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  1. Ello everybody! I'm here compiling all my roleplay ideas and wishes into one thread for the sake of organization!

    This will be updated and edited and all that fun stuff as my needs and wants shift!

    Ok, so here are some general pairings I have in mind. Please note that bold is the character I would like to play, and that italics mean that I have a potential plot in mind. Stars represent my craving level. I only roleplay male x female plots if we're talking romance.

    Antihero x Rookie Cop or Newbie Reporter
    (Romance, Action, Modern)
    A new masked person has arrived in a city known for it's heroes, villains, and corruption. His actions, however, have left police and the public unsure as to whether or not he's a hero or a villain. Either way, he's wanted for the destruction of public property, robbery, and fleeing the scene of a crime. He's also a suspect in the murders of several gang members. One fateful night, a rookie cop/reporter discovers the antihero passed out on their fire escape with serious injuries.....

    Assassin x Assassin

    (Romance, Action, Modern)
    Archaeo Grimoire is a world renowned assassin who likes his job on most occasions. Today is not one of them. He recently discovered that someone hired an assassin to go after him. This female assassin happens to be very close to his skill level. He doesn't want to kill her, as it would be a waste of talent and resources. Maybe he could give her an irresistible offer instead.

    Injured Mythical Creature x Human
    (Action, Fantasy, Romance, Modern)

    Captain of the Guard x Princess

    (Romance, Action, Fantasy, Medieval)
    The kingdom of Byrnes is under threat by two warring kingdoms to the north. After hearing word that there is a traitor in the castle, the king asks the captain of the royal guard to take the princess, his only heir, to the summer castle until they eliminate the traitor.

    Good Mythical Creature x Not Quite So Good Mythical Creature

    (Fantasy, Action, Romance, Modern)
    An organizaton of mythical creatures are working towards a goal of domination over human kind. Recently they've taken an interest in ancient spellbooks, and have discovered one in the possession of a witch which has the spell that could make their goal a reality. Fortunately, the world order is being protected by another group of mythical creatures, who've also learned of the spellbook. An agent of good is sent to retrieve the book, and spots an agent of the baddies climbing out the witch's window with the spellbook in hand. The witch wakes up when she hears the two agents arguing and puts a spell on them both. They are marked with a black thorn design around their wrists and can't go more than ten yards apart. They work together to escape the pissed off witch before something far worse happens.

    Mythical Creature x Mythical Creature

    (Fantasy, Action, Romance, Medieval)
    Mythical creatures are being hunted by humans and demons alike. When two creatures are captured by humans and thrown into the same cell, it's hate at first sight. But they must put aside their differences and work together to escape the humans. To ensure that they won't try and backstab eachother, the female creature puts a spell on them to make sure that she won't get left behind or used as bait.

    Dragon Tamer x Dragon Hunter

    (Fantasy, Action, Romance, Medieval)
    Two years have passed since dragons were freed from human control in a massive revolution. A young woman, often referred to as the Dragon Tamer, played a key role in the revolution, as she freed thousands of dragons and earned their trust. A young man makes his living attempting to capture dragons and return them to their previous masters, and has been given a job to capture a dragon under the direct care of the Dragon Tamer.

    Dragon x Injured Dragon
    (Fantasy, Romance, Medieval)

    Guardian Angel x Human
    (Fantasy, Romance, Action, Modern)

    Pokemon x Pokemon

    (Fandom, Romance)
    In an alternate universe, humans do not exist. Pokemon roam the lands. Recently, a raikou has killed off his two brothers in order to gain control over the land. An absol, who was a servant to the royal family, stood up against the evil legendary, and was seriously injured. The raikou let him live as a symbol for those who dared to stand up against him. Now the absol is gathering up pokemon to aid him in a massive revolution.

    Gijinka x Human
    (Fandom, Romance)
    Gijinkas, or humanoid pokemon, have never been accepted by humans and pokemon. Most have been hunted down and killed. However, a darkrai gijinka has managed to scrape by on his own. Until recently, that is. He got into a fight with Cresselia, and got hit hard enough to send him flying into another dimension. A dimension where pokemon were video game characters, TV shows, and manga. A human discovers the darkrai gijinka in her backyard, and who knows what may happen.

    Person with Abilities x Person with Abilities

    (Fantasy, Action, Romance, Modern)
    Humans have been wanting to gain power for a very long time. Scientists across the globe have managed to, in small instances, manipulate the DNA of kids and teenagers to either save their lives or create a new breed of soldier. This manipulation of DNA gives them odd abilities and sometimes harms them in the long run. Some of these experiments have escaped or ventured out into the world. A young man who was experimented on in an attempt to create a new breed of soldier is currently being hunted down by his creators, and happens to bump into a young woman who was experimented on to save her from a terminal illness.

    Person with Abilities x Government Agent with Abilities

    (Action, Romance, Fantasy, Modern)
    The governments of the world have been hiding the existence of humans born with strange abilities for years. The United States government has it's own top secret branch run by those with abilities to mask the existence of those with abilities. They monitor odd occurances throughout the country and dispatch agents to help contain the situation. They keep files on those with abilities. A global organization named Vortex, primarily based out of London, exists for people with abilities who don't believe in hiding who they are. This group is extremely dangerous. A government agent was recently sent to New York City to prevent Vortex agents from recruiting and/or kidnapping a man with an extremely powerful ability.

    Dangerous Girl x Movie Star

    After an unfortunate series of events, a young woman finds herself outside her comfort zone in a very nice part of the city with more than a few fresh bruises flowering across her skin. She slips off into a small back alley to get herself sorted out again when a famous actor happens to step out the back door of a club and finds her. She was unwilling to go to a hospital, and he was unwilling to leave her alone out in the alley. So, they compromised and he took her back to his place- and most likely put a big target on his back.
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  2. Any takers?
  3. Hey am in for this! Just pm me.
  4. I'd love to do the Assassin x Assassin plot.
  5. I'm interested in the guardian angel and human. More info?
  6. I would love to do the Assassin x Assassin plot with you ^^
  7. I'm interested. Would like to discuss either the Captain of the Guard x Princess or Person with Abilities x Person with Abilities.
  8. Heyo! I'm quite interested in the Assassin x Assassin plot. PM me when you have time if you want to rp with me.
  9. New plot up!
  10. I'll take up the Pokemon one if you would have me.
  11. I'm interested in the Person with Abilities x Government Agent with abilities, one. I have a character kinda already for it from a story I wrote a long time ago. If you want you can PM me and can talk about it more.
  12. Captain and Princess sounds cool! Send me a PM :)
  13. -Raises my hand- Injured Mythical Creature x Human?
  14. Guardian Angel X Human
  15. I'm up for the pokemon one if you're free.
  16. New plot posted!
  17. Heyo, anyone else wanna roleplay?
  18. I'd be interested in you person with abilities x government agent with abilities!
  19. Si. Injured mythical creature x human still up for grabs?
  20. New idea up!
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