Angels and Demons

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  1. One day God and the Devil had a meeting. Each of their Kingdoms had been growing weaker as they fell more and more out of balance. The two spoke, and fought, for a long, long time until a conclusion was reached. This conclusion was based upon the fact that the two found they were most powerful when they were coexisting equally. All the fighting, wars, and bloodshed had only brought disaster upon each Kingdom. And so a solution was devised.

    Four angels and four demons are, for some reason or other, on Earth. Some may have been cast out, or some may have been sent on a mission. Maybe some just wanted to get away. Each one is in a different place and are unaware of each other, but at the same time on the same day each receives a strange message. The message comes in the form of a blood red butterfly that turns into a letter as soon as it touches the intended receiver. The message states a date, time, and address and is signed, respectively, the Devil or God. Of course they might be suspicious or unwilling, but refusing an order from one so powerful is a bad idea. And so they all go, bringing as few or as many possessions with them as they desire.

    When they reach that address they find a mansion. Upon approaching a butler appears to take their belongings and show them to a room. Their room. With a basic dresser, closet, and bed the room is sparsely furnished but comfortable. The butler shall then vanish, never to be seen again. On the bed there is a letter with the name of the room's occupant on it. Inside they will find the following explanation of what, exactly, they are doing there.

    Dear _____,

    Greetings, Young One. No doubt you are confused about your prescence here. Do not fret, all shall be explained. You are not the only occupant of this mansion. There are seven others who will be staying with you. Four will be angels, and four will be demons. An odd mix, yes, but necessary.

    Recently there was a meeting between myself and the Lord/Devil. We have found that we are both most prosperous when we are in balance. Balance is, regrettably, very difficult to achieve. We each wish to see if Angels and Demons can stand to be together for long periods of time without killing each other. You eight are our trial run. You will be living together for a year in this mansion. You will be able to go outside, but do not attempt to leave. You will not be able to. Those of you with wings are permitted to fly, but go too far and you will be retrieved. We will always know what is going on here, though we may not intrude.

    If you start to fight we will not interfere. But do your best not to kill each other. There will be no servants. Simply ask the house for what you need and it will be provided. Do not ask for a way to escape, or any means of communication. They will not be provided. Do your best to coexist in harmony. We will be watching.


    The sender of the letter depends on who's room it is in. Demons will get a letter signed from the Devil, angels will get a letter signed from God. We will be starting the RP with the angels and demons just arriving.

    Angel Male: Liam- Ruikio
    Angel Female: Marlo Sylas- Equinox
    Angel Male: Elijah Xavier Anjel- bluberriexD
    Angel Female: Alyss- Cookies Need Love

    Demon Male: Ru'mel- Ashaekin
    Demon Female: Kaethe- Layne
    Demon Male: Datenshi Gridan- luvable-lil-monster
    Demon Female: Ariela Sirené Dark- bluberriexD
  2. Ru'mel had entered the house. It was strange. He felt the house. It was a living, breathing, fruitful being. Built for a specific purpose. Of coarse, it was to house 4 demons and 4 angels. With the slits in his jacket, he let his wings breath. It felt real good, even if they were tattered and torn. With that, he want to his room.
  3. ((Ashey, most people don't know why they're there until they read the letter!))

    Alyss swung open the door to the taxi, tossing some money on the backseat. A moment later, after the driver had grabbed the money, the yellow car squealed away. No doubt he thought she had miscounted and wanted to be gone by the time she realized her mistake, but Alyss knew exactly how much she had overpaid him. She'd seen the picture of kids on his dashboard and she was still an Angel... Kind of. Her black wings were currently folded up under a black t-shirt. White didn't work too well for Alyss, since her wings tended to show.

    The girl approached the mansion, her long black hair braided down her back. In a moment she was at the door and pushing it slowly open. Suddenly a man in a suit appeared in front of the door and bowed to her.

    "Miss Alyss, I will show you to your room now," the butler greeted the newest guest. Alyss hesitated, then nodded, although she was a little out off. After all, how did the mysterious man know her name. She pondered it even as she followed the butler through the hallways and eventually put it down to the Lord's omnipresence. That was who had invited her here, after all. Alyss wondered if it was for a final punishment, or perhaps a release from her current state of torture. Either way it didn't matter.

    "Here we are, Miss Alyss. I do hope you enjoy your stay." Alyss opened the door to the room and took in the bare furnishings in a single glance. She turned to the butler, determined to ask him a question, but he had disappeared. She peered up and down the hallway but couldn't see a sign of him. With a shrug, Alyss turned back to her room and stepped inside. She noticed a letter with her name on it on the bed and reached out to grab it up. She slid out the paper inside and read the note. Most of it was clearly a form letter for every occupant, but there was one addition at the end meant only for her.

    If all goes well, you may find yourself absolved of all past sins. Your wings would be white again and you would once more be an angel, instead of a Fallen.

    Alyss stared at the words and knew she would do her best to not cause any trouble. She couldn't guarantee that she would get along with the rest of the residents, even the angels. Alyss wasn't exactly a friendly person. However she would do her best to obey the rules and coexist peacefully. Simply for her chance to have white wings once more.
  4. Ariela parked her motorcycle a few feet away from the tall mansion. She looked up at it with wide, orchid-colored eyes. "This is...a big place," she huffed as she got off her bike with one swift move. She raked her hair with her left hand as she unzipped her jacket with the right. Ariela chewed the bottom of her lip as she walked up the steps. Before she could knock, the door opened with a cliché type of creak. She jumped, backing up a few to hear her heels crunch the stone beneath her feet. "Ah Ariela you have arrived!" The butler said with a cheery smile. She nodded quietly, as she held the strap across her chest tightly with her hands.

    "Would you like for me--"

    Ariela quickly stopped him. "No, it's fine," she uttered as she walked in. She began to look around the house with careful eyes, her eyebrows furrowed as she inspected everything. "Your room is up the steps, last door on the left," he told her, then vanished. Ariela walked up the steps quietly, not even noticing that the butler vanished into thin air. She counted her steps, calming her heartbeat. Her wings were hidden--underneath her skin as a tattoo. Her whole back was covered in wings. Ariela opened the door to see her plain room. The only thing out of place was the letter on the dresser.

    She walked over and read it. All she saw was blah, blah, and more blah. However, at the end...there was a special piece for her.

    'Ariela, my love, when you come back you'll have no Zaye to worry about. I'll make him my personal problem, not your's. Can't wait till you come back.'

    Ariela had a faint smile growing on her face. The Devil always had some sort of emotion toward Ariel, but never showed it like this before. The letter than burned into smoke, disappearing.


    Elijah drove his Bentley into the front of the court-yard. He turned off the engine and jogged to the back once he got out. He opened the trunk, and grabbed his bags. He hummed quietly to himself as he watched the car slowly fade into oblivion. He sighed to himself, "I gotta' get that car," he spoke to himself as he opened the door to see a butler. "Good afternoon, Elijah, let me take your bags," the butler insisted. Elijah obliged, and gave the butler two of his bags while Elijah took care of the rest. He wore denim jeans, a white tee, and black blazer. He always looked like the pretty boy type.

    The butler walked up the steps silently, and Elijah began to follow. Elijah hummed to his own tune, as he was taken to his room. The butler opened the door for Elijah and dropped off his stuff right next to the door.

    "This is...plain," Elijah frowned inwardly with a slight shrug. He walked over to the bed to see a letter. He skimmed through it with ease as he nodded. His special piece was on the back, written with excellent handwriting.

    'Elijah, you have made me proud to be one of the few who obliged easily. Even though I know you didn't want to go. I could tell. I'm God, you know. When you come back, you will fully get white wings, and finally be able to rest from all of the bloodshed you've caused.'

    Elijah chuckled quietly, and threw it in the air to let it disappear. "God, you're so funny," he spoke underneath his breath.
  5. Ru'mel had read the letter. He already knew most of it through a message from the Lucifer himself. He didn't say specifics, but did say he'd be with others. The special part told him, if this works, he'd become a king again and a seraphim. This gave him a thrill. Being a seraphim is better than a greater demon.

    {I imagine the Butler as Walter from hellsing ultimate}
  6. (Sorry, I'm on my phone so these might be shorter than I usually post.)

    Ariela stripped off her bag and plopped it on her bed. She took off her jacket to reveal snug jeans, and a black tank top. She exited her bedroom and decided to roam around. She let her fingers hook onto her belt loop, and began to walk around. She wondered what it'd be like to get lost in this vast place. It kind of seemed like a gift, actually. She opened a large door to reveal a huge library. Ariela smiled to herself, and walked into the room. She let her fingers trail amongst the spines of each book.

    She already had a feeling she'd be in this room most of the year. Ariela walked out and decided to go into the kitchen. It took her a few moments to find it, but she did. She searched in the fridge, humming ever so quietly as she grabbed a beer. She placed a hand on her hip as she opened it swiftly with her teeth. Her fingers brushed on her scar lightly. It was pink against her tan complexion, and was a jagged four inches.


    Elijah unpacked his stuff, already making a mess as he did so. He wondered if anyone else was here. At that thought, he walked out of the room and began to roam around. He cracked his neck, as he began walking around. He walked past the two living rooms, the library, the three offices, and the enormous kitchen. Elijah then glanced at Ariela, but didn't want to bother her. He didn't feel like having any encounters just yet.
  7. Driving up to the mansion, the cheery automated GPS voice saying, "Turn left," even though she had already stopped the car, Marlo craned her neck out the window, nearly rear-ending a car already parked. Sure, so it wasn't her best day, but when is it, after you get fired from your job and have yet to find another one?

    That's how she saw it, her temporary self-banishment from Heaven. A loss of a job, like what's happening with the humans these days. She just had yet to get another one, two months later. Shaking her head, she turns off the car, leaving the keys in it and the doors unlocked, knowing that either the front doors would lock after she went in, or all the cars would be gone. Would certainly add to the creepy haunted house feel to the place, she thought with a smile.

    Reaching the front doors, she debates whether to knock or not, and decides on just barging in. Inside, she is greeted by a butler. Rolling her eyes as he speaks to her, she doesn't really pay attention, choosing instead to pretend to absent-mindedly pop her shoulder out of its socket, as if it was the most normal thing ever, just to weird him out.

    He led her up the stairs after taking her bags, to a hallway with various other doors leading who knows where. Stopping at the last door on the right, he opened it, revealing a plain but immaculate room, sparsely decorated. Just as she was about to turn and ask what sort of crap was going on, the butler disappeared.

    Sitting on her bed, and crushing the note sitting on it in the process, Marlo Sylas takes in her room. Getting up and reading the note, she saw the personalized message at the bottom.

    "Do this correctly," it said, "and I will forgive you for everything you might have or might have not done. Do this wrong, and I will condemn you to being a Fallen. You'll be an angel or a Fallen, not a half of a whole."

    Shaking her head, chuckling slightly, Marlo tosses the paper out the window, saying to herself, "Ch'yeah. Right. Know all you want to do is get me out of your kingdom, isn't that right?" She knew that she would probably do something 'wrong' and God would be rid of her. He knew how she was, too headstrong, and will fight to the ends of the earth and sky to be right. God was trying to play her like a pawn, she knew. "Not going to work this time, mate."

    Lying down on the bed, she took off her jacket awkwardly, twisting her body every which way to get it off in her stubborn position, letting her monochrome-colored wings out. "Jeez. A whole year. Plenty of time, I suppose, to make a stupid mistake." Sighing ruefully, she got up, too restless to rest, and began wandering her new home for the next year.

  8. Alyss looked around the room once more. Most likely it would look exactly like this at the end of the year. She had not brought anything for she didn't have anything to bring, no trinkets or keepsakes, despite her many, many years on earth. In all that time she had yet to make a single friend. Besides, the house would provide anything she might need, though she didn't predict needing much. Just at that moment, however, a thought struck her. The instant it did, the house provided. A green notebook was lying on the bed with a golden pen arranged rather invitingly across it. Alyss allowed a tiny smile as she reached for the items and settled into a seated position on the bed.

    Experiment: Day 1, Hour 1
    This will be the place for me to document all the goings on that I am aware of within this house. I have no doubt that, should this experiment be successful, it would be highly publicized and the details distorted. I wish to keep the real happenings fresh in my mind and shall use this notebook to record the true story. Not whatever they happen to share with the Angels and Demons of both Heaven and Hell. At the moment I have yet to meet anyone; though I should not doubt that those noises I am hearing are others arriving. I shall go out and perhaps have a conversation. Something to record here. Observations, as it were.

    Alyss clicked the pen and put both down on the dresser before heading for the door. She had no plans of going up to someone to strike uo a conversation. She would simply walk around and perhaps be approached by someone else. The letter had said nothing about her having to socialize. With that in mind, Alyss exited her room and began to roam the mansion.
  9. Ariela leaned against the marble countertop, as she silently took sips from her beer. She then began to bask in her situation. She was far away from Zaye--her abusive, demonic boyfriend--and now she finally got to see what Earth looked like. Lucifer was finally going to take care of her problem, and take care of her when she came back. Who knows, he might make her some ultimate demon or something like that. Ariela smirked at the idea, not understanding how Lucifer liked her. Ariela didn't like to think so--but she was outstandingly gorgeous. She was born that way. Her mother was a seductress, seducing even the most powerful, political figures amongst Earth...while her Father was once an Angel who fell deeply in love with her mother. So, two good-looking people made a gorgeous baby.

    That's how it seemed.

    Ariela heard the front door open a few times, and she scrunched her eyebrows as she began thinking of who it could be. Another demon? Perhaps one she knew? Or an Angel? Maybe one she could mess with for the hell of it? She smiled at the thought. She walked out, and noticed Marlo looking aroud. Ariela wouldn't be surprised if some of the demons here knew her. Only because Lucifer favored her over the rest. Some demons hated her for it. And Zaye beat her sometimes because of it.


    Elijah kept roaming, already getting bored. He was used to an action-packed life. One with swords, fighting words, and all of the sorts. Dark and light feathers flying. He had too much of an exciting life. He jogged up the steps, and almost fell onto Alyss. "Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't see you there," Elijah told her as he looked down to make sure she was okay.

    At first glance, Elijah couldn't tell if she was a demon or not. Or if she was Angel. His eyebrows furrowed and he looked down at her. "Not to seem rude, but which one are you?" He asked her.
  10. Alyss turned down the hallway, looking around. Everything seemed... Normal. She saw no sign of the mysterious butler, and she suspected that she never would again. After all, this was an experiment for angels and demons. Anything else might disrupt the experiment and make the data worthless. That was how Alyss decided she would view the entire thing; exactly as shod and the Devil did. As one big experiment. As lost in her thoughts as she was, Alyss didn't notice the boy jogging up the stairs until he nearly fell into her. She tured her blank, level gaze on him as he apologized.

    "It is fine. I was lost in my own thoughts and did not notice you either," Alyss said, waving away the apology with a dismissive hand. Her voice was not welcoming and friendly, but neither was it cold and decidedly unfriendly. More neutral, as if she wouldn't care if they continued on into a civil conversation or ended up battling to the death. In truth, she didn't. Either one would contribute to the experiment and give her something's to write in her notebook. Alyss arched an eyebrow at the boy's next question.

    "Not to seem rude," Alyss responded cooly, "But why should I tell you?" She wasn't being mean or rude or anything. Alyss simply wanted to know what reason she had to release a piece of information that could be valuable. It was the way Alyss was. She didn't trust easily, or at all really.
  11. Liam arrives at the Mansion which is taller than he expected with a couple of baggages " lame...with the four other angels I wouldve been ok... but four demons aswell? how stu-" He stops before he ends up criticizing god himself. "but, really Allah?..." he sighs as he enters the mansion which seems unusually quiet at the time [I bet everyones already killed eachother] He snickers as he asks the butler where his room is.
    "right this way sir" the butler says as he walks Liam to his room and places his bags down "have an enjoyable time"
    [In hell...] Liam Nods taking his things into his room and lies down on his belly. He lets his wings stretch out halfway through the room "keeping these things constricted is ridiculous..."
  12. Elijah couldn't help but smirk at her comeback. "Touché, but why wouldn't you tell me? I mean, you're here because you're one or the other. No need to keep it a secret," he told her with a simple shrug that rolled off his shoulders. As he looked at her, right away Elijah began to judge her. She was a pretty little thing. What was she? He did not know, and that's what he was trying to find out.

    "Whether you tell me or not is your call, but I'll find out sooner or later. I'm Elijah, an Angel. If you're an Angel you probably heard of me. That wasn't meant to sound cocky," he told her.
  13. Kaethe strolled up the stairs to the building, already irritated that she had to be here. Lucifer might have been able to order her around, but she wasn't going to bend over and take it with a smile. She opened the doors and stepped inside, handing over her bags to the waiter without a word as he greeted her. Her pale face illuminated her bright blue eyes, framed by golden curls that would make any Angel absolutely green with envy. A curvy figure was clad in soft blue silk, edged in gold and the picture of beauty and innocence. It was her expression that gave away her true nature. A vicious coldness that radiated hatred to any being she looked at. There was no reason to be sweet to anybody here - she had nothing to gain yet.

    She followed the butler to her bedroom and looked around, then read the letter waiting for her. The little tidbit on the end directed at her made her smirk. So, Lucifer was promising a crown if she participated. Kind of him. She did so love shiny things and commanding people around like her personal playthings. Tossing it aside to let it burn to nothingness on the floor, she opened up her bag and changed her clothes. Snug jeans and a light blue corset. Staying barefoot, she sighed and eyed herself in the mirror. Might as well see what the rest of this prison is like, she figured. Maybe find a bit of fun along the way.

    Leaving her room, she saw a boy and girl collide with each other. Idiots, she thought absently, giving them both an innocent smile as she passed. Perhaps playing the part of a sweetheart would be good until they counted it up and realized she was batting for the other team. Smirking inwardly, she skipped down the stairs and looked around, taking note of the smaller details.
  14. Ru'mel decided to enjoy himself. Looking around, he found his way to the library. There he picked out a book from his favorite author, who he also had the privilege to meet. Edgar Allen Poe. Of coarse, he was the one to give him inspiration. Giving him twisted ideas and destroying his life. Oh, what mischief Ru'mel enjoyed.

    {Haha!! haha. Look at the picture everyone.}
  15. ((Why does everybody know about Hellsing? I'll just sit over here in the corner with my LotR and cry over my blatant loss of coolness...))

    "If you keep saying things like that I can keep repeating them back at you," Alyss warned the angel. She vaguely recognized him from somewhere, but she wasn't too sure. It's been a while since she'd been up in Heaven and it wasn't like she'd had any contact with anyone from there. Alyss had been completely and utterly cut off, and as such didn't know the big, important angels anymore. She could remember a time when she used to be one of those big, important angels.

    "Conversely, why should I tell you? I'm here because one way or another we have to get along, and as such my race shouldn't matter," Alyss continued. Her reasoning now, however, was simply to point out that such distinctions were completely useless in this house. It did not matter if one was an angel or a demon. They were all equal here, that was the truth of it. Outside prejudices didn't count in a situation such as this one.

    "Technically, I am an angel," Alyss finally admitted, deciding it was enough point making for now. She could continue on that later. She arched an eyebrow as he introduced himself as Elijah and commented that she had probably heard of him. The name didn't ring a bell except... Elijah? He'd barely been anyone of importance back when she was one of God's advisors. Had it really been so long?

    "I haven't been to Heaven in a while. I'm Alyss. You might've heard of me."
  16. ((I don't know what the hell Hellsing, yeah. O.o))

    Elijah smirked as she seemed to get annoyed, so it seemed. "You must be a Fallen, seeing as you took it personal. You can try and hide it, but I know," he told her with a half-smile growing on his charming face. "Alyss? No, haven't heard of you. We don't speak much of Fallens. You must've been gone for a long time if you don't know who I am," he informed her. "I was only trying to make conversation, nice meeting you," he told her as he headed back down the staircase, wanting to see who else was around.

    He remembered seeing a gorgeous girl walking past the two earlier. However, he could tell right away how fake she was. Her smile was fake, which rang a bell in Elijah's head as he walked around the place. He licked his lips as he wondered who he'd see next. Another Fallen? A demon? Or an Angel?
  17. Ru'mel's ears perked up. He had been so engrossed in a book up in the rafters, he didn't hear the Butler {Walter} enter the room. "Sir, some of the guest have arrived. Seeing as how you were the first, I would hope you'd get acquainted with the others. Now, the matters of your luggage and room. Do you have any materials you brought with you? And shall I make better accommodations for your room?"

    "No think you, sir." He said with the same politeness. "The accommodations are fine and I have no luggage or extra materials. But if you'd be so kind as to bring my scythe from my temporary home, or send someone for it, I'd be eternally grateful."

    "Would that be all sir?"

    "Yes that is all. May I ask your name?"

    "It is Walter sir. Walter C. Dornez."

    "It is a pleasure Walter. I'm Ru'mel."

    "Of coarse sir. I'll be off if that's is all?"

    "Of coarse."
  18. {Fallen are considered demons. Also, hellsing is the most bad ass anime ever. See hellsing ultimate. A Guy on YouTube has all of em up to date. Animemusicmovie}
  19. (Oh..and I'll check it out sometime.)-Ariela walked off, deciding to go into the library she had found earlier today. She noticed a butler, and apologized for almost butting into him. She walked into the room and noticed a man. Ru'mel. "Sorry, didn't know someone else was in here," she murmured as she walked toward the nearest shelf, grabbing a book that looked to be written in Latin. It was made up of various poems, which Ariela loved. She sat down in the seat across from Ru'mel, and began to read after she flipped to a random page.
  20. ((RAWR! Also, butler guy disappears soon as the playing field must be level, and maybe I shall, Ashey... Maybe I shall))

    "I don't care if you know. I am indeed a Fallen," Alyss told him. She honestly didn't care too much if others knew. What they thought was nothing to the great shame she felt whenever she spread her wings. How others looked upon her was of no consequence compared to that. She shrugged slightly in response to his next few sentences, electing not to say anything more. He was fine, she supposed. Not annoying, not interesting. A nothing. Alyss made a mental note to record the conversation in the notebook later.

    Alyss turned away from where they had been conversing, her mind going to the girl who had smiled as she walked by. Again, not interesting or annoying as far as Alyss had seen so far. She was like this on most people. Simply neutral, not caring about them at all. Alyss continued to explore the mansion, finding the quickest and easiest route to various destinations. Finally the girl arrived at the library, the place she wanted to check out the most. Over her years of solitude, Alyss had gotten quite into reading and discovered a not neutral feeling for it. Something that was rare for her. Alyss glanced around the library and, seeing only a couple people, headed for the shelves. Her finger gently ran along the spines as she moved up and down the book cases, searching for one she might enjoy.