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  1. Angel of Phrixus :: OOC

    Welcome to Phrixus, [PLAYERNAME]. You have come at a time of great peril to the people. Regimes have fallen, tyrannies toppled, but the result? Chaos augmented by the unregulated outpouring of Zephyrs that have spilled into our great realm. Our people, your people, are in danger, [PLAYERNAME]. Will you climb to the heavens, demolish all evil, and return Phrixus to peace?

    It is the year 2076, and virtual reality has become a thing of the present. People can just lie down in bed, put on a headset, and become immersed in another world.

    Angel of Phrixus is one of these virtual realities. Set in medieval times, the player enters the game and is presented with a series of quests and challenges, all intended to get the player to the throne of the King so he might serve His Highness. Once achieved, he is sent on to the Nether to conquer the Zephyrs, dark creatures taking on any form perceived as hideous or frightening, who have been the antagonists throughout the game.

    The kicker? No one has even met the King. This is due to one interesting characteristic of the game: if you die, you start back at level one.

    This roleplay will explore the lives of characters both inside and outside the game: the enemies they make, the friends, the experiences they all share.

    However, we will have some dramatic irony going.

    This is what the characters know:
    • There are two possible roles: Knight and Thief.
      • Base stats for Knights: Offense: 5; Defense: 5; Speed: 1; Health: 3
      • Base stats for Thieves: Offense: 2; Defense: 4; Speed: 6; Health: 3
    • Each of the roles can pick from one of four “inclinations”: Offense, Defense, Speed, and Health. Whichever one picked is the one that will get the boost at the beginning of the game. This cannot change.
      • The inclination picked gets a +6 bonus to their stats; at each level up, 1.25 is added for every 1 for the others.
      • The highest level is 100
    • There is no magic.
    • Any skill you can imagine can exist in this game; characters just have to work at it. Cooking, smithing, animal taming, farming, archery — you name it, it’s there. Also, if enough work is put in, a player can catch up their secondary inclinations to their primary if enough attention is put into it. The game makes this deliberately difficult, however.
    And this is where we get to the interesting stuff — what the characters don’t know:
    • Phrixus is an actual place. A place being used for the destruction of humanity.
    • Players are actually inhabiting dead bodies; they “die” when the body becomes so mutilated that it’s unusable… Which is why they have to restart.
    • If players aren’t inhabiting a dead body, they’re inhabiting a living person’s body, and this is where it gets interesting. While the player is in the game, the two minds switch bodies.
    • The Nether? Yeah, it’s a portal to Earth. The Zephyrs are really just human souls… The game screens them, only showing the bad side and the corruption. So, if a player ever went from Phrixus and through the Nether, they’ll see Zephyrs instead of humans.
    • When a person dies in the game, they lose all memory of the game as well… and next time they play it — they always do — they think it’s the first time they’ve played.
    • There is magic.
    If you're interested -- or have questions -- please post on the OOC.
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