Angels and Demons

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What Genre of Roleplay is your favorite?

  1. Horror/Thriller

  2. Romance

  3. Sci-fi

  4. Medieval

  5. Ancient Civilization

  6. Slice of Life

  7. Drama

  8. Combat/Military

  9. Fantasy

  10. Comedy

  11. Old West

  12. Crime

  13. Gangsta

  14. Futuristic

  15. Adventure

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  1. Hello Iwaku,
    My name is DemonOfTheDamned, however I will accept many other names.
    I have been Roleplaying for roughly 5 years, I have made some amazing stories and worlds.
    This will be my third time on Iwaku, I have been called away from this place before.

    I will have limited time to be on Iwaku most days, so replies may be fairly slow. However those whom I enjoy Roleplaying with and are consistent. I will give other ways to contact me.

    I have created numerous amounts of characters over my years. DemonOfTheDamned being one, and the character I am most recognized for. I can do any form of Roleplay any scenario. I enjoy pushing my capabilities to the very limit when it comes to my writing. However my punctuation is not perfect and I do make some mistakes I am ever learning.

    I cannot wait to meet some amazing people and create some truly engaging worlds, that directors will make movies about in the future. I guess I should give you some basic information about me as well.

    Age - I am 18
    Gender - Male
    Sexual Orientation - 80%/20% In favor of females
    Hobbies - Gaming, Roleplaying (DUH!), Acting, Singing, Dancing, Drawing.
    I enjoy Roleplaying in groups, usually a group of no more than 10 so I can really get to know each person. I also enjoy One x One Roleplays, I do not mind these being in threads or in a Private message.
    I usually like to have a connection with the people I am Roleplaying with, to the point I can consider each of them my friend.

    Anyway, I have given you all a lot about me and probably too much to read. I hope to hear from many of you so we can start writing as soon as possible.

    Your friendly neighborhood Demon.
  2. Hullo Demon!

    Welcome back! I won't bother giving you the new member spiel since you have already been around for a while ^_^ Hope you stay this time!

  3. Welcome to the site, DemonofTheDamned! Hope you enjoy your time back and get back into the roleplaying flow of things! :D
  4. I am going to try my best to stick around as long as possible this time!!
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