Angel Wants A 1x1 Ghost Roleplay!

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  1. Ello world, I'm looking for someone to do this plot with me. Please message me if you're interested.

    A strange young man went missing in a local mangrove swamp in a small coastal town 214 years ago. Lightning struck a single mangrove tree just outside of town twenty four times that day. The man had always been a strange one to the townspeople, as he was often seen talking to himself. He claimed that he could see spirits. He was never seen nor heard from again after he went into the swamp, and rumors spread that he was practicing black magic there.
    Fast forward 214 years, and we're back to our lovely current-day society. The town itself is still there, as well as the mangrove tree that had been struck by the lightning. Both are still thriving. Some of the older people of the town call the mangrove tree the guardian of the town due to some of the interesting things that happened in the past couple hundreds of years. No damage has been caused by natural disasters since that day. And no lightning has struck near the town since then, either.
    People have, however, noticed several unexplainable things. Like waking up to a pot of boiling water even though the stove was never on and all the doors and windows were shut and locked. Bookworms throughout the town have noticed a book or two pulled from the shelves of the local libraries, laying open on the tables as if someone was sitting there reading them.
    A new girl in town is starting to investigate these occurrences, and might just be shocked to find the answers that she was looking for.

    I would play the ghost. You would play the human. I'll try to match your post length, but please, please, don't give me one liners. I get nothing to work with when I get one of those.
  2. If you're still looking for someone - I would like to give it a go.
  3. Same here. Sounds like a very fun roleplay!
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