Angel girl and demon girl roleplay


Dani The Demon

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demon girl x angel girl

please leave if you are not a girl, sorry

As we didn't know each other, we both traveled to the over world. An angel that was the daughter of god. she always was beautiful no matter what. on the other hand the daughter of Satan/the devil, she gotten abused because she has always fallen in love with girls when she goes to the over world. as over time they met each other at the park. they got to know each other and became really close even though they looked different.

please reply or Pm/Dm me if you want to roleplay with this plot.

its up to you if you want this to be a relationship or not.

please send an oc as well and ill do the same :)

please note im doing this for fun and I have over 4 years of experience with roleplay and never and will continue not to do irl stuff