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  1. Hey guys just wondering who would be interested in a "Angelic Battalion RP" that I'm thinking on starting. This will be a group RP!!
    ~I basically need demons, half human half demons, and angels. Either gender is fine.
    I'm thinking the basic story line would be:

    There is a clash between angels and demons in limbo (the vast escape between heaven and hell), the demon prince and his army of dark souls (demons) want to take over the half humans and make them demons to join their battalion. Two half demon half humans (or multiple pairs of half souls if there are many players) together are really powerful, the demon prince wants them for his army. The collector angels don't want him to take the half souls (half demons half humans), collector angels harvest the souls of the dying from earth and take them to judgment. The angels battle the demon prince and his army of demons. Eventually the angels overtake the demon prince and force him into submission.



    Okay I would play Shiro, a female collector angel.

    Fill out this CS if you're interested so I can kind of get a grip of the characters :)

    Species: (Collector Angel, demon, half demon)
    Personality: (keep short and sweet please)
    General appearance: (hair, eyes, clothes, etc.) *optional*

    I need a SERIOUS, EVIL, SEDUCTIVE, & MISCHIEVOUS character for the demon prince, the demon prince is infatuated with Shiro, but is incapable of love so he just desires to capture her and make her his forever. He never succeeds in doing so.

    My character:
    Name: Shiro
    Gender: Female
    Species: Collector Angel
    Weapon: Holy White Scythe
    Personality: Serious & Kind with a Warriors heart.
    General appearance: long white hair, gold eyes, plain white spaghetti strap dress (mid thigh length) light blue angel wings tattoo on the back of her neck, barefoot, very light skin tone.

    General rules if this RP takes off and you guys are into it (I'll start the RP when you guys are ready):
    ~Keep it PG-13 please
    ~There can be cursing if it applies to the character or situation
    ~You don't have to match the story line exactly, its just there to keep us on track.
    ~No serious love scenes that take up a big portion of the story, but there can be small romances between characters if you want to add them.
    ~Have fun and be respectful to the other players character powers and weapons
    ~No God Modding, even the demon prince have flaws! (Angels too!)
    ~Please use the best grammar possible.

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  2. Name: Scarlett 'Scar'
    Gender: Female
    Species: Collector Angel
    Weapon: Poisoned Bow and Arrows, knives and other herbs that help as both medicine and poison for Angels/Demons
    Personality: She is a very agile and swift on her feet, she can be what most people call a 'forest dweller'; Scarlett may be a bit new the feelings of other people but she isn't stupid and is willing to fight for what she thinks is right, she usually tends to daze out into thought but she is always alert in battle.
    General appearance: [​IMG]
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  3. Awesome :) thanks for replying. I'll try and get more people to join, so we can turn this into an RP (\^_^/)
  4. "!!" Can I be the female demon infatuated with the prince? And I hate that he only looks at Shiro, and I despise her and see her as my arch-nemesis!
  5. Of course :D that would definitely make it more fun and add a twist! ^_^ Absolutely!
  6. Name: Kol
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon
    Weapon: Claws that can shred nearly anything (Angel weapons can block them), Razor sharp fangs and can conjure razor sharp needles made of shadow to hurl at enemies.
    Personality: Can blend into shadows at night and move through them (can still be hit with an angel's weapon if you can locate him) as well as change his form to that of a cloaked human.Cold, manipulative, enjoys the suffering of others. Loves to make pacts with humans in order to make them his servants. Will try to avoid direct conflict and make others do the fighting for him, but will not waste an opportunity to strike a lethal blow. Hates the light and will try to flee if exposed to it. Desires power and will go to any means to secure it. He covets the prince's position and secretly devises the perfect plan to usurp his throne. Never displays his true strength and has many hidden talents.
    General appearance: [​IMG]

    I hope this isn't overpowered. I think I gave him enough weaknesses to balance it out.
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  7. Awesome character :D can't wait to start the RP!
  8. Question: Does a half demon HAVE to be on the bad side?
  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Tessara
    Gender: Female
    Species: Demon
    Weapon: Magic darts, knives, and needles that she throws; claws for hand-to-hand combat.
    Personality: Aggressive, and with a certain level of conceit. She is one of the Prince's personal servants, a position she takes great pride in. She loves the Prince, but he will not even look at her. So she fulfills her duties and beyond, trying to impress the Prince and earn his praise.
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  10. No, half demons are fighting for control over themselves from their demons, they can choose either path, to fight their darkness and fight with the angels or give in to the demon inside and ally forces with the demons
  11. Nice character RayChel ^^
  12. So now all we need is for someone to play the prince. By the way Ray, I think you need to fix your image because I cant see it.
  13. Yes, I'll post some more threads, we could use a pair of half souls definitly
  14. Please call me Chel. ^^ Are you sure? I've reloaded a few times and it still shows. Can you open it in a new tab?
  15. Just posted an advertisement in the Rp talk section, hopefully we can get a few more players :)
  16. Would I be able to make another female? I can't play as a guy, its mentally impossible for me lol
  17. of course, players are free to play more than one character :)
  18. Chel, I tried doing that but I still cant see it. maybe try putting in the link for the image in as well. If it works I should be able to see that.
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