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  1. It all began when things had to be bigger, and better. Nothing else really mattered. That's when the 'stacking' started. America had been painted in a thick layer of urban architecture and cyberpunk futuristics as buildings gained special 'levels'. The First level was the regular street where people and most vehicles, even today are bunched up, most of it decaying while the numerous levels above possess most of the 'heightened' society.

    Solid hologram grounds substitute roads in the air in certain sectors, as well as a few of the first flying cars and helicopter-backpacks and holo-shoes that place solid-light steps for you wherever you go.

    In a world where some rise, and many fall, crime comes in abundance, due to having previously using an even more lenient police system in hopes of attempting to inspire others to work towards a utopia, or at least that's what the politician said before he got voted into office. As a result, a new administration was formed, and the poor fellow's public execution immediate as the next wave of law enforcement was initiated, incorporating full military support, especially from what we today shall formerly know as the 'United States Air Force.

    It was the dawn for the formation of the Angel Squadron. An elite group based around psionic abilities, such as telekinesis or even the likes of heat vision, merely tools to achieve objectives, as their corps flies through the Country at high speeds, dispensing a new kind of justice to a strange new world, while being opposed by 'outside' interference.

    The world of tomorrow (approximately 2038) isn't the prettiest. A majority of the world has given up chunks of its cities and urban supplies to the USA, allowing it to become 'Higher America,' or the HSA, Highest States of All. Most of europe is now a simpler place, donning small towns and large lands, like something out of a fantasy novel. China is also a sprawling country covered in atmoscrapers and the like. Space, sadly enough, is still far: The ships and such have had a long time to all be produced for the beginning of exploration and outer space colonies.

    Higher America has no capital. You either live in Northern/Eastern Chunks, or the Southern/Western Slices. The chunks are where most of the power are for the Angel Squadron and its government. The South/West is where most crime originates from, and happens to be the one place the Squadron needs to clean up. Badly.

    The Laws of the city aren't anything like they used to be. A Bit extreme in some places, silly in others, you get the idea, this isn't modern day america anymore. Just don't be surprised when someone warns you that the pepper from pepper shakers are illegal.


    Angels, as mentioned, are mostly consisting of skilled psionics mostly, all trained mentally in order to properly act as the authorities, their actual physical weapons limited to a couple tools at once, like one firearm for basic armaments as an example. They follow their rules strictly, enforcing all kinds of rules with their mysterious powers, nearly every Angel possessing super-similar skill sets:

    - Basic Telekinesis: You get the idea. Push, Pull, Lift, and a couple other things such as TK Hyper-Acceleration to simulate flight, and TK blasts.

    - Tactile Telekinesis: A more hands on version of telekinesis. You can feel vibrations, generate a forcefield around yourself that also simulates enhanced strenght, and still possess a faux flight method. Mostly used by the EST, or 'Eagle Special Tactics' Unit, based around the SWAT of old.

    - Omnidirectional Heat Vision: Seriously. It starts out as regular twin beams of fiery death that comes from the eyes, but eventually, you can change the beam's direction mid-flight. This is often used when lethal force is enabled rather than any weapon.

    - Nerve Shocker: With the touch of a finger and some electrifying thoughts, An Angel can electrocute one's nerves with a mere touch of the fingertip to create one effect, then must wait at least an hour before using again. Sort of like being a human tazer.

    Their uniforms appear strangely similar to that WWII style german uniforms, all gray, and sporting no badges. It is designed to be comfortable, with a light sheet of a thin armor that can protect against blades and other sharp weaponry. The most it can take is a live grenade round.


    Don't quite like the sound of a mostly unarmed extreme police force? The South/West Slices have recruited a foreign mercenary outfit known as the 'Ballisticorps.' They possess an anti-Psychic mentality, using their own bizarre abilities to help enforce the 'true law,' that of the streets, and those that fight for it. They wear specialized sneaking suits, colored dark green/yellow, outfitted with utility belts, ammo belts, holsters, and whatever else will hold what they need.

    Animal Mimicry- The Ballisticorps are known for their most literal 'animalistic nature,' people possessing traits of various animals, making the Ballisticorps a wild, yet stealthy enemy that could at any time, go from prey, to hunter.

    Firepower/Tech- The Ballisticorps has served nearly everywhere. And with all that money and dead enemies, they tend to take weapons and gear for their own purposes. They've got safehouses set up everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

    Psionic Resistance - The Ballisticorps have a natural resistance to psionic attacks: They may not be impervious, but attempting to telekinetically lift them isn't going to work twice. A Push or blast might just even be a mere gust of air. Some of their grenades can even 'mindfuck' a Psionic for a short amount of time mentally, and physically interfere with such things as their nerves or motor skills.


    Character Sheet:

    Physical Appearance:

    Occupation: (Angel, Ballisticorps, Civilian, Regular Criminal, ETC)


    Abilities: (Put down if with Ballisticorps, most of the Angel abilities are named.)

    Skills: (anything you can do without your powers?)


  2. (WIP)

    Name: Ian Warren
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Physical Appearance: Ian possesses short dirty blonde hair and green eyes on a caucasian skinned toned build from regular exercise.

    Occupation: Angel Squadron, with the rank of basic officer.

    History: Ian was like any other youth growing up in the comfort of a high-mid class living sector. It wasn't too much of a surprise to his parents that he had displayed a possibility of psionic powers, which would have landed him an immediate, and prestigious future in the hands of the Military Police. At first his possibility of joining was slim due to a 61% Psionic Grade, until he managed to practice his mind towards its potential, and bumped himself up to 85% for a just over basic passing mark. Little worry was held about him having a chaotic high level telekinesis level, as he primarily found himself better in utilizing 'tactile telekinesis' and his heat vision rather than too much of ripping people apart from afar.

    At the age of 23, Ian's parents had been lost to a disease. With no one close to him, he's since dedicated his life towards the Military Police to make up for the loss of his family, his other relatives being far from the sector in which he lives, and primarily patrols.

    Abilities: Ian possesses all the basic abilities of an Angel. Since youth, he has had the embers of ESP based abilities hidden within his mind, trained later on to a satisfactory level.

    Skills: Ian has had basic hand to hand combat/tactile telekinesis training. He also possesses incredibly accuracy with his heat vision, and has already mastered omnidirectional firing techniques.

    Items/Weapons: Ian will usually have a holstered pistol on his belt, along with a small communicator.
  3. Bit of a work in progress here, mostly on the history; I also have a couple of questions on abilities.

    Name: As far as anyone knows, her name is Jack Jackson. Is that her real name? Probably not. She most likely had devised that alias by the time she signed on with the Ballisticorps. That, or she just had terrible parents. You're lucky to get so much as a word out of her on the matter, and much more likely to receive her fist in reply. From time to time, in a particularly good mood, however, she'll give an actual answer. Only problem with that being she's given conflicting answers, at times claiming that of course it ain't her real name, while at others she'd have you believe that she really was born as Jack Jackson. In other words, nobody is getting the truth out of her in that regard.

    Gender: Despite being female, Jack has grown almost entirely detached from any semblance of gender identity or sexuality. Though she recognises the physical characteristics that divide men and women, she cannot understand sexual attraction towards either of them, and does not understand what, if anything, separates men and women psychologically.

    Age: Jack is forty seven years old, having been in the Ballisticorps business some twenty five years now. By now, she is a lieutenant in the organisation.

    Physical Appearance:

    Jack Jackson resembles many things, and there are many words that could (and routinely are) applied to her: small is not one of them. Coming in at 6'9 and sprawling nearly three feet across the shoulders doesn't do you much favours when it comes to stealth and subtlety, but Lieutenant Jackson isn't the one to call in when you want things done stealthily. No, Jack is who you call in when you want shit fucked up as majorly as possibly, which is reflected in her general physique--resembling nothing short of a brawler, a down and dirty street fighter, Jack's arms are larger at the biceps than most people's legs, and her abdomen is an eight-pack wall that looks like you could hit it with a slab of concrete and all you'd accomplish is the shattering of a perfectly good slab of concrete. It's pretty clear how much importance this particular Ballisticorps lieutenant places on physical power and dominance. Her skin is rather pale in tone, except in certain spots of discolouration on her throat, back, and arms, accompanied by an assortment of scars--after all, living a life of violence as Jackson has, you're not gonna come away without a scratch.

    Oddly enough, though her name would lead one to assume her to be of Scottish or Western heritage, and she entirely lacks a tinge of such an accent, the discerning eye will perceive Russian facial features (an impression, perhaps, cemented by a common tendency to bark at others and rant to herself in Russian under her breath). It's evidenced in her angular, sharp-edged features--with her high, pronounced cheekbones and thin, pale lips often pulled into various expressions of anger and deranged relish, she'd look gaunt and grim, almost like a corpse were it not for her size and an ever-present, slightly manic gleam in her feverishly red-brown eyes that is very much alive. She generally keeps her hair cut to a short, slightly uneven shave (because she cuts it herself and obviously she ain't no hairdresser), with a wiry texture and a tendency to spring up entirely untamed; it's sort of a faded black, not quite faded to brown but also definitely not actually black, with speckles of grey beginning to emerge as well. Sometimes she forgets to keep cutting it and it grows into a long, tangled, disgusting mess until Jack remembers (by which point she practically needs a lawn mower to hack off the brambles. I'm not joking. She once used a machete.), which applies to more than just her hair. In general, Jack is, loose, when it comes to hygiene. Which is to say, Jack evidently is unaware of the existence of the toothbrush, and the amount of time that's passed since she last washed her face can probably be measured in generations. She just doesn't give a shit--she gets so caught up in her work that such trivialities as hygiene simply don't occur to her.

    Like all Ballisticorps operatives, Jack dons a specialised combat suit in shades of dark green with yellow trimming, though she also armours herself with a ballistic vest and plates of kevlar-like materiel shielding key areas not covered by the ballistic vest. Besides that, she is to be seen outfitted with some of the typical Ballisticorps excesses--ammunition belts seem to be a big theme, considering how many she tends to have slung around her waist or stretching across her torso at any given time.

    History: Of the youth of the woman who allegedly is called Jack Jackson nothing for certain is known--only that twenty five years ago a twenty two year old woman came out of the criminal hellscape of the Southern Slices with naught but the shabby, worn clothes on her back, a rusty old combat knife that had clearly seen much use, a history of violence and brutality on the southern streets, and a name that was almost certainly not real. Then again, when has the Ballisticorps cared too much for the personal histories of their operatives? Their primary, perhaps only concern, is that their agents are armed, dangerous, and capable of enforcing the law of the streets--and Jack Jackson could be all of those with the Ballisticorps. [will finish shortly]

    Abilities: Jack, like all Ballisticorps operatives, has powerful anti-psionic instincts, resistant, though not impervious, to the formidable abilities like telekinesis and heat vision that the Angels wield. Furthermore, she has received extensive cybernetic modification to make her skills with firearms and in combat situations even more deadly, largely to her central nervous system. She has an HUD built right into her brain that can, for example, track a moving target and instantly provide her with a number of possible scenarios, sort of as a predicting algorithm, as well as providing targetting algorithms that boost her marksmanship and skill with firearms from formidable to nearly superhuman: she can zero in on a target at vast distances for sniping, and she can accurately place shots even in high speed combat. Otherwise, extensive work has been done on her bones and muscles in order to elicit more strength from her muscles and add further endurance to her bones and tissues; she may even, GM willing, have retractable combat blades stowed away in 'compartments' in her forearms.

    Skills: Jack is a very experienced operative, with a wide range of combat skills ranging from experience with a vast variety of firearms and weapons to a particular deadliness in hand to hand combat--her physical strength and size is tempered with significant training in boxing and experience as a street fighter prior to joining up with Ballisticorps.



    Concerning abilities: as said above, are cybernetics applicable under 'firepower/tech', to what extent, etc?
  4. Cybernetics can be applicable under firepower/tech to any extent unless I say otherwise. Just make sure it won't godmod.
  5. what's ETC?
  6. etcetera, so forth, anything else of the sort.
  7. oh...okay I feel dumb... debating whether to be a criminal or ballisticorps...
  8. Name:Issac Kolin
    Physical Appearance: Post-AP Ser Tye.jpg

    Occupation: Vigilante (hopefully you'll allow this?)

    History: He grew up on the wilder streets of the western slices. He was orphaned with no one to look after him but his twin sister. This lasted for about 7 years which was when he turned 11. His sister got involved in some wrong crowds and was killed after a heavy argument with some loan sharks. His sister had shooed him into a small pocket space in the closet with him not being able to do anything, but look on. After they left he came out to see his dead sister and he was filled with rage. Back on the streets he learned to fend for himself, picking up on thieving skills quickly. He had gotten into some very close calls and learned parkour quickly to get away from the ruthless police force. He could've joined up with them, but he needed to go where the ballisticorps and the angels couldn't go. Unrestricted by laws he decided to take up arms against the mafia and gangs that pollute the city. He's hunted on both fronts by the police and the gangs, but he doesn't mind to much. Hatred and vengeance in his heart he ruthlessly tries to hunt down other criminals scum.


    Skills:thief abilities (Sleight of hand, agile), parkour

    Items/Weapons: 9mm pistols (dual wield), Katana

    Extra: Wears a mask when out hunting for criminals
  9. Kay. So it's been a long time since we've seen anyone post up any sheets. Shall we start now, or?...
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