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    I can't believe I'm doing this, but I forgot just how much I loved Angelic Layer.I want to make a small role play over it. Now, I would like for anyone to jump in, but you gotta make a character, okay? Just post it here, and then we can make an IC. I'd like to ask that we have no cannon characters. All characters have to be made by the player! Original charries, only!

    Also, we're going to go through the basics of fighting when we start to role play this out. Start out with the basics, etc. So I would like to ask that those who can give all the detail of movement and fighting style, etc. or those who would like to learn how to do so join. Please remain dedicated if you do decide to join. Few Jump In RPs survive, but I wasn't sure where else to put this. So please keep that in mind as well.

    Other than that, have at it! Keep all basic rules in mind when you play. No god modding, bunnying, creating Mary/Gary S[t]ues, etc. And most of all, HAVE FUN!!! Create your very own personal angel and see just how well you can fight in Angelic Layer!!!!

    For those of you who don't know what Angelic Layer is, let me give you a brief explanation. Angelic Layer is a game where you (as the character) build a doll that is made to fight in the Arena. There are two particular model types: Lightweight and Heavyweight. Each doll, or Angel, is made by the player for the player and personalized from the size to the hair and clothes. The first steps are to build the doll, which includes hatching it from the egg and then creating its stats on Strength and Speed, then personalizing it and giving it a name. Then, once that is done, a player can go anywhere in Tokyo to find Arena areas where two Angels can fight. The Angel is placed on the table, or layer, and the player puts on a special headset that allows them to connect the mind to the doll. Every movement the player thinks, the doll makes. It takes a good amount of practice, but with time, the doll can grow stronger and faster. As the level gains, the Angel can go into the bigger leagues, known better as Angelic Layer, the game as a whole. At the highest level, the Angel will gain wings, but this can only happen if they win a championship! So, do you think you can do it? Build your Angel however you like! Name it and love it...and we'll see you on Angelic Layer!!!​

    Character Template

    Brief History:

    Angel Name:
    Angel Appearance:
    Angel Model:

    1. Strength Level - (1-10)
    2. Speed Level - (1-10)
    3. Based on a 15-point system.
    Angel Personality: (Cheery, Strong Willed, etc.)
    Angel Entrance Phrase: (Can be anything, as long as it contains the angel's name.)
    Angel Level: (Based on how long the player has been in the Arena)

    AND GO!!!! XD
  2. I haven't watched angelic layer before ._. But I'm guessing it's an anime :P I'll have to check it out ^^ But my curiosity has been struck. :3
  3. Yeah, it's an anime based on a manga. It's really, really good; at least in my point of view. I usually don't do fanbased RPs...but I really want to do this one.
  4. I love angelic layer :D!