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  1. Zoey-Alice was walking down the street with her sword in hand and the two poison daggers in her thigh sheaths. she walked in the middle of the road as she saw a pack of wolfs dash at her and she tensed up. her wings stretched out behind her they were big and white and demon horns popped out of the top of her head then she grabbed her chest and sank to her knees her fangs growing.she was now surrounded by these wolfs.
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  2. From the shadows, a pair of gleaming eyes were watching this happen. If needed he would step in, but for now he would just watch. His tail fwipped in curiousity.
  3. She gasped as one bit her leg but the thirst was to strong normally. she would allow these wolfs to attack, but instead she launched into the air and landed on top of a building. she bit her palm to hold off the thirst for she needed someone nearby to tlk to she had been wandering these lonely streets for a year now. It was starting to become unbearable she wished there were still others around that looked humanish like her.
  4. She heard another group of wolfs joining the previous group and she landed on a nearby rock/ boulder. She healed her leg but realized to late that she was bitten by alpha. She was gonna turn into part wolf to dang now this was not good. She was even more of a freak now.
  5. Seeing this he knew it was time to act. In a blur of red and black, he rocketed out of the allry and quickly dispatched the wolves. Seeing as he was a nekomimi, he had lightning quick reflexes and was quite agile. That and his fighting skill made him quite a force to be reckoned with. He stood before the dead wolves, his tail swishing back and forth. His claws had been bloodied but he didn't care much.
  6. Luna heard a commotion near by and could hear howling. 'Wolfs?' She had just finished finding a meal for the time being and left the victim to awake and remember noting when they would come to. When she found the location she had heard the howling coming from she stopped to wait and see if she could learn what was going on. She watched a while and realized that it was a fight. 'Should I but in?' Right when she thought that another came in. She decided to stay hidden and wait a little longer before she decided to possible interfere.
  7. Hearing a pack of wolves nearby, Kodi just stared at the source of the pack running past him. Seeing them made him think of that time. He took a camping trip 2 years earlier with his parents. Kodi was attacked by a wolf and was still learning to control his shifts. His parents kicked him out, saying he was no longer their son. At that thought, his nails became longer and he stalked towards the city. Why did that wolf attack me 2 years ago? Could it be he wanted something from me? With these questions runinng through his mind, his fingernails went back to normal. The brown haired boy walked along the path from the forest to the city. Buildings and shops lined the streets as he glanced around, looking for anything to ease his stormy mind.
  8. Zoey watched the neko in aww. she stumbled towards the nekomim who had just saved her life at that moment. She blacked out after getting alittle closer but she regretted blacking out when she sensed two other presences nearby. two others not just her and this boy. she desperately hoped he would not kill her for she was not ready to die. it could be a matter of moments before the neko in front of her who saved her life could be her demise. but with how much blood she lost she needed to wake up soon and feed or die from bloodloss. she had waited to long and now her death might be the penalty.
  9. Hearing her body hit the ground with a thud, and prviously smelling two others he contemplated just leaving or carrying her somewhere safe. He knew quite well he couldn't just leave her. He dragged her into and alley and propped her up against a wall and also brought the dead wolves, hiding them as well. Once more he hid in the shadows, only his gleaming eyes visble, as he waited for the other two to appear. He needed to assess if they were hostile or not before he engaged them. He crouched, ears laid down, waiting.
  10. she woke up her vision blurry and she placed her hand over her leg as a tail appeared on her. her face went red and ears poped out of her head and she tryed covering them up by putting her hood up. she ran out of the alley but new she had to come back she didnt want the neko which was still around to see the darker side of her she chased down a wolf and bit it. she fed for a while then walked back to the alley where she layed down and slept for awhile to exhausted to do much of anything else. She spoke in Kerv's mind and said hello? what is your name? thank you for saving me!
  11. He knew when she got up and came back due to his hearing and smell. But he was surprised when he heard her voice. He replied with [My name is Kerv. And you are?]
  12. i say in his mind [i am Zoey-Alice. you didnt have to save me but you did so thank you. what creature are you? you looked human like?]
  13. [Nekomimi. You aren't human yourself. What are you?] He continued watching for the two he detected before. His tail swished back and forth in anticipation.
  14. i say in his mind [i am part angel part demon with vampires thirst and now im part wolf i guess sense the alpha bit me. who are the other two i sense? and umm where are you hiding?]
  15. [I see. And the other two? I haven't seen them yet. I'm right in front of you.] He turned so she could see him, his eyes gleaming. He smiled, a warm gentle smile. He was sitting against the other wall with on leg extended and the other bent. He rested his chin on the bent one.
  16. i say wow you hide well nice to meet you in person. i smile back but hide my fangs shyly and ashamed of the vampire bit in me. i put out my hand and say nice to finally meet someone else nearby.
  17. "You don't have to hide it. You should embrace everything that you are." He took her hand, retracting his claws. He noticed it had been a while, so he had no more business." I'll be leaving now. They haven't come by in some time time." He stood up and walked to the edge of the alleyway and ealked out.
  18. i say "hopefully we meet again i must go see if there are others and since im more healed than before i will take my leave now unless you want company"...... Zoey-Alice looked away when saying it. her parents disowned her for being the monster she was. she hoped she wasn't a monster in his eyes, he was the only person she had seen for over a year. she opened her wings hesitantly to inspect the damage to them.
  19. He looked back at her and noticed something on her cheek. He walked over and licked it off. It tasted like dirt, and it probably was. "I suppose I can stay for a while." He sat by her as he cleaned his claws. He noticed her wings and looked at them. They were quite pretty to him.
  20. she blushed when he licked her cheek. she heard the gunshot before she saw it heading for kerv. she jumped in front of it taking it straight in the heart she stumbled backwards. her breathing heavy she charged at the person with the gun her demon horns showing hood falling off as she ran showing her wolf ears. before the gunman died he shot her again on the shoulder. she says dang it! her wings surrounded her as she fell to her knees holding the bullet wound on her chest. she didnt dare look back she did not want kerv to see her in this very weakened state again.
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