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  1. "Washington D.C... On the surface, a great city where the nation's political leaders call home. However if you dig deeper, you will find a rotten core of violence, corruption and other criminals. The funny thing is the human side of it is so much better than the supernatural side." A lean dark hair man dressed in a black collared t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of old combat boots looked around idly at the White House before him. It was early evening as he stands there and shook his head. He muttered softly to himself, "I wonder how the nation would react if they knew about the world I know." He chuckled for a moment then spoke again, "Probably apeshit crazy. It is best that they don't know."

    Turning away from the White House, the man began to talk away and think about how he showed up in the capital of the US. He does not remember much from before he woke up in a pew of an old Catholic church. He knew that angels, demons, ghosts, mages and other supernatural creatures existed and even some of them mingled with humans. He knew that most humans believed that those creatures do not exist. He was able to remember his name, how to wield a variety of weapons properly, how to kill most of the creatures and how to recognize them. It was a weird thing to wake up to along with all three grand that he had in his pocket. He tried to go to the police to find out who he was but that just got complicated as he "officially" did not exist. It was probably better that way.

    He walked along as street and passed an alley. A few human thugs were waiting to jump on a stupid tourist that had gotten lost. He hated crooks and thugs. All they did was prey on those weaker than them. Turning a corner, Eddie caught a young blonde about to walk down such an alley. He frowned and crossed the street hoping that his mortality would allow him to just leave it be. His mind answered, :Yea like I will ever allow you to just walk pass when something bad is about to happen.: He cursed himself and turned around from the corner he was on. It took him a few minutes to even get back to the alley then he heard a scream. Then, he took off running into alley.
  2. "I said leave me alone, I can't help who my parents are. You really do not want to be doing this, its not a wise idea." the girl whispered and narrowed her eyes as she began to trembled from head to toe. She narrowed her eyes and looked around her wondering if she could find a way out before she changed, she hoped it didn't get to that. She could never control her other side, she would go crazy and there would be a lot of blood shed and a lot of people would end up dead and in the hospital. She bit her lip wondering what to do, she really couldn't lose her mind at this time, and there was an innocent man behind these thugs as well.

    "Are you sure, come play with us pretty lil girl. You smell so clean and tasty, we want to have some fun with you." one man hissed as he looked into the girl's eyes. She narrowed them and clenched her hands into fists and dug her nails into her palms. "You will not lose control you will not lose control." she whispered to herself but it was to late. Jinx was already changing her anger was to much for her, wings sprouted from her back two pairs of them and a long forked demon tail followed by her eyes changing red. She glared at them and a scythe appeared in her hand. "You shouldn't mess with the daughter of Lucifer." she said.

    She brought her scythe down on the first man attacking him, she slit his throat before she shot into the air and attacked the second man, gun fire went off and she was shot in one of her wings. She lost flight slightly but she regained it and headed towards the man with the gun and sliced his head off, she began to laugh happily as she was spattered with blood. She suddenly felt a knife tare through one of her wings and she landed on the ground, a man pushed his boot down on her throat and smirked. "Time to get rid of you once and for all, oh daughter of the devil." he hissed and brought his knife to her throat.

    [​IMG] she has these wings, eyes and tail only)
  3. After turning into the alley, it took a moment to register what was going on. The girl he had seen go into the alley had turned into a demon, two men lay dead on the ground, and somehow one of the men had her in a bad way. Eddie focused upon the thug who had the knife to her throat. Eddie took a brief moment as the thug brought the blade down then charged as the man was clearly tunnel-visioning on the demon-girl. As Eddie was about to upon the thug, he bent forward and tackled the man off of her. The knife went flying off into the darkness of the alley as Eddie and the thug bounced off the ground before separating. Eddie looked at the thug quickly got back to his feet and moved to kick Eddie. Eddie blocked the kick using a kick of his own then swept the legs out from the man. Eddie got on top of the man and punched him a few times while holding the shirt to add leverage.

    Suddenly, Eddie big burly arms wrap about his chest and lifted him off the now unconscious thug. He felt his breath being forced out as the owner of the arms began to squeeze. "Now, what do we have here? Looks like this bitch has a hero trying to save her." His voice was deep and had a tone like he was enjoying what he was doing. Eddie was cursing himself mentally as the squeeze began to become painful. Eddie chuckled painfully, "Yea, you can say that I guess. I just have a problem of walking away when something bad is about to happen and I can prevent it." Eddie's voice was a deep baritone. "Call it a character flaw."

    He smirked then quickly flung his head back. This caught off the big guy off-guard, and he dropped Eddie. Eddie landed on his feet and quickly took a few deep breaths to regain his wind. Now having the chance to regain his guard, the big thug charged and tackled Eddie to the ground. He began to pummel Eddie for a few moments then Eddie grabbed the thugs right arm and shifted quicker than any human into an armbar submission. The thug began to scream and curse as Eddie applied more and more pressure. Eventually, the arm broke at the forearm and the big thug promptly passed out from pain.

    Eddie let go of the hold, breathing heavily and looked down at the big thug. "Whimp," he muttered before looking at the demon-girl.
  4. Jinx looked back at the Angel and backed away leaving a bloody trail as she moved back. "Your....go away....your an angel...." she yelped and pulled herself to her feet a huge frightened look on her face. "I don't want to go back to hell, I don't want to die.....I don't want to be purified." she cried backing up ever so slightly inch by inch foot by foot until her back thudded dully against the alley wall. She felt pain shoot through her body and she gripped her tattered wings and fell to her knees. She was going to die, one of Gabriele's angels was here on earth, god had finally sent one to destroy the daughter of Satan or try and make her pure.

    The girl looked around the alley trying to find a way out but it was not going to happen, she hung her head as tears ran down her cheeks. "Do it then, do what ever it is that God sent you to do. Make it quick I don't want anymore pain, I just want to go home and see my father." Jinx trembled and hugged herself holding her wings against her trembling and cold body. She was pale, she was loosing blood fast and you could smell the fear on her, the only thing that scared her other than her father was angels. Jinx began to cry her whole body trembled from head to toe as she waited for Eddie to kill her in any way he seemed fit.
  5. Eddie blinked, clearly he was confused. :Angel?: he thought. He looked down at himself. He looked human and felt human. As far as he knew, he had no wings. "I think you are confused and maybe have a concussion." He was not sure why she thought he was an angel. He watched her back up terrified of him. That was a bit understanding, since from the look of him there should be no way he should have won let alone be conscious. His ribs felt brittle and hurt like a bitch. Gently pressing on his ribs on his right side, he winced in pain. :Definitely cracked a few ribs.:

    He was too busy evaluating his own condition to notice the girl had started to tremble and cry. Eddie frowned and walked over to her. "Two things. One, I am not going to kill you. As far as I can tell, you were just protecting yourself from these bastards. Two, I think you have me confused with someone else." He slowly walked over to her. He did not want frighten her any more, but he did want to help her out. He looked over her wounds as he got closer. Once standing in front of her, he bent down using his knees and squatted before her. "I need to get out of her before the cops arrive plus you need help. Fortunately, I have a few things back at my place and it is not far from here. But first we need to stop the bleeding."

    Eddie stood up and took of his shirt. He was wearing a black tank top underneath the shirt. He tore into stripes and moved towards her wings carefully. If she let him, he began to wrap his shirt around her wings and tie them in place to keep her from bleeding out. Then with her permission, he would help her walk out and go back to his place which was a few blocks over. As soon as they cleared the alley and got to the other side of the street, they could hear oncoming sirens.
  6. She groaned and bit her bottom lip feeling his shirt wrap over her wings, she winced as she walked with him her body ached badly. "Thank you for not hurting me. You are an Angel weather you know not but I would say you have fallen." she whispered and shut her eyes a bit. Jinx felt so tired and worn out but she knew now he wasn't going to hurt her. "You know your going to have to most likely tie me down if your going to try and stitch my wings up. I am a demon and sometimes I can not control my anger. I do not want to hurt you though. Oh my name is Jinx by the way." she whispered softly getting weaker the more steps she took.

    She shivered feeling his warm body pressing against her own, Jinx suddenly collapsed against the older male, she couldn't tell if he was carrying her or dragging her but some how they ended up inside a building. She wondered if she could unlock his angel side, she had the powers to but that would be awhile though. Jinx was tired, weak and if he wanted to try anything with her now Eddie could but something told her that he meant well. She groaned again and gripped tighter at him, her body swayed and she gripped her stomach. She was hungry and the loss of blood was not helping her, it wouldn't help him either.
  7. While walking with her Eddie shook his head at her as he was very skeptical at what she was saying. The thought did not completely leave his mind though. He pushed the thought into the back of his mind for now as he helped this young demon-girl. "Who said anything about stitching them up, Jinx?" He looked at her as they walked and smirked a bit. "I think you are underestimating me greatly as far as my fighting ability is concerned. And my name is Eddie. Just Eddie." Groaning suddenly, he felt the healing magic start to take effect on his cracked ribs.

    Feeling her collapsed cause a small yelp to escape his mouth as his ribs were still healing, he did not drop her and kept moving towards his house. The neighborhood slowly became worse and worse. A couple of people were standing outside and called out, "Eddie, did you drug that poor young thing?" The guys standing around him chuckled. "No, she just got into a fight and needs some help." he called out. The guy who spoke did a thrusting motion as he chimed back, "Riiiight some help." Eddie shook his head and began to walk into a crappy looking house with browning grass. He placed his hand on the door and the door sprung open.

    Compared to the outside of the house, the inside was completely reversed. It was nice and completely up to date. Taking a look around, it is noticeable that the door is made with reinforced steel, the window are bulletproof along with the front wall facing the steel. The slight hint of magic suggests that someone was paid to place an illusion charm to keep the idea it was abandoned or someone poor lived there. There were a few other protection charms in the air too.

    Eddie carried Jinx to a nice couch and let her sit on it. "I will be right back with my med-kit and some thing for to snack on to help replace all that blood you lost." He cursed under his breath as he felt a sharp pain shoot into his chest. That is usually what tells him that his wounds had healed fully. Walking towards the kitchen, Eddie grabbed the med-kit labeled non-human that was on top of the fridge then opened the fridge. He grabbed a medium rare steak that he had left over from a grilling day he had not too long ago. Throwing it into the oven, Eddie began to go throw the med-kit and grabbed a few herbs that will prevent infection. He didn't need anything else. He checked his watch and grabbed the steak and threw it onto a plate for her.
  8. She groaned and leaned forward pulling the shirt off her wings and then she opened then wide seeing how badly they were cut up. "There is no way I am ever going to fly again." she muttered and sighed as they fell to her back and she bit her lip. She suddenly felt her stomach growl and she sniffed the air knowing he was making her a steak. She then looked up at the angel as he made his way into the room and she leaned back her wings trembling as she got excited for the meat.

    "Your an angel I just know it but thank you for all this. I mean a demon like me doesn't deserve your kindness Eddie." she muttered and then winced. You could see the bones of her wings showing through the ripped and teared flesh, the smell of brimstone and sulfur came from her as well. Her eyes were blood red and when she smiled her fangs appeared under her lips. "Sorry that steak smells good, its all bloody inside I can smell it." Jinx said then moved weakly and took the plate from him.

    She moved her hand to her head and gently touched two small horns that were still growing from her head, it showed she wasn't a very powerful demon yet but as she got more powerful the got the bigger the horns grew. "Have you ever seen a demon before? We smell don't we and look pretty nasty as well." She said and looked up into his eyes as she bit into the steak a slight smile on her face. Eddie sure was handsome, she licked her lips and moved so her back was to him so he could see her wings.
  9. Eddie listened as she talked as he returned to the room. She took the steak quickly from his hands. The smell of sulfur and brimstone grew stronger as he got closer to her. She was becoming more demon like as she smelled the steak. His demeanor was calm and undisturbed. It was clearly not the first time he had seen a demon. He kept silent but if she looked at his med supplies, she would have noticed no bandages or sutures. He had some garlic, ginger and echinacea. He had a mortar and pestle, where he put the garlic, ginger, and echinacea. He began to crush them and made a paste. "This is to prevent infection and probably will sting a small bit till the echinacea takes effect. I have other means to fix your wings." He explained

    Gingerly, he applied the paste to her injuries on her wings. He was thankful that he was there and that he lived nearby otherwise he was not sure what he could have done. "Also, about the smell and your looks. I know you are not the first demon I have ran into. I just can't remember much about the encounter. I just remember a crossroad and a black metal gate in the distance. Plus, you are not nasty looking." He shook his head at what he was saying. "You are actually one of the better looking half-demons I have seen when their demonic side came out."

    Now, he was about do something any demon would be scared of especially if what she was saying was true about him being an angel. He put down the pestle and mortar. The echinacea should numb her up enough for this to be relatively painless. "This is going to sting like a bitch, but once the adrenaline starts pumping, the pain will go away." He placed each hand, still covered in the paste on her wings. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before letting the magic flow in controlled burst to make sure it only repaired her wings and did nothing more.
  10. She let out a very loud scream and pulled hard at the pillow under her, she had put the plate to the side her steak was gone. " fucking hurts." she cried out in agony and felt the wings start to grow back slightly then they suddenly stopped half healed and you could see the leathery skin but their were places missing and bone showed through. "Damn it, won't be able to fully heal me. Your memories are gone so your not quite as strong as you used to be." she whispered.

    Jinx pulled herself away from him and gently touched his cheek with her hand then she took his head in both hands. "Thank you very much, I will heal soon because of you. Don't push yourself Eddie, in return for what you have done for me I am going to help you get your memories back. I know I am the daughter of the devil but I have a good side as well." Jinx said and her wings folded up against her back. "Do you mind if I sleep the night on the couch, then in the morning I can try and help you some more." she said weakly.

    The demon groaned and slumped down on the couch on her side and pulled a blanket over him, she soon passed out from the pain she was in and she began to snore. A few hours later Jinx still lay asleep but she was in her human form but her back was covered in cuts. It wouldn't help to bother bandaging them since she was healing still. She was glad to have her demon side because when ever she hurt herself in her human form her demon side would always take some what control and heal her the best it could.
  11. Hearing the scream, Eddie sighed since the place was fortified, not soundproof. He was going to get more grief from the guys in the neighborhood after that one. Eddie frowned as the healing stopped. The wounds were too extensive for his powers right now. "I am still not convinced about the whole being an angel thing, but it does make a lot of sense."

    Eddie blinked as she touched his cheek then took his head in both hands. Eddie was not sure what was going to happen next till she spoke. "Nah, go ahead. I will sleep better knowing that you are somewhere safe. Let me get you a pillow. And tomorrow, we can try to get those wounds mostly closed."

    Getting up from the couch, Eddie walked by the door and took off his boots. He placed them next to his high tops then went into the hall. He grabbed a pillow from the hall closet and tossed it at her. He went into the kitchen and poured himself a drink of scotch. Returning the scotch to the liquor cabinet, Eddie watched from the kitchen door as Jinx fell asleep. He shook his head at himself as he went back into the kitchen. "Why is it the first girl you bring home is injured and a half-demon? Must be my luck."

    Downing the scotch, Eddie quickly rinsed and cleaned the glass before heading to his bedroom. He took off his shirt and changed into a pair of athletic shorts before striping back the comforter. Climbing into bed, he turned on the tv to watch Sportscenter before drifting off to sleep.
  12. Jinx groaned and woke up with a start later that night and sighed as she sat on the couch then looked around. She headed to the bathroom and found a clean towel, she then shut the door, stripped herself of her clothing and got into the shower after starting it. She was glad to be back in her human form but it was a bit of a pain in the butt as well. When ever she changed back and forth between demon and human she would get sick to her stomach or become pretty weak.

    She knew that when she was in her demon form she was a lot stronger but she shrugged and went on to wash her hair. The bath made her feel better and she hoped she hadn't woken Eddie, she didn't like to wake people you when they were trying to sleep. She moved her hands over her back and sighed feeling the bad scars that had been left. She sighed and slumped to her knees in the shower then curled up into the ball feeling her tears come to her eyes as she touched her stomach.

    Jinx wondered if she shout head out and try to find herself some food. She doubted she would be able to for any for herself though. Sher licked her lips and got up turning the shower off. She then dried herself and pulled her cloths back on before she slipped out into the darkness of the night. She just hoped that their enemy wouldn't be able to find any trace of her because she wanted the Eddie to stay safe. Jinx had a feeling that something was going to happen sooner or later.
  13. Turning in his bed, Eddie soon began to toss as he dreamed. In his dream, Eddie was in a place with golden roads, and he had black wings on his back. He was waiting to see someone then a pair of guards also with wings came and arrested him. Being led away, Eddie struggled but the guards subdued him with a smack to the face. What happened next was basically a mock trial and sentencing to death. They put Eddie in a cell. It took several hours before Eddie heard from the guards that someone was there to visit.

    "Michael, you know as well as I do that trial was a joke. The Father would never allow this to happen, would he?" The man would walked up to Eddie's cell had long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. He had two large white wings folded across his back. "The Father wouldn't but you disobeyed an order. Fortunately, I was able to talk them down to exile." Michael smiled softly. "Just hope Gabriel won't send some of his angels after you. Good luck, my brother." Michael walked away as another guard came to the cell and took Eddie to his exile sentencing.

    Eddie was forced to kneel as Gabriel walked into the room. Eddie muttered, "Just my luck." Gabriel looked furious as he glared at Eddie. He shook his head. "You are lucky the Father got involved or I would be slitting your throat. I just can't believe we are going to lose our first Power. Just to add to this punishment, you won't remember anything of this life besides your name and knowledge. Your memories and your full range of powers will be sealed." Gabriel smiled quite pleased with himself. He grabbed a hot iron and branded Eddie with it near his chest. Screaming in pain, Eddie began to fall into darkness.

    Eddie woke up and say up in bed. He hoped he didn't wake Jinx with that yell. He wiped his head as sweat began to form and breathed deep. "What the heck was that?" he spoke softly to himself. Shaking his head, Eddie groaned as looked down at his chest and touched where the brand touched his chest. There was a scar there in the form of strange cross. He got up and looked at it in the mirror hanging on the closet door. Eddie was in utter disbelief as the scar was clear against his toned chest. "Where did that come from?"
  14. When she had made her way back to the house after the feeding she found the bathroom, slipped her clothes off and got inside, she started the water of the shower and moaned loudly as the water ran down her skin. She was relaxed when all the blood had finally washed off and she licked it from her lips. She slumped to the shower floor gripping her head, her demon side was coming back again but she didn't want it to. She suddenly let out a scream as her wings, tail and small horns shot from her head.

    Jinx started to cry and slumped to her side and bit her bottom lip, it hurt her every time she changed, she just wish she would be able to stay in just one form. She wasn't every powerful yet but once she was she would be staying a lot longer in her demon form than in her human form. Truthfully, Jinx hated to be in her human form since it was weak and ugly or so she thought. No she preferred her demon for since it made her feel strong, she just hated changing into it because it always hurt.

    Now her own blood was running down the drain as her demon side broke through her skin, she moved and turned the shower up higher, she shivered a bit. "I miss the fires of hell but dad said I can't come back until I get stronger." she whispered to herself then closed her eyes. Suddenly she felt worried for Eddie but for some reason she couldn't get up. "Damn it......what is happening to me now?" she asked herself as she felt another shiver go down her spine, she had been feeling those shivers all night.
  15. Eddie heard the door open and close as he sat in bed. He blinked then moved to get out of bed. Knowing the doors were unable to be broken down, he figured that it was just Jinx. He wondered what she was doing up at this late hour. Opening the door, he decided to check doors to make sure he locked them. Walking past the bathroom, he heard the shower going and then a moan. It was a definitely Jinx, but he had no idea what she was doing. His mind wander into the gutter for a moment and he decided to get back to the checking the doors.

    The image of Jinx playing with herself, however, would not leave his mind as he walked away. The image of water running over her skin as one of her hands traveled to the mounds between her legs. Eddie shook his head hard trying to drive the images, that were being to turn him on, out. The front door was unlocked and Eddie knew he locked it before going to bed. He relocked the front door and noticed that his shorts felt a bit tight as the images of Jinx nude and masterbating were still going strong in his head. He reached down and adjusted himself before resuming the checking of the doors. He felt much better after doing that.

    The back door was still locked so Eddie turned around and headed back to his bed. Stopping by the bathroom, Eddie knocked on the door to give warning that he was up and opened the door a bit so he could be heard without raising his voice too much. "Hey, is everything okay? You are up pretty late and I know you left because the front door was unlocked." He was careful to keep his body out of sight as much as possible since he didn't want to come off as a perv. Plus, the bulge in his shorts was fairly noticeable as it pushed out against his shorts.
  16. Jinx blinked and heard a noise then gasped and sat up more in the tub when she heard him at the door. She wasn't mad nor was she scared of him being there. "I am sorry I forgot to lock the doors when I came in, I was feeding since I couldn't sleep, kept having bad dreams." she whispered and pulled the curtain back pulling a towel around her body. She twitched her demon tail back and forth and smiled, she then stepped from the shower and looked at him leaving the water running.

    She sniffed the air and smiled softly smelling his arousal and the bulge in his pants she could feel just in the air. "Your aroused by me, I can smell it so don't lie. It is alright it is normal but I am also going into heat so that might be part of it." Jinx said and walked over to him, she pulled Eddie in and shut the door. "Here, a shower will help you relax." she whispered and then nodded her head. "Its alright Eddie, I want you to shower with me, please come." she said and dropped her towel once her back was to him and she slipped back into the shower.

    For some reason this fallen angel was turning her heat on, she didn't know why but she wanted his strong arms holding her. "Please Eddie, I really want you with me please." she said softly and peeked her head out from behind the curtain her tail twitched back and forth. He could see the want and happiness in her eyes of him being there. "I don't think your a pervert or a peeping tomb by the way, you were worried and curious and its my fault you have, an erection." she whispered blushing madly.
  17. Eddie was about to walk away since he got his answer when she came into his view. She was in nothing but a towel and the water was still running. Eddie blinked as she sniffed the air then smiled. That caught him off-guard, and it only got worse as she spoke. She knew that he was aroused and was reassuring him that it was normal. Eddie felt weird mostly because she was reassuring him that it was okay. He knew that it was okay to be aroused. He had stumbled on a few late night programs to figure out arousal was okay. Then she tells him that she was going into heat. The only heat reference that Eddie knew of dealt with animals who were ready to have babies.

    Eddie felt a few beads of sweat begin to appear on the back of his head just as she grabbed him and pulled him into the bathroom. The door closed behind him and he found himself face-to-face with her in a towel. The words she spoke threw him off greatly. She wanted him to shower with her. Eddie wanted to leave till he watched her turn around and drop the towel. That is when the other head began to take over thinking for him. He watched her get back into the shower and close the curtains slightly. She reinforced her wanting him to join her by peek from behind the curtain with want and happiness in her eyes and speaking. Eddie couldn't help but chuckled as she took the blame for his erection.

    Eddie smiled and shook his head. "No, the erection is my own fault. I brought a pretty young woman into my home. As you showered, I heard you moan and my mind went straight to gutter as to why you moaned." He took off his shorts first and revealed a pair of white boxers. "So, it is my fault for my erection as my mind went wild with you pleasuring yourself." He shook his head at himself then took off his boxers. His erection was still going strong as he stood up and walked over to the shower. Now, Eddie was not large or huge but he had more than most human males by a few inches. Eddie saw her blushing and smiled a bit. That helped him relax since he had never been naked in front of a woman.
  18. She blinked and helped him inside the shower and shut the curtain behind him and looked his body over. "Your...your body is beautiful." she whispered and moved and touched his chest. "Eddie, I am not mad about you thinking such things about me, you want me to do that then I can. Go ahead and touch me, I want it." Jinx said and reached her hands down and touched his larger ones and put them on her collar bone. Her hands then moved and she touched his own shoulders and smiled.

    "Look your allowed to do anything you want with me, its alright but....I need to ask. Can I touch you?" Jinx said softly cocking her head to the side as she moved her hands over his shoulders. She wouldn't touch his penis unless he wanted her to, she wanted to pleasure him badly but she would respect him. He could do as he pleased with her but that was all she knew for now. She licked her lips and looked up into his eyes, he could see they were pained now and she moved a hand to grasp her stomach.

    "Demons are different then angles, its my father's fault really. Once he sinned we were the females and males punished to go through the pain of heat. its not just to make babies its also when our sexual needs start, if we don't have sex.....we will either wither or die or live years with an uncontrollable agony until the day the earth is destroyed and we die in the fires of hell." She whispered and lay her head against his chest trembling badly. She was half demon and the daughter of Satan but she cared about things, humans and angels.
  19. Eddie blinked and smiled a bit at her comment. It definitely put him more at ease knowing she liked what she saw. Then his heartbeat picked up as she took his hand and placed it on her collar bone. Her hands felt smooth and soft as well as the skin on her collar bone. He slowly moved it back and forth. Then, he removed it from her for a moment. She said he could whatever he wanted with her. That was a tall order for someone who barely knew where to start.

    The question that followed made him smile. "Wait, you just told me I could anything to do but I would for some unknown reason prevent you from touching me?" He moved closer to her so the gap between their bodies was nearly gone. He still left some room. "You have my permission to touch me, please me, and cause a small amount of "good" pain... If you get my drift." He watched as her tongue ran over her lush lips then looked into her eyes as she spoke again.

    He wrapped his arms around her as she laid her head against his chest. He gave her a tight hug. Her bare skin felt wonderful against his and her body seemed to just fit against his perfectly. He gently turned and lifted her face with his right hand so she could look at him. "I just have a request that comes in two parts... I will feed the desire that your heat causes if you decide to stay here with me. But before you answer." He leaned down and kissed her.
  20. She was taught and her body knew you must respect an angel fallen or not. Demon's needed permission to touch something holy like a Angel's private parts or they would burn. She gasped and her eyes went wide when he kissed her on the lips, she shut her eyes and relaxed happily in his arms. Jinx gripped gently at him as she listened to his heart beating in his chest, she could feel his lips against her own then his tongue inside her mouth, she wrestled her own with his smiling the whole time.

    Jinx squirmed a bit her tail twitched from side to side and then she pulled her mouth back a bit. "I want to stay with you, I know we just met Eddie but for some reason I am drawn to you." she purred and closed her eyes. She kissed him again as she leaned up on tip toes her breasts pushing against his chest. Her bare cunt pushed against his own penis as she moved her hands around his neck and worked them down his strong back running them gently over his ass cheeks as well.

    Jinx then stopped herself and moved her hands away not wanting to touch his penis, she didn't know why but she wanted him to, to show her what he wanted. "I am all yours Eddie, you are the angel thus you are superior to me. I am just a demon, unholy and unworthy." she said and then moved her hand and touched his brand. "Let me do this for you." she shut her eyes and suddenly a pair of big black wings sprung from his back. "Don't be scared, I will help you through this." she croaked then felt his hard penis against her stomach and she moved gently against it.
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