Angel Pacifica - Steampunk Adventure

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Earth, at the close of the 19th century, but this is not the history as you know it. This is a world where technological advances outpaced it's time. This is a world of mechanical monsters, dirigibles, and exploration. This is a steampunk world. If you've ever seen the movie Wild Wild West, read the manga Steam Detective, seen some of Miyazaki's animes such as Castle in the Sky or go to the Girl Genius webcomic page, you already have an idea how this world works.

The Angel Pacifica is a privateer airship commissioned by the protectorate of Canada posing as a merchant vessel. You are a member of her crew. Why you've joined, and what your own goals are will be interwoven into the story.

The Angel Pacifica's captain shall be NPCed until further notice. All other you may go for any other crew position.

Please PM me your character sheets. Do not post your character until approved please.


Character Name:


General Appearance:


General Personality:
Inner Personality:
Secret/Current Goal/Purpose:


General History:

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes & Additional Information:


April Gulch, navigator's assistant - Ocha
Lord Calvin, villainous NPC - Alarice
Bastard Grandson's name here, kidnap victim - Alarice

Character Name: April Gulch
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthplace: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Occupation: Radio Technician, second in Navigation


General Appearance: With ash color hair that's usually tied at the nape of her neck, but brilliant blue green eyes, April stands about 5'6" (168cm) and has a medium build. Working a an air ship has given her great muscle tone, but more then a few people think she needs to eat a few good meals since she still looks a bit bony. Normally she wears boots, pants and loose linen shirts with a vest and plenty of pockets.
Strengths: April is an excellent swimmer and diver. Can hold her breath for long periods of time and knows how to conserve her energy while in the water.
Weaknesses: She's not a sprinter. For that matter she's not a long distance runner either. If April needs speed she finds a vehicle.


General Personality: Outgoing and ready to take on the world, April will be the first to try new things or new experiences. She seems to have a slight problem bowing down to authority, but unless someone already has a grudge they see that she mostly is being humorous and not actually being challenging. April also wears her heart on her sleeve. When she's sad she's quiet and withdrawn, and when she's happy she wants to share the joy with those around her.
Inner Personality: April might be a bit more serious then she lets on, but for the most part what you see is what you get.
Talents: April is a good shot with a pistol, thanks to being taught by the crew of the Angel Pacifica. She's also good at sewing and knitting. What she enjoys doing in her freetime is making jewelry.
Inabilities: Not being very mechanically inclined if any of her equipment breaks or isn't functioning properly she won't even try to figure out what's wrong. She'll get someone else to look at it. Once or twice this has lead to the embarrassment of 'turn the switch on' comments.
Fears: For some reason April can't stand tight quarters. She's had to learn to get over it to some degree living on a ship, however if she is somewhere she can't get out of her claustrophobia can kick in full time. Then there are rats! She can't stand them at all.
Secret/Current Goal/Purpose: See History and start of RP


General History: When April was a young girl her father disappeared. She always assumed that he abandoned her and her mother. While by no means rich, they lived a prosperous life and April grew up with want of little in the streets of Halifax.

However, as long as she could remember she wanted to travel. She would listen to the old men tell of stories on the railroads or amazing cross Atlantic voyages. She wanted those stories herself and she found out what she needed to learn to make that dream a reality.

Present Life: At seventeen April made her first trip across the sea on a regular ship as a maid. This did not please her. She had studied to make herself much more useful then this, so when she arrived in England and started looking around, she saw the flying ship yard and started making inquiries. Be it because she was young and cute, or because she seemed quick witted and eager, the captain of the Angel Pacifica invited her to join the crew. She's been working hard, learning lots, and enjoying almost everyday since.

Special Historic Notes & Additional Information:
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