Angels and Demons

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  1. Kaitlyn sighed as she read her book. It was the first day back to school and she was already bored. She let her fingers glide across the page, feeling every bump that indicated different letters. The sun shined as kids around her talked about what they did over the summer. She heard someone walk over to her and turned. "Kaitlyn?" Her teacher, Mrs. Harlington said. "I have someone you need to see."

    She nodded and stood up. Mrs. Harlington took her hand and led her out to the hall. Another student was standing there, waiting for them. Kaitlyn could hear shifting feet. "Kuyumi Sasaki, this is your new buddy. You see, Kaitlyn, Miss Sasaki works with blind kids and helps them while she studies with them."

    Kaitlyn blinked her unseeing eyes and tilted her head. "Kuyumi Sasaki..."
  2. Kuyumi fixed her long black hair retying her ribbon that kept her hair up in a half up and half down position, awaiting her new buddy. When Kaitlyn came out she smiled and turned towards her. "Hello Kaitlyn, a pleasure to meet you." She reached her hand out and grabbed Kaitlyn's shaking it gently.
  3. Kaitlyn was stiff as she shook hands with the strange girl. "The pleasure is mine." She said robotically.

    Mrs. Harlington smiled and started to walk back to the classroom. "You two have today off to get to know each other and learn more about each other. Have fun ladies!" She said, yelling at the students goofing off immediately afterwards.
  4. Kuyumi let go and rubbed the back of her head. "So um, what would you like to do? We can go to the library, or the park nearby." She smiled, even though she knew Kaitlyn couldn't see. "I'm up for anything."
  5. "I like the park." Kaitlyn said, staring at Kuyumi. Her pale blue eyes had no pupil, making her stare seem almost scary.
  6. She nodded, "Alright, lets go." She took her by the hand and started leading her out of the school. She stopped by the office to check her out and headed to the park. It was a warm day with a few clouds and a cool breeze. She sat on a bench and helped Kaitlyn sit down. "So, tell me about yourself."
  7. "What do you want to know?" Kaitlyn asked, turning to where she thought Kuyumi was sitting. She ended up looking past her.
  8. She shrugs, "This might be a sensitive topic but, how did you lose your sight?" She paused. "Feel free to not say, its completely understandable."
  9. "I was born without pupils. No pupils, no sight." Kaitlyn said, shrugging. She smiled at the sounds of the birds, closing her eyes.
  10. She nodded, "Ah ok. Well, being your age, I assume you can read braille?"
  11. Kaitlyn nodded. "I do. It's interesting hearing people's reactions when I'm tell them I'm reading harry potter and it's braille."