AngelNinja's Plot Challenge: The Doll in the Attic

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  1. Welcome to the first AngelNinja Plot Challenge! The main goal of this Challenge is to create a plot using the idea of "The Doll in the Attic." This may seem complex, but you can conform to whatever your imagination can conjure!

    Example: The Doll had been in the trunk for years, locked away. The Lavender dress dusty, the face cracked with scars of the sorrowful life of the last owner, and a young girl's essence trapped inside. She longs for a friend, an escape from an abuse past. She can't wait any longer, She wants to play.

    Remember, follow the Doll in the Attic theme. Enjoy!
  2. A young boy found a normal stuffed doll in the attic, after crawling around looking for junk after just moving in the house with his parents. He liked the way it looked, and so hid it further in the attic so his parents couldn't find it. He kept his find secret for years, quietly playing with it in that dusty attic, and grew feelings for it, for 'she' was a good listener to problems caused by severe depression. By the time he was a teenager, he grew to love the doll more than other people, including his family. His plan was to keep it his special secret forever, right to his grave.
  3. The old woman had kept it safe for years, but she could feel the life slowly leaving her body day by day. With no heirs to succeed her, too old to train someone born without the blood, and almost too weak to try and find another, she spent hours and hours of each day sending a telepathic signal out as far as she could extend it. Anyone with the old blood, she needed their help. But no answer came, until finally, one day, death took her. It was on this day that five strangers showed up at her door, confused but determined to answer the call. Unfortunately, it was too late. The cursed being had awoken, feeling the old woman's power over it slowly ebb. Though it was still trapped within this doll, hidden away in the attic, it knew it would soon be free.