Angel Beats { Revised }

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    A single male is seen laying on a building with a dsr1 subsonic sniper rifle. " I got you now. " He said as he looked down the scope he had a single pedestrian in his sights as he grinned. " Threehundred for head twohundred for body shot and fifty points for limb's. " He said before pulling the trigger, the bullet screamed down the way just barely missing the target. " Shit! " He said as he got up and ran from his possition and out of sight. " Damnit! How could i have missed i had her right in my line of veiw.. " He said as he leaned against a wall slideing down on his back now sitting on the floor. " Fuck! " He slammed his fist on the roof of the building and sighhed. " Well i can allways try again. " He said as he got up and walked to the edge of the building looking to where the girl used to be, only thing is she isn't there. " Shit i think she saw me.. " He said as he bolted for the door from the roof to the next level of the building.
  2. A beautiful damsel stood in the open grounds. Allowing the wind to tug her soft skin ever so lightly. Her golden orbs looked out into the distance. For a moment her surroundings were peaceful. But it never seemed to stay that way. As if to prove her point she could hear an all too familiar sound in the distance, a few hundred yards behind her a sniper rifle had been fired. The target was none other than herself. As if she had practiced the maneuver a hundred time she sidestepped the shot. Her single movement was extremely fast but it seemed as though she put no effort into it at all. The bullet did nothing more than flutter her silver locks of hair abit. Still.. It was a very good shot. The girl faced the source of the shot. "The buildings... roof" She whispered to herself. She could see the marksmen who fired aswell. He was scrambling from his position in hopes of evading her sight. The girl ran.. And with her ungodly speed she closed the distance between herself and the building in no time. She took her time walking up the staircase, knowing full well that there weren't many exits for her aggressor. Finally she made her way to the floor directly under the roof where the shot was taken from. He had to be around here somewhere
  3. Shai huffs and puffs as he rounded the corner stopping just feet away from tenshi. " Shit.. " He said quietly before diveing into an empty room next to him. " Fuck fuck did she see me. " He said as quiet as he can cocking his gun and chambering another bullet ready to fire at any given momen. " Cmon just poke your head through that door way. " He said as he aimed down the scope keeping his eye on the doorway. " ........ "
  4. Tenshi continued strolling through the corridor in search of her assailant. He wasn't in plain view so it was obvious he was in one of the nearby rooms. But which one? Tenshi was a second away from entering Shai's line of fire when she heard a gun cock. She immediately stopped and laid eyes on the door. She couldn't help but to give a smirk. She waited a minute or two, just to get his nerves riled up. Then without warning Tenshi ducked and rammed her shoulder into the door of the room the Shai was hiding in. The impact knocked the door straight of its hinges and hopefully right towards Shai. After that she simple strolled in to look for him.
  5. Shai rolled out of the way as he brought his weapon back up to his shoulder fireing three rounds straight at tenshi, afterwards while she was destracted he bolted out the door and slung the gun over his shoulder as he ran straight for the window and jumped through it. Shattering the glass he started to fall but right below him was a pond about six feet deep. He braced for impact as he held his breath, just as he hit the water he felt a sharp pain shoot up his leg. " AHHH! " He screamed as he drug himself out of the water and forced hiself to get up and limp away hopeing that tenshi is not following him.
  6. Tenshi watched as shai evaded the door and she easily escaped the bullets by simply taking a right step into the corridor. She playfully poked her head back into the room after hearing glass shatter. Tenshi deducted that her had made a break for the window. She jumped too, although she easily cleared the pond below. As she landed gracefully as always she could she Shai in front of her. It was apparent that his reckless jump had left him injured. Silently she strolled behind him, making a slight giggle before tapping him on the shoulder. "H-Hey there." She nervously whispered into his ear.
  7. Shai froze as he knew he was cuaght. " You will not kill me. " Shai said as he reached down for his combat blade and easily unsheathed it from its sheath and stuck it to tenshi's neck. " Now tell me where is this god at... " He said as his tone got dark his bright blue eyes stareing straight at tenshi just as if she was a peice of meat cooking on a hot bar-b-q on a summer's evening. " Tell me or my hand just may slip. " He said as he started to get nervous his hand shakeing lightly.
  8. "H-" While her guard was let down Shai had sneakily placed a knife in her throat. 'How cruel..' She thought, knowing she should've killed him while his back was turned. Tenshi felt tears pour from her eyes. " S-Stop.. It hurts" She whimpered, disregarding his question while a mixture of blood and tears flowed from her. She looked him in the eyes, a bad choice as it seemed that he was looking straight through her.. With the eyes of the devil. With a flick of his wrist he could... There was no time to think of such things, only retaliate. "Sonic blades.." The blades appeared in her hands and laid weakly at her side. The blue aura from the holy weapon shone brightly. With amazing speed she dug the blade from her right hand into his right side, directly between the ribcage. Before he could react Tenshi then put her foot directly in his chest and pushed off, causing the blade to leave her throat as quickly as it entered. Tenshi then fell to her knees and cupped her throat which was in excruciating pain.
  9. Shai clutched his side as he slid about two feet back on his left knee and his roght foot. " Gahh.. " He gasped as blood ran down his mouth, he looked up as he started to feel dizzy. " Shit not this again. " He said as he passed out. Afterwards he had woken up in a small room bandaged up and stitched up. " AGH! DAMNIT I ALMOST HAD HER! " He screamed as he slammed his fist on the bed he was laying in.
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    jumps as the boy she had saved woke up screaming. Turning to him quickly she rushed to his side and tried to calm him down, "shhhh it's alright, calm down or you'll just hurt yourself more." Pushing him firmly back down onto the bed she checks the bandages and his cuts, then gives him a short glare, "what are you trying to get yourself killed?! I'm Felicity, call me Fel, I'm a healer of sorts and you're the worst I've seen this side of dead."

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  11. Shai looked over to fel as he riased his eyebrow. " Ummm what? " He said as he looked around. " H-hey where are my weapons? " He asked as he would franticly start to look around now not feeling safe..
  12. Placing a hand on each side of his face she holds him still and looks him in the eyes, "they are safe just as you are, I promise. No lay still and let me change the bandages." Lets go of his face hesitantly, worried he would hurt himself more she had stowed the weapons near but far, somewhere she knew but he didn't,
  13. " Listen i need those weapons to bring tenshi down she must be brought down and so must this god... " He said as his tone got serious as he layed there, he looked at fel with much need for his weapons and alill bit of food due to him not eating last night. His stomach growled loudly as he looked down. " ..... "
  14. "Ugh.." Tenshi groaned. She was laying on a roof under the rays of the sun. 'What a cruel boy..' She thought. Maybe it was time to be abit more merciless with her adversaries since befriending them was now out of the question. She felt around her neck. "That's right.." She had cut a piece of her clothing off and bandaged her own throat before retreating. She was really close to biting it that time and to make it worse now there was two threats to deal with. Agression was obviously necessary. Tenshi just layed there regaining strength until the next attack.
  15. "I know all about her and the god umm... I'm sorry what's your name? And I-" she cuts off and giggles at the sound of his stomach growling, "I can fix that!" She rushes over to her table of assorted healing tools, most band aids. Reaching up into one of her cabinets she pulls out an apple, "ummm, would is be enough for now? We can go get more later if you'd like." She walks back over to him almost floating and hands him the apple.
  16. Shai takes the apple and takes a bite out of it. " Oh im shai. Shai hiragoshi. " He said with a big smile. " you said you know about tenshi and this god? Pleas tell me more i need to know everything.
  17. "Uh... I know well.. I know, uhhh." She stutters and sits on the side of the bed, she knew about them somehow but how? She had always had a memory of them but from where? "I... I don't know about them or what's really going on, but I know who they are and that someone's supposed to... To... To do something." She sighs and places her hands on her head and shook it, trying to think. "Wy won't you work!" She shouts angrily at herself.
  18. Shai tilted his head to the side as he sat up feeling fine now. " Well will you join me in bringing them down? " He asked looking her straight in the eyes being as serous as he can be. " It would be great if you can cuase i need somebody like you with me just incase someone or i get hurt.. " He said as he looked out the window.
  19. "im not just a nurse you know? I can fight" She mutters as she stands up and looks over his bandages once more. Looks up from his side as he looks out the window and looks at him funny, "Whats wrong?" Stands up to look at him, "ill help you fight if thats what you want then."
  20. " Great what weapons do you have? " He asked as he looked back to fel.