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    There is malevolent clash between the angels and demons in the vast escape of limbo (the vacant space between heaven and hell). The Demon prince, and his army of dark souls (demons) want to take over the half humans and turn them to demons so they can join the battalion to take over the Heavens. Two half demon, half humans' (or multiple pairs of half souls, if there are many players) together are very powerful; the demon prince specifically wants half souls for his army. The collector angels refuse the demon prince's advances to take over the half souls (half demon, half humans'), collector angels harvest the souls of the dying from earth and take them to judgment. The angels assemble their battalion and war breaks in limbo when the demon prince and his army of demons assemble to break down the heathen gates. (Limbo is the middle ground between heaven and hell, the immortals have to cross limbo in order to reach a side) Eventually the angels overtake the demon prince and force his army into submission.


    oThe DP is infatuated with Shiro, but he is incapable of love so he desires to keep her. (think like a collector) *THIS IS AN OPTIONAL STORY TWIST/ NOT NECESSARY*

    o Limbo is a vast escape of desert with massive red wood trees scattered throughout the space. The trees are healthy, the sand is very dry and hot. a very surreal atmosphere.

    o When two half souls are drawn together, they feel protective over one another, and they become more powerful then regular angels and demons.

    -The plot is open to whether the DP (demon prince) dies or not.

    ~Intense violence, cursing, and action is accepted. If it applies to the character or situation.
    ~You don't have to match the story line exactly, its just there to keep us on track.
    ~No serious love scenes that take up a portion of the RP, action is the main point. There can be small romances between characters,
    ~Have fun and be respectful to the other players character powers and weapons
    ~No God Modding, even the demon prince have flaws! (Angels AND Half souls have their limits too!)
    ~Please use the best grammar possible.



    Collector Angels:

    "Shiro", by @whitewings

    "Scarlette or Scar", by @LonaLove20

    "Tyson", by @whitewings


    "Kol", by @Trevinth

    "Ash", by @Trevinth

    "Tessara", by @RayChel

    Half Souls:

    "Alyssa", by @Silvir

    "James", by @WhiteBane

    Demon Prince:

    "Lord Edge", @Lonewolf888978

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  2. The sky is dark and the stars are twinkling. A full moon, slowly climbing its way down from its perch, continues to light up the sky, shining brilliant rays of white on small houses and peaceful buildings.
    The small mortal town is quiet.
    Resting peacefully in their beds lay the mortals, the humans. Every so quietly sleeping life away. The single moment of the night where nothing stirs but the immortals... coming to harvest the souls ready to depart to the next world.

    ...the Collectors Hour....

    The flowing fog parts in the sky and slowly, but surely, a white form ascends to the pavement below. Barefoot, the graceful mist gently lowers her to earth. Her white dress and long white hair glowing in the moonlight. The girl stands on the corner for a moment, her eyes closed, listening intently..

    "......take me with you Shiro......" A small voice breathes in her ear, traveling on the cool breeze.

    The angel opens her golden eyes and quietly runs in the direction of the whisper. The soft padding of her feet on the damp streets are the only sound in the silence of the Collectors Hour. As she turns a corner, a glowing blue orb lights up one of the windows of a tall structure. Years of dark water stains run down the face of the building. The angel's golden eyes run over the sign above the large, weathered, wooden door, "Lucy's Orphanage"
    Shiro looks at the door, a light click of a lock sounds and the door creaks open, the hinges in dire need of oiling. Shiro enters the building and begins to walk a massive aged staircase at the base of the corridor. She walks up the steps and searches for the glowing blue light among the rooms. From down another dark hallway, Shiro spots a soft blue light from beneath a closed door. She approaches the door, twists the bronze handle, and steps into the dimly lit room.
    Two rows of beds line the walls of the room. In one of the last beds, a small girl lay asleep. The blue orb hovering just above the bed.

    Take me away from this place...

    Shiro spreads her fingers at her side and a small brown cylinder appears in her grasp. A silver cross running the length of the object. Shiro reaches her arm out to the side and the object magically extends into a bright shimmering scythe. Beams of white and silver radiating from inside the translucent weapon. She touches the tip of the scythe to the glowing orb of light hovering above the girl. The orb dissolves into the body of the silver blade and dissipates in the light. Inside a small jar fastened tightly to the side of Shiro's waist belt, a small blue light appears and floats freely inside the new glass enviroment. Instantaneously, the small form beneath the scythe breathes its last and returns to an endless sleep. Patched curtains above and open window are unsettled in a quiet breeze. Shiro walks to the window and looks over the city.

    "Just her tonight" a calm voice speaks in her ear, "More tomorrow love, time to come home." Shiro nods in agreement.

    "Accepted, I'll return immediately." Shiro whispers back clenching her fingers around the weapon, approaching the window. The scythe fades away as she grasps the cold stone ledge and drops a story to the asphalt below. She walks along the damp sidewalk and turns onto an unfamiliar street, the sky was getting darker. The hour was almost up. Shiro's eyes scan the barren streets.

    "Stay alert hun," The voice whispers again, "The dark hour is almost upon us, watch for shadows, hurry back."

    "Yes keeper," Shiro says quietly, "where's the portal?"

    "The corner of Lavender and Yale." The calm voice continues, "You're not lost are you?"

    "Just took a wrong turn."
    "Just remember, mortal time isn't the same as ours, your time is almost up."

    Shiro turns around and runs back up the street she came and turned up the corner on to the main road. Her pace slows to a quick walk as she sees familiar scenery.

    "Keeper what's the status of the demons?" Shiro speaks, approaching the street corner where she first touched earth.

    "No advances yet, the guardian angels are keeping the gates under heavy surveillance, if anything happens I'll let you know. The Prince has been quiet for some time now..." the voice answers, "Guards' think he's planning a war..."

    "Wouldn't be surprised keeper..." Shiro sighs, her eyes running over the shadows in between the buildings on either side of her.

    "keep alert!" Keeper commands suddenly as a crisp breeze swipes through the streets, "The hour is up! Watch for the dark souls love! I must close the path now, I can't risk a breach."

    Close it..." Shiro whispers, frozen in her stance, her skin tingling, "I'll open another." Shiro watches from far as the white tunnel fades away into the night before her. All of Shiro's senses come alive, her fear of the darkness burning like fire.

    She hears the voices of the damned rising up from the shadows, emerging from the deepest crevices in the night, to disturb the dreams of many and take over earth for an immortal hour.

    Darkest hour...

    "Perfect..." Shiro whispers to herself. She thinks of the soul still trapped in her jar; held captive, and defenseless... until judgment, still very much vulnerable to the beasts of the night.

    I need to get you out of here... I can't have you turn to darkness too...
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  3. Kol had been waiting patiently in the embrace of the shadows for the Darkest Hour to arrive. He could see from the shadows, the Collector making her way through the streets. However, it was not the angel that caught Kol's eye. It was the soul that she was carrying. Kol decided to make his move while the hour was still young and the prey was fresh. He ordered his servants to surround the collector so that she could not advance any further without a confrontation. Kol's servants were, black, semi-nebulous shades that could take on any shape. Kol materialized himself in the shadows of an alleyway to the angel's left. However, Kol used his human form because he did not intend to fight. Kol walked out of the shadows of the alleyway casually. The moonlight now revealed his human form as a tall man wearing a black cloak that covered his feet and dragged along the ground behind him, his hood pulled up to cover his face.

    Kol stopped just outside of the shadows and spoke. "My, my, my. What have we here?" the demon asks, his voice pleasant with no hint of aggression. "A beautiful creature such as yourself should not be out at this time of night. Especially when you are carrying something so valuable," Kol said gesturing his hand to the bronze cylinder. "The soul of a child is among one of the rarest we demons can acquire. I wouldn't doubt that every demon in the city will be coming after you for it, but if you would give it to me, you would not have to worry about all that and you could return home safely". Kol was now extending his hand to the angel saying "Do we have a deal? I will even let my servants guard you until you return home". His hood covered the top half of his face in shadows but the lower half was illuminated by the moonlight and a smirk could be seen across the pale skin.
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  4. Shiro stands frozen. Sensing the numerous dark forces surrounding her, she cautiously turns to face the form unveiling its self from the dark alleyway beside her. When the entity stepped out into the moon light Shiro protectively brought a hand to rest upon her small jar; sensing the soul's discomfort. Her other hand flies out to the side, her white scythe materializes, pulsating rays of white and silver light up the streets. Shiro's eyes take in the amount of dark shapes surrounding her, and her discomfort grows as she realizes they're blocking off her escapes.

    "No way in hell I would give anything to you demon. It would be ungodly to have such a young soul, grow in the hands of something so malevolent as yourselves." Shiro said as calmly as she could muster, staring hate at the demons outstretched palm. "No, deal..." Shiro said through clenched teeth, knowing at any moment this situation could turn from bad, to worse.
    She readied her stance for any attack, bringing the bright scythe between her and the closest dark servant. The beams of light radiating from her weapon were among the most holy, handcrafted by the Guardian angels to ward off evil. Shielding herself from the dark entities she begins to step backwards, eyeing the surrounding souls, "Call off your servants..." She calls to the hooded man, "I have no dealings with you or yours."

    Shiro's fear of the darkness spreads like wild fire through her body, sending adrenaline pumping through her veins and amplifying her senses. Shiro tries to focus on her possible escapes.

    Caution.... take in the odds.... how will you escape?.... Careful now... Use the light. Burn their eyes....

    Shiro stares across the dark street at the hooded figure, her golden eyes vivid. Sensing the arousal of more dark souls as the hour continued.

    Make your move demon...I need to make this quick...
  5. Kol couldn't help but laugh at the girl's retort. "Ungodly you say? So I suppose it would be godly to give me the soul of an elderly person?" Kol took a quick breath to compose himself. Kol now spoke again, this time in a much colder voice. "I had honestly wanted to avoid a confrontation, but it seems you are dead set on keeping that soul". As the conversation was continuing, the clouds were now blocking the light of the moon. Kol, as well as his servants, kept their distance from the white beams of light streaking across the ground. With the absence of the moon light, the rays from the angel's weapon made the shadows in the gaps as black as sin. Kol's servants were about to jump the gun and charge the angel, but Kol held his hand back to order them to stay where they were.

    "Funny thing about shadows," said the demon with a grin across his face, "no matter how hard you try, you can never get rid of them with light". As soon as Kol said that, something stirred in the shadow of the angel. A moment later, A dark arm with a ,large, twisted blade strapped to it lunged up towards the cylinder at the angel's waist. If successful, the hand would grab the cylinder as well as impale her. At the exact same moment that the arm appeared, Kol bellowed out "End her!". Kol's was now using a deep, malevolent, voice that would make any mortal shrink in fear. at his command, Kol's servants rushed the angel.
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  6. The night sky had been washed scarlet by the blaze of an apartment complex burning away. In the street below, Tyson stepped out with heavy feet, a collection of souls gathered about his waist: an old woman who had lived alone; a young man just out of college; a middle-aged man that had just gone through a divorce; and a young couple and their daughter. While he had gathered the unfortunate to himself, those who had escaped the flames gathered in the street and watched their homes burn.

    Tyson walked unseen down the street, leaving as the sound of sirens drew nearer. His time was running out, the dark hour drawing ever nearer, but he had one more stop to make. The collector angel turned into an alley untouched by the moonlight. Before him lay the torn body of a woman, her soul waiting beside it for Tyson to come. He raised his staff and held it out to her. A scythe blade grew on the end, extending to touch the blue form. As she vanished from the mortal world, Tyson could feel her happiness at having an angel come to claim her.

    His job was finished for the night, so Tyson hurried back toward the portal he'd entered by. But he had taken a bit too long; the dark hour had arrived. When he rounded a corner to see his portal, a demon was running straight for it. It dispersed before the infernal being could reach it, but that left Tyson alone and stranded.

    "Hello, Tyson. I haven't seen you for a while. It's been what, two decades?"

    The voice sent shivers down his spine. He'd heard it far too often in the past and had prayed often that he would never hear it again. But when he cast his eyes up, there she was, hovering overhead. "Tessara," he spat.

    "I'm glad you haven't forgotten me. My, what a beautiful group of souls you have there. I'm sure they'll make excellent servants. Though I am surprised you're already back in the field. Heaven must be remarkably short-staffed."

    Tyson flinched; he had failed in this task before. But he had gone through much to prove he could handle this responsibility. "You'll not be taking these souls! Get thee hence!
    "Or what? Will you drive me away?"

    "I will! I'm no longer the weakling you fought back then! I've grown stronger!"

    Before he even realized what had happened, Tessara was on top of him, her mouth right next to his ear. "So have I," she whispered.

    Tyson felt the demoness's claws in his chest. He couldn't summon the strength even to raise his arm. He could do nothing but watch as Tessara's left hand claimed the souls he had collected one by one. The last she took was the small girl; when Tessara grabbed the container, she raised it to her eyes to examine it closely. A hard smile appeared on her face, but it vanished as soon as she turned back to Tyson. The little girl disappeared into her clothes and Tessara withdrew her hand from Tyson's chest.

    "Someone will come to retrieve you soon. Try not to get eaten by these pathetic earth-bound demons before then; I do enjoy our visits." With a shallow laugh, Tessara flew off into the night.
  7. Shiro gasped as the light from her scythe glinted off of a sharp object erupting from her shadow. In fear she recoiled immediately, the blade of the monster just slicing past her side, leaving a gash in her white dress. She had just barely protected her little jar, the small entity overtaken with fear.

    Hold on little one!

    "Ahh!" She screamed as waves of agony shot through her mind.


    Looking around frantically at the demons that would be upon her at any second she quickly spun around extending her scythe at it's full length and twisted in a full 360 degrees, cutting the demons within a 9 foot radius. Concentrating her strength she grabbed her scythe with both hands, and charged it to full power, spinning the bright weapon high above her head before smashing it's base to the to the street. Immediately, rays of the brightest heathen light bolted in every direction. Lighting up the night in a brightness so bright, the surrounding area seemed to disappear in a world of white. Shiro shielded her eyes with the hand holding the massive weapon, and immediately brought a hand to the small jar on her waist.

    Are they gone?!... I can't see! Make your escape now love! The hour is almost up you must hurry! The mortals wont survive if this escalates much further...
  8. The hand that had failed to obtain the cylinder, quickly retreated back in the shadows. The swarm of Kol's servants rushed the angel, but a good number of them were killed when she used her scythe. Kol could sense the power build up in the angel's weapon and quickly surrounded himself in a thick sphere of shadow. When the light erupted from the angel's weapon, many of Kol's remaining servants were incinerated while the survivors fled back t the shadows. The light scorched the shadow sphere and some of the powerful light broke through it. Kol's body quickly recoiled in pain as the white beams seared his body. When the light had faded, the shadow sphere was shattering like glass. "That," Kol says, his voice filled with seething hatred, "was a mistake". After saying that, Kol's body began to change. The shadows around him started forming long thick tendrils that were wrapped around his body. "I had wanted to avoid getting my hands dirty so as not to waste my energy, but it seems you need to learn your place Collector".

    As Kol was speaking, his body began to grow and morph into his true form. His arms began to lengthen and thicken with his fingers turning into menacing claws. His face began to distort, razor-sharp teeth grew from his mouth and long dagger like horns started to protrude from his head. Black wings made of shadow formed on his back. Both his eyes and his mouth emitted a blood red light. When Kol's transformation was complete, he now towered over the angel. "I was intending to only take the child's soul," Kol said his voice now as deep as the abyss itself, "but now I will take your soul as well. I will enjoy torturing you for eternity".

    Kol now slowly made his way towards the angel. As he did so, his servants started to return and surround the angel yet again. "Ash, ensure that she does not leave that spot", Kol said in the angel's direction. At that moment, two arms lunged from the angel's shadow yet again. This time, however, they both grasped onto her legs. The arms were positioned between the angel's legs so that she could not slice them with her scythe without injuring herself. As Kol drew nearer, he was emitting a low laugh. "It has actually been quite some time since anyone has angered me this much. That will make it all the more pleasurable to rib you to pieces," said Kol brandishing his claws
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  9. Shiro was frantic. How could this happen?! Her golden eyes searching the area for any possible escape. She went to run but was suddenly halted when something strong held her legs in place. She raised her scythe staring down at the monster that gripped her ankles and was about to strike but paused; The angle was so strange, and her scythe was so large. She wouldn't be able to make an attack without hurting herself. Shiro panicked.

    Put all your strength into this final attack! You have to escape! You have to live to fight against the darkness in limbo! They'll try to take over the heavens!

    Shiro quickly super charged her weapon again, spinning it high above her head. Her eyes wide with fear, readying herself for the brightest attack she could produce. Her weapon growing brighter with every rotation, in seconds it became spinning disc of white. Suddenly slamming her weapons base to the floor again. The rushing demons just inches away from her soul jar, as light explodes from blade, swallowing every shadow, and piercing every crevice within a 3 mile radius. Shiro felt the power drain from her body, through the weapon, and then violently releasing into the atmosphere. Shiro screamed as she put as much power as she could into her attack. The blinding light shot through windows and raced across the sky like lightening. The small soul in her jar dying in fear.
    She felt the massive grip weaken in the brightness.

    Move now!!

    Quickly Shiro used the last of her strength to leap up from the ground. Using her staff of her weapon for leverage, she agilely propels herself up and over the horrid beast on the ground. As her bare feet reach the ground on the other side, she doubles over, almost loosing her balance as the brightness begins to fade away. Her bright attack has begun to end.

    Quickly now, the stronger demons wont be stunted for long!

    Shiro's legs feel overly heavy and she begins to stumble. Her final attack took almost every ounce of energy she had. She looks up slowly as the light continues to fade away. Her vision is blurred. She falls forward, scraping her knees on the street.

    You need to get away now!!

    Shiro scrambles up again and begins an awkward jog forward, the earth spinning wildly around her. She breaks into a run and rounds a street corner. The sky almost completely dark again. She tries to concentrate her focus on finding help. She sensed another collector angel before she was attacked. Maybe they could help, if they're even still out here... Shiro stumbled forward again, her feet tripping over the curb. Looking behind her she didn't see anything after her just yet, but that didn't mean they weren't still out there.

    Watch for shadows...

    Shiro looked out into the dark street in front of her sensing another presence, an angelic presence.

    I'm not alone!!

    Shiro frantically quickened her pace, eyeing a collectors angel lying in the street. When she finally caught up to him her eyes grazed over the claw marks in his chest. She recognized his face. "Tyson!" she calls weakly, "T-Tyson, the demons, they're a-after m-me! We-we need to take this battle to another place! T-the dark hour is almost up!" Shiro stutters, weakly trying to shake the angels shoulder, "G-get up Tyson! We need to move to safety, in my state, I don't even think I'll be able to open a portal" Shiro's eyes clench shut as she brings a hand to her wounded side. "I'm too weak to even heal myself right now... we need to get out of here."

  10. "My lord, the hour of darkness is nearing! Your hunters are being prepared, just as you have commanded lord!" The small demon spoke to Lord Edge, an eager look to its face. Lord Edge rose from what looked like obsidian bones in the shape of a throne and walked past the tiny demon. A commanding, cold, and dire voice sounded out "I shall lead them tonight Imp. Bring my blades!" The small demon nodded and hurried out of the large room, and moments later came back dragging a pouch along with two swords. Meeting the imp half way, he opened the pouch and attached each knive to the belt, a slightly green poison dripped to the ground at his feet, which sizzled the gray floor. He picked up each sword, and swung them. The small group of elite hunter demons marched into the room with howls of chaos and bloodlust. Stepping over the small demon, Edge called out to his demons,
  11. Kol stopped his advance when the angel prepared another burst of light. He could sense the overabundance of enemrgy she was putting into her attack. Kol created another shadow sphere, but this time he was not underestimating the strength of the attack and made it strong enough to withstand the light. Ash had returned to the saftey of the shadows before the attack hit. Kol actually struuggled to keep the sphere up during the barrage of light. He was unable to leave the sphere so long as the light remained and so was unable to do anything as the angel made a desperate attempt to escape. Instead of getting frustrated, Kol broke out in a loud meniacle laughter that echoed throughout the empty streets and alleys. "That's it run! I enjoy the thrill of the hunt".

    when the light had finally faded, Kol immediately slipped into the shadows and pursued the wounded angel. It didnt take long for Kol and his remaining servants to catch up with her and surround her. Kol was almost suprised when he saw the girld with another wounded collector. "There is nowhere left to run collector," Kol says as he and his servants manifest from the shadows. Ash was now fully visible too. He was standing next to Kol, his blades at the ready to strike. "It was foolish of you to refuse my deal when I offered it," Kol said smugly, "but I am not unreasonable. I will extend my offer one last time to you. Give me the soul and I will spare you. Refuse and I will take your soul as well". Kol's few remaining servants slowly tightened the circle as the conversation was taking place. "Come now, is all this really worth one soul?" the demon asks, "That soul is but one of billions, and you are an immortal. Surly one soul is not worht it. As a bonus I will even spare the life of your companion". Kol walked up until he was towering over the two angels. Kol slowly extended his hand towards the girl and said "Do we have a deal?"
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  12. As the howls of demons died down, Edge opened the portal and let the ten hunter demons pour in. He was the last through the portal, it quickly closed behind him, leaving the demon prince in the dark. He smelt the air, fresh souls for the taken overwhelmed him. He ordered a group of his demons to hunt for souls, leaving him with two demons. A new smell burn'd his nose, he growled out "Collecters" Looking towards were the smell came from, he took a running start and jumped into the air, his cape going up over his head, and quickly coming down into the shape of dark black raven wings. He heard the small bat-like wings of his hunter demons take flight behind him. Soaring towards the smell, it became stronger, and clearer. He smelt both angels now, a faint one he wasnt familar quite familar with, and a far to familar one. He finally made it to were the angels lay, and his feet crashed into the ground, cracks going all him. He growled "No deal shall be made Kol, Shiro isnt leaving."
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  13. Tyson's eyes snapped open, his chest throbbing. His eyes focused on the angel sitting beside him, "Oh shiro!?" He exclaimed, "I-I thought I was trapped here alone!?" Tyson rubbed his eyes, his vision clearing. "Shiro your side!, What happened?"

    "I had a little fall out with a group of Dark souls," She smiled weakly. "I don't think I got away just yet, we need to get out of here."

    "Right." Tyson rose to his feet, reaching a hand down to Shiro. When she stood he put a hand to her wound, "Stay still, we won't get very far with you in this condition." A small blue glow began to form under his palm, begginning to heal the angel's side. Tyson suddenly pulled Shiro against him sensing a violent presence.

    "Damn, they found us! Tyson we have to go now! I have an untouched soul!" Shiro whispered urgently, her Golden eyes vivid.

    "It would be of no use to run, they found us now, they'll find us again. Stand your ground."

    "Wait!?" Shiro stammered shifting in his grip, "What happened to yours?! Ouch!" She grimanced.

    "They were stolen. I told you to stay still! I don't have that much healing power right now!" Tyson spotted a large dark form moving across the ground in their direction, and released his palm from Shiro's wound, "You should be fine for now, just don't over do it..."


    "Shiro calm down!" Tyson tightened his grip on the small angel in his arms. And closed his eyes as a group of dark souls emerged from the shadows around them. Two large demons stepped forward, towering over the angels. Shiro's body tensed feeling their dark arora so close.
    Tyson listened to the demons offer, trying to figure an escape noticing the amount of closing demons.

    "Well, it is only one soul..." Tyson said calmly, trying to halt the situation.

    "NO!" Shiro shouted and twisted in Tyson's grip. Her action was met by a quick hand clamping over her mouth, "Stop it! Let me go!" The angel demanded, trying to escape. Her voice muffled under Tyson's palm.

    "haha, sorry about her!" Tyson laughed, "Quiet Shiro!, You need to take in the severity of this situation," Tyson spoke in Shiro's ear and chuckled nervously looking around at the dark comapny, and trying to stall their imminent death. Looking up at the massive beast before him, Tyson weighed his options of escape.

    "What about the wings I gave you?" A quiet voice spoke to Tyson's mind.

    Tyson's body stiffened at the sudden rememberance, and immediatly unfurreld his massive white wings. Brilliant wings of untainted feathers burst from his shoulder blades. Their brightness shooting sparkling light on the windows of nearby buildings.Tyson crushed Shiro against him and lept up from the earth, his wings propelling skyward at an intese velocity.

    "You! You have your wings!?" Shiro yelled into his chest, trying to make her voice heard over the whistling wind.

    "We'll have to refuse!" Tyson called down to the demons, laughing heartily above the town. Noticing the large demon's shadow wings, Tyson wasted no time in escaping. He flew north as fast as he could.

    "Well you almost got us killed, thankyou Shiro." Tyson said, lifting her up on to his back, resting her between his wings.

    "Well I didn't know what you were trying to do!" Shiro challenged, wrapping her arms around Tyson's neck. "But thankyou. You saved our lives." Shiro looked down at her waist belt and let her eyes rest upon the small soul jar. The tiny soul finally, peacefully, asleep.

    "All in a days work," Tyson laughed. Shiro looked behind them, the dark hour was almost up, and twilight was beginning to break.

    "It's not fair how the dark hour is so much longer then ours." Shiro muttered.

    "I guess God just expects us to wrap it up and leave haha."

    "Whatever, I'm just glad we're out of there..." Her voice trailed off, "How many souls did you loose tonight?..."

    Tyson was silent. The humor draining from his face, "I lost six... seven actually."

    Shiro sighed, "Well tonight wasn't the best for either of us I guess." The wind whipped her hair back away from her face. Neither of the angels spoke for a few minutes trying to take in everything that had happened within the last couple hours. Shiro listened to the pumping of Tyson's wings as they flew farther away from the demons.

    "The demon prince is on the move dear." The keepers voice spoke in Shiro's ear.

    "Keeper!?" Shiro said excited, "I thought I lost you when you closed the portal?"

    "The keeper?" Tyson spoke curiously, he slowed their travel and swooped low above a taller building. Beating his wings, Tyson Slowly lowered them to the roof. Tyson curiously moved his head closer to Shiro's ear, listening to the keepers words.

    "He's on the move because of the dark hour, his battalion is close to complete darling. Guardians have had encounters with demons at the gates an hour ago. Undoubtedly, demonic droves are alreadypassing through limbo. What army we have is guarding the gates, that's where we'll need the most protection." The keeper continues, "I sense some half souls stirring in your area because of the recent fall out you guys had. We could use their help. I'm going to put a spell over you and the demons... This will allow you both to roam the earth during the day along with the humans. But if any fights were to break, lets just say God won't be too happy... try to make the demons understand if this were to happen. Save that for limbo. The guardian angels have instructed me to allow you two to try and persuade the half souls to join our battalion, but you must becareful... The demons will also sense the half souls, so pursuing and persuading may be quite difficult."

    "Will the spell work on the Demon prince?" Shiro asked.

    "It should..." The keeper said, "If anything, please don't try and stir him up. The earth could be destroyed if he decides to make a move on you two in a mortal population."

    "We understand." Tyson said calmly, " How long will this spell last?"

    "Let's put it this way," The keeper said quickly, "The demons are coming through limbo as we speak, we need you two to have the half souls and any other immortals in limbo by the next dark hour. This includes the demons, the fighting will have to start and end in limbo if we are to have the mortals live... and remember, the humans will only see you as other mortals... only half souls will be able to sense your true identites, as with demons."

    "Understood." Tyson said sighing and running a hand through his hair, "We'll work as quickly as we can."

    "Alright, you two are on your own, I've been called to guard the gates as well. I'll check in when I can. God be with you."

    "You as well," Shiro said closing her eyes. Tyson studied Shiro's face for a moment.

    "What are you doing?"

    Shiro opened her eyes and looked at Tyson, "Gate keeper said there were half souls in the area. I'm trying to sense them, so we can at least get a directon of where to go..." Shiro's gaze wandered to the brightening sky, the early hours of dawn were begginning to break.

    I hope we don't meet those demons again....

    "This is so strange being allowed to roam in the human world after collectors hour." Shiro said looking out at the early dawn, her eyes squinting in the bright sunlight.

    "Yeah..." Tyson said quietly furrowing his brows, "We just have to watch out. And definitly be prepared for any uproar caused by the dark souls... They're going to love this..."

    "The Prince is going to be difficult to handle..." Shiro bit her lip and looked back at Tyson meeting his gaze.

    "Just remmeber we have to move everything to limbo..." Tyson said quietly. "Now focus... where are the half souls?" Shiro nodded and closed her eyes, feeling the suns vibrant rays warm her skin. She focused her thoughts on the half souls, focusing in on sensing a strangeness, a deformity in an immortal soul, something not quite right...

    "I can feel two... a pair..." Shiro spoke. A calm breeze riffling her hair and dress. A dark feeling passed through her being. Her whole body stiffened. "Tyson... when we left, we had barely missed the Demon Prince... He's here... and he found us just before we left. At the heat of the moment, I didnt even sense his presence! He'll find us for sure. We need to find those half souls quick, we don't have that much time. And we definitly can't risk an encounter with the Demon Prince..."

    Tyson's jaw muscles flexed as he took in the new news. "Damn. This is going to be more dangerous than I thought."
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  14. Kol was certian that he had won and so didnt expect what followed. First, the angel girl still refused to hand over the soul which angered Kol.Second, the Demon Prince arrived out of the blue which diverted both Kol and his servants attention away from the angles for a mere moment. In that moment, the male collector grew a pair of wings and flew away. "Damnation Edge, I nearly had them. Now I will not even get the child's soul". Kol's voice was filled with rage. "What are you even doing here when the hour is nearly up anyway? Even you wouldn't have enough time to collect any souls".

    Kol was never calm when the Prince was around. They have been at eachothers throats since as long as anyone could remember. Kol was the only other demon besides the prince who could convert souls to demons, so they have never seen eye to eye. Nevertheless, Kol never made any open attempts to the throne because Edge possessed far more raw power than he.
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  15. "No, leave me alone you brutes! Get your hands off of me! Someone help!" wailed a femine voice that echoed from a dark alley five feet away from the local bar.

    "Come on sweetie, why don't you come this us? We'll show you a good time, I gurantee," replied a malicous, husky voice that came from a large man and his goons that roamed the city at night. Suddenly he felt the side of his face throb, the girl had slapped him. He growled then pulled out his knife and held it against her jugular. "You damn whore! For just embarressing me infront of my friends I'm going to have some fun with you," he smirked then lowered the knife and moved his hand to caress her face.

    Three loud thuds caused the leader to turn around to see the horrific sight of his friends collapsed with large pools of blood beginning to surround their bodies. He quickly slung the girl infront of him with the knife once again on her throat when he noticed two bright azure eyes staring at them from the darkness. "Who ever you are stay back or I'll cut her throat open!" a simple snort served as a reply, the leader calmed down until he felt a chill go down his spine then quickly started to turn. But he was too late, a pair of hands latched onto his head then turned; snapping his neck with watch with no emotion as the body fell to the floor. The young lady turned to come face to face with the person who had saved her. "T-thank you for saving me," he stumbled from then relentless glare.

    "Don't be stuipd enough to follow someone you don't know into an alley way next time," the man replied. The young lady simply nodded then ran out of the alley while the man turned his attention to the lifeless corpses before him. "Pathetic vermin, vanish from this world," James snapped his finger resulting in the corpses to dissolve until even their ashes were gone. James snorted then pulled his hood over his head, walked out of the alley and into a group of people.
  16. Shiro was having trouble locating the souls, so she and Tyson sat on the roof of a old motel, resting up and healing their abbrasions from the previous hours. A large, red, neon sign flickering madly behind them. Motel 6.

    "Any idea on a location?" Tyson sighed, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees. He listened to the sounds of the town as it awakened. People driving to work, cars honking in the distance. He could hear the opening of restraunts and cafes, the ringing of the bells as people walked in and out. And Dogs barking at newspaper boys. "It's crazy how I never knew this much went on at such an early hour. The humans are so noisy."

    "Well, from what I've learned, they have pretty busy lives. I wish I could know what its like." Shiro wondered looking across the small city. Taking in the new lights and various noises coming alive around them. Shiro could feel something drop in the atmosphere as she hears a woman cry in the distance. Curiously, her and Tyson's eyes scan the area, looking for any sort of disturbance.

    "Do you think it's the demons?" Tyson said, his voice dropping in seriousness. Looking across the city at the sun, it's rays just beginning to cast shadows on the dark streets.

    "I don't think the demons would try anything right now, they're probably still trying to figure out why the hell they're still able to be standing on earth as we speak." A hint of sarcasm ladened Shiro's voice.

    "Such ignorant beings." Tyson mumbled, rubbing his eyes and resting his head in his hands. As the woman calls out again, he looks up again, a look of annoyance playing upon his face as he searches for the source of the noise. "Let's check it out." He grumbled, rising to his feet. "The humans will only see us as other humans so we'll be fine. And besides, maybe it'll give us a start to these half souls of ours."

    "You're right." Shiro said, her eyes grazing over a local bar down the street. "I think it's coming from that direction."

    "Well you can't be all wrong, I remember my teacher telling me some of the worst souls collected died in bar fights." Tyson sighed helping Shiro up. "How's your side?"

    "All better" Shiro smiled, "The rest helped a lot." She finished, resting a hand on the small jar on her waist. "And this ones okay too."

    Tyson smiled. "Well, we want to reach the half souls before the demons so let's go. Tyson lowered himself on the side of the motel and fell to the floor of an alley. Landing with a soft thump on a damp floor. "Alright Shiro!" He called up. Shiros face peered down from above, a look of utter shock on her face.

    "You're crazy! You better catch me!"

    Tyson chuckled to himself looking up at the angel.

    After the two were safely on the ground, they ran up the street, hopefully in the direction of the woman's voice they had heard earlier. Since then, they hadn't heard anything.

    "Are you sure she's still up here? The bar is alot farther then I originally imagined," Shiro said, slowing her pace to a walk.

    "Well, you can see a lot farther from a rooftop." Tyson teased, slowing his pace to match hers.

    "I think we're wasting our time." Shiro said, crossing her arms and halting in front of a cafe. Through the glass windows a large digital clock displayed the time. 6:55am.

    "It wouldn't hurt to at least check it out." Tyson said looking down the street in the direction of the bar. "Like I said before, it could lead us to something."

    "Fine, but lets take our time and walk in the direction of the commoners. If half souls live here their not going to stick out in a crowd."

    "Good point." Tyson said starting forward, Shiro trailing at his heels.

    When they finally reached the bar the sun shown down upon the small buildings, and cast the streets in the orange and yellow glow of a morning sky.

    "I'm not sensing anything." Shiro mumbled, "I told you- wait... I'm getting a small reading." Shiro slowly approached the alleyway next to the bar, Tyson following close behind. The two curiously peered into the dark space, "Shoot, I thought I had something." Shiro murmered.

    "No, I have the same feeling, I may not be good at locating souls from a distance, but I do feel something off as well. Something about the area." Tyson said turning back to the street. "Whoa!" He quickly jumped backwards as a boy on a light blue bicycle raced past down the sidewalk. "I was right about this being dangerous."

    "Well let's walk around." Shiro said rolling her eyes and turning back to her partner. "We'll have a better chance at finding anything if we keep moving."
    The two angels began walking up the street again, crossing through busy intersections, and walking along popular pathways. Searching for any sign of an immortal soul.
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  17. Grabbing a few prepared and bagged sandwhiches. The young purple haired girl then walks out from her appartment. Pushing the training trunk out of the way, as she closes and locks the door. She then hurries down the stairs and out to the street.

    The town was bustling as usual. Alyssa picked up her phone as she waited for the red light to switch. Texting her friends. While doing so she thought back on the night. She had seen a strange white light trough the window when she was up to go to the bathroom. And ever since she had this uneasy feeling in her stomach.

    The light switched and the girl corrected the strap holding her training gear over her shoulder before walking. She was into Archery and had been practicing it for a few years now. Though she sometimes took a break for some track running instead. Though that was mostly during test periods since it helped keep her mind clear.

    Alyssa looked up from her phone as she headed down that street. Was it just her or did this place feel different from before. Something was different that was for sure but what??
  18. Tessara had been about to return with the souls she had taken, but her portal had been erased while only half-formed. The small park she stood in was beginning to lighten, and she couldn't leave. After a moment of panic, she realized that not only couldn't she leave, she didn't need to. She remained motionless as the sun appeared on the horizon. She stared at it for as long as her eyes could stand it, trying to watch it a little longer despite the tears welling in her eyes.

    She was standing in the mortal world, under the sun.

    The sounds of humanity rose to life behind her, though muffled slightly by the distance. Soon a group of children appeared to play at the park. They stopped halfway in to whisper about the strange lady with pink hair standing there crying. Finally one small girl with brown hair carefully approached her.

    "Um, you shouldn't look at the sun like that. It's bad for your eyes."

    Tessara turned her head down to regard the little girl. After a moment she let a smile fill her face. "You're right. I was just happy to see it." The girl was very confused, but Tessara didn't say anything more. She rubbed the girl's brown locks and left the park.

    Something had happened. The Prince didn't have the power to make this happen, so it had to come from the other end. But why? Why would He keep devils in the mortal world? And if devils were here, it most certainly meant that there were angels as well; all things were balanced. Tessara thought about the Collector she'd left in the streets; he wouldn't be a problem. Then there were Kol and Ash, and she had felt the Prince himself arrive just before dawn, so there must be more angels than just Tyson.

    Just before dawn. Tessara lost herself in the sunlight again. She was so absorbed in the heat on her skin that she didn't notice the distorted presence approaching her until it was on the same sidewalk. Tessara's eyes snapped open and she looked to to her right. A girl walking down the street was looking up from her small communication device. Their eyes met.

  19. The angels turned down streets and strode by popular morning cafes. Nothing.

    "This is frustrating." Shiro crossed her arms, "I know they're here. We have to find them before the dark souls do! Where are the demons anyways!? They have to have realized the sun isn't scorching their skin by now."

    "Shiro calm down, we'll find something. You're just being impatient." Tyson remarked.

    "I know," Shiro sighed, "I'm just paranoid. I mean, we only have one day. Mortal time is alot slower paced then ours, but it still is only one day. A day to find 2 half souls that could be anywhere in this city."

    "You're not being very encouraging right now"

    "Sorry." Shiro said quietly, "I just want to get out of here, this atmosphere is so much different from our own. It makes me feel uncomfortable."

    "We'll find something soon enough."

    The angels turned down a street lined with beautiful oak trees, past the trees on the opposite sidewalk, lay a large grassy park. The dew drops on the strands of green sparkling in the sun.

    "Well, this must be close to the center of town." Tyson said, casually pointing to the park.

    "How do you know?" Shiro asked looking over at children playing on the swing set, their mothers stretching after a morning workout and conversing in the grass nearby.

    "Well I remember learning about a large human city. New York. More expirienced collectors go there, but I know they have a huge park right in the middle of the city. I don't know, I may be wrong."

    "It's a pretty good theory." Shiro shrugged laughing. "But it really doesn't matter where we're going, the keeper will open a portal whenever we're ready."

    Tyson and Shiro walked along the sidewalk, entranced by the laughing children and the birds signing in the trees.

    "I guess the human world can be beautiful." Shiro whispered, looking up at the trees and analyzing how the sunlight trickled through the gaps in the leaves. Tyson nodded in aggreance. A small dark feeling came over Shiro as they walked farther. She broke her gaze and looked ahead at the barren street. The area was quiet compared to the busier streets behind them, a cold chill crawled up her bare arms. "Wait, I'm getting something." She said slowing her pace. Tyson's eyes snapped from the trees and cautiously scanned the area.

    "Besides the families at the park theres no one on the street." He said quietly taking notice at a woman walking her dog on the opposite side of the street by the park. "Well besides her." The small white dog the woman walked behind looked over at the angels and growled, but continued to walk on ahead of them.

    "Can dogs see the real us?" Shiro whispered to Tyson.

    "I think so." Tyson said staring at the small animal, "It's said that animals are more perceptive to the supernatural then humans."

    The chill continued to get worse as they came closer to the end of the street, up ahead on the other side the park continued down another tree lined drive. The angels watched as the dog and his owner walked up the shaded street.

    "You feel that too?" Tyson asked.

    "Yeah... But I'm not entirely desiring to venture down that way." Shiro said pointing across the street. The large oak trees still shading the street from the rising sun. "I can't tell if it's just a demon... a dark arora is defnintly coming from down that way though. It might be two... But there is definitly an abundance of dark's making my skin crawl." Shiro rubbed her shoulders, goosebumps rose on her skin.

    "I thought the human atmosphere wasn't supposed to affect us." Tyson said examining her arms.

    "Well since were basically stranded here we can't be immune forever." The morning was chilly, a cool breeze calmly blew through the streets.

    Tyson frowned, "Okay well, we'll make this quick." He said walking off the curb, begginning to cross the street. Shiro followed closely behind.

    "Listen for the dog. He'll let us know if there's a demon." Shiro shivered.

    Tyson untied a white wrap he had around his waist over his pants and soul belt. He handed the clothing to Shiro, "Here"

    "Thankyou" Shiro said, gratefully taking the thick fabric and wrapping it around her shoulders. The angels continued behind the dog, listening in suspense to the new silence that fell over the street as they continued. The children's laughing had died down, and close to no birds sang in the trees.
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  20. As the young girls eyes wandered she spotted a woman and at that moment when their eyes met. Alyssa felt a stinging pain in her forehead and blinked surprised at the womans gaze. She slowed down not liking the feeling at all that she felt at the moment. She placed her fingers lightly at her temple breaking eye contact for a moment and taking a deep breath. That woman what the heck to stare at a stranger like that.

    Something really was wrong. She looked up again walking but then stopped. Perhaps she should take another route instead. Turning she went down a small path leading into the park nearby. Just the first few steps she noticed the uneasyness lift.
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