Angel Wars : The Great War II

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  1. The first holy war was devastating. The Angel Corps was only barely able to defeat the savage demons that appeared from the 4th dimension. Of coarse the angels had to find a way to keep the demons locked away. This is where the production of tartaros came in. A great, holy, living wall. It was thought to be indestructible.

    The angels were wrong. The demons have escaped. Worst part is not the demons, but the fact that they now terrorize the human race. Humans did not exist during the first, holy war. Which helped, leaving nothing between the angels and demons. Now, laws in place, keep angels from being seen, heard, or felt. Even the slaughter of men is punishable by worse then death.

    It is now up to the angel corps 1st division to take down the threat. Their commander and chief master Sargent of the corps, Selaphiel.
  2. "Alright men, if you do not know, the walls of tartaros have fallen. As the angels of the 1st division, we have to take out this threat. There will be greater demons, lesser demons and everything in between. Now lets head out and find Intel. Huu-Rahh.

    The Leviathan had been in hell for far too long. He was a seraphim king, and did not belong in such petty places. So he sought out to destroy the gates of tartaros. He eventually found it. Sending out his brotheren. Legions of pure hatred from the fourth dimension. Some so horrifying, they are feared by some angel. And now they were free.

    Beelzebub had been known for his patience. And it seems as if it had paid off. The gate has been broken, and now he can start mass carnage without restrictions. Hoping to bring down the earth, he went into the night sky. Destroying everything in his path. Stopping for nothing. Only to destroy God's creation.
  3. Belle was sneaking through the camp. She didn't actually have to be sneaking, since this was not a dangerous Demon camp filled with dastardly devils. This was an angel camp, the one she was currently residing in, actually. But Belle particularly enjoyed sneaking around. She found it quite fun to duck and roll and generally keep out of site, and Belle usually did things when she found them fun. Like tease the more serious Angels around here. That was super duper duper fun! Speaking of rather serious Angels, Belle was looking for one right now. Selaphiel, to be extra specific. She had to make her report, since Belle had been sneaking around a dastardly devilish dangerous Demon camo before and had much news. Not all of it fun news, which made Belle a little, tiny bit unhappy, but news nonetheless and news that had to be shared with the highest authority she could think of. Right now, besides the Lord, that was Selaphiel. Or maybe whoever she came across next. It didn't particularly matter to Belle.
  4. Proelio snatched Belle up by the back of her clothes, fairly un-amused. His eyes were slits at the moment as he looked at her. Slowly, he sighed and shook his head.

    "Belle, what are you doing? Are you completely oblivious to what's going on? If I didn't know you better, I would have killed you on the spot," he said, dropping her.

    Proelio, sword in his right hand and poised to strike, mentally shifted his attention to his weapon. With a single thought, the sword in his hand shrunk back to one of his pristine white feathers and floated to the ground, gentle and harmless. Proelio did not smile, he was weary from a rigorous day's training, only to be met with war tomorrow after the other divisions fell. The world was ending it seemed, angels were on edge. Smiles were hard to come by these days.

    On a second thought, he probably should have let Belle play her pranks for the sake of a smile. But he had to report to Selaphiel. It was near high-time to move his unprepared angels to the battlefields. Proelio was not meant for war. He was an angel of Principalities and Rulers, not of war, and definitely not created a Seraphim. But he was required to fight, like every other angel in this time.
  5. Selaphiel had noticed belle and proelio. He walked over to them, and without so much as a hello "What have you to report Belle?" Everyone was on edge. No one wanted a war with demons. Even if it was just lesser demons, their numbers are vast. This was not going to be a great day. It may take years to wipe the threat. And by then, all human life could be wiped out.

    As Levi (a.k.a the leviathan) approached the demon camp he governed, he realized how glorious this day would be. To be part of something so great, a second war. To take down my dear, old brethren. Oh what joy this brings me. As he contemplated on a plan, the fallen seraphim king left to take care of other, rather oppressive matters.

    Beelzebub had been so overwhelmed with it all. Though he used to be a great seraphim king, he didn't know how to manage demons, who he fought for little time, and didn't know how to command in a great war. All fallen angels were given six legions to govern and each legion contained so many demons. Druids, Fates, Poltergeists, Incubi and Succubi, Familiars, Nightmares, and many hordes of lesser demons.
  6. Belle let out a squeak as she was lifted up. She twisted around in the grasp, attempting to see who was holding her captive. All the while she was grinning widely. The situation amused her, as most situations did. Belle managed to get her head around to look at her captor and grinned even wider when she recognized the angel. His slow sigh and head shake just made Belle giggle as he released her.

    "Just having some fun, Pro!" Belle responded cheerfully, using her fond nickname for Proelio. She found most of the othe angels hilarious, if only because all of them were so serious. She knew there was a war going on and that it wasn't looking too great. She'd just been spying on Demons, so she was quite aware of the situation. But Belle thought smiles were something too precious to lose, and every angel here could do with a lot more smiles. She turned to Selaphiel as he approached.

    "And hello to you too! Geez, Selly, Pro, you'd think there was a war going on with all these glum faces!" Belle teased the solemn duo.

    "Anyway, what do you wanna know, Selly? I saw just about everything and heard quite a bit too."
  7. A light breeze ruffled the grass just outside Rationem's tent. He sat in a hard wooden chair behind a wooden table and watched for a moment. His short sword, Grata, was resting before him on the table. The sword had been a gift to him shortly before the first war. One of the other authorities had given it to him shortly before falling from god's grace. The fact that he still carried it probably didn't help him regain any face with the other angels, but he cared little. "They say no Power or Authority has even fallen from heaven..." he whispered to Grata, "do the angels forget their history so quickly? Do they forget who the original Chief of Authorities was? Oh Lucifer.... I begged you not to be so rash."

    A noise outside startled Rationem. He took up his sword, sheathed it and walked outside to see one of the Virtues being held in the air by a principality. "Children," he muttered to himself, but held his tongue from speaking further at Selaphiel's entrance. Rather than risk being invited to join the conversation, he withdrew to his tent and sat at his desk. There was a paper resting in the center of it, filled with logistics orders and lists of equipment. It wasn't something he was supposed to be in charge of, but he made a point to review certain facets of command that other angels didn't seem to appreciate. Mostly Rationem liked to know when he was flying with proper support, since the other angels didn't tend to trust him with such information unless it was necessary.
  8. Selaphiel had noticed Rationem go back to his tent. Having only come out for a moment. "What is your report belle?"

    {I gave you hints using Beelzebubs post. Also, derseren, I like how you used Lucifer. It is never mentioned what he was, but most argue him to be an archangel or a seraphim or even a cherubim.}
  9. Belle tugged on the tunic she wore, shifting it so it fit right. She had elected to leave off her armor for this mission since all it did was slow her down. Besides, she was never seen anyway and if she was escape was as easy as infiltration had been. So the armor was basically useless unless she happened to be in battle, and Belle didn't particularly like battle. Fighting in general just wasn't her area, though that wasn't to say she couldn't. Simply because she had the skills didn't meant she wanted to utilize them. Battle was where Belle was serious and seriousness was one thing she hated.

    Belle saw movement out of the corner of her eye and turned to see Rationem shaking his head at them. She grinned and gave the angel a huge wave before he retreated to his tent. She knew he didn't like talking much, so she was fine with just the wave she had given. Rationem was as opposite to her as one could be. He was so serious about everything she laughed about, and antisocial where she enjoyed talking with everyone. Belle knew part of this was from the other angels treating him as if he had been the one to betray them, which Belle found silly. It probably would've been easier for him to go with his friends, but instead he'd stayed and fought them. Surely that proved his loyalty? With a mental shrug, Belle turned back to Selly.

    "Well, Selly, there's hordes of them. I got at least ten thousand, easy, and quite mixed too. Many different species, all working together, which is actually quite rare among them. I think it's mainly because of the Leaders keeping them in check. I saw a Leviathian specifically who looked like he had lots of power. All in all, it isn't looking too great, Boss."
  10. "Livyatan?" Rationem said aloud as he was overhearing Belle's report. He jumped from his seat once more and rushed to the entrance of his tent. "Did you say the Laviathan?" he asked, "was he heading West? Were there any human Vamachara with him!?" he yelled.

    There was an intense look in his normally dull brown eyes. His forehead was deeply furrowed and he looked thoroughly perturbed. His wings were oddly raised liked like the hair on a heckled cat.
  11. Proelio felt the heaviness within himself. He'd felt it for days, or was it years? The weight on his shoulders got heavier every day. He felt the gravity of their heightened situation fall upon his back like a killing blow. Leviathan had been seen by Belle. More than that, other forces were uniting against them. Even those fallen angels who had not picked God's side, but had fallen all the same, were gathering like a swarm. Back then, if you were not with God, you were against him. And God, it seemed, turned his great eye upon his creations less and less. Proelio once walked with God, eternally inspired and fueled by all that he was as he leaned on his scepter for His words. Proelio had been moved by God's presence, swayed only by the need to share God's creative spirit with human kind. He had been an angel of eternal energy and light. Now, Proelio had to seek Him out after long days of blood-soaked leadership, his scepter replaced with his sword of Virtue, his eternal energy wearing thin.

    Proelio touched Rationem on his shoulder, understanding the wild creature's concern. He too felt the maddening wave of panic that came with the word.


    Everyone had lost friends and loved ones to the fall, but Rationem had lost the most in Proelio's eyes. Proelio appealed to Rationem's nature. After centuries of studying Rationem and his actions, he knew how to do it. Proelio used his skills as a leader to humans over the years to try and calm the angel.

    "Let Belle speak, Rationem. We are all tired and eager to rest. And I would be in an ill mood if you accidentally scare Belle off into more mischief," Proelio said with weariness, "Although, I will admit that any information that would be a great gift. I have news as well, but it is equally as unpleasant as the thought of a thousand strong against us."