Angel x Demon?

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  1. I've seen a lot of angel x demon rp's but I've never gotten to do one. So if anyone is interested I have a pretty vague plot in line.

    I was thinking MC (the angel) was sent to talk to a person called a hunter. They hunt the darker, evilest parts of the mortal world. It was her job to make sure that they killed all the threats they could, as humanity is very important to the man upstairs. And YC would be a demon, sent to kill that same hunter. MC's initial reaction to banish YC back to hell.

    I know its really vague, but as I said before I've never done an angel x demon rp before, but am willing to talk about the plot to make it more interesting for both of us. You can reply here if you're interested!
  2. I'm interested, but why are you putting this under mature?
  3. Well because I'm hoping that the story will evolve into some royal law breaking scoodilypooping.
  4. I'm super interested!
  5. Awesome! Do you do like miniature CS's?
  6. Yeah I dont mind them. It's just where you put the important info right? Like the basics?
  7. Yep pretty much. Just like age, appearance, name, personality and thats really all.
  8. Alright so would you like me to be male or female?
  9. It doesn't matter to me. Which ever one you prefer is fine. But my character is female.
  10. My character will be female as well. Where should I put the mini CS?
  11. Lets just post'em here and after I'll create the thread
  12. Okie dokes! Were you thinking of a Supernatural type Demon or like horns and tail type?
  13. Yeah thats good. Im doing a pretty stereotypical angel, wings, white clothing, y'know.
  14. Alright I will see what I can find //flies away
  15. [​IMG]
    "Really? Another runner? I didn't realize life on Earth had become so precious."

    Name: Typheaos or Ty -- Demon of Chaos
    Age: Unknown, but vessel looks to be in mid-twenties.
    Personality: Typheaos can be described as an enraged general, a smart but destructive bitch who's very proud and brave, but often blinded by insensate anger. She's like a sleeping volcano, calm, yet a constant danger, and pray you don't make her erupt. This is the closest thing to a description of her personality one can give, because even if she has a fiery personality (in every possible sense) her mood is as fluent and as chaotic as the elements themselves. She is clever, but as stubborn as a mountainside, and won't let go of anything no matter what. She is very serious on the job, but is known for "playing with her food" before a kill. Her humour can only be described as cynical and sassy; her informants can only say: "Good luck..."

    Appearance: Her vessel is a slim blonde who stands about five foot seven who seems to be in healthy shape just for Typheaos. Nobody has ever seen her real form and lived. To stay in touch with her destructive side, Ty enjoys wearing a beautiful mask on her hunts. She also wears an old leather bomber jacket with lace-up boots and dark colored jeans.

    Mask (open)

    Vessel Claim (open)

    Tell me if you would like anything to be changed. :P​
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  16. Name: Ailith (Warrior)
    Age: She has been alive since the creation of man, so pretty old but physically only looks to be about 22.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Calm, collected, but also gets annoyed very easily. Considered brave, since its her job to kill demons. Sorta. As an angel she is also considered kind, though she gives orders more than compliments. She is also known to get angry, but it's uncommon to see her that way unless you happened to be a demon that had caused enough trouble for one day.

    Appearance: Her vesset has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She usually wears a black leather jacket and a grey victorian era short dress. The jacket hides her wings from mortals, though they probably couldn't see them anyway. She is tall and slim. Her true form was not easy to look at, though it hasn't killed anyone.

    Everything looks good! I'll make the thread!
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