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  1. Welcome to Phrixus, [PLAYERNAME]. You have come at a time of great peril to the people. Regimes have fallen, tyrannies toppled, but the result? Chaos augmented by the unregulated outpouring of Zephyrs that have spilled into our great realm. Our people, your people, are in danger, [PLAYERNAME]. Will you climb to the heavens, demolish all evil, and return Phrixus to peace?

    You are a player in a virtual reality -- Angel of Phrixus. This roleplay is not focused on game mechanics at all; your character will behave as if they were a soldier in medieval times. This roleplay will instead focus on the impending doom of humanity.

    You see, the game isn't really a game. Phrixus is a real place. A place where players possess dead soldiers and roam. An alternate reality of sorts.

    The aim of the "game" is to climb the soldier ranks -- the highest possible level is 100 -- to reach the King, who will give you the final quest: venture into through the portal and into the Nether, and kill all of the Zephyrs. The Zephyrs, though, are just human souls. The game mechanics screen them, filtering out all of the good and emphasizing the bad and turning them into monstrous looking creatures. And the Nether? It's Earth.
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  2. My, how twisted this idea of yours is.

    I had my mind shouting "SAO!" the whole time, until the twist.

    That said, you've piqued my curiosity.
  3. sure why not i'm game