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  1. Link to the roleplay: Angel of Phrixus


    Welcome to Phrixus, [PLAYERNAME]. You have come at a time of great peril to the people. Regimes have fallen, tyrannies toppled, but the result? Chaos augmented by the unregulated outpouring of Zephyrs that have spilled into our great realm. Our people, your people, are in danger, [PLAYERNAME]. Will you climb to the heavens, demolish all evil, and return Phrixus to peace?

    It is the year 2076, and virtual reality has become a thing of the present. People can just lie down in bed, put on a headset, and become immersed in another world.

    Angel of Phrixus is one of these virtual realities. Set in medieval times, the player enters the game and is presented with a series of quests and challenges, all intended to get the player to the throne of the King so he might serve His Highness. Once achieved, he is sent on to the Nether to conquer the Zephyrs, dark creatures taking on any form perceived as hideous or frightening, who have been the antagonists throughout the game.

    The kicker? No one has even met the King. This is due to one interesting characteristic of the game: if you die, you start back at level one.

    This roleplay will explore the lives of characters both inside and outside the game: the enemies they make, the friends, the experiences they all share.

    However, we will have some dramatic irony going.

    This is what the characters know:
    • There are two possible roles: Knight and Thief.
      • Base stats for Knights: Offense: 5; Defense: 5; Speed: 1; Health: 3
      • Base stats for Thieves: Offense: 2; Defense: 4; Speed: 6; Health: 3
    • Each of the roles can pick from one of four “inclinations”: Offense, Defense, Speed, and Health. Whichever one picked is the one that will get the boost at the beginning of the game. This cannot change.
      • The inclination picked gets a +6 bonus to their stats; at each level up, 1.25 is added for every 1 for the others.
      • The highest level is 100
    • There is no magic.
    • Any skill you can imagine can exist in this game; characters just have to work at it. Cooking, smithing, animal taming, farming, archery — you name it, it’s there. Also, if enough work is put in, a player can catch up their secondary inclinations to their primary if enough attention is put into it. The game makes this deliberately difficult, however.
    And this is where we get to the interesting stuff — what the characters don’t know:
    • Phrixus is an actual place. A place being used for the destruction of humanity.
    • Players are actually inhabiting dead bodies; they “die” when the body becomes so mutilated that it’s unusable… Which is why they have to restart.
    • If players aren’t inhabiting a dead body, they’re inhabiting a living person’s body, and this is where it gets interesting. While the player is in the game, the two minds switch bodies.
    • The Nether? Yeah, it’s a portal to Earth. The Zephyrs are really just human souls… The game screens them, only showing the bad side and the corruption. So, if a player ever went from Phrixus and through the Nether, they’ll see Zephyrs instead of humans.
    • When a person dies in the game, they lose all memory of the game as well… and next time they play it — they always do — they think it’s the first time they’ve played.
    • There is magic.

    And now, some comments:

    If you don’t play video games, that’s fine; this roleplay isn’t about game mechanics. Please, feel free to join anyway.

    That said, if you fall behind, don’t ask anyone what happened; read it yourself. While I will be posting updates every night (hopefully), it makes things easier on you if you read it yourself; I’m not perfect, and so there’s a chance I might miss something.

    With regard to characters: You can have a character who is just in reality or even just in the game, in which case, some of these don’t really apply. Characters who are just in the game, though, are tricky… If you’re interested, you and I can have a talk. Again, though, these sorts of characters aren’t the focus, so there shouldn’t be too many. Also, the whole character occupying a live body thing ain’t real common, guys, which means there will probably be a total of… three people max who have that situation, one of my characters included.

    And now... the character sheet~

    Name ::
    Age ::
    Appearance ::

    Personality ::

    Background ::

    ~~Game character info~~
    Name ::
    Role ::

    Inclination ::
    Level ::
    Skills :: (Have to be approved by me; include skill level (1-10))
    Weapon of choice ::

    Appearance ::

    Also, as people join, I’ll be posting more world information. ^^

    And now... let the fun begin. :D
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  2. --Extra information--
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  4. --What's happened so far--
  5. Alright, I'll bite.

    Name :: Jakob Kutusov
    Age :: 24
    Appearance ::
    (This, but looking at more futuristic technology a la holoscreens and HUD's)

    Personality ::
    Jakob would describe himself as a methodical, quantitative type of person; he avoids knee-jerk reactions to events in his daily life, which consists of an unrewarding 9-5 job in data management. So really, from a subjective perspective, he is wholly uninteresting, just another face at an input station. The only reason he works this dead-end, near-minimum wage occupation is solely to maintain himself and the lifestyle decisions he makes. Jakob is unremarkable; he knows this full well. Nothing is stopping him from being remarkable in the realm of virtual reality, however.

    Background :: Jakob was born in the Confederation of Western States, in what we presently know as Oregon, US. He had a wholly uneventful childhood, punctuated by a messy divorce between his parents. He attended college, as well as trade school, getting by with decent marks, namely due to his lack of interest in academic pursuits. After graduation, Jakob bounced from employer to employer, eventually settling for a 15 cred-per-hour desk job at a data management conglomerate. Exciting.

    ~~Game character info~~

    Name ::
    Alecsos Lysander (Alec for short)
    Role :: Knight (Bladesman, to be specific)
    Inclination :: Defense. Alec has an ambitious disposition which stems from his 'will to power,' or the willingness to put oneself in harms way for the benefit of the individual and the whole. Not one to shy away from danger, Alec embraces each challenge put before him, ever eager to test, and further improve upon, his abilities. Since this 'realm' is so fraught with danger, Alec has taken it upon himself to wield a blade as a travelling bravo, accepting coin for a task requiring some "applied force," whether it be guarding a caravan, screening a large body of troops, training raw recruits to use a blade, or acting as a personal bodyguard for very important individuals, namely wealthy merchants and those of noble blood. Despite his ambition (and subsequent competitive spirit,) Alec harbors no disinclination towards cooperation of any kind, for the collective wields more strength than the individual. This stems from his travels with trained soldiers, giving him discipline and a meager amount of stoicism.
    Level :: 4
    Skills :: Swordsmanship Level 5 - The ability to wield a blade, whether it be a generic arming blade/broadsword, a foil, or a slashing blade such as a scimitar or a cleaver. Skill in this determines if incoming blows will be blocked and/or parried, leaving an opponent wide open to attack. Also determines the success of a swordblow, whether it hits the gaps in armor/breaks blocks, etc.
    Shields Level 4 - The ability to withstand ranged and melee attack using a shield. The higher this skill, the more a shield offers coverage.
    Equipment Upkeep Level 3 - Passive; dictates the durability of weapons and armor due to consistent maintenance.
    Training Level 4 - Allows a character to train a body of men in the basics of soldiering and discipline. Also dictates the respect troops have for those in command- the higher training is, the more morale a unit will have.
    Trade Level 2 - The higher this skill, the better prices a character receives during barter.
    Conditioning Level 4 - Self explanatory. Determines resilience to general and combat fatigue
    Weapon of choice :: The Longsword. Can be used as a slashing and stabbing weapon, it is rugged, utilitarian, and utterly deadly, carrying enough weight to be able to lop off unarmored extremities, while light enough to be used as a defensive weapon. Can be aimed at the gaps in armor or thrusted to drive through plate and ring mail; it can run an individual clear through, and be withdrawn cleanly to focus on the next target. Since the longsword has a handguard, it can be used to 'catch' an attacker's weapon and subsequently be used to parry. Alec usually accompanies this weapon with a shield (kite, buckler) or a fencing knife that is used primarily to parry a weapon.

    Appearance ::


    Theme ::

    DOUBLEEDIT: Blackmill is actually kinda wack, these artists are better
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  6. Approved. :D
  7. Bump!

    Anyway, what does the landmass of Phrixus look like? Is it a Pangaea, with one continent? Or are there multiple continents + island chains? Once that is figured out, more people might be interested in the RP.
  8. Name :: Skye Runehaven
    Age :: 17
    Appearance :: [​IMG]
    Yeah I know he's anime, I have issues finding live action pictures.

    Personality :: Skye is very laid back, and very protective over his friends and family. He loves that game, though, and sits and plays it all day long. He finds it fun, but his family is constantly trying to get him out of the game for more than the amount of time it takes to eat food. He usually only plays on the weekdays, however, and gives his family the time on the weekends.

    Generally, Skye is shy, but once he gets to know someone, he can really open up to them.

    Background :: Not much to say here, His family is still alive, his mother and father are still together. He attends school, and is consistently in trouble with the principal. His father can be abusive if Skye gets in too much trouble, but, other than that, everythings...simple. Easy.

    ~~Game character info~~
    Name :: Skyrie Deathstorm
    Role :: Thief

    Inclination :: Speed:
    Skye prefers to be in the back, shooting his arrows at the fast speed he can.
    Level :: (1-10)
    Skills :: Archery: 4- The simple ability to shoot a bow, and hit what you're aiming for.
    Tracking: 4- Track targets through any kind of terrain. The higher the skill, the less likely you are to get yourself lost.
    Fletching: 2- The ability to make arrows out of a shaft of wood, arrow head, and some feathers. The higher the skill, the better the arrow.
    Cooking:1 He can make a sandwich, or microwave ramen. Wait, There is no ramen? Okay. Just bring him bread and meat.
    Weapon of choice ::
    Appearance ::[​IMG]
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  9. Storm of Angels Approved :D
    tinfoil_fedora It's an adapted version of Earth, so there's multiple continents, island chains, and climates found all around. However, there will be a core area where most people are. I'll write up and post an explanation of the regions later tonight.
  10. Name :: Milly Harrison
    Age :: 18
    Appearance ::


    Personality ::
    A cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl, Milly is in the top ten of her class...which isn't saying too much when one comes from a small town. She loves humor and only befriends those who can take a joke (or dish one out). Like most teenage girls her age, she longs for an adventurous life filled with romance. Unlike most teenage girls her age, Milly also yearns for magic, swordfights, and mythical creatures. She can find these things in books and video games. However, she focuses more on video games since she can actually play out the fights. Being the better behaved out of her siblings, Milly is a bit spoiled.

    Background :: Nothing exciting at all. Her parents are still together, she has friends at school, and she gets good grades. However, she is having a hard time deciding what to do with the rest of her life. No real life job has ever called to her, and she has no idea where to go for college. She drowns these thoughts out with her video games, hoping her problems will somehow solve themselves.

    ~~Game character info~~
    Name :: Alena Mortis
    Role :: Knight [
    Offense: 5; Defense: 5; Speed: 1; Health: 3]

    Inclination :: Offense [
    "If I can kill them first, they can't kill me!"]
    Level :: 3
    Skills ::

    Spearmanship Level 3 - Skills with a spear and using it not only to attack, but defend.

    First Aid Level 2 - The ability to patch wounds.

    Tailoring Level 5 - The ability to patch clothing and create new threads.

    Animal Care Level 4 - The ability to take care of animals, treat their wounds, etc.

    Weapon of choice :: Spear

    Appearance ::

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  11. Hello! Can I jump in?

    Name :: Azin Ryu
    Age :: 17
    Appearance :: [​IMG]

    Personality :: She looks just like a typical high school girl on the outside. But more like the favorites of the adults. She is polite and repectful to everyone, and is a hard-working student in the school. She has some friends, but they didn't get very close. Her classmates think she is a good girl, and she is the favorite among her teachers. But that's on the outside. In the game or when she is at home, she doesn't speak at all or is indifferent to most of the things. She loves to stays absent-minded or daydreaming these times. She is usually introvert or anti-social in these states. But she doesn't hate human or not anything like that. Sometimes she displays child-like or innocent actions.

    Background :: She grew up under a single-mother. Her mother was unmarried, and Azin doesn't know her biological father. As a successful career woman, her mother wanted Azin to grow up perfectly. So from Azin's very youth, her mother educated her strictly, almost harshly. What Azin was to her mother is a nice doll, useful to decorate or pull her esteem higher. As a result, Azin may act out what her mother wants her daughter to be on the outside, but probably due to her abusive childhood, she doesn't give anything much interest or attention on the first place. She didn't grow up much from her childhood inside, actually.

    ~~Game character info~~
    Name :: Lezin Ryu
    Role :: Thief

    Inclination :: Speed (She prefers to be elusive and hide away from events to rather observe than participate)
    Level ::
    Skills :: (Have to be approved by me; include skill level (1-10))
    Hiding Lv.7 : She uses everything around her to hide and camouflage herself. She can hide in almost any place. She can hide her appearance, and lower down breathe.
    Trap Lv.2 : She makes traps on the ground, like putting leaves on a hole. Due to her low level, this may be effective in catching small animals like rabbits, but is not very useful in real fights.
    Throwing-knife Lv.4 : Accuracy, Speed and Power are three main factors in the skill. She excellent in Accuracy, quite good in speed and lacks miserably in power. So her throwing range is very limited - 20 meters radius. Further than that, the knife falls on the way. But within her range, she can get the knife in the bull's eyes like nine among ten.
    Taming Lv.2 : This skill is actually used for taming wild animals, but due to her low level, she can communicate, or rather, notice the signals of animals and ask animals to do something for her. She sometimes gets rejected.
    Weapon of choice :: Knife

    Appearance :: [​IMG]
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  12. Sorry for not being online recently, you guys... Life has sorta gotten really out of control recently. -.-

    tinfoil_fedora I appreciate the reminders, though they were unneeded. ^^

    Xylime I like your character, but please take a look at your character's game information... More specifically the Inclination part.

    Ione Of course you can jump in. :D I like how you limited all of her abilities, but there's one thing stopping me from accepting you. Again, just as it was for Xylime, please look at your character's inclination within the game.
  13. Here it is, Hope this is okay. Please let me know if anything is wrong.

    Name :: Shira Calitra

    Age :: 22

    Appearance :: [​IMG]

    Personality:: Quiet, kind, caring. She is often viewed as motherly. She has no room in her heart for cruelty or thoughts of suffering. She has a deep love of knowledge and understanding. She believes in a world where when someone fully understands another, there can be peace. While she would love to say she is rational, her emotions often get in the way of the right decision. She used to rely on her brother for this until he passed away four years ago.

    Background :: She lived in a family of five and grew up differently than most girls her age. She never liked to party or be social, instead she loved to stay home and learn how to cook, read books, and study maps. It was not until High School she developed a social life outside of her family. Her eldest brother was always very cruel and mean to everyone in school, Shira planned for herself to be the opposite of him. The middle child, died at the end of high school. He was the family favorite always being the best of both of the oldest and the youngest. If anyone had been a huge influence on her life it was him, always explaining and defending his older brother but explaining a better way of going about things.

    To come to terms with his fate she decided to play a game he used to love playing. She had never been very good or even remotely interested in games but he always said she would love it and he would love to play it with her. He said there was a mystery to this world and as such if anyone could solve it, it would be her. As a farewell she decided to enter the game in an attempt to get as far as she can. For him.

    ~~Game character info~~

    Name :: Shira Calitra

    Role :: Thief Offense: 2; Defense: 4; Speed: 6; Health: 3

    Inclination :: Health (I will suffer, for those who cannot endure)

    Level :: 1

    Skills :: Cooking (Lvl. 10) – Cooking is always very important and as such leaving even the beginner area without learning this skill as much as she could. She enjoyed the cooking system so much she found that she had gotten lost in simply doing this, often making new players wonder why she is still there with the same character.

    Speed Reading (Lvl. 4) – Sometimes people do not want you to read things, when hunting for information sometimes you need to read faster than the average person, the issue is this skill in difficult to train in non-dangerous situations.

    Navigation (lvl. 5) – Knowing where to go is more important than knowing how to survive.

    Gathering (Lvl. 5) – though surviving helps.

    Linguistics (Lvl.4) – learning the basics of languages will allow for an easier time understand languages that maybe known when encountered.

    Weapon of choice ::main hand (Sword breaker) [​IMG][/URL

    Off-Hand (Parrying Dagger)

    Appearance ::
  14. Methinks that this is enough people to start; at least, until said people get their CS's squared away.
  15. Oh! Sorry about that @Saryta! I meant offense (but I accidentally put Strength since they are sometimes interchangeable) I am editing the post right now to fix it.


    Aaand changed! If there are any other issues, let me know!
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  16. Are you still taking characters for this RP, I realize that you might be starting soon, but I noticed that you are one male knight away from a balanced party. I was wondering if I may fill that role?
  17. tinfoil_fedora Again, thank you for the reminder, and again, it was unneeded. I'm in the process of writing a beginning post as well as compiling extra information for everyone... But, it won't be posted until Monday -- most likely.
    Xylime Looks great. (: Accepted~
    Liam van Alkema Of course we're still taking characters. (:
  18. @Saryta
    Sorry if you already took care of this, but did you see Kortaga's CS up above? (I was just asking since you didn't say anything about it here in the OOC)
  19. Haha, alright Saryta, I'll quell my neuroses... for now.
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