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  1. Name: Archaeo Grimoire
    Age: 35
    Occupation: Ex-Assassin
    Themesong: Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides


    Staring up at the ceiling, there was something unnerving about being in a safehouse. No matter how many times Archaeo tried to convince himself that he was safe, he was oh so painfully aware of how many hired guns were searching for him in every nook and cranny that one would expect a wanted criminal to be hiding in.
    They didn't know that he didn't view himself as a criminal, though. That was the premise of his whole retirement plan. He was more of a high stakes gambler. A team manager. A businessman with an eye for profit above all else. A businessman measures costs, profits, benefits, and taxes. Costs would be expenses on missions. Profits would be the money he gets in return for a successful mission. Benefits would be all the resources he had available. And taxes would be the negatives of his choices.
    Right now, as he stared up at the ceiling in his room, he could only see the taxes piling up. Americans were so corruptible, it wouldn't surprise him in the slightest bit if anyone who knew about him agreeing to go into protective custody went and ratted him out to the highest bidder. He was prepared for this, however. He had an escape plan ready for any moment. He could be gone with the wind in a heartbeat once he got the word that his enemies were safely tucked away in either a nice little jail cell or a quaint coffin, and he could enjoy his retirement. It would be easy to slip out of sight from the United States government after that.
  2. Name: Faith Miller
    Age: 28
    Occupation: First female Chief of the FBI's Special Units Team for Protection.

    "My house. Out of everyone else's. The big man picks my house for this man's safe out? But why?" There was a pause. "Well I guess so. I just mean there are tons of other women he could have stayed with. Yes..yes..I know." Another pause. "I know Lewis! No getting attached. Since according to all you men I have no heart anyways." Faith hangs up the phone. Witness Protection thought to be sexiest this time it seems. Archaeo's safe house was Faith Miller's house. They said that the enemy wouldn't think to look in the house of someone who was on the case. From the Intel the FBI had been given, it seems any and everyone dealing with Archaeo was on the list and had been sought out or given a background check.
    Faith wasn't sure what to do with this man in her place. So she figured to treat this like boot camp, when you have a bunk buddy. Walking to the spare room she said was his, she knocks. "Hey! Chinese food is here if you want something to eat. Also ordered some pizza and hot wings." Sighs. He has not talked to her at all since he has been here. Faith started to wonder if she was that ugly or if he hated women.

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  3. Hearing her near the door, Archaeo was already on his feet by the time she knocked on the door. He was dressed down, wearing a simple black tshirt, jeans, and a pair of black socks. His hair was a little messy from lying on the bed for so long. He ran a hand through his hair, making an attempt at fixing it. The silky black strands wouldn't have any of it, however, and subbornly poked up here and there. He blew out a soft sigh of frustration and opened the door. Nodding his head in thanks, he slipped past her without a word.
    He would have to talk to her at some point, but he liked the certain amount of secrecy that came from someone not knowing how his voice sounded. That, and she would probably make fun of him for his accent, and that would just make him feel worse about all of this.
    He hesitated once he reached the kitchen. He hated takeout food. Especially Chinese food. You never know what to expect when you get it, half the time it's soggy with heart clogging brown sauce or whatever the hell they call the flavor in it, then you find a long black hair in your eggdrop soup... He surpressed a grimace and worked hard to keep himself from gagging. He had bad luck with takeout.
    He grabbed a plate from a cabinet and got himself a piece of pizza. He'd already grossed himself out far too much to even think about giving the Chinese food a chance.
  4. Watching him and his facial expressions towards the Chinese food. She walks over and gets her a bowl of pork fried rice and some chicken, for the sweet and sour sauce she had. "Well that is dully noted. My guest doesn't like Chinese food." Laughing to herself. "Though if we had some communication here, between us, there just may be a glorious chance that I could of found out what you llike. Even if it called for Me to cook. I would have done that as well." The Chinese food came from a very fancy restaurant that a friend if hers owned. So nothing nasty about this food, compares to your everyday small Chinese food take outs. But she wasn't going to tell him that. Faith's voice was that of a country girl, so she did have a few words that had a twang to them..but she could careless.
    "Next time, you can order food. I know that may cause you to have to possibly talk to me, but i promise not to freak out!" Faith laughs. She wasn't one for always being serious
    She knew what the stakes were with this situation and how this man's life was in the balance. But for the time being, it would be nice to talk and get his view on things.. Anything to make his stay here better. Cause Faith felt like he hated it here, which she I guess she could understand. "Just know Archaeo, I am your friend and protector. I am not your enemy." That was all she said to him as she walked out of the kitchen. Archaeo being there didn't stop her from wearing her tank tops and shorts. Her comfy clothes as she called them. Faith just didn't walk around in her birthday suit like she normally does or sleep in the nude, since he was here and at any given moment something could go south for the worst.
  5. Archaeo remained quiet, listening to her as she spoke, but not saying anything in response. Friends could be very dangerous in his line of work, or at least what used to be his line of work. Then again, he knew that he would have to change his ways with retirement. He thought about this as he ate his slice of pizza.
    He finished his pizza and cleaned his plate in the sink, and dried it to a shine. He was a neat freak, admittably, and he was always a very quiet guest. He didn't want to be a bother. He frowned softly, figuring that the woman was probably not a huge fan of having a quiet guest... Judging by the fact that she was literally coaxing him to come out of his shell like one would coax a feral cat to come out from under a car. "Of all the people I could have landed with, it had to be the one woman who wants to be friends." He muttered almost inaudibly under his breath. His British tones were clear enough. If she asked him to say squirrel, he would probably have a little flip out over the American's obsession with British accents. Honestly, a Polish or German accent was far more entertaining. He blew out a soft sigh. Almost walking into the living room, he paused in the doorway and glanced at the television. "Um, what sports do you watch?" It was a painful attempt at conversation, and extremely clear in his voice that small talk was unfamiliar territory for him.
  6. Faith stops. "Do thy ears deceive me? But is that words and a voice coming from thy house guest?" She laughs even at herself. The twang in her voice didn't do that any justice. Nodding to him. "Sure. I watch everything. Don't have a favorite team. So I can stay bias." She had her TV on the sports channel. You name any sport, she had it, even ones all over the world. "Do you have a sport you like?" Faith heard his accent, but in her line of work, she had heard them all. From British, German to the flicks and click talkers. The ones with towels on their heads, as some of her buddies would describe them. Seeing him cleaning is mess up, honestly was a new site for her. "Have to admit. Its nice to have someone in my house, who also cleans up behind himself. I never knew men like that existed." Faith saw he was uncomfortable there. As she sighs.
    "You shouldn't be stuck with me too much longer. I know I am not who, what or where you thought you would end up. But as house mates for the time, let's try to get along and talk. I don't mean, up all night talking and gossiping. But just enough to where we both feel semi comfy." Faith smiles to him, flopping down on the couch and eats her food. "Telling ya. Next time. You are ordering food, so I know you won't starve." She winks to him. Clearly he could see, she wasnt a girlie girl by any means. Had a nice body and everything, but saw no point in trying to impress the dogs of the world , who classify themselves as men. But something about this man was very different.
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  7. A small smile appeared on Archaeo's face upon Faith's attempt at old English, and the smile faded into a more curious look when she spoke about him cleaning up. "Isn't it common courtesy to clean up after yourself if you make a mess in someone else's house?" He asked in response. He wasn't really expecting an answer in return.
    "Um, as for food, I'd rather just cook my own meals. It's more of a comfort kind of thing for me, considering what one learns on the job..." A soft frown appeared on his face and he shook his head. "I need to stop thinking about work." He stated, letting out a tiny laugh at himself. This was rediculous. The only reason why he got himself into this whole mess was to go into retirement, but apparently the only thing he could think about was work.
    "Volleyball's a good sport." He quipped as he looked at the television.
    He crossed the living room and took a seat in a recliner, looking a lot more relaxed than he really was. He was already thinking about how Faith would respond to his sudden talking. He was almost afraid to hear her commentry.
  8. "Volleyball? Hmm...I have never really gotten into Volleyball, unless I am playing it." Faith laughs. "Are you kidding me? Men cleaning up after themselves? Is a rare site for men here." Smiling to him. "Ah! You cook as well. Hmmm..." She thinks. "Well Archaeo, if there are things you would like me to get you, so you can use the kitchen, feel free to give me a list. I want your stay here in my house a pleasant one. My kitchen is a Chef's dream. Had it built cause I thought I was going to be a chef. But as you can see, I had a different calling." She laughs. "To serve and protect the weak and innocent." Faith did not know to much of his situation. Her boss always failed to give her the intel to the witness she is protecting. "So other then Sports. Anything else you enjoy doing? Movies, dancing?"
  9. To serve and protect the weak and innocent. Archaeo nearly laughed out loud. She didn't have a clue why he was here, did she? And if that was the case... She really didn't know what hell would be unleashed on her if the really bad guys found out about him being hidden here. "I'll do that." Best to keep her in the dark for the moment.
    "I used to shoot archery competitively way back when. I haven't had the free time for it recently, though." He spoke easily, watching the television.
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  10. Faith looked at him from the subben burst of laughter."Well I knew I looked funny. But telling a joke. I suck." She was confused. "Forgive me for asking, but why are you in need of protection? A man like yourself couldn't need us. Just cause you seem like you could handle yourself." Faith hopes she had not offended him in any way. She is just out spoken person.
  11. "I wanted to retire. My employers didn't especially like the idea." Archaeo sighed, a more tired voice coming from him after his little laugh. "Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't need help. But, they put a twenty-eight million dollar price on my head." A small, disbelieving smile appeared on his face. Even now he couldn't believe how much money he would be worth dead. It sometimes scared the bejeezus out of him. Other times it confused him. And then there were times like this, where he was only left with and odd feeling somewhere between humor and dying inside. His gaze fell to the floor, and a silence swept over him.
  12. "Wow! Just twenty-eight million dollars? Kinda odd. Well in this case, it's even." Faith laughs from her small pun. Hoping he would laugh too. Maybe see the bright side of things. "I mean, just because you wanted to retire? I heard about liking your employees, but to the point of killing them." She shivers. "That is just insane. Makes me feel like I need to call the Chief and make sure he would never do that to me." She laughs again. Looking over to him. "But in all seriousness, you are safe here Hon. So don't fret. Things can only get better from here. Maybe find you a girl and settle down." Smiles to him. "Anything is possible." Faith just sits back and sighs some. She thought his situation was completely bonkers.
  13. Archaeo merely smiled at her attempted jokes. Safety was never permanent. It was one of the first things he thought of when he started off as an assassin. There would always be someone ready to pull the trigger, so it was always better to be the one looking through the scope. Figures. He was making a sniping reference, meanwhile his sniper rifle was hidden in a thicket of brush at the bottom of a steep gulley out in California. He rolled his eyes for that one. He had been staying in one of the safehouses he had out there when he saw a couple shady characters making their way up the eight mile long dirt road to his safehouse. Naturally, he fired first. He got grazed on the shoulder by the return fire and his sniper rifle got shot clear off the rise he had been perched on and fell into the gulley. He was only able to pick off two of the four men by sniping. And that left two others capable of killing him. He took out the third with his old English revolver, but the fourth was definately the most experienced assassin in that group. He moved quickly, knocking away his revolver. A strong kick in the no-no zone and Archaeo went down. The assassin got him in a choke hold from behind, and Archaeo automatically reached back to steal the gigantic knife he'd seen at the man's hip. Stealing it, he thew his arm back, the tip of the knife tilted up to catch him in the ribs, and the assassin immediately let him go. Gasping for breath, Archaeo tore away from the man with the knife still held tightly in his hand. He knew that the long knife had slid between his ribs, and from the angle he'd been at, it appeared that he got the blade to pierce his heart. The assassin crumpled before him, dead, and he pulled out his phone. That was too close of a call.
    Snapping back to reality, Archaeo unclenched his fists and stared at the television for a long moment. His shoulder had gone stiff from the flashback. He had to think about that goddamn sniper rifle, didn't he? He cleared his suddenly dry throat. "I'm heading back to my room." He muttered quietly and quickly left the living room. He went to his room and lightly shut the door, not wanting it to slam. He was falling apart, wasn't he? Now that was a purely terrifying thought.
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  14. Faith had been talking to him some of the time as she did watch him. His body language seem to change and she couldn't understand why. "Hey! Are you alright?" Clearly from his flashback he was having, he didn't even hear her. Faith was in mid sentence as she was about to apologize for making a joke, when he said he was going to his room. She was thrown off as she just watches him. "Umm...Alright. Sorry about my attempt to be funny...." Faith added. As he left she sighs. "Wow! Not much of a people person, seems he would do better alone. Well I can make that happen. Just act as if no one else is here. Or try too." Shaking her head. Faith leans back on the couch, then shortly is laying down, still watching TV. "Hope he is alright. Seems he has had it rough. I will do my best to stay out of his way. Let him be his own person here in my house."
  15. Archaeo sat on the edge of his bed, looking out the window at the clear blue skies. He resisted the urge to touch where the stitches had just been removed, as he didn't want to reopen them. He gently stretched his shoulder instead. To get his mind off of all his troubles, he began to jot down a shopping list. Eggs, steak, broccoli, garlic, pork chops, bread, butter, cinnamon, snow peas, maple syrup, honey, bread crumbs, spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, hamburger meat, spinach leaves, iceberg lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers. He set the list down on his night stand, a
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  16. Faith sat in the living room as she watched a movie. During the movie, a knock came at the door. "Its like 10 pm. Who the hell is this?" She grabs her pistol and holds it down at her side, as she heads to the door. Whoever was at the door, was becoming impatient. They started beating on the door. "Who is it? Who are you?" She called. "Open up! Its raining out here!" Faith didn't recognize the voice so she didn't respond. But she did shut off all the lights in the house, since the power box was near by. She looked out the peep hole. 'I don't know you and nor was I informed of anyone coming.' She thought. All her friends and family knew to call before coming over. Finally the person ran off. All the while cursing.
  17. Archaeo had dozed off for a bit, after cleaning his old pinfire revolver and placing it under his pillow. His eyes flashed open when he heard a knock on the door, and his hand automatically went to his gun. He silently got out of bed and left the room, heading towards the door. The house was dark, but he fortunately could see quite well in the dark. He could see Faith standing there with her gun, and listened as the man outside went off to who knows where. "Anyone you know?" He asked her with a slight frown, his gaze sharp and lacking any sign of fear or worry. Of course he worried, but he wasn't about to show it.
  18. "No. Anyone and everyone I know, calls before coming up. Though I got a fairly decent look at him." Faith makes sure to keep the lights off as she grabs a near by flashlight. She turns it on, places the bottom in her mouth. Walking over to a pile of some folders. "I think I remember seeing him in these folders." Flipping through the folders. "That's him. Right there. Royce Lopaz, he is a huge drug dealer." Looking to Archaeo. "Do you know him by any chance? Would he have anything to do with your huge delima?"
  19. Archaeo followed after her, looking over her shoulder as she went through her folders. "It wouldn't surprise me if he's one of the people who don't like me all that much." He sighed, running a hand through his messy black hair. He took a closer look at the picture. He was almost sure that another employer had asked him to take out the lowlife. He turned down the mission due to the fact that his location was constantly changing and because of the forces he had supporting him. No one in their right mind would mess with that guy. Now, why the man had just come knocking was a mystery, but it surely wasn't for a good reason. "Not even a full week and they already know where I am..." He shook his head slightly and quickly went to grab his bag from his room.
  20. "Whoa. Now wait a minute Archaeo. Don't assume anything. I need to call this in. Trust me. I won't let them harm you." Looks at him. "Yes...yes I know I am just a woman. But I can do things most can't." Before he got to the room she grips his arm. "Don't run. Stop running. They are enjoying the chase." Faith let's his arm go. "You are allowing them to win. No one will get into my house." She so wanted him to understand her and have some faith in her. "We can do this Archaeo. I have faith in us."
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