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  1. Hello, Hello!

    I am looking around for some people to share some OnexOne Rp's with. Here is a brief list as to some things... If you don't see somthing dealing with a game I may have played it and we can talk about it.

    Some basic things!


    If you want any kind of Sexual themes! I am okay with that but you must be 18+
    Must be able to post atleast 2+ Paragraphs.. No one liners.
    I do not do Yaoi... I only do FxF and MxF. I can play either role equally as well.
    Please try to use proper Grammar. I myself type most on my Tablet so I may mix up! I understand if you do the same but make a valiant Effort.

    Lastly: If you do not like what is going on! Let me know... Some of my Rp's will be DARK! and GOREY! But not all.. we can discuss it and go from there :P.

    Fandoms: Not Limited to! Any Ideas send them to me.

    Warhammer 40K!- OC/OC *********Love This

    Harry Potter- OC/OC

    Warcraft- Any Race/Any Race

    Attack on Titan:


    Gears of War-

    Star Wars- Any Race/Any Race and any type of person. Jedi, Bounty Hunters... Scoundral... Doesn't matter to me.

    Soul Eater- Oc/Oc

    DC Universe- Cannon/OC, OC/OC

    Marvel Universe- Cannon/OC, OC/OC

    Sword Art Online- OC/OC

    Kingdom Hearts- OC/OC

    Final Fantasy- OC/OC

    Lost Planet- OC/OC


    Generic Fantasy Adventure.

    Any other Fantasy Ideas go ahead and ask... Send me a PM :P

    Modern Fantasy

    Super Hero/Super Villain
    Zombie Apoc! With a Genetic Twist
    World War Two Nazi/Civilian (Any Country)
    World War Two Nazi/Allied Nurse/Female Soldier *Snuck Into Service*
    Cold War Spy/Spy

    Propose me ideas :P I love to hear them.


    *Original Plot* Kingdom Skies- Mecha Fantasy/Scifi
    Mecha Rp.
    Galatic Emperor/Subject
    Galactic Princess/Guard
    Etc.... Propose me Scifi Ideas... I love them...
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  2. I'll do an SAO rp
  3. Awesome.. Do you want it to be SAO style or SAO itself. Like kinda how Gungale continues SAO... but isn't actually the game Sword Art. I think you will know what I mean. Pm me when you can.
  4. OK! Closed for now.
  5. Open Once more! Please.. Looking for Long Term Rp partners.
  6. Hello! I was interested in doing a Harry Potter or Attack on Titan RP with you.
  7. Harry Potter sounds fantastic. I have a great CS ready :P PM me please.
  8. Hello! I am willing to RP of the Marvel Universe, Fantasy, Morden Fantasy, Or Sci-Fi.
  9. PM me! We can discuss Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Marvel.

    Also, Once more closed for the time being.
  10. Searching once more. I am looking for long term RP partners.
  11. I'll be happy to do a Star Wars RP.

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