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  1. Ello all. Your friendly neighborhood Angel is looking for a one on one.

    Here are some plot that I wanna try out. If you judge me, I will throw my history book at you.

    In the My Little Pony Universe:
    -The elements of harmony have disappeared. Long forgotten, lost to the wind, borderline nonexistent. Two new princesses rule over Equestria, and things are actually pretty peaceful. A new pony just moved to Ponyville, and with the new arrival, trouble starts to brew. Bad things seem to happen whenever the pegasus comes around, and it's causing some of the ponies there to grow suspicious of her.
    * I'll be playing the new pony in town, you'll be a male character in the town.
    - For the first time in Equestria's history, a stallion was made a prince and given the responsibility to raise and lower the moon. What will the princess responsible for the sun think of him? Could it be love?
    * I will be playing the stallion, you'll be playing the princess.

    Superheroes, the original kind:
    "I got bit by a radioactive cat.... Just kidding."
    Life was nice and simple for Leone Kyvak. He was born as a genetic experiment to blend feline traits with a human. And now his balance is fantastic, he has a self-righting instinct, he can walk off a fall from a six story building without a scratch, his senses of hearing and smelling are incredibly good, he can see perfectly in the dark, his canine teeth are a bit bigger and a lot sharper than your averge human, and he hates the police. You see, he puts on a cat mask and a black bodysuit, calls himself Kot, and steals thousands of dollars of profit in companies' illegal doings when he needs money for the month. It was a simple enough process until some reporter shows up in his life and turns it upside down.
    - I'll be playing as Leone/Kot, you'll be a female reporter.

    Mythical creatures and medieval fantasy:
    I prefer to play as a male daemon when we're talking mythical creatures. A daemon is a creature I created when I was a kid just learning how to roleplay, so I'll type up a description of it so we're all on the same page.
    A daemon is a member of the demon family. Albeit, demons and daemons don't get along in the slightest, there is a relationship there. Daemons look like typical humans, save for a few qualities. One is their ability to use magic and dark magic, and especially a spell known as hellsfire. They also have large bat wings that make them capable of flight, and a long feline tail. Their ears have a slight point to them, and they all have a glowing metallic colored ring around their pupils.
    -Captain of Royal Guard (me) x Princess
    -Injured Daemon (me) x Human female
    -Female neko (me) x Male mythical creature
    -Female lycan (me) x Male human

    SS Fortuna, the most wanted pirate interstellar ship in the known galaxies. Leone Valcrosse, captain of the SS Fortuna, really should have just gone into retirement after he got enough money to live more than comfortably without working. But, he loved being an interstellar pirate captain. Then one day he was betrayed by his first mate and taken prisoner on his own ship. What happens now is all up to you.

    Alright, so those are all my plots and ideas for the moment. My rules are simple. I don't take it to the bedroom, but I want romance in my plots. I want MxF, no offense, but I just don't like to rp that. I'll usually match your post size unless it's one in the morning. And I just want to have fun with this!
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  2. Hmm would you mind doing something in the my little pony universe? but does not revolve around the plot currently listed?.
  3. I would love to do Superheros, the original kind!
  4. Anyone interested?
  5. Anyone at all...?
  6. I'd be up for the Injured Daemon x Human female pairing?
  7. I'd be in for the capitan x princess ^^
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