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  1. One day God and the Devil had a meeting. Each of their Kingdoms had been growing weaker as they fell more and more out of balance. The two spoke, and fought, for a long, long time until a conclusion was reached. This conclusion was based upon the fact that the two found they were most powerful when they were coexisting equally. All the fighting, wars, and bloodshed had only brought disaster upon each Kingdom. And so a solution was devised.

    Four angels and four demons are, for some reason or other, on Earth. Some may have been cast out, or some may have been sent on a mission. Maybe some just wanted to get away. Each one is in a different place and are unaware of each other, but at the same time on the same day each receives a strange message. The message comes in the form of a blood red butterfly that turns into a letter as soon as it touches the intended receiver. The message states a date, time, and address and is signed, respectively, the Devil or God. Of course they might be suspicious or unwilling, but refusing an order from one so powerful is a bad idea. And so they all go, bringing as few or as many possessions with them as they desire.

    When they reach that address they find a mansion. Upon approaching a butler appears to take their belongings and show them to a room. Their room. With a basic dresser, closet, and bed the room is sparsely furnished but comfortable. The butler shall then vanish, never to be seen again. On the bed there is a letter with the name of the room's occupant on it. Inside they will find the following explanation of what, exactly, they are doing there.

    Dear _____,

    Greetings, Young One. No doubt you are confused about your presence here. Do not fret, all shall be explained. You are not the only occupant of this mansion. There are seven others who will be staying with you. Four will be angels, and four will be demons. An odd mix, yes, but necessary.

    Recently there was a meeting between myself and the Lord/Devil. We have found that we are both most prosperous when we are in balance. Balance is, regrettably, very difficult to achieve. We each wish to see if Angels and Demons can stand to be together for long periods of time without killing each other. You eight are our trial run. You will be living together for a year in this mansion. You will be able to go outside, but do not attempt to leave. You will not be able to. Those of you with wings are permitted to fly, but go too far and you will be retrieved. We will always know what is going on here, though we may not intrude.

    If you start to fight we will not interfere. But do your best not to kill each other. There will be no servants. Simply ask the house for what you need and it will be provided. Do not ask for a way to escape, or any means of communication. They will not be provided. Do your best to coexist in harmony. We will be watching.


    The sender of the letter depends on who's room it is in. Demons will get a letter signed from the Devil, angels will get a letter signed from God. We will be starting the RP with the angels and demons just arriving.

    Angel Male: Ornias- Mexma
    Angel Female: Marlo Sylas- Equinox
    Angel Male: Elijah Xavier Anjel- bluberriexD
    Angel Female: Alyss- Cookies Need Love

    Demon Male: Ru'mel- Ashaekin
    Demon Female: Kaethe- Layne
    Demon Male: Datenshi Gridan- luvable-lil-monster
    Demon Female: Ariela Sirené Dark- bluberriexD


    Powers: Maximum of 3
    History: Short explanation of why you were on Earth and any other important details
    Personality: A few things to expect when interacting with your character
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  8. Appearance: Alyss

    Name: Alyss

    Powers: Healing. Also, Alyss has a green force she can manipulate to shape into just about anything, including a shield or sword.

    History: Alyss was not always a Fallen. She once, many years ago, had the pure white wings of an Angel. Alyss was high in the ranks of the Angels. She advised God Himself, and was seen as wise and fair. Back then Alyss was much different then now. But as the years passed Alyss felt herself begin to change. She grew skeptical of God's decisions, and began to doubt what the Angels were doing. Perhaps it was this that led her to the most heinous crime an angel could commit, but Alyss does not know why she did what she did...

    Alyss saved a Demon. Alyss and a fellow angel were out on a mission on Earth when they were attacked. A demon tore into the other angel, killing her immediately. As he turned on Alyss herself, God arrived. He had seen what the demon had done and was prepared to strike it dead. He raised his hand and let out a flood of celestial light; deadly to demons, but harmless to anything else. However the light never reached the demon. Alyss moved in front of it and protected it from the rays. This gave the demon enough time to escape, but Alyss was left to face God's wrath.
    So Alyss' wings were turned black as a mark of a Fallen angel. Alyss was banned from Heaven and thrown to Earth, where she was destined to spend the rest of her years. Wasting away and ashamed of her beloved wings...

    Personality: Alyss is quiet and withdrawn. She will rarely instigate a conversation and when responding she will often give as few words as possible. She has a deep-seated distrust of just about everyone and it takes quite a bit to get her to really warm up to you. She's cordial when speaking with someone, and doesn't show much emotion. Displays of anger or joy are not her thing. Alyss is level headed and avoids fights as much as possible.

    However Alyss needs to be free to fly. She hates being stuck to the ground, or anywhere. Alyss gets frustrated when she feels her freedom being limited and her worst nightmare is having her wings disappear. Even though their blackness is a mark of her Fallen status, to Alyss they are also her one ticket to true freedom.

    When Alyss does get angry it is not a burst of hot rage that dissipates. It's a cold, freezing anger that will stay around. As such, Alyss holds grudges for a long time. It's difficult for her to let go of a particular hatred. This does not mean she will act upon it when she sees the object of her hatred, however. She will not seem any different, but changing Alyss' opinion is near impossible. Alyss stays calm in most any situation and chooses to seek the most secluded and lonely spot to think things through.
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  10. Appearance: will put up picture later
    Name: Ru'mel
    Powers: Breathes of fire, manipulates water, and can cause great gust of wind with wings powerful enough to cause tornadoes.
    History: After Ru'mel fell from grace, he soon became a demon. Though he was not stripped of his wings, they were torn and beat up. He soon wondered the earth, causing mischief in the shadows and leaving behind no trace.
    Personality: Quiet, mischievous, and goofy.
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  13. Appearance:(will put up later maybe tommorow since using sai is ridiculous with only a lappytop)His wings look normal only that the left one is slightly cut from an accidental run in with a demon, of which was a relative of his.

    Name: Liam

    Powers: He can create almost anything he wants by shaping it in the air as long as it isnt a living thing, elemental or natural, nor electronic/mecha,(though he'll mostly make weapons(as they are somewhat atractive to him) he can also create a force field around anything but himself.

    History: He was always cheerful and kind with just some slip ups of the mischievious kind which earned him his right to become an angel. Liam found It kinda boring In heaven after he died(source not known but there are theories) so he went to earth, after confronting the big boss, to see how much it changed since his death, which isnt much.

    Personality: Liam is obeidient, doesnt care what happens he'll have something joyful to say,he's all chill while doing so,not hyperactive nor depressive/complex. He'll crack a joke once in a while.

    (oh geez I wonder how many grammar errors I have here.)
  14. I think your looking for obedient.
  15. And i know its not up to me, but that ability seems a little too powerful. Talk to cookie. I don't mean to be mean but it seems like a God power.
  16. That power is a bit strong. Perhaps put limitations on it? For example, he can't create a living thing. And if he makes something magical, like an artifact, it won't automatically have the powers the normal object would have.
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