Angel Hunt (DarknessxKurai RP)

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  1. ~His red wings were the only visible color through all of the dim, stormy horizon. Rain violently came down from the heavens that the angel came from. Lightning brushed against the very outer feathers of his wings on occasion. Kurai's flight was frantic, yet graceful, with great speed carrying it out as he flew toward someplace safe. Perhaps they've left me alone, he thought to himself, looking back in a sick type of anticipation and growing ache of anxiety. His golden eyes shimmered beautifully as he surveyed his surroundings, though they were ever changing in his movements. Kurai noticed a obscured shape nearing him from the distance, it appeared to be an utterly ruined tree. Sighing heavily, he figured that this will have to make due as a safe place tonight.

    ~Lowering himself to the muddy ground, he couldn't help but feel as he was still in danger. After all, it had only been a few days since he had heard the dreaded announcement:
    "Well, it appears that one of our own has been spotted by humans. They found him exploring the shopping
    district, and sadly, he was found dead, hours later... You must all remain on high alert, do not let any
    humans spot you."
    ~The booming, yet panicked voice of Elder Kouta rang obnoxiously through the confines of Kurai's already stirring mind. After hesitating for an elongated amount of time, he finally began rummaging around the foreign environment for anything he could use to create a shelter for himself.
  2. Vanessa looked down at the dark pavement as she walked, the moon lightening her path. She's been been on edge ever since the announcement. Looking over her shoulder with each step she took, frightened by the slightest gimps of a shadow. The announcement had been something she dreaded and one of her most terrifying nightmares. As long as I blend in, nothing bad will happen, she told her self repeatedly. In the back of her mind she knew it wasn't that easy, nothing's that easy. If she makes one wrong move, just one wrong move, and they'll kill her. Just like they did the other one...

    Chills crawed up her back causing her to speed up. In the distance, she saw the outline of a body looking lingering in the distance. She didn't know if she should confront it or leave before he or she notices. After thinking about it for a minute or two, she took a few steps forward to see if she could make out who it was, but it didn't go that smooth. Vanessa tripped over her own two feet and landed face first.
  3. Stepping back, Kurai examined the makeshift shelter that he'd created himself. Hearing a sound some distance behind him, he turned anxiously to find out what it was, but saw nothing. Trembling a tad, the angel decided to pay it no mind and continued to set camp for himself. An assortment of sticks, logs, and other pieces of wood lay to the side of his "tent", as he grabbed for two nearby flints and attempted to start a fire. After a few tries, his wings fluttered in a furious manner as he tapped them against each other violently, in turn setting his shelter ablaze. Luckily for his benefit, the strengthening storm had put out the wildfire in an instant. Sighing, he laid down and tried to fall asleep.

    Laying in the cold, moist dirt, Kurai had thought of what would become of him. Surely, if he stayed in the forest for a while, he wouldn't have to worry about humans catching him. At the same time, however, he couldn't really see himself as much a survivalist. Furrowing his brow in wonder, he frowned, and attempted to shut his eyes and sleep, but neither happened.
  4. She signed in relief when the person didn't notice her. Being more careful this time, she took a few steps forward. Her eyes widened when she saw a faint light emerge, to her it represented hope because who would be lighting a fire this time of day and here out of all places. Maybe I'm not the only one, of my kind, here? When the light went out, her excitement faded. She started walking to the place she had saw the light, thinking that the person left, but she was wrong. There was some kind of shelter that represented a tent in front of her. By the sounds of it, she knew someone was there. Her plan was to just back up and quietly run away, but a branch cracked beneath her feed in attempt to leave.
  5. Kurai knew at this point that he wasn't hallucinating, and that someone was there. Turning around, the anxiety creeping up his spine once more, he saw an obscured figure of a girl. The nervous angel debated whether or not to approach it, as it may have been a human, who knows what one human could be doing out here alone, but it couldn't have been good. Still conflicted, Kurai slowly inched toward the mysterious creature, his outstretched wings fidgeting in terror as he drew near. "H...hello..?"
  6. She signed when she realized it was one of her own, but she could tell that he was nervous. To show that she was a friend, she stretched out her beautiful, snow white wings.

    "Hello," she said with a large, friendly smile.
  7. A deep sigh of relief had escaped Kurai's lips as he saw that she was an angel as well, her wings giving off a graceful shine, even in a storm like this.

    "Thank goodness," he thought aloud.
  8. She let out a small laugh and retracted her wings. The area was clearer up close and she could make out the object that was his shelter.

    "So this is you hideout?" she asked.
  9. "It was supposed to be..." he said, looking at the charred remnants of his tent. "But... um.. there was an incident with the fire.. so now... not so much."
  10. "Oh..." she said. Part of her hoped that it was, that way she would have some where to stay, at least for the time being. Now, it was like all hope was lost. Where was she suppose to go now?
  11. "I suppose I could rebuild it though," he said, looking toward the burned shelter. It wouldn't take him too long to fix it. "It won't be long. Are you in need of somewhere to stay?"
  12. "Um... yeah," she said looking down at the ground.
  13. He extended a hand "Then you're more than welcome to stay here." Kurai smiled at the fellow angel.
  14. She smiled at how kind he was, "Thank you, my name's Vanessa by the way."
  15. Kurai's smile exuded such brightness, "Kurai. Pleased to meet you."
  16. "Pleased to meet you too...," she took a look at what used to be his shelter. "You want some help with that?"
  17. "If you'd like to, I wouldn't ask you to though." He replied, "I'd feel rude asking my guest to help build the shelter."
  18. "It's the least I could do, after all, you are letting me stay in it," she said. "Just tell me what you need and I'll do it."
  19. "Really, anything that can stay structured will work.." he replied, somewhat unsure of what exactly he'd need.
  20. She took one last look at the shelter then turned to look at him, "Actually, I just remembered that there's this abandoned warehouse type building not too far away from here if you want to stay there for the time being?"
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