Angelic...Well, Almost...

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  1. The Angel sighed as he heard a knock at his door. He sat up and fixed his shaggy light blonde hair, moving his feet from his bed to the ground. It was a bit chilly but it was early in the morning. The angel got up and streached and moved over to his closet, pulling on a button up grey shirt; leaving the last few buttons near the collar undone. After pulling on some jeans he slipped on his converse before leaving his room. Ivan his attendant was waiting there. He was a tall man with brown hair and brown eyes. A plain man but he always got the job done. Ivan handed him a letter addressed to him. The angel took it, tucking his pure white, magestic wings against his back. He removed the seal and opened the letter, the old fashioned parchment crackling in his gentle fingers. The hand writing was smooth and legible...Familiar. The letter read:

    Dear Castiel,

    I have been informed that there is some conflict on earth that requires your attention.
    I am sorry to bother you seeing as you have been asked not to be botherd but this
    conflict cannot be ignored any longer. We pray for you speedy travel to Earth.

    Sincerily, The Arch Angel Michale

    Castiel tucked the letter into his pocket and gave Ivan a look that read: Seriously? Ivan nodded.

    "They are waiting...I would not keep them waiting too long."

    Castiel waved as he started to walk away, while Ivan was speaking.

    "Yeah, Yeah, I know...I'm going. Castiel to the rescue...Like Usual..."
  2. Lucinda smiled in glee as she looked at the wreckage of what was once a house. This was her 5th today and she was on a roll. And to top it all off, she hadn't tipped off the angels yet. Or at least, she didn't think she had. No matter. She pranced off down the road, her long black hair floating behind her as if waving to the smoldering ashes of the small farmhouse that five minutes ago, had been full of the agonizing screams of a family. This was what she lived for.

    Her piercing blue eyes glinted as they reflected the moonlight that was streaming down from above her. The shadows seemed to whisper to her dark things. It was the perfect night for chaos. It was eerily silent, just the way she liked it. And yet, something about tonight was different. Usually, she felt something more when she was on a rampage like this. Not exactly happiness but something close to it. Tonight however, no matter how often she tried to convince herself that this was great and everything was fun and perfect, she couldn't shake a tiny little voice that said how this was wrong. She shouldn't do this. Wasn't she finished being evil? Didn't this get tiring?

    Luci stopped and stomped her feet, causing dirt to fly up and coat her skin tight, low rise jeans and her very low cut shirt in a layer of dust. She had worn this outfit specifically to piss off her dad. He was strict about her being a proper little demon and wear clothing that "covered her up". So naturally she had to wear the most revealing clothes. Of course she had the proper... ehm.. equipment to pull it off which made it even worse in her father's eyes.

    She huffed a sigh and sat in the middle of the road. Ever since last week she had gone soft. She was not her normal, horrible self. In fact, she had almost had second thoughts about that last house. There was a little girl in there who had almost made her stop. But then her instincts took over and the house had went up in flames. But the thoughts had still been there.

    She groaned and put her head in her hands. "What is going on with me?" She flopped onto her back and just looked at the moon, cursing the heavens for putting good thoughts into her head, hoping that something would end this all. She closed her eyes and tried to think bad thoughts.
  3. Castiel landed on Earth, tucking his pure white wings against his back. Slowly he slipped on his trench coat to cover up as much of his wings as possible. The Angel then looked around, taking in his surroundings. He was in a suberben neighborhood; all the houses spaced evenly apart. Perfect flower gardens, perfect lawns, neat little shutters on the Farmhouses and shining windows on the more modern houses. It was a sterotypical human neighborhood, with sterotypical dwellings. Nothing more, nothing less. Something that wasn't so normal was the smells he caught on the slight evening breeze. It was the scent of smoke and Burning human flesh.

    Turning on his heel he walked towards the smells for twenty minets before he came across the house. The smell was so terrible he lifted his arm, coving his mouth and nose. He couldn't approach the wreakage because police had taped it off but he watched for over a about ten minets before seeing two crime scene investegators emerge from the ash and smoke with two bags in either had. Each one had bones in it but there wasn't nearly enough bones to make up four skeletons that were supposed to be in this house fire.

    Castiel Clenched his firsts. It upset him that demons thought of humans as thier play things. That was far from the truth. Humans were gods creations, demons didn''t have the right to do with them as they pleased. Michale was was geetin out of control. First it was torture, now they were killing them! He turned and walked in the only direction that the demon would have gone. He walked about five minuetes before he stopped in his tracks. Castiel saw a woman in the middle of the street; just sitting there. He heard her groan and lay back in the street but not before he got a good look at her appearence.

    She had long flowing pitch black hair and piercing Icy blue eyes. From her essance he could tell she was the demon he was looking for. His footsteps were silent, so she could not tell he was approaching. The angel got a better look at her and could now make out what she was wearing. It was lowrise jeans, which hugged her body perfectly, with a very low cut top. So low cut in fact it could hardly be considered a shirt. This woman had the unbelieveable body to fill the clothing. Castiel stopped two yards infront of her and frowned a bit; looking down at the girl with his striking silver eyes,

    "Your not as sly as you think you are demon,,,leaving a trail of bodies. How long exactly did you expect to carry along with your games before the Arch Angels have to come and clean it up? It's pretty bothersome you know..."
  4. Luci's eyes flew open as she heard a voice speak up just above her. Stupid angels. Always ruining her fun. Although at the moment, she wasn't having very much fun at all. The angel had just roused her out of her thoughts that she shouldn't have been having. Thoughts about how the things she was doing was wrong.

    She jumped up and faced him, not taking her blue eyes off the equally piercing silver eyes that were now trained on her. "Yes. Well, I don't care. Really. It's not as if you're going to do anything to me besides send me back to Hell. And really what would that do. You must know that my father is Abaddon and then you also know that he doesn't give two flying brimstones about me. So go on. Do your angelic duties. Or whatever you call them. And tell the Archangels they can shove it."

    Luci rolled her eyes and turned away. Fully intending to walk away before she did something like opening up a crack in the earth. She had done it before. Boy, did that get her father to notice her. But before she could get two feet, she was stopped short by a thought. It was crazy really. But what if...

    She whirled around. "Hey Angel Boy. I've been having these thoughts lately. Weird ones. About... good things. And I've been questioning what I'm doing. You know, all this destruction stuff." She paused and dropped her eyes to the ground. Why was she doing this? Where was she even going with this? "And well... I don't know. I was thinking you could help me? Try to figure out why I'm thinking it. I mean... you are good and all. It's like I have a block in my mind. There's something I can't remember. And I think that's why I'm turning..." She shuddered. "Good." She spit out the word like it was venom.

    Slowly, she raised her eyes to the boy's. She had no idea why she had said what she did but there was no backing out now. She wanted help. Needed help. She didn't like being even a little bit good. And maybe by talking to an angel, she would remember that good was sickening and go back to her merry old evil self.

    But a little voice at the back of her mind told her that this wasn't just a temporary thing. She was changing.
  5. As he spoke the demon got up and she got in his face. Her Piercing blue eyes stayed pinned on him. She Spoke, her voice drawing his attention.

    "Yes. Well, I don't care. Really. It's not as if you're going to do anything to me besides send me back to Hell. And really what would that do. You must know that my father is Abaddon and then you also know that he doesn't give two flying brimstones about me. So go on. Do your angelic duties. Or whatever you call them. And tell the Archangels they can shove it."

    A smirk formed on his lips as he remained firm in his spot.

    "If you think that I'm just going to send you back to hell then your wrong. I don't really care who your father is. I've delt with him before and he knows who I am. Really what you deserve for that family alone is death but I've also been informed of all your activities down here. Five families is quite enough."

    She rolled her pretty eyes and turned away, starting to walk away. But she stopped in her place and turned around quickly. Castiel scowled and looked at her, none too pleased.
    His shaggy blonde hair falling a bit into his face. The woman began to speak again. Telling him that she was have good thoughts and that she believed she herself was turning good. Castiel laughed outloud, smiling a bit unintentionally.

    "Are you serious? A good demon?! You are entertaining!"

    A goofy grin became spread across his face but she just stared at him like she was serious. He just couldn't take her seriously.

    "So...What do you want to do first?" He joked. "Do you want to pet a bunny rabbit? Or Adopt an orphan?"

    Castiel reached out and grabbed her wrist. Any normal Angel wouldn't be able to touch a demon like this but he was an Arch Angel so it would be easy.

    "Let's go somewhere where human's won't be involved. I'll decide then what I'll do with you."
  6. Luci tensed as soon as she realized that his angel was making fun of her. Her eyes narrowed and her hands balled into fists at her sides. She hated being treated like this and tried very hard not to lose her temper. Who was he to judge her? He didn't even know her name for Satan's sake! She was just about to lose it when he reached out and grabbed her wrist.

    Never before had Luci been touched by an angel. Her eyes widened in shock and flew to his. She stared at him in disbelief as a shockwave went through her. And not a bad one either. It felt... good. She must be crazy. First of all, angels shouldn't be able to touch her. That's how it had been her whole life. And the first time it happened, she felt a jolt. Was that normal? She didn't know. But now she looked at the angel with different eyes. He wasn't bad looking. Nope. Not at all. Even for an angel he was attractive. And that was saying something. Because.. I mean, they're angels. Obviously they're good looking. Wait. Hold up. Was she really thinking about the attractiveness of an angel?! Oh boy. Things tonight just kept getting better.

    Then he spoke. And her eyes narrowed again. "Why would I want to go anywhere with you? Why should I trust you. You laughed in my face." She glared at him. "You know what? No. I'm not going anywhere with you. I don't have to and I won't. Leave me alone." She wrenched out of his grip and started stalking down the road, her hips swinging ever so slightly while keeping her chest up and chin high. Her black hair blew up in a sudden light breeze and seemed to float as she walked, carried by the invisible wind.
  7. As she tensed as he grabbed her wrist. He turned to look her in the eyes and hers were wide is shock, staring at him right back. There was an air of disbelief as she just stood felt like she was examining the angel. From the expression on her face he almost wished that he knew what he was thinking. But he pushed that thought away. To know something like that would feel wierd...but even still pushing it away wasn't enough. Sooner or later he would not be able to restrain from asking her. After he spoke she narrowed her eyes and asked him why she would want to go anywhere with him or trust him for that matter. Then...she was auctully offended by him laughing at a 'good demon'.

    The demon flat out told him that she wasn't going anywhere with him and to leave her alone. But He couldn't! Not after all those families! She pulled from his grip and turned around, stalking off down the street. Castiel shouldn't have...It was sinful but he watched her as she walked away. His silver eyes moved to her hips that swayed as she walked. Even if it was only a little bit it was noticeable to him...and the way she held her head high; her chest up and chin high up. To top it off her long black hair seemed to float behind her ask she walked away.

    He swallowed the lump in his throat as he banished a dirty thought from his mind. No....He shouldn't be thinking of her in such wasn't right. Castiel reminded himself to move and her caught up to her, this time grabbing her wrist tighter so she couldn't escape. Castiel leaned in just a bit closer to her.

    "Yes you are. You will not get away with the death of famililes so come on!"

    He pulled her along, away from the area. Castiel dragged her back into the places where there was more people and he looked around, spotting a hotel. Michale would be on his case for this later because often times hotels were considered intimate settings but he didn't have much of a choice right now.