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An artist trying to survive
Roleplay Invitations
One on One Roleplays, Chat Roleplays, Private Convo Roleplays
Posting Speed
A Few Posts A Day, Slow As Molasses
Writing Levels
Advanced, Adaptable
Genders You Prefer Playing
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
Prefer mutual leadership and direction
Favorite Genres
Post apocalypse, Horror, Dramatic, Sci Fi, Mystery
Genre You DON'T Like
"School life", anything involving minors
Hi! I'm Ángel and I'm an artist, I love making character designs and would love to share my works with you wonderful folks.

My commissions are open and ready to go!


Half Body and Shoulder shot

Two characters, $25USD:

Fullbody or Half, with a background and full color $30-50USD:
Depends on hours spent.


You can contact me in my
PMs, email, DeviantArt, Tumblr or Twitter!!
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