Angel Feathers

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  1. Hello, welcome to my thread introduction. Well, it is more of a reintroduction. I am an old friend of some just under a different name as you can see by my username. I used to be called Lupine when I ran these halls. Anyways, I have returned because I want to roleplay and write. Mostly write but this site has both so awesome sauce everywhere.

    For those that do not know me or forgotten about me. I am currently a 22 year old male student(returning to school, woot!) living in an Indiana suburb of Chicago. I have discovered a redneck side to counter my Mexican half through the use of guns, tactical knives and flannel.

    I love writing which is why I am here. My favorite genres are mixes of Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, Horror, Survival, and/or Apocalyptic. I will never do furry, yaoi, and matures based on fandoms... EVER.

    I changed my name because while lupine has been a nickname for me a friend came up with. It does not fit me as much as it used to. Plus, I do like angels and know quite a bit of their Christian-Judeo background.
  2. We're glad you're back!

    Now play nicely with everyone, ok!
  3. I will try hard. No guarantees. No promises.