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  1. Umm I can't draw very well but here. 418706_196018047164413_100002686580691_262380_239997733_n.jpg
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    ‚ÄčThe most recent one especially! BEAUTIFUL. >:D I'm a sucker for romance. <3 that is adorable. ^^~
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    .////. Thank you. >//>
  4. Nice picture! Grownup Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire, right?

    Just FYI, I've moved these posts to a new thread because you were posting in modestmonster's personal showcase! But it's cool, because now you've got a whole thread of your own. :] If you'd like to change the title, you should be able to edit it! If you can't figure out how, let me know and I'll get it for you.
  5. Master Misuki-chan, its AMAZING :D
    *hugs his master*
  6. If you dare say that you can not draw again, I will... No, ending the world is not a justifiable action. That is a very well-drawn scene, be a little more proud of your skill!
  7. I. Just. Don't have any words for all the happiness I'm feeling right now. Thank you so much. *Bows while blushing madly* Also yes it is Chibialia and Holy Roman Empire. I love this couple and show so I drew it for them. Thank you again everyone. Also I'm sorry for posting there I thought it was for everyone! *Bows even further* Please forgive me! So now I'm guessing I'll have to post more now?? c:
  8. You did a great job, Angel! =D
  9. .///////. Gosh. I'm blushing like mad. But thank you very much. I'll post others soon. . . . . . maybe. .
  10. IMG_9646.JPG

    This is another fan art but from one of the most awesomest game series ever! Persona! This is my very own Persona I made up and created! Her name is the Knight of Cards, she is a very clever, tricking and cunning girl who can use and is strong in very magic but she can't use or take physical hits at all. I have no name, birth, coloring or anything else yet. But if you want to help me and would like to give me ideas and help me out much would be appreciated! :DD