Angel wants an ex-assassin 1x1

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  1. Archaeo Grimoire used to be a pretty damn good assassin. He had many clients, and that was part of his mistake. He made enough money to retire a little too early for his clients, and they got mad.

    Hits were placed on him.

    Mercenaries came knocking on his door.

    And the last thing he could have imagined was that the United States government would help him.

    But, when a SWAT team surrounded his cabin and took him into protective custody, and assigned a female agent to protect him, he learned pretty damn fast that he didn't like being cooped up with a pretty lady all alone in the middle of no where.

    Anyone interested in playing the female agent responsible for driving him nuts every day?
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  2. No takers? Wow? This seems like it would be great. Some comical events can take place here.
  3. Here's my CS...

    Name: Lilli Hayes
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Secret Agent
    Personality: Stubborn, Hotheaded,Flirty,Serious (at times), Laid back
    Bio: Leaving her home at younger age Lilli left to go train to become a secret agent. Learning all the skil she needed to know and becoiming good with a gun, Lilli became a force to be reckoned with.
    Extra: Lilli has a tattoo of a tribal symbol going down the left side of her hip and has a tounge piecing she got when she was younger. She also has a habit of biting her lip when she's nervous or lying.

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  4. Im very interested if youre still looking
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