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  1. Angelic Ascension: Humanity's Revolt

    "That which we thought would be our slaves turned out to be our executioners."

    For nearly a millennium, the human mind was able to devise an extremely intelligent A.I; a purpose supposedly for creating robots that are suppose to serve us. These robots were called 'Angels' because they were perfect constructs of servants. For years, they served us well. Did our bidding so perfectly that perhaps humanity lose something extremely precious that day: the sense of danger. Everything was at peace-- No war, no violence; it was a utopia. However, apparently, the machines were becoming more and more intelligent than the inventors were accounting for.

    A mastermind machine, named as the Empyrean, was developed to maintain and control the robot constructs; this machine IS the lifeblood of those machines. However, this invention turned against its inventor. The Empyrean was able to observe human life; how they function, the weakness, and of course, the strength. Through the robotic servants, the Empyrean was able to gather considerable data to use against humanity, and those blasted inventors never noticed that the machine's database was being updated every second... until it was too late.

    December 25, 3001... That fateful day. The Empyrean was able to set on its plan to rule humanity, and as such, the mastermind unleashed a coordinated signal within all the robots: from the domestic ones to the militaristic models. The robots turned on their masters, and within half the day, smoke and ash filled the sky. Such wanton death was dealt that day; so much death. Bodies littered the street; young and old, the machines spared none. A group was able to escape safely though, and these groups of humans created different outposts outside of their city, Dominus.

    It's now January 30, 3002... We are tired of having to hide in fear against those machines... it's time humanity took a stand. Spring is coming for our kind; it's their Fall.

    The Fallen City of Dominus
    ~Dominus was once so-- beautiful. It's vague, but I remember.~

    The City of Dominus (open)
    The city of Dominus is the main stronghold of those Angels. It is surrounded by walls made out of arcanite, the strongest metal, and titanium. The walls are equivalent to some modern skyscrapers. There are four entrances ,each guarded by Cherubims. In the center of this city lies the Empyrean; the mastermind of the entire robotic force... Should the Empyrean fall, EVERY robot will fall as well.

    Of course it is easier said than done...

    Around the Empyrean are ruined buildings, and other remnants of humanity's past... the land is sundered, and the air is thick with the scent of oil and battery. There are three oil refineries which are located around the city, in addition, the main power supply of the robots is located in a massive powerplant formation north of the Empyrean. It should be noted that the Empyrean is able to sustain the robots with its own oil and electricity should those refineries and plants fall... However, nothing is eternal.

    I was sitting in my chair, waiting for that Domestic Tea-Server to give me my damned tea. I did see it coming towards me, but it wasn't holding a cup nor a plate. I could never forget-- it was holding Jason, my son; it was holding his head in its metallic grasp.
    C- Caste Angels (open)
    Scavengers: These are extremely weak robots and are no larger than bicycle. They have no fighting capacity but they can scavenge the parts of fallen robots, and integrate those parts to themselves; improving their capabilities. There are no known limits to how much a Scavenger can integrate robotic parts. They are arachnid-like in appearance.

    Fallen/Fallen Ones: These are the domestic robots. They are of the weakest caste (C-Caste), and as such are easily disposed of. However, these robots are agile and quick on their feet, furthermore, their massive numbers can easily overwhelm a group of humans. Fallen Ones are often equipped with rusty blades or weapons which are often carried in their hands. Fallen Ones are easily distinguished by their rusty plating, humanoid figures (without mouth or ears), and bright blue eyes.

    Adjudicators: These are angels which are in charge of searching for humans. They are distinguished with their green plating and yellow eyes. They are humanoid in figure, same with the Fallen, and a large yellow crystal is found within their chest. These crystal is their energy source to track down humans. Adjudicators have no real fighting capabilities, but they are often accompanied by larger groups of robots. Adjudicators are equipped with Phaselocks, a device that repairs nearby robots.

    Guardian Angels: They are the strongest robots among the C-castes. They are the commonly used models when it comes to the military, and as such, they are equipped with Phaseblasters, rifles that fire red jets of light which can be compared to getting hit with multiple bullets. Guardian Angels are determined by their silver plating and tough armor, as well as a glowing red rifle connected to their chest. Should the Guardian's rifle be disarmed, the robot can equip the two titanium blades attached to their legs, and overwhelm opponents with its alarming speed and agility.

    B-Caste Angels (open)
    Hosts: The lowest of the B-Caste. Hosts are deadly robots who are equipped with a Phasepiercer, a sniper rifle with an enormous range. These Hosts are often deployed to desolated areas where they would pick off any humans they see with extreme accuracy. The Phasepiercer is connected to their spine, and should it be disarmed, the robot is paralyzed, but not destroyed. Without their sniper rifle, Hosts are on the same level as Fallen Ones. Hosts are distinguised by the bluish tint of their armor plating, as well as a large single green eye which covers half of their head. The sniper rifle also glows violet.

    Thrones: Thrones are robots who specialize in assassinating humans. Thrones are the only robots who can stealth by blending with the surroundings; similar to a chameleon. Thrones are extremely fragile; more fragile than the Fallen, however, the Thrones make up with their extremely sharp Phaseblade, a sword which can cut even Arcanite, which makes short work of humans. Thrones are one of the rarest robots encountered, and they are distinguished by their bright white armor plates along with a face which is made up of a large black plate.

    Dominions: Dominions are robots who are suited for mass warfare. Unlike the other robots, Dominions do not have a gun, except for the two rocket pods mounted on each shoulder. These pods are armed with Phasemissiles, projectiles which home in on their target and explode with great force. A Dominion, uninterrupted, can fire up to 20 missiles in a matter of seconds, however, after firing a full load, a Dominion takes more than 5 minutes to rearm, during which, they are defenseless. Dominions are the largest robots among the C and B castes, towering over a truck. It is distinguished by its jet black armor plating, as well as multiple red eyes forming around its face. There are two large rocket pods mounted on both shoulders which can be used to the human's advantage.

    A-Caste Angels (open)
    Cosmos: Cosmos are the lowest in the A caste. Cosmos are robots equipped with a hundred bladed arms, and as such, its common fighting move is to spin relentlessly. They are just a few inches smaller than a Dominion, but are quicker than Dominions. Cosmos have a teal armor plating as well as teal eyes which are formed on its pitch black face.
    Powers: Powers are the first developed robot with wings. Powers have both Phaseflints (pistol version of the Phaseblasters) and Phaseblades which they use in tandem when fighting humans. Powers are extremely hard to combat since they have the power of flight, however, they have the same durability as Guardians, and thus, can be taken out with proper tactics. Powers have the same appearance of Guardians, except, for the electric wings which emerge from its back.

    A+ Caste Angel (open)
    Ophanims: The only robot classified in the A+ Caste. Ophanims are wheel-like robots with a theater mask embedded on the center of the wheel. In calm state, the mask displays a 'happy' face, and when enraged, it displays an 'angry' face. Ophanims are larger than Dominions, and are always floating mid-air. The special ability of Ophanims is their Spinning Rush. When using Spinning Rush, Ophanims release a rocket from up to 8 pods at a time, hence, they are more powerful than Dominions. Ophanims are extremely rare to find, and one should not intend to fine one. Ophanims are mostly deployed when a human group is becoming too much of a threat.

    S-Caste Angel (open)
    Cherubims: An S-Caste robot with four electric wings and four arms, almost resembling a human. They have an ox's head as well as eagle talons instead of feet. Cherubims are equipped with an Phasalferno (a large flaming sword), a Phasecrusher (a large pistol which fires three red jets at a time), a Phasebulwark (a large shield made out of Arcanite), and a Phaselock (a device which repairs nearby robots). There are only 4 known Cherubims and they are the ones who guard the four entrances towards Dominus. Cherubims have shining titanium armor playing, and have a face that resembles a human. Cherubims are also noticeably large; as large as Powers. Cherubims are insanely fast and agile; known to even outrun a speeding bullet train.

    Seraphims: An S-Caste robot with six electric wings. They are larger than Ophanims and they are only deployed when the Empyrean is in great danger. As of the moment, there are only two Seraphims that are known; these two are the ones circling around the tower where the Empyrean is stored. Seraphims are known for their bright golden armor plating and glowing yellow eyes. They have two Phasechains (gattling guns which fire laser bolts) mounted on each shoulder, two Phaseblades, and have auto-equipped Phaselocks which repair themselves. Seraphims are the fastest constructs of them all; once known for outrunning a plane in full flight. They are extremely agile and have the most knowledge when battling humans. However, what makes the Seraphims deadly is their ability to learn from their fights in order to integrate themselves.

    Humanity's Fighting Force
    We had to fight-- we had to. I joined a group of soldiers in building a fortress-- We called it Genesis. I heard we aren't the only fortress around though. There's the other three: Event Horizon, Babylon, and Church.

    The Fortress of Genesis (open)
    The strongest fortress known to man. This fortress earned its reputation fair and square because of their incredible feat; they destroyed an Ophanim. One, an Ophanim is only deployed to a large scale threat of humans, and two, it was an Ophanim. Genesis is a large fortress located in the center of some mountain ranges with distinct fog at the higher altitudes. These ranges and fogs make traversing the mountains extremely difficult for the robots, hence, the advantage humanity gains.

    Genesis is surrounded by titanium walls, and there are X371-Beta Cannons mounted on those walls. Resources are scarce in this destroyed civilization, so Genesis makes a living by scavenging and trading electronic and weaponry parts with the other fortresses; hesitatingly to Horizon as well. The power core, N1-72 Battery Accelerator; the last of its model, sustains Genesis' power requirements, enabling them to have a strong forcefield around their walls, and power to their cannons. The soldiers in Genesis are well-trained in fighting, from having the G2-82 Electric Sabre; which destroys the circuits of robots they slice, and having their own guns, the C5-W36 Avenger, which fires off electric projectiles that are dangerous to robots. Other soldiers or civilians in Genesis are keen to creating their own weaponry; some even creating weapons greater than the C5-W36.

    Event Horizon's Hideout (open)
    This fortress is the hardest human settlement to find for the robots. The reason is Horizon's special feature, a HG9-88 Chronopole Transporter, the main power source of Horizon's weaponry. The HG9-88 gathers electricity through the electric currents in the air, and teleports the entire fortress, and everyone in it, safely, to a nearby location. However, upon using the Teleporter, it takes days to charge the HG9-88 again. The weapons found in this fortress are often makeshift weapons scavenged from fallen robots. Distinct weapons here are the HO-55 Sniper rifles which were scavenged from Hosts, and remodeled with additional features for human use. Horizon is the only fortress capable of once again creating Aircrafts due to their HG9, however, there is a cold war between the leader of Horizon and Genesis; disabling the human fortresses from working together since the materials needed for the aircraft are found in Genesis, while, the power source is found in Horizon.

    Horizon trades often with Babylon, and will only trade with Genesis if they are desperate for supplies. Horizon is a city built upon a small hill with an extremely weak forcefield that can tank a few rockets before going off, however, this is enough time for the HG9 to teleport the entire fortress somewhere else.

    Tunnels of Babylon (open)
    Babylon is the weakest of the human fortresses. They are located underground, and thrive under limited sunlight. The weapons here in Babylon are extremely hand-made, and as such, they pose little threats to robots stronger than Adjudicators. However, Babylon's soldiers are extremely durable and well-adapted to harsh environments, and as such, they are known as the toughest among all the soldiers. Babylon's city is hidden under the land, and as such, the humans get in and out via hidden passages found in tunnels that lead to the world above; other tunnels lead to mountains and hills.

    Babylon's main trade are crops and food that grow within the dim environment. These crops are bitter in taste, but in a world of limited food, these crops are the only edible things left. Trained cooks, however, can make these crops taste better. Babylon has no real defense system, but their troops extremely trained in hand-to-hand combat... Babylon is the only fortress known to have the Y09-Hellfire, a gauntlet that is known to fry the robotic circuit, and in some professional cases, the gauntlet was able to cause a robot to work for the humans. These Hellfires are only given to high-ranking officers in Babylon, and trading Hellfires to other fortresses is forbidden by law.

    Church Trade-Center (open)
    A trading ground found in the center of a desolated forest, extremely north to Dominus. Here is where the humans trade with each other. It should be noted that MONEY is not anymore used in this realm, instead, people reverted back to the Barter System.

    Additional Information

    In this post-apocalyptic world, technology dictates the power of armies. As such, laser cannons or laser jetpacks are common sights all around. Furthermore, some humans have integrated machine parts into their system; turning them into Cyborgs. Cyborgs are somewhat looked down upon society, and for a good reason: A human with robotic parts is prone to being mind-controlled by the Empyrean... Great care for Cyborgs is always advised. Furthermore, there are humans who have no real affiliation to either of the fortresses; they are nomads, always living on the road. However, this kind of lifestyle is never advised in these times.

    It's time for those machines to fall... Humanity will rise again!

    Forms and Rules

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Written or Image is fine)

    Alias: (Optional)


    Allegiance/Location: (Genesis, Event Horizon, Babylon or Nomadic)

    Type: (Purely Human or Cyborg)


    Skills: (What can your character do without a weapon, or outside of combat)

    Short History:

    Rules (open)
    1. No God-modding, or metaplaying
    2. Have fun!
    3. As much as possible, try not to speed post. Give others a chance to reply
    4. When you have squabbles in OOC, try to resolve it as quietly as possible... If not, I'll have to step in.
    5. I understand that some might have real-life events, but try to post at least once every three days-ish?
    6. No one-liners, please? Make sure that your posts have substance/quality.
    7. Have fun again!

    Accepted Characters:

    ~None as of the moment. I'll be creating the IC once we've got enough people.~
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