasty she says im a halfling between an angel and a demon. i also have the thirst of a vampire. she smiled and said can you help me move out of this light and into the darkness. she pulled out a blood tablet and swallowed like 2 or 3 of them hoping it would hold off the thirst she said do you know where i can get a drink?
  18. Chandra stood just outside of the bedroom her son was sleeping in. She was hungry and she knew he would be, too, when he woke up. This town she was in was abandoned and in horrible condition. Why were they still here again? There was some commotion outside but she didn't care to go check it out. She could always feed later, one whoever happened to be around.
  19. Nightfang shook his head. "I'm afraid I happen to stay away from most half demons blood. Never tried angel blood though." He said not able to help but lick his lower lip. "But I'll pass at the offer there were a few I had interest in two shifters and a few others joined but I couldn't stay to learn being I watched you run off which had my interest." He explained. Nightfang then he extend his hand to help. "I can help you into the shadows and maybe we together might have more luck getting food." He explained.


    Jade finally stood and slowly walked to see the group. She didn't mind the sun on her scales nor her hoved feet. She looked to the group but was afraid to say anything because of her looks.
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