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  1. Hey just wondering if anyone would be interested in an Angel Beats Role play. That's about it, if you haven't seen the show you should totally go watch it.
  2. Well isn't that a coincidence. I literally just listened to the AB ost a couple of minutes ago and thought "i wonder if I should make an rp based on this". Count me in! Although I dissaprove of your telling people to watch it. It could lead to you being sued or worse for causing mass depression.
  3. Mass depression huh. Nah still totally worth it if it gets people to watch the show
  4. Yup. Got to be among the best I've seen. Kinda annoying when I remember one of the dramatic scenes in the middle of something though, like during a time when I'm meant to be faking being happy.
  5. Hopefully we can get some more people interested in this so we can make our own depressing memories.
  6. Basically a bump. But seriously anyone else interested in an Angel Beats RP?
  7. Well, I really loved that anime (and cried like crazy at the end), so count me in!
  8. The problem with the ending is that its technically a happy one...
  9. Well, yes, I know, but do you know how happy I was that Tachibana and Otonashi were together again at the end(probably were)? Plus, I couldn't handle the emotions from all the retrospections and flashbacks from the previous episodes (;n;). I should've cried when I had the chance I guess, not overflood the house at a happy ending XD
  10. Ok three people. At least we are getting somewhere.
  11. I found one of the worst parts was when he signed the donor card. Can't work out why though. I guess they weren't reincarnated as barnacles after all though :P
  12. Oh, God, that was really sad! My eyes teared up at that part! Well, he signed it since he hadn't taken care of himself after that train/metro wreck and he almost died of starvation and/or thirst, as much as I remember, and he was on a 'death bed'. That part was truly saddening, since he kind of did what he wanted to do through his future medical career - he wanted to proove useful and help somebody... Okay, I shouldn't have remembered about that. Please excuse me while I get over my mass depression. XD I have no idea if I should laugh or cry right now. Maybe something in between.
  13. With all the crying going on I am starting to think this isn't such a good idea.
  14. What did I warn you about, eh? My brain decided to remember all the goodbye parts of the last episode right as I was performing a piece of music in which it was vital I looked happy...
  15. Ah, no no no, don't mind us me! The feels easily get to me~ And I'm sure this is gonna be a magnificent roleplay! And I have a question regarding it - are we going to roleplay as existing characters or make our own or both?
  16. Eh well here's the thing. You probably don't want me to make like any decisions, is been a while since I last watched.
  17. @TheGDeer , I totally understand you. But I am still looking forward to it and will await for you to think what this roleplay is about - be it a different plot but in the same setting as the anime and/or manga, with the same characters or different, etc. Also, if when you think it out and make an OOC thread, you should advertise it. I mean, there are a lot of great roleplays witha few to none players and that would be terrible when you think about it. And now I feel drunk and sulky and ugh and I should probably rewatch Angel Beats (or save a life and not do that).
  18. I'm just worried about when that OOC chat would even come out, cause I know I don't have the focus to get it done.
  19. There isn't a reason to worry about that (^u^). Whenever you feel like writng/posting it. Just keep in mind that no one is forcing you to do that and I doubt there are such people on this site that would get annoyed by it coming out much later than their expectations. If they want to be in the roleplay, they will be no matter when it comes out. Those who don't wish to - scr- *cough* they'd better be gone. So, yeah. Now my lectures make absolutely no sense, but oh well! I'm sorry for bugging you with this, hahaha... ha... *nervous laugh*
  20. Omg why you dislike ma post? You mean.
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